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6-4-21 TN Star Report HR 3 - Tennessee Star Report

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-Christina Botteri opens. -Corinne Murdoch calls in at 6:00. -Crom Carmichael in studio at 6:30. -Tomi Lahren calls in at 7:15. -Greg Abbott says, We have 34 counties on the border who asked me to declare their county a disaster which I did. Normally gubernatorial disaster declarations are for things like hurricanes. I don't think this has ever happened before where a disaster declaration was made for border counties because of the influx of people coming across the border. Fauci still denies it to this day. But in his private emails he puts in the subject line: Urgent We must discuss this gain of function research. So he knows it's gain of function and he needs to be pinned down on this. -George P Bush says, We had a great conversation a few days ago. He sent me his best. He had great words of encouragement. We agree we have to push back. What's scary about this is Bernie Sanders is probably the happiest person in DC right now. That's what he joked. And I agree, we have a lot of work ahead especially in November '22 to take back the Congress and that we have the right players in the field to beat the Democrats in the next cycle. -Fauci says, So what we really have now are three options within the arena of monoclonal antibodies. Something that is important for physicians to know that there is an important option for treating people early to prevent them from going to the hospital. -Jeff Zients says, Since the Presdient took office on January 20. Cases are down over 90%. And deaths are down over 85%. Our successful vaccination program isn't just saving 10s of 1000s of lives, it's letting 10s of millions of Americans get back to living their lives. -Jen Psaki says, What the President believes is one that corporations can afford to pay a little bit more. And that's a way that we can pay for a range of the bullet proposals that he has put forward. But he also took a look at these proposals and all of the tax proposals he has put forward over time to find a way that there should be a pay force based on their bottom lines. Many of the Republican negotiators should be able to agree too. -FOUNDER & CEO OF QOMPLX- Jason Crabtree says, A lot of the same companies that are being targeted for ransomware are the organizations that aren't prepared to restore their systems for back up. They aren't the ones that have mature detection response and incident response capabilities. What we really need to focus on as a country is real investments in detection response capabilities and defending the core of our networks. -US State Dept. Spokesman- Ned Price says, There is a mutual understanding as to generally what would need to happen. And at the very highest levels the short had is compliance for compliance. Both sides are engaging in this. I can speak for our side and presumably for the Iranian side too because they are willing to entertain the proposition of returning to compliance.
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6-4-21 TN Star Report HR 3 - Tennessee Star Report