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03-25-21 TN Star Report HR 2 - Tennessee Star Report

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● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Nashville’s Affirmative Action-Style Business Opportunity Program Doled Out $49 Million for Minority and Women-Owned Businesses – Doesn’t Mention Asians ● COVID Vaccine Available for All Tennessee Adults on April 5 ● Ted Cruz Commentary: ‘Corrupt Politicians Act’ Rigs Elections for the Radical Left ● Biden Team Ignored Warnings from Career Immigration Officials That Their Actions Could Cause a Border Crisis ● Biden Administration Opens Yet Another Facility to Hold Surging Numbers of Immigrant Children ● Majority of Black and Hispanic Americans Are in Favor of Voting ID Laws, According to Poll ● A Win for Tennessee’s Female Athletes: House Passes Bill Protecting Girl in Sports, Now Heads to Governor for Approval ● Six People Indicted on 126 Criminal Counts for Robbing Nashville Latinos ● Speaker Sexton Spares House Members from Rule 53 Vote on E-Verify Legislation ● Knoxville Mayor Budget Priorities Include: Alternative Policing, Homeless Housing, African American Reparations Task Force ● Poll: By Sizable Margin, Voters Blame Biden not Trump for Border Crisis ● Trump Reveals What He Wrote to Biden in Oval Office Note ● 5:00 to 6:00 Mike Sparks in studio ● 6:15 Laurie Cardoza Moore ● 7:00 John Harris in studio AUDIO CLIPS . AZTownStateOfEmergency-ChrisRiggs (Gila Bend Mayor-Riggs says, They'll tell us they haven't had a covid test because they don't do that at the facility. But other than that they are giving us nothing. Absolutely nothing. And we have asked repeatedly for documentation on who these people are, where they are from, if they do have a criminal history.) BorderSurge-Rubio (Rubio says, We are seeing the real-life consequences of campaign rhetoric and first-day policies of a new admin. They ran around saying a clear message that both the candidate and the early days in office and transition period it is going to be easier and more welcoming for people to come into the US even if they do so illegally. And that message went out loud and clear. It was perceived by people that way and is driving this crisis that will continue to get worse.) ConventionCenter-MayorBillWells (R-CA-Wells says, This didn't have public hearings or go before city council. The public didn't have a chance to weigh in on this whatsoever. The convention center is a public asset. It's paid for by hotel TOT dollars and I think the public has a right to know what is happening and what the plans are. NATOIranNuclearDeal-Blinken (Antony Blinken says, We said yes and to date, Iran has chosen not to engage. So as we've said the ball is really in their court to see if they want to take the path to diplomacy and returning to compliance with the agreement.) HR1VotingBill-TedCruz (Cruz says, What it does is it profoundly corrupts our democratic process. It has the federal government take over all elections. It sets aside virtually all of the state election integrity laws. For example, 29 states have voter id laws. It sets all of them aside and strikes them all down.)
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03-25-21 TN Star Report HR 2 - Tennessee Star Report