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Greens co-leader James Shaw: Chlöe Swarbrick's win "defies history" - Vote 2020

Vote 2020

Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick is set to win the Auckland central seat in what has been a tight race with Labour's Helen White.
Swarbrick has had the edge since vote counting started for the 2020 election tonight, with White in second and National's Emma Mellow over 1,000 votes back.
Greens co-leader James Shaw told Mike Hosking and Barry Soper Swarbrick's victory is historical.
"No third party candidate has won an election seat without the endorsement of a major party leader, and it looks like Chloe has won Auckland central and that would defy history."
Mr Shaw addressed Green Party supporters, saying throughout the campaign, he’s been reminded why the party does what it does.
He says the party’s aim is to create a vision for every person in New Zealand - that they have what they need to have a meaningful life.
With a little over 80 per cent of votes counted, the Greens were sitting pretty on 7.6 per cent.
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