Smart Money

Smart Money


Mary Holm: Is retiring early a good idea?

February 21, 201939 min

39 min
Kate Baddock: Should New Zealand ban drug advertising?

February 3, 20197 min

7 min
Smart Money - new expert Dr Ayesha Scott talks finances in relationships and the gender difference in how we spend money

January 20, 201939 min

39 min
Peter Cordtz: Will the minimum wage actually help?

December 23, 201838 min

38 min
Mary Holm: Being paid weekly or monthly, which is better?

December 16, 201839 min

39 min
Sam Wallace: Buying new cars, are they worth it?

December 9, 201836 min

36 min
Tom Hartmann: Do you need 10 times your income for retirement?

December 2, 201840 min

40 min
Carissa Fairbrother: Should you lend money to friends & family?

November 25, 201835 min

35 min
Bob Weir: Why are small businesses so difficult?

November 17, 201839 min

39 min

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