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6-1-21 TN Star Report HR 2 - Tennessee Star Report

Tennessee Star Report

-Ben Cunningham opens. -Grant Henry in studio. -Jim Garrett calls in at 6:30. -Shaka Mitchell calls in at 7:30. -Brian Mast says, Every policy that their implementing is to take away generational wealth. Many layers of tax policy or inflated by anything you've gone out there and saved in a 401K or anywhere else. Every policy is inflationary to include printing money. And we say they are going to print 6 trillion dollars. They don't print it, they just move a couple of decimal points on a computer screen and don't take the time to print it. That's how bad it literally is. -Buttigieg says, We think of it as infrastructure because it is the foundation that lets people participate in the economy. When you are taking care of a loved one doing some of those things because you don't have the right kind of care structure to look after them and you can't get a job because you are in an elder care situation. Somehow we are one of the only developed countries that don't take care of this. That is holding you back the same way it holds you back if you don't have a road or bridge to get to where you want to go. -Cat Cammack says, We are committed to finding out the truth. I think every American regardless of party, would want to know exactly what the origins of this virus was. It's the only way that we can move forward and be prepared for the inevitable next pandemic or next attack. -Jim Banks says, Donald Trump is gone and the pressure this administration has felt in the last couple of weeks to dig into the origins of Covid-19 to make sure it doesn't happen again and hold those responsible in this case the CCP. And now he's succumbing to that pressure and has engaged on the subject a little bit. -Mike Turner says, The activities that are happening at Wuhan and the occurrences at the lab right before the virus broke out and went worldwide. Lack of activity and reports of individuals becoming sick raises a concern about US involvement. And then the Biden admin that is completely unwilling to pursue the original origins of the virus. This is something the Biden admin is now taking up because of public outcry and Republican intelligence committee. The Biden admin has limited the review to a 90 day time period. Indicating that either the intelligence committee has the info and is not providing it or limiting the scope of the review. -Tom Cotton says, We have heard from an increasing number of troops very worried about racist training they are getting saying races are inherently oppressed or oppressive or privileged or victimized. That really is Marxist in its roots. -Kevin McCarthy says, History is on our side but the ideas are on our side. There is no greater contrast in a time frame that shows the ideas of the republicans versus the democrats. In less than 5 months, Biden has opened the border and now we have terroritsts coming across that we are catching. We killed jobs in the energy field and now we have gas prices the highest they've been since he was VP. -Mark Milley says, They lived for something bigger than themselves. They fought for the traditions and values and belief that under these colors red white, and blue all of us are Americans.
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6-1-21 TN Star Report HR 2 - Tennessee Star Report