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When grief leads to depression

Just Listen

In this episode of the Just Listen mental health podcast, host Juliette Sivertsen speaks with Newstalk ZB newsreader and marathon runner Niva Retimanu and how she learnt to live with depression.

Niva says she never dealt with the death of her parents in her early 20s, which resulted in depression. She had a ‘lightbulb moment’ about her health when one day she couldn’t tie her shoelaces. That moment propelled her into taking positive action to improve both her physical and mental health.

She’s now a passionate advocate for talk therapy (and will tell anyone who will listen), being open about her journey and encouraging others to do the same.

Her personal trainer Alex Flint, who’s helped train her to complete marathons all over the world, joins Juliette at the end of this podcast about his role as Niva’s support person.

Funded by the Mental Health Foundation of NZ, Like Minds Like Mine, supported by NZME.

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