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03-11-21 TN Star Report HR 3 - Tennessee Star Report

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AZBorders-SheriffMarkDannels (Cochise County Sheriff-Dannels says, When you have over 2500 a day up to 4,000 a day coming across our border and now you stressed out the CBP resources, what I see is fancy words coming out of D.C. I see avoidance. And what I don't see is solutions coming out of Washington, D.C.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Vice Mayor Shulman Says Metro Council Will Revisit Verification Process for Community Oversight Board Members ● General Assembly Considers Bill Requiring Schools to Accommodate Students Who Don’t Want to Share Bathrooms, Sleeping Quarters with Peers of Same Sex ● Biden Admin Won’t Consider Limiting Immigration for Migrants Who Will Depend on Government Benefits ● U.S. House Passes Controversial $1.9 Trillion Relief Bill, Sending Measure to Biden ● 6:15 Tommy Lahren from Fox Nation ● 6:30 State Rep Chris Todd ● 7:30 Laura Baigert
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03-11-21 TN Star Report HR 3 - Tennessee Star Report