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Show from 5-25-21 Hour 2 - Tennessee Star Report

Tennessee Star Report

• Andy Ogles in studio • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Can’t Confirm Citizenship Status of Gunman Who Shot Metro Nashville Police Officer • 1776 Commission Members Appointed by Donald Trump Reconvene • Military, Science, and the Law Are Losing the Trust of Middle America • Medical Experts Raise Alarm Over Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines in Children, Pregnant Women, and Those Who Already Have Antibodies • Biden Clears Way for Russian Gas Line After Nixing Keystone XL • Over 20 Million Hold Concealed Carry Permits as Supreme Court Test Case Looms • 5:30 Joey Jones USMC • 6:00 Andy Ogles • 7:00 Roger Simon
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Show from 5-25-21 Hour 2 - Tennessee Star Report