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03-15-21 TN Star Report HR 3 - Tennessee Star Report

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AUDIO CLIPS DefundingPolice-DeSantis (DeSantis says, We are targeting local governments. If they try to indulge in these insane fantasies like defunding law enforcement the state will take action to defund them as municipalities. And also if you are involved in rioting or looting, you are going to jail.) BorderCrisis-Abbott (TX Governor Abbott says, I went down to the border this past week and met with border patrol officers. and here is what they told me. The border patrol officers themselves told me that they informed the Biden admin that because of the policy changes it was going to lead to this massive surge that we are just now beginning to see knowing that it's going to be getting far worse in the coming months. They said the reason for the increase in the influx is because of the policy change by the Biden admin.) InPersonLearningNY-JoeBorelli (R-NYC Council member-Borelli says, We see a groundswell of support from parents who are watched in real-time as their students and children suffer from online learning. They spent nearly a year without any class time instruction. The overwhelming majority of students in NYC have not been in the classroom for a single day over a year. When we talk about a stimulus package that we are lucky to have and fortunate that the federal gov. did give us this money, it's important that it actually goes towards the problem.) CuomoImpeachment-Gaetz (R-FL-Gaetz says, Killing 15,000 people in the state of NY should be impeachable. That should result in true investigations. And it certainly makes my governor Ron DeSantis a lot more like a leader because he made decisions based on science, not emotion and impulse. The Governor of NY should not be Andrew Cuomo.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Tennessee Star Journalist Jason Reynolds Passes Away After a Lifetime of Friends, Family, Faith, and Love ● Tennessee Governments Spend an Average of $9,619 Per Public-School Student ● Commentary: The Latest Attack on Gig Workers ● Rep. Ilhan Omar Reintroduces Legislation to Cancel Rent, Mortgage Payments ● ‘Anti-Racism’ Advocates Come for the Books ● China Demands to be in Charge of Global ‘Vaccine Passport’ System ● 6:15 Mary Graybar ● 6:30 Crom Carmichael ● 7:15 Brandon Judd
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03-15-21 TN Star Report HR 3 - Tennessee Star Report