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Andrew Dickens Afternoons

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January 24, 2022 4 min
Well let’s start with the good news.  
For all the griping about MIQ, I think we owe the system a debt of gratitude.  
Without it there would have been no summer. Without it we would have rolled straight from a Delta surge into an Omicron tsunami.  
MIQ bought us time. Which is what it's always designed to do. It was never created to keep Covid out forever because that really would be a hermit kingdom. In my eyes it’s all been abo...
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National has unveiled its new-look line up with big promotions for Chris Bishop and Erica Stanford, now ranked fourth and seventh.
Bishop has been reunited with the shadow leader of the house portfolio, which Collins stripped him of.
Stanford has taken education from Paul Goldsmith, and retained the immigration portfolio.
She has rocketed up the rankings, having been ranked 25th previously.
One of the biggest losers is former leader Ju...
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So here we are approaching the next hurdle for Christopher Luxon to vault; the choosing of his shadow cabinet.  
Last week was spent facing the media and the public in walk abouts. The media indulging in their age old game of playing gotcha politics.  
For those who don’t know the gotcha, it’s about asking a question that draws the subject into an awkward reveal.  
Jessica and Tova had the opening gambit which was on how many houses L...
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It was halfway through last week, and I was having a conversation with a mate about whether MIQ for in-bound citizens was still relevant.  
Both of us were noting that with over 2000 active cases in the country, compared to a handful in MIQ, you were more likely to catch Covid in New Zealand rather than from a recent returnee.  
So he asked me, can you give me one good reason why we should retain MIQ? 
There was only one reason I coul...
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So Auckland waits for 4pm for an announcement that they will be rewarded for their stirling effort in achieving vaccination targets.  
They’ve been good little hobbits. They’ve jabbed like their life depends on it.  It’s what being locked down for 98 days will do to you.  
The town is desperate for a haircut.  They’re desperate for a sit-down meal.  
They live in one of the most highly vaccinated cities in the world.  
But I have bad n...
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Welcome to the first day of vaccine mandate.  Today was the deadline for teachers and health workers to have had at least one shot of the Covid vaccination.  
We all know this has caused some consternation amongst members of those professions who have an antipathy towards the vaccine, and amongst those people against government compulsion.  
In fact, there has been a cacophony of calls suggesting that this issue is splitting the nati...
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So once again, we await another announcement about our gradual stumble towards something someone might laughably call freedom  
At 4pm, the Government should confirm their in-principle agreement to lower Auckland to Level 3 Step 2.  Otherwise known as a bit of a shop and up to 25 people outdoors, otherwise just as you were, please.  
The whole thing is dependent on vaccination rates and hospital beds.  The Government has specified 90...
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Another day with so much going on submerged under the tsunami of reckons that is Covid.  
4pm today we find out the next phase.  It really is six of one and half a dozen of the other.  
Pure health theory would be to wait until the magical 90 percent is reached.  But political reality is that compliance is waning. Unless you bring out the water cannons and the rubber bullets there will be an erosion of standards tomorrow whichever wa...
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Well since I was on air last week things have devolved into a right royal mess.
Last Monday, the Prime Minister kept Auckland in Level 3 but threw the city a bone.
You're still locked down but you can have a little visit with another family or your yoga class.
Her mistake was fooling with the settings.
What Aucklanders heard was socialising is back on the menu boys. They heard Level 2 with restrictions. Not Level 3 with picnics. Gi...
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Well haven’t we worked ourselves up into a tis was. 
Frustration with 7 weeks of lockdown in Auckland is starting to boil over in public with claims that everything is failing and not working and will never work. We’re being left behind and there is no plan.  And it’s all this Labour government’s fault.
There have been calls to give up the lockdown strategy. To open our borders and start to live again. 
But has New Zealand’s strategy ...
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Is Covid-19 increasing the risk of leader burnout?
NZ Herald Business reporter Jane Phare researched into the issue, and found that leaders are feeling even more overworked as a result of Covid, compared to 2019, and that leaders are caught in between their staff and their businesses.
86 per cent of business leaders are feeling stressed, but Phare says they carry the burden of the entire company.
Jane Phare joined Andrew Dickens.
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Here we are in yet another Monday of decision and it seems that the powerhouse of Auckland is going to remain in lockdown longer yet as the long tail of Covid seems peskily hard to stamp out.
Another week, another billion down the drain. 
Once again last week I heard business advocates asking what's the plan to get out of this. 
Actually more accurately they want to know when. 
Well your guess is as good as mine. 
That's the fun...
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It started on Friday.
First I saw my neighbour struggling down the street on crutches. 
He'd had a knee operation at a private hospital.
It was the last operation they did before lockdown he said. 
Then he added that the hospital was preparing itself for any overflow from the public system in the event of a surge of Covid cases. 
That's a worry I thought.
Later that night the tweets and social media posts from friends in the heal...
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August 16, 2021 3 min
A mother in the US has felt the wrath of parents worldwide after revealing on TikTok that she charges her 7 year old daughter rent to teach her the value of money.
Felicia Farley told TikTokkers, "every week my daughter has a list of chores. If those chores are completed daily, she will get $7 at the end of the week."
She then went on to say "In total she pays $5 for bills, leaving $2 left over which she can then keep and...
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So since I last spoke with you the Government have announced their plan to transition towards more open borders and Amazon have decided to pull the Lord of the Rings out of New Zealand.  
The 2 stories are linked. 
There are parts of Amazon’s reasoning that haven’t been widely reported.  
They’re moving to Shepperton Studios in England which is currently in major expansion mode.  
It’s merged with Pinewood Studios and now provides the ...
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Firstly, my condolences to the people of Timaru and particularly the parents of the boys who lost their lives in the horrific incident. 
I’m not going to draw any conclusions from the particular event because I feel it’s too soon and the whole district is feeling it, as are we all. No one needs a radio host or talkback callers pontificating on the should have beens. 
But in the course of the conversation today we have heard talk on p...
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This morning I was driving to work listening to Steve Price talking to Mike Hosking at 8.40am. 
It wasn’t a pleasant listen.  
What’s happening across the Tasman is a recurring nightmare.
A nightmare that somehow we have avoided so far. 
Lockdowns popping up like mushrooms.  
Case numbers growing and worrying hospitalisations. 
Two thirds of the new cases are under 40s.   
Of the 53 people in intensive care, six are in their 20s, four are...
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Sometimes I wonder how we have become the architects of so many bad administrative decisions. 
This is the story of British GP Ann Solomon which featured in the Sunday Star Times this weekend 
At the beginning of the pandemic New Zealand made some border exemptions to fill critical worker shortages 
Ann Solomon responded and has been living and working in New Zealand with her family since last August. 
But the temporary visa is running...
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In the aftermath of the farmer protests on Friday, some tempers have been running high as farmers allege city residents don’t?understand them.??But in fact, there are many issues that should unite farming and city folk.?
As I drove in this morning, I heard a farmer on ZB claiming that city folk have no idea of the environmental regulation and the cost of compliance that the farming community have to bear.?
I thought that was a bit un...
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So look at that: the Pfizer vaccines that we were freaking out about arrived. Not only that, they arrived two days early.
So what was all that panic about? We only knew about the potential delay because the Minister told us about it. So why do that?
It's because the government is becoming increasingly gun shy. Afraid of negative headlines, they are choosing to pre-empt the bad news to try and mitigate any possible damage. But in ...
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