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Show from 4-6-21 Hour 3 - Tennessee Star Report

Tennessee Star Report

● MLB reportedly makes another ridiculous WOKE decision. Moves All Star Game from 50 percent Black Atlanta to 10 percent black Denver because GA has a Voter ID Law—which CO also has ● Tennessee House Passes Bill to Establish Formal Review Process for Constitutionality of Presidential Orders ● Delayed Again: Bill to Exempt Houses of Worship from Emergency Closures ● Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper Gets Challenge from Justice Democrats-Backed Odessa Kelly ● Teaching Assistant Docks Point on Conservative Student’s Black Panther Essay: ‘White People Cannot Experience Racism’ ● Human Traffickers Using Facebook to Lure Customers, Promising Safe Passage to U.S. ● Newly Unveiled Greta Thunberg Statue Rankles Students, Local Community ● 5:30 Author Kerry McDonald, Author of Unschooled, well educated children ● 6:15 Scott Cepicky ● 6:30 CA refugee Craig Huey
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Show from 4-6-21 Hour 3 - Tennessee Star Report