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June 18, 2024 8 mins

After inheriting powers from her mother, Nia Nal became the Dreamer, a superhero with the ability to see the future. This character broke a lot of barriers when it came to trans representation and has so much story to be written.

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
Hey, this is Anny and Samantha and all come to
stuff I never told your production of iHeart Radio and
today spoilers. Spoilers abound because we are talking about Supergirl

and related comics and other material. I've never seen Supergirl,
so apologies. If I get anything wrong, please let me know. Samantha,
you've never seen it either.

Speaker 2 (00:36):
So I have never seen any of the WB Supergirl.
I have seen her when she does the crossover because
I did watch Flash and I watched parts of the Arrow,
so there's a lot of crossover between the Flash and Supergirl.
And then like when DC does their whole their thing,

which is very confusing and I had to be like,
what the hell is happening? I don't know what's going
on type of level. So I know of the person
who plays that character, who is actually on Glee, and
she has gone through some things y'all and has made
it on top. Yeah, it was a whole thing. But
that's about all. So I know Melissa been nooist, but

I knew her from Glee when I was still kind
of watching. But she's been through some things. Yeah, So
that's about all. That's all I know. I know they
can cross over and she flies.

Speaker 1 (01:28):
Well, you know you might know some of this then,
because this character we're talking about, Nia Now did appear
in the Flash and the air Verse that I think
only briefly.

Speaker 2 (01:40):
Who is she? Well, tell me, I'm excited.

Speaker 1 (01:43):
Let me explain, and again, listeners, please feel free to
write in and correct me. So nia Now are the
Dreamer is half human and half Notorian, and Notorians are
an alien race in the DC universe, and she grew
up in this Hiddenn alien refugee sanctuary close to Metropolis.
She is depicted by Nicole Mains, a transactivist herself, and

we'll talk more about that later. The character first appeared
in DC Pride issue number one in twenty twenty two
and was the first trans character in the Era Verse
in the first trans superhero on network television, and she
had to face transphobia from all around, including her family.
In her character arc, her powers allow her to get

visions of the future in her dreams, and she can
convert mental energy to physical energy and can astral project.
The Nontallorians pass on their powers from mothers to daughters,
and that was done very purposefully, that it was passed
on from mother to daughter and a clarification. This is
kind of confusing to me, because again, I haven't consumed
a lot of this media. She first appeared in a

twenty eighteen episode of the TV show Supergirl called American Alien,
but I guess her character's introduction is often attributed to
the comics in terms of continuity, because would do such
a mess in these comics. Some people usually say she
first appeared in that twenty twenty two issue, but I'm
pretty sure her first, like actual instance of appearing was

this twenty eighteen episode. She also appeared in a twenty
twenty two Fortnite event where she was the third playable
trans character that they've ever had. A Maine surprised the
role in a twenty twenty three episode of The Flash.
So this character, the Dreamer, worked alongside Kara Supergirl al
as a reporter. She has a degree in international affairs

from Georgetown and she was a political speechwriter and worked
for the White House Press Secretary. She was concerned about
anti alien and anti trans hate on the Rise. To
that end, yes, she goes on to pursue reporting. She's
trying to kind of build her story and show why
this is really bad and why it's rising When she

gets her powers, her sister, who had trained in the
Realm of dream Interpretation, is really angry about it because
she wanted the powers and disowns her. Kara opens up
about her own superhero identity to befriend Nia. When Kara
is framed for a crime, Nia doesn't buy it, doesn't
believe it happened. She takes up the mantle of City

Superhero while they work to clear Kara's name and combat
the anti alien Hatred. Through this, Nia helps defeat a
super villain and starts dating Brainy, a fellow alien. Soon
after she takes on the rule of the Dreamer, she
has this vision of the death of the Justice League,
and she's able to warn the then superman John Kent

about it. She joins forces with him to liberate Gomorra, which,
by the way, this very much confused me, but we're
talking about the island, not the Marvel character. That makes sense,
and after what happens, she believed John Kent had changed
the future. She later met Supergirl, Batman, and Robin, who

gave her a mission to use her powers to retrieve
the helmet of Fate, and during this mission her powers
expanded so that she could have visions while she was awake.
In twenty twenty two, Nia attended Metropolis Pride. She later
helped evacuate Metropolis. Unbeknownst to her, she was being observed
by Amanda Waller, an intense agent who led the Suicide Squad,

amongst other things. Waller later contacted her and tried to
blackmail her and to capturing a runaway member of the
Suicide Squad Afterthought. Worried about the people of the refugee
town that she grew up in, Nia defeated Afterthought, though
it turned out it was more of a test from
Waller to prove if Nia could be controlled by threatening

the ones that she loved, and Waller thought, yes, I
can control her like this. Later, Waller threatened her people
again and captured her to work with the Suicide Squad,
using her powers to travel through the dream world ensure
that Gomorra that Island, would not become something Waller and
the US could not control. Through a vision, Nia learned

that Waller was planning on taking control of Gamora herself,
and Nia abandoned the mission, recruiting Harley Quinn in the process,
and they, along with the Gomorah Army, stopped the suicide
squad from succeeding, Na lost consciousness and the effort and
tried to enter the dreams of Waller to sway her
from the path, but was not successful. However, I'm pretty

sure that's kind of like where the story is right now.
It's ongoing, so more to come and if there's been
any updates right in as mentioned Mains. The actress portraying
Nia is a transactivist and was involved in a twenty
fourteen lawsuit that resulted in the first state court ruling

that stated it was illegal to ban trans kids from
bathrooms based on gender identity. She reportedly started asking questions
like when do I get to be a girl and
when will my penis fall off? From as young as
two years old. Her twin brother said while they were
in elementary school, face it, dad, you have a son
and a daughter. She changed her name, got gender affirming surgery,

and decided to pursue acting as she got older. The
twenty fifteen book Becoming Nicole, The Transformation of an American
Family by Washington Post writer Amy Ellis Nutt about her
family and her gender identity, told their whole story. There
are several articles that have delved into the differing gender
identities of her and her twin brother. She was also

featured in the documentary The Translist, and was in the
horror movie Bit about queer vampires, So I'm Intrigued, and
has a role in the second season of Yellow Jackets.
She's also been involved in writing the comics for this character.
Just all yeah, I love it. Yeah, so that's really cool.

And again, listeners, if you have any comics you want,
wanna recommend any corrections for me. If I got something wrong,
please let us know. I'm also sorry, I tried to
get it right. I always want to say Naya, it's
nias Nia. Yes, and I hope I got it right. Yes,
but feel free to correct me on that as well. Yeah.

And you can contact us with any suggestions for this
segment or any thoughts at all at Stephanie and mom
Stuff at iHeartMedia dot com. You can find us on
Twitter at mom Stuff Podcast, or on Instagram and TikTok
at stuff One never told you We're on YouTube and
we are on Tea Public. We have a store and
we have a book you can get wherever you get
your books. Thanks as always to our super producer, Christine,

our executive producer My and your contributor Joey. Thank you
and thanks to you for listening. Stuff Never Told You
is productionally I Heart Radio for more podcasts or my
Heart Radio. You can check out the iHeart Video app,
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