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04-01-21 TN Star Report HR 3 - Tennessee Star Report

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TN STAR REPORT 04/01/21 ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Community Rallies to Support Vaccine Exemption Bill Ahead of Hearing; Senate Committee Recommends Passage ● Nashville Metro Council Member Steve Glover to Introduce Resolution for Budget Transparency, Fight for Lowered Taxes ● Texas Coronavirus Cases Drop Over Two Weeks After Restrictions, Mask Mandate Lifted ● Trump Considering Holding a Rally Soon, Says ‘Hope’ He’ll Run Again in 2024 ● 6:30 Peter Wood, National Association of Scholars Author of 1620 ● 7:00 - 8:00 Lennie McGill, owner of the Glock Store AUDIO CLIPS GAElectionReformLaw-Kemp (Kemp says, This is all a distraction for them to make a case to do an unconditional power grab with HR1. And also to distract from the crisis of people flowing across the southern border. Perhaps they should pay more attention to that than our generous voting times that we have in GA.) IowaElection-MillerMeeks (Meeks says, The people of Iowa should be deciding who elects their reps. So I won on election night, 24 county canvas, the recount and my opponent had the opportunity to go to the courts and decided to bypass because in her own words she said we have to go to Congress to get the result we need.) GaetzSexualMisconduct-McCarthy (McCarthy says, I haven't heard from DOJ or talked to Matt Gaetz yet. I just read the story. Those are serious implications. If it comes out to be true yes we would remove him if that was the case. But right now, Gaetz says it is not true and we don't have any information. So let's get all the information.)
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04-01-21 TN Star Report HR 3 - Tennessee Star Report