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Navigating the New Era of Cheap Travel with Scott Keyes #505 - How to Money

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Our guest today is Scott Keyes- founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, a travel platform with over two million members around the world. It’s been called “the travel world’s best-kept secret” by Thrillist and received praise in The New York Times among others. But before he became our favorite expert on ways to keep vacation costs down, Scott worked for years as a journalist, with bylines in The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and plenty of other publications. And now, he’s published a book titled, “Take More Vacations”, which we’ll discuss today as well. With virtually everyone out there clamoring to take a vacation, we’re really excited to be talking about this timely topic. We discuss why we’re living in the golden age of cheap flights, how to get across the ocean for as little money as possible, change fees, and then we also discuss long travel and the changing culture of travel here in the US.


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Navigating the New Era of Cheap Travel with Scott Keyes #505 - How to Money