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03-08-21TN Star Report HR 3 - Tennessee Star Report

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AUDIO CLIPS CuomoInvestigation-Tenney (R-NY-Tenney says, We've asked for an investigation by the DOJ. This is a federal-level investigation on the cover-up. As well as the inspector general to look into the reasons of why Cumo installed this policy on March 25th and why now all this just covered up.) CuomoBehaviorReax-ThomasAbinati (D-NY-Assemblyman-Abinati says, The face of the democratic party in NY is someone that needs to be strong but exercises self-control and who exemplifies that respect for other people. And I believe that he is not exhibiting that respect. He's not leading with his own conduct.) CovidBillSpendingSchumer (Schumer says, We made a promise to the American people that we were going to deliver the real relief they needed. And now we have fulfilled that promise. Now nobody said passing one of the largest perhaps the most significant to help the poor and working people in decades was going to be easy. Particularly with 50 votes. ..) CovidBill-JoniErnst Mp3: attached: (R-IA-Ernst says, we see 1.9 trillion dollars that will go to blue state bailouts. Iowans paying for NY and CA and their badly managed budgets. We see special perks going for federal government workers and so forth. These are things that the American taxpayer shouldn't burden right now during the pandemic.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Former COB Member Ovid Timothy Hughes a Convicted Felon, not registered to vote ● Nashville Attorneys Offers Up $2.25 Million Settlement for Daniel Hambrick Wrongful Death Lawsuit ● Recovered Missing Children in Tennessee Were at Risk of Sex Trafficking, TBI Agents Say ● Texas Moves to Outlaw Big Tech Censorship of Opposing Viewpoints ● Dr. Seuss Book Sales Skyrocket as Big Tech Companies Continue to Censor Author's Works ● Academics Systemically Hostile Toward Conservatives, Study Finds ● 5:00 Ben Cunningham in studio ● 7:15 Steve Glover
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03-08-21TN Star Report HR 3 - Tennessee Star Report