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6-2-21 TN Star Report HR 3 - Tennessee Star Report

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-Ben Cunningham opens. -Crom Carmichael, Grant Henry, and Christina Botteri in studio. -Neil McCabe calls in at 7:15. -Biden says, I've never been more optimistic about the future than I am today. I mean that. The reason is because of this new generation of young people they are the best-educated, the least prejudiced, the most open generation in American history. R-FL-DeSantis says, The bill that we are doing today will ensure fairness for women athletes and for years to come in the state of FL. It says that athletic teams or sports that are designated for females are open to females. And we are going to go based off biology not based off ideology when we are doing sports. James Comer says, At the very least we are going to find out that China was not transparent. We are going to find out that China covered up what they knew starting from the 3 employees at the Wuhan lab that had covid like symptoms back in October of 2019. A full 3 months before we knew anything about it in the USA. China is going to have a lot of explaining to do. Chris Stewart says, This is an important question. Millions of people have died. Trillions of economic damage if a leak from the lab, did China know and cover that up. These are incredibly important questions we have to understand. Nancy Mace says, If whoever did this vandalized my home thinks that I'm going to be intimated by this kind of action, they can think again. I'm not going to stop working for the people that elected me to do a job. That means that I have to take tough stances and take tough questions and be out front and lead us out of this pandemic. CA Owner of Miniplane and Paper Plane Bars- George Lahlough says, The big caveat or unanswered question for us is are we going to require vaccinations at the door or not. And that is something we are still considering. And if we do, do it, how are we going to really ensure that these folks are vaccinated. Lindsay Graham says, There are going to be requests made to the Israeli's to the Pentagon for a billion dollars in aid and batteries that were used in Israel. I've seen houses destroyed and people 18-21 serving their country in Israel with a lot of enthusiasm. Biden says, For much too long, the history of what took place here was told in silence. Cloaked in darkness. But just because history is silent it doesn't mean that it did not take place. And while darkness can hide much it erases nothing.
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6-2-21 TN Star Report HR 3 - Tennessee Star Report