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Achieving Balance In a World of Work Domination #569 - How to Money

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Up until the 1500s, everybody thought that the earth was the center of the universe- the sun, moon, and planets all orbited around us. But over the course of a century as more folks accepted the belief that we are a part of a heliocentric solar system, this updated view significantly changed everyone’s perception of planet Earth. No longer were we at the center of it all! Our planet Earth is still important of course, but everyone began to see that we were a part of a larger system. We were put in our proper place. And similarly we feel that work and career tends to be at the center of the American universe, negatively impacting our lives via workaholism, lack of other interests, and higher levels of stress. Not that work can’t be fulfilling! We’ve always held a high view of work- it provides a sense of meaning and structure, not to mention a necessary source of income. But when our lives revolve around work, when it’s the center, we think it throws everything out of balance. Listen as we discuss the many reasons why work dominates our lives, as well as how you can find more work-life balance!


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Achieving Balance In a World of Work Domination #569 - How to Money