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6-3-21 TN Star Report HR 2 - Tennessee Star Report

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-Christina Botteri opens. -Patrice Onwuka calls in at 5:30. -Liz Peek calls in at 6:15. -Noelle Mering calls in at 7:15. -Biden says, We especially need people under 40 to step up. Over 40 is doing much better. That's why today we are announcing a month-long effort to pull all the stops to free ourselves of this virus and get to 70% of adult American's vaccinated. -McConnell says, One of the suggestions that we made to the administration is to repurpose some of this extraordinary amount of money that's gone out to state and local governments across the country. To plug the gap between the gas tax raises and what we would like to do on infrastructure. Add repurpose money on top of it to give us a larger infrastructure package. -VP Harris says, I'll be meeting with the president of Guatemala. And we have a lot to discuss. It is about what we need to do and can do together to build support for the folks who need help in terms of hunger and economic development piece, the extreme weather, and the impact that has had on their economy. -R-MO-Jason Smith says, It will raise taxes on everyone and everything. President Biden campaigned that he will not raise taxes on low-income and middle-class families but in fact, in this proposal, he does that. Raising taxes on low income and the working class. -NIH Director- Dr. Francis Collins says, I think the most likely explanation is still a natural transmission. Let's be fair here. That's always been the case with other coronavirus's. SARS was a cat with MERS it was a camel. Ebola we still don't know what the intermediate host was. It's not easy to figure this out. -Bill Hagerty says, Putin has his fingerprints on everything that happens there. And to give Russia an easy way out, this has been part and parcel of the Biden administration's path. He needs to hold Russia accountable. -D-AZ-Kristen Sinema says, Our legislation ensures that when children are placed with sponsors around the country that these are individuals who do not have criminal records or abusers. So that we have more ability that these children are in safe circumstances. Right now we don't have that security. -R-LA-John Kennedy says, The CCP and Fauci and I"m going to be blunt here have said for over a year, nothing to see here. The coronavirus came from an animal. Except after a year no one has been able to prove that.
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6-3-21 TN Star Report HR 2 - Tennessee Star Report