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Show from 9-22-21 Hour 2 - Tennessee Star Report

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● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● TN DOH says those vaccinated for COVID 19 should NOT be treated with monoclonal antibodies, claims to be following new NIH guidelines ● Gov Bill Lee STILL SILENT on what the state’s doing about 400 plus unvetted Afghan refugees who have been settled in TN – and another wave is coming ● Afghan Refugees bring diseases including measles, malaria, and tuberculosis to the US ● Tea Party Patriots to Hold Nationwide Vaccine Mandate Protests ● Middle Tennessee Schools Closed due to Flooding ● 5:30 Michael Rectenwald ● 6:30 Crom Carmichael ● 7:15 Neil McCabe ● 7:30 State Rep Scott Cepicky
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Show from 9-22-21 Hour 2 - Tennessee Star Report