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June 21, 2024 28 mins

When it comes to dating, people have some issues where they draw the line. As we continue our Sex and the City watch podcast, we chat about some of those - and about how some things have not aged well.

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
Hey, this is Annie and Samantha. Welcome you. Stuff've never
told you a protection of iHeartRadio.

Speaker 2 (00:18):
And we are back watching season three of Sex and
the City. Yes, as we are coming together to make
Annie watch something she has never watched because I think
it's fun and I loved it growing up.

Speaker 3 (00:31):
And I say growing up, I was in college in.

Speaker 2 (00:32):
This but yes, in this happy hour if you are
new to this, So we will be watching together Sex
and the City. We are in season three, like I
said before, and we're going to talk about.

Speaker 3 (00:42):
It, simple as that.

Speaker 2 (00:44):
It's one of those things I think as a reminder
that really brought sexuality in women into a bigger scope,
as well as women being single in their thirties, being
ridiculously rich even though they pretendly they're not, and making
us all wish we lived in New York and very
nice apartments with very nice, cushy jobs. But I say
cushy because essentially, like some of them are, like once

pr you never really know what that is really except
she goes to a lot of parties.

Speaker 3 (01:12):
Sam, we love you.

Speaker 1 (01:13):
We love that.

Speaker 2 (01:14):
We have Charlotte who is a curator, yes I believe
so art curator where she runs a gallery and meets
a lot of fun people there. Carrie is a sex
colonnist because obviously, which is based on someone real, Candice Bushnell,
who was a sex colonist as well. And then we
have Miranda, who is a fierce lawyer and just constantly

working but has enough time to deal with the Shenanigans
of New York. We gotta love it. So just with
that within this segment. Because Annie is so new to
these series, she was a little younger, and of course
this is not exactly her field of interest necessarily. Who
doesn't love brunch? Though, as much as I loved it
and really wished I lived this life, I think I

really watched this while in my thirties, like early thirties,
like twenties, because I'm like, yeah, girls are so hang out,
because this was before I was really dating and having relationships,
because I was like, no, no, no, I kind of
want that, but I kind of don't. I just want
my group of friends so we can sit around and
talk bs.

Speaker 3 (02:13):
It's amazing.

Speaker 2 (02:14):
But with that, yes, we're in season three and we're
on episode five. But before we jump into that, Annie,
can you give us a replay of what's happened? In
season three.

Speaker 1 (02:25):
M Yes, okay, so it feels like everybody but Samantha's
in a little bit of is they're trying to decide
what they want, I would say. So, we've got Miranda
trying to define the relationship with Steve, who they had
previously broken up but now they're back together, but they're
still sort of working some stuff out. If you've watched

the show, you know about Steve. Then we have Charlotte
who is trying to find a husband once again. Yes.
And then we have Carrie, who broke up with her
on again, off again boyfriend mister Big last season and
now he's married a younger woman and she's run into

him a couple of times and is kind of coming
to grips with that. And then the last episode was
one that you had warned me about, which was kind
of a very undated episode about gender where they yeah,
basically had the tired comedic not so funny a thing

of questioning bisexuality, like pick your lane. But that's where
we are.

Speaker 2 (03:34):
That's where we are, and this one is a little
more fun. And before we start with this, Annie, I
have to ask, because this is a part of the show.
The title is no if Ann's or butts, butts, can
you tell me what you think this episode is about.

Speaker 1 (03:52):
Okay, I think that there's gonna be a conversation about
if you oh, this would be interesting though, a conversation
about dating smokers, and a conversation about anal sex and
also club going to the club.

Speaker 2 (04:08):
Also she switches up from brunch to club, so we
always have to have one of those things.

Speaker 3 (04:16):
Ye yes, okay, okay, okay.

Speaker 2 (04:21):
Interesting And with this just FYI, listeners, if you enjoy
this segment, and it's not that you have to enjoy
sex in the city or know anything about it, if
you have an interest in joining us to do a
viewing with us and record with us while we have
a tasty beverage any do you have a tasty beverage?

Speaker 1 (04:39):
But you get there, I have a beer. I can't
tell you what it is because I can't remember.

Speaker 2 (04:44):
Oh, she got some beer. So if you're partaking in
like that, please do so responsibly. If you want to
join us, you don't have to drink anything. I am
drinking water and I'm chillin. But if you're interested in
being a part of the segment again, you do not
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let us know email us or dm us in one
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So we'll give you some more information at the end
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I know not everybody like they click it as soon
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you're interested, please know we are seeking for you to
hang out with us. Be our friend IRL.

Speaker 1 (05:33):
Yes, what kind of kind of is what it is?

Speaker 2 (05:37):
Zoom VRL and IVL in virtual life? Okay, that's too
confusing for me anyway, So we're gonna go ahead and jump.

Speaker 3 (05:49):
And do it.

Speaker 2 (06:00):
Oh, I'm meant to ask you because there's an introduction
about someone what'd finally showing up?

Speaker 3 (06:08):
Is that your guess?

Speaker 1 (06:09):
I don't know. He's like the only person I know.

Speaker 2 (06:15):
Right and we've been waiting so long, so long.

Speaker 4 (06:26):
One of the reasons some people still risk the possible
horror of a first date is the possible magic of
the good night kiss at the front door.

Speaker 3 (06:36):
I had a great time.

Speaker 4 (06:40):
The world slows down just for a second as some
people take that hopefullyan into a possible future together.

Speaker 1 (06:48):
Oh oh my gosh, the tie is out and licking
her face.

Speaker 3 (06:53):
That makes me so uncomfortable. I came with the watch.
He just licks her face.

Speaker 1 (07:02):
A tie.

Speaker 4 (07:05):
He has the sweet little lips.

Speaker 3 (07:06):
I thought he would be a good kisser.

Speaker 4 (07:07):
See that's a scary thing. You can never tell. They
look totally.

Speaker 2 (07:10):
Normal until their pointy tongue is darting in and out
of your mouth.

Speaker 4 (07:13):
Oh it's stabby, little pointing tongue.

Speaker 1 (07:15):
That is the worst of the worst.

Speaker 4 (07:17):
No, no, no, no. What's worse is when they expect you
to do all the work and their tongue just lazier
in your mouth like a clam mouse.

Speaker 2 (07:27):
If you ever had those conversations with your girlfriends about
like the worst kiss their best best kiss type of thing,
yes too, yeah, yeah, me too, the feeling that's you
got to.

Speaker 1 (07:39):
My worst kiss. He had braces in it. It did
some there was Oh what, yeah, it's just something went wrong.

Speaker 3 (07:54):
Could he be any cuter?

Speaker 1 (07:56):
You gotta love a fellow who loves the jewelry. That
is one time looking man, I'd like to get me
some of that.

Speaker 3 (08:02):
Don't talk like that with.

Speaker 1 (08:06):
A knee jure liberal reaction.

Speaker 3 (08:08):
That was a black talk. That was sex talk. That
wasn't black talk. That was sex talk.

Speaker 1 (08:14):
It's African American talk. Oh my gosh. The political correctness.
But it's terrible, not right.

Speaker 2 (08:23):
But there's so many like but all these things, it's
like I cannot imagine that this was from a black writer,
Like it's some stereotype that you're like, why, who did this?

Speaker 3 (08:36):
Who did this?

Speaker 4 (08:42):
I got a whole afternoon plan with Australian fogue. I'm
not just gonna drop everything to go downtown to see
some cute guy.

Speaker 1 (08:49):
He's straight.

Speaker 4 (08:50):
I get my first. All these.

Speaker 1 (08:56):
This reminds me of the other day someone was like
come hang out. Was like, why, I'm good, and then
there's like the Star Wars is playing, and I.

Speaker 3 (09:04):
Was like, all right, they're talking about Star Wars. Okay, okay, cool.

Speaker 2 (09:11):
I don't think I have anything like that or like
I'm gonna be really unless it's some food.

Speaker 3 (09:16):
It's food. His name was Aidenshaw. We've made it.

Speaker 2 (09:28):
I love that he's so like classic American he's wearing
all dinnum with a very americanized.

Speaker 1 (09:33):
Dog like and the dog yeah, the dog has like
a bandana. Very cute. Wow. The cute guy was aided.

Speaker 4 (09:41):
His name was Marty Mendelssohn. He was warm, stylish and
classic gay, just like his outfit. He's a fantastic designer
and single.

Speaker 1 (09:50):
I guess it is interesting that just created by gay men,
and so sometimes hearing some of the things, Carrie says,
it's like, I get day Man wrote this, but you're
still not that.

Speaker 4 (10:11):
They picked my name from the contest I enteredder Sam Goodies.

Speaker 3 (10:15):
Well great, yeah.

Speaker 1 (10:17):
No, Marianna, it's not great. A million dollars it's great.

Speaker 3 (10:25):
Yes, Steve, it is great. But just don't get your
hopes up. It's a kind of tough shot, isn't it.

Speaker 1 (10:31):
Rather guys, but they don't know my move. See.

Speaker 2 (10:34):
See this is the way I think I'm a little
more like Miranda that I don't get overly excited about
much anyway, and like I'm a little too realistic and
I have to check myself. I'm like, I can't be
bursting people's bubbles being that realistic person who's like, yeah, but.

Speaker 1 (10:48):
Sometimes people need that though, you know, I think that's
a balance.

Speaker 2 (10:52):
Yeah, yeah, you got to give them, like the moment,
their moment, but being like, don't.

Speaker 3 (10:56):
Get yourself too excited.

Speaker 1 (11:02):
I am trying.

Speaker 4 (11:04):
Within a matter of minutes, Samantha felt perfectly at home
in Chavon's world.

Speaker 1 (11:08):
Hey guys, I'm Samantha.

Speaker 4 (11:10):
Socialman, And within a matter of hours, Chavon was perfectly
at home in Samantha's home.

Speaker 3 (11:17):
I would just the amount of stereotype.

Speaker 2 (11:20):
They're like, Okay, black community, this is what you look like.

Speaker 3 (11:25):
You're welcome.

Speaker 2 (11:26):
And maybe I am from the South, so it is
a different culture than New York, so we're from Atlanta.
Perhaps I'm just wrong in thinking that that is a
stereotype someone who lived in black culture of New York
in early two thousands. Please tell me if I'm wrong.
But have they made this as a stereotype of what

this is?

Speaker 1 (11:47):
It feels like.

Speaker 3 (11:51):
I am tying.

Speaker 1 (11:57):
You smoke right just a little.

Speaker 4 (12:03):
The minute I heard the lie come out of my mouth,
I realized just how much I kind of liked him.

Speaker 3 (12:07):
Yeah, did you see this before? No, that's pretty impressive.

Speaker 1 (12:12):
But I know when I was younger, that was a
big conversation to be my friends. I won't date some
of them smokes.

Speaker 5 (12:18):
Yeah, Oh, he's gonna be like, no, the smell yep,
I can taste this cigarette.

Speaker 4 (12:28):
Oh I'm sorry, I have an altoy.

Speaker 1 (12:31):
The taste is terrible. No, no, you're not.

Speaker 3 (12:39):
And that was like I feel like altoys, which still exists.
Everydy still uses. But that was a huge thing, like
college days for some reason. And they're gross. Why are
they chalky?

Speaker 1 (12:50):
Fut always would like to sponsor.

Speaker 5 (12:54):
To me.

Speaker 3 (12:54):
I did a little baby ones, the little ones. I
love those.

Speaker 2 (12:59):
Yeah, well, I will endorse that I have dated people though,
who really are just like occasional smokers. That it threw
me off. I'm like, why I do it if it's
only every like three weeks.

Speaker 1 (13:13):
Yeah, I have too. I used to be a very
firm I would never date anybody who smoked. I think
that's one of the reasons why I was like, oh yeah,
but I later met people who only smoked every now
and then.

Speaker 4 (13:27):
Okay, all right, And with just a little gentle negotiating,
brad Stock suddenly began to rise.

Speaker 3 (13:41):

Speaker 2 (13:44):
I cannot imagine this person who played this actor like
the reputation he may have had after the fact.

Speaker 3 (13:50):
You're sucking too hard and for the record.

Speaker 1 (13:53):
Of my mouth is up the here is there a problem?

Speaker 5 (13:56):
I can't do this, Brad, You're a bad kiss her.

Speaker 2 (14:01):
Come on, that's my thing.

Speaker 3 (14:03):
That's my thing. That's my thing.

Speaker 2 (14:13):
That's what I'm known for, the kissing, which is probably like, yeah,
not in a good play, bro.

Speaker 1 (14:20):
Your signature move is about good. These are my dolls.
I've been collecting him for years. I had no idea.

Speaker 2 (14:33):
I love when Stafford comes into play like it makes
it hilarious. But you know, I know people still love
because these can be really ridiculously valuable, although most of
the times they're in boxes or displays because they don't
want it to be marred.

Speaker 1 (14:49):
Right, Yes, So it's a collection of dolls.

Speaker 3 (14:52):
Everyone that's all over his bed.

Speaker 1 (14:56):
See, that's what I don't get, Like I would be
a little taken aback if there are a bunch of dolls.
But if they're on your.

Speaker 3 (15:03):
Bed, they're like at least twenty on his bed.

Speaker 1 (15:06):
Then do you sleep in this bed and you put
them back every day? Is this an extra bed for
your dolls?

Speaker 3 (15:10):
What is the right?

Speaker 4 (15:16):
Smoking is a part of who I am. I will
quit when I want to quit in it won't be
because some cute guy told me to, right, Samantha, No, honey,
fighting a battle for Stefan is one thing, But holding
on to those nasty cigarettes, well that's just whack.

Speaker 2 (15:31):
Please? Why why did they did this?

Speaker 3 (15:37):
I did this?

Speaker 2 (15:38):
At the same time, I'm wondering if its supposed to
be ironic and making her look that ridiculous?

Speaker 1 (15:42):
Yeah, why do you always have to be so pessimistic?

Speaker 4 (15:51):
You can't make that shot, Steve, Come on, it's not
just the shot, it's everything.

Speaker 1 (15:57):
We can't move in together.

Speaker 5 (15:58):
This isn't gonna work if this is ever.

Speaker 2 (16:00):
He holds on to too many things. She got past
those things. You can't be holding on like I get
like where he's upset that she's changed plans and this
is important to him. That part, yes, But then you
drag up past stuff where you've already gone past it.

Speaker 3 (16:14):
No, no, no, no, no.

Speaker 2 (16:17):
I just say yeah, also having a serious conversation and
being like, no, but really this is important to me,
instead of yelling.

Speaker 1 (16:25):
Throwing a basketball in the apartment because she's.

Speaker 3 (16:27):
Not completely wrong.

Speaker 4 (16:33):
Well, I've been thinking about pudin anyway, so why not now, Tata,
no cigarettes?

Speaker 1 (16:43):
Can you do that?

Speaker 4 (16:44):
See? I think maybe you think I'm more of a
smoker than I actually am. I only have like a
cigarette with cocktails.

Speaker 2 (16:52):
Someone to tell me that, and that actually was true,
but it was like more of like when he had
a cocktail. He was like, no, but I really want
to smoke right now.

Speaker 1 (16:59):
I do you believe that it's just that because she
has a history of lying to him already, I'm like, well,
that's what I've seen. It doesn't seem to be true.

Speaker 2 (17:13):
I am trying get your little white see away from
my brother, get your big black out of my face.

Speaker 1 (17:21):
In your goodness, it wasn't all that all that?

Speaker 3 (17:34):
Keep it real? That is not a sense, he would say, like.

Speaker 1 (17:38):
Very real?

Speaker 3 (17:42):
Who did who wrote this?

Speaker 1 (17:44):
Who wrote this?

Speaker 5 (17:48):
I am tying.

Speaker 4 (17:51):
It was too bad we had to end, but that's
the way it goes. I guess we had some good
times together, and I'm pretty sure we could have had more.

Speaker 1 (18:01):
But it's over.

Speaker 3 (18:07):
That shouldn't though, No killing the environment? What about the fishies?

Speaker 1 (18:11):
What about the fishies?

Speaker 3 (18:13):
And that's how she quit smoking?

Speaker 5 (18:33):
All right?

Speaker 2 (18:34):
Yeah, although I really do love her meeting Aiden that
whole scene, would like her Sam dating a black man.

Speaker 3 (18:47):
Oh yeah, Like i I'm like yeah, they're a little
bit racist. Yeah, that's that's.

Speaker 2 (18:54):
Unfortunate why they didn't do all of that, especially because
you've gotten like the characteristics character characteristic that black women
are just angry hate all white women and all these things,
that there's so many levels to this, and they made
it so generic without really talking about any of the
depth of implications and such, and like, yeah, they really

really did a hell of a job in villainizing a
black woman. So yeah, anyway, but aiden showed up and
you were correct about the no smoking.

Speaker 3 (19:27):
Look at you, look at you.

Speaker 2 (19:29):
They ended up at a club, she at least one
person ended at by the club.

Speaker 3 (19:33):
I'll give you. I'll give you an a good job,
good job. Yes, yes, I was good.

Speaker 2 (19:38):
I was actually very surprised that you hit that one
with the smoking bit, because I was like, oh, no,
she's gonna know of course.

Speaker 4 (19:46):

Speaker 2 (19:46):
The rest is that's just pretty much all about deal breakers. Yeah,
do you have a deal breaker?

Speaker 1 (19:52):
Uh? It used to be smoking. I think this is
an interesting conversation that has changed of the years, because
now I would say, like anyone really conservative or really religious,
and I don't know if I would have said that
when I was in college for instance, but oh yeah,
I think that's changed. I joke if they didn't like

Star Wars, but mostly I joke about like you you
have to be able to like listen to you talk
about it, but you don't have to watch it. Yeah,
but I used to joke like that would be a
big one something like that, But it's much more. Yeah,
like political beliefs, I would say for me.

Speaker 2 (20:31):
Right, oh yeah, I think like for the longest time,
it was like, if you're conservative, absolutely not. And then
in my like as I was dating later, I was like, oh,
if you're moderate in the times of Trump, absolutely not.
Like it was like it wouldn't that level if you
can't handle feminism in any way, if you are pseudo feminist,
like you have like butts in your Yeah, but type

of thing aren't women.

Speaker 3 (20:54):
We don't need it now.

Speaker 2 (20:55):
Any of those conversations like, yep, they'll break our religion,
any religion. Uh, Christianity specifically is like and not because
necessarily because Christianity is bad, but because in the South,
when we see people who are like I'm Baptist, I'm
this and this, I'm.

Speaker 1 (21:08):
Like, yeah, it's the same for me where I'm not
like as long as you're not hurting people and you're
happy with your religion. I don't. I'm not going to
come in there. But because of my own past and
my own thoughts, it's just something that I'm kind of like,

I don't think we'll ever be able to connect on that.
And I think that because a part of religion depends
on I saw somebody talking about this the other day
and I was like, yeah, I guess that is. It's
like a fundamental like I need to convert you, or
like I need to right, I just don't think it

would work.

Speaker 3 (21:52):
So right, absolutely that I get. But there you go.

Speaker 2 (21:58):
Aiden has entered the picture. We are full stop there.
I can't remember what the next episode is. I'm excited
to see it. Like I said, this season a lot
of ups and downs, a lot of up and downs,
lots of drama obviously, and of course apparently lots of
Neon colors.

Speaker 1 (22:18):
Yeah. Yeah, this is because we're only on episode five.
I'm assuming we're getting to the midway point. But already
so much has happened. So Aiden is here and I
don't know what is gonna happen. I will say I
had a disagreement with a friend about this once. It

wasn't like a big disagreement, but we were arguing about
the the pros and cons of doing something like what
Carrie did, which is giving up something that you know
it's kind of it's unhealthy, but doing it for a
guy in this very had a normative say like instance,

and she was like, well, you're still changing yourself to
fit him, and I was like, yeah, but if it's
an unhealthy habit, And then we kind of came to
a middle ground where it was like, you have to
want to quit it for you, right, and like maybe
the person can inspire you, like you were thinking about it,
you're going to take that step that I do think

it's a little I know this is a sitcom, so
it's different, but I would think giving up something like
that for someone you just met is a little much.
But if you wanted to give it up, right and
you're like, okay, here is a reason, then okay, that's great,

But you know you would.

Speaker 2 (23:42):
Think about it too, Like if you're interested in someone
and they have a hobby that people oftentimes picked that
up in order to have that as well as in common.
So I'm like, you know, it kind of is similar
to like of course, it's like you're isolating yourself from people,
you're giving up something you love.

Speaker 3 (23:58):
Then that's all to conversation.

Speaker 2 (24:00):
Yeah, but like similar to like, oh I was running
and like I was doing ten k's as such, and
the person I was dating was like, okay, I'll go
running with you, and started getting more and more involved
in doing ten k's and do that, and I was like, oh, okay,
that's cool. I'm glad you find out interest as well
as they like are in like they were in a
band or whatever. So I would go to their shows.
Did I like going to shows? No? Did I go

into that show? Probably not, but I would go every
week whenever. Just support them like stuff like that, like
you do things that are interested to them. I feel
like it's similar to that in respect of course, like
controlling aspects. No, trying to change yourself to be like them. No,
like trying to hide who you really are. Absolutely not,
but like doing things like again it could be a beneficial,

like smoking is not great, why not?

Speaker 3 (24:44):
Why not just go ahead?

Speaker 2 (24:46):
But at the same time, like you're if you're trying
to be like, oh, I have to look good all
the time. I need to give up food, you know,
stuff like that. Yeah, it is absurd, Like and if
there was an expectation for you to do that, and
I will say that too. Aiden did not tell she
had to. He just said I can't date you. He
put his own boundary and then steps away from that,
and that was in the story.

Speaker 3 (25:06):
It was her choice. I think that's fair.

Speaker 1 (25:09):
Yeah, yeah, I.

Speaker 3 (25:11):
Agree, especially if you lie and say you don't smoke
or you don't smoke that off right, Yes, yeah, don't
do that.

Speaker 1 (25:18):
No, don't do that. Yeah, I mean, And that was
eventually what my friend and I arrived at, because I
guess her point was like, well, then you're not if
you come in and you're expecting someone to change, right,
you can change people, then are they even that into
you anyway? But if it's something like smoking, and again

you're kind of like, okay, I should I've been looking
to give this up. And yeah, it is also interesting
going back to your point with like Steve and Miranda,
where I'm still not entirely sure he just wanted her
to watch him play basketball, but she did. But having

those conversations and compromises of you know, and I don't
really want to go to your show, but I guess
it's important to you, so I will go. I'm finding
those those boundaries and communicating.

Speaker 2 (26:15):
Well, it's also that conversation of don't yuck someone's yum. Yeah,
he was really really excited, and I was so excited
to tell her about it. And it's like, this is
a once in a lifetime opportunity. Let's get excited. So
you know, you should I be able to be excited
with them, even if you're like, this is not realistic,
Good luck with that. Yeah, and you can't be dismissed

if someone's excitement. It's not nice unless it's not healthy, right,
But anyway, Oh yeah, so we have aiden come in
into the picture. You know, it's only going to get
better with this and all of the things that we've
been talking about. Not that each episode isn't already so
full of fun stuf or lots of conversational stuff. So

we will be back with episode six again. If you
are interested in joining us for a virtual watching of
Sex and the City, please please please contact us. We
would love to have you with us and join the conversation.

Speaker 1 (27:17):
Yes, and as we mentioned, if you entered for the
previous season and didn't get it and would like to
re enter. Please do. We're collecting names right now, and
all you really need is an internet connection. Headphones are great,
some kind of something like that, but yeah, an internet connection,

some way to watch the show that doesn't include a
Max subscription or Netflix or however you watch it either
like we can. We can figure that out on our end.
Christina is amazing and you don't need to have seen
the show or you could have seen it a million
times anything on.

Speaker 3 (27:57):
The space, any of the above.

Speaker 1 (27:58):
Yes, so please, yeah, contact us if you're interested. We're
looking to do that soon and you can do that
in a variety of ways. You can email us at
Stephanie and mom Stuff at iHeartMedia dot com. You can
find us on Twitter at mom Stuff podcast, or on
Instagram and TikTok at stuff Never Told You. We are
on YouTube, We have a two public store, and we
have a book you can get wherever you get your books.

Thanks as always too, our super producer Christine, our executive
producer Maya, and our contributor Joey. Thank you and thanks
to you for listening. Steffan Never Told You is production
of iHeartRadio. For more podcast from my heart Radio, you
can check out the heart Radio app Apple podcast or
where you listen to your favorite shows.

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