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July 3, 2024 50 mins

The guys were pleased to be joined by SB Nation's editorial manager Harrison Faigen for today's episode. The trio discussed JJ Redick's hiring, the future of the Lakers and other free agency rumors and news.

The guys will be back from vacation to discuss all the free agency and player movement news from around the league next week!


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Well, well, well, the Lakers have their next head coach.

Speaker 2 (00:05):

Speaker 1 (00:05):
There's a lot of player movement rumors happening around the
air and the air waves as it were. And we
are going to give out I guess the third Annual
Boosties Awards today, Yeah, yeah, in our two favorite categories
two and our two favorite categories and the.

Speaker 3 (00:22):
Three favorite categories. Some may say count.

Speaker 2 (00:26):
So who's next?

Speaker 1 (00:26):
And we've also predicted a tremendous accuracy actually that we have,
and we're gonna do that with one of our favorites,
Harrison Fagan on today's episode.

Speaker 4 (00:35):
I'm Miles Gray and I'm Jack O'Brien and this is
yeah Dotory got it.

Speaker 2 (00:48):
And looka do ch ten K and be driving Spinny
from Bloch got it with five? Is gonna try another three? Mister?

Speaker 5 (01:01):
Look god, James, to be honest, the Terrio now time
what you go?

Speaker 1 (01:07):

Speaker 2 (01:08):

Speaker 3 (01:09):
What's going on there? What's going on? I kind of
faded there at the end.

Speaker 2 (01:13):
Of you know, all right, didn't sound like an intro.

Speaker 5 (01:15):
Hey, man, what's going on? Man? There? Not much guys,
just really it just really like relaxed time of year,
you know, to cover the NBA.

Speaker 2 (01:22):
It's you know, I don't.

Speaker 5 (01:23):
As far as I know, there aren't any big events
happening this week. Chill for now week for that matter. Yeah, yeah,
it's just yeah, I'm just to take like PTO finals
are over, you know easy.

Speaker 1 (01:34):
Do you feel like when the season ends you kind
of like you sort of it's sort of disorienting because
you've just been like living at this pace for so
many months consecutively, and then like it just stops and
then you kind of like, oh.

Speaker 5 (01:47):
Right right into the Olympics. I feel that way. Yeah,
in in June and July, not so much in seriousness
with the draft and free agency and you know whatever,
I'm I've been up since five thirty this morning, you know,
just grinding away. Yow. Would you wake up to? What
kind of news? What are you what are you hearing?

What's on the air. I was like, nothing that exciting.
I was editing mock draft that I had to go
up this morning.

Speaker 3 (02:15):
It was Yeah, the draft will have already happened, I
believe by the time this publishes. But the overall scuttle
butt about the draft is like it's a normal draft.
If you started a normal draft at pick eight, right,
it's like the top seven just aren't there this year
for some reason.

Speaker 5 (02:33):
It would be sort of weird if we recorded this
podcast before the draft and then like something did change
about how we felt about the draft that happened.

Speaker 2 (02:40):
They're like, like, oh my god, Yeah, they drafted Cooper Flag.
I didn't. You're allowed to do that. I didn't.

Speaker 5 (02:47):
Yeah, the drafted Bryce James. There's no way that's legal.

Speaker 3 (02:51):
Yeah, try give it a shot, red airback style. Didn't
he draft Bird like two years early or when you're.

Speaker 5 (03:00):
I believe it was one year early and it was
basically like the Celtics were gonna lose his rights back
to the draft if he didn't come out when he did.
That's amazing cool.

Speaker 2 (03:09):

Speaker 1 (03:10):

Speaker 3 (03:10):
The big move that I'm excited about for the people
of Oklahoma City in particular, they got Caruso. This was
like this was the big the big Caruso sweepstakes kind
of came to a quiet and I feel like that
was the player during the season that everybody was like, man,
it would be really cool to be able to get

Alex Criso.

Speaker 2 (03:32):
I'd love that. I love that.

Speaker 1 (03:33):
Yeah, he's head, it's Oklahoma and I many they're just
building such a solid team it's really freaking me out.

Speaker 5 (03:42):
Yeah, they're at the point where they're going to be
able to start going like ten deep soon with how
many sort of just capable players that they have and
how many different lineups they can close with. Caruso's obviously,
and I mean Caruso's sort of plug and play and
that he'd be a good fit on almost any NBA
team because he's just a guy that sort of plays
well off stars and defends and you know, can hit
threes a little bit, but you know, not a laser

or anything. But he is a guy that will sort
of capably take them and make them enough. As you know,
he showed for the Lakers during the twenty twenty title
you know season that you would have thought would make
them value him and want to keep him around for
a long time. Sort of stereotypical like perfect archetype Lebron
James role player. But you know, I sure he'll fit
great with Shay, And you know, I'm happy for him

that after getting his sort of you know, his money
from the Bulls, that he gets to go to you know,
sort of a more winning situation now and compete, and
you know that's actually it's kind of crat I mean,
I think most people know this by now, but it's
that's where he started his career in the G League
and so sort of has to be like a full
circle moment for him to be back there. And you know, yeah,
it's just one of these things where every I feel
like every contender at the trade deadline last year, or

at least every contender fan base was sort of like Crusoe,
that's the guy that we need, that's our X factor,
that's the addition that are my team one of you know,
eight teams or whatever. Vuying for a title like should
make for the stretch run. And there were all these
sort of rumors and reports that Chicago's turning down like
one two picks for him, and then so for him
to go for like just Josh Getty with no picks attached,

it was sort of no picks, just get him, no picks,
no picks involved, and the city has like forty like
they're not going to be like for all these players, what.

Speaker 2 (05:15):
Is this man? The guy got how many picks do
you think they have?

Speaker 5 (05:19):
It's it's like I'm not even joking, like close to forty,
like and like the Bulls couldn't gotten like a second
just to like say like, hey, you know, we got
to pick out of it, you know.

Speaker 1 (05:32):
Yeah, They're like, ah ah, I'm sitting on these, I'm
sitting on these yeah.

Speaker 3 (05:37):
Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 5 (05:37):
The bulls are like, oh man, we're about to get
away with this heights, we're getting the best player in
the trade. So we we got to get away from
the table before they ask us for a pick, right,
Does it okay?

Speaker 2 (05:46):

Speaker 3 (05:46):
Do you think they need to downsize to like, do
they need to trade because ten deep is not does
not a playoff roster mate? Like, do they need to
get a another player for like a couple of their
role players. Do you think that's the next move or
do you think they're good now?

Speaker 5 (06:05):
It does seem like this is sort of almost setting
up a consolidation trade in the in the sense that, like,
I mean, I think a couple of people have mentioned this,
but you know, it sort of makes lou Dort a
little bit more expendable for their roster and that you
have that guy to sort of go out and take
the best perimeter option now, and so you could sort
of use his contract alongside you know, maybe one of
your other young players or one of your picks or

you know, these other contracts that you have on your
books to sort of maybe you know, like you're saying,
make a consolidation trade. Go two for one, three for one,
you know, go get someone like again, like this is
just speculation, but you would be a good fit for them,
someone like Lori Markinin, you know, who would theoretically maybe
be available from the Jazz or like, you know, I
mean every summer there's guys that become available that we
didn't expect. And I think that that's gonna like I'm

predicting that at some point, you know, whether it's in
the draft or if it's in the lead up to
free agency, there's gonna be some star that moves that
nobody even knew was available. Because it just feels like
this happens every year now, where someone is just sort
of quietly unhappy and they work with the team and
they just sort of you know, end up moving on
and the team gets what they can for them. And
so I would be sort of surprised if something like
that didn't happen this year. And maybe Okay, see with

saving up all those picks, and that's sort of the
situation that they take advantage of m.

Speaker 3 (07:13):
Quietly unhappy is also my mode when I get into
the summer. Oh watch out, folks, quietly unhappy, unhappy Nicks
six Ers. Others rumored to be interested in Paul George
in the event that Paul George just says to opt
out or demand a trade, that would be exciting for
my Philadelphia seventy six ers. Although he's not really defending

these days, huh No, he's kind of past that stage.

Speaker 5 (07:42):
I mean, he's not what he used to be. I'm
sure he's still a fine defender, but it's not okay,
you know, yeah, he's not like you know, Lebron James
is sort of dapping him up and giving him respect
for how hard he's competing, you know, when he's with
the heat type of thing.

Speaker 3 (07:54):
Anyway, Right, Hey, buddy, really good job out there.

Speaker 2 (08:00):
Really hard.

Speaker 5 (08:00):
I got thirty, but you know, I respect it. You're
making it work for it.

Speaker 3 (08:03):
I'm really impressed with this young man. Oj An Andobi.
This one raised an eyebrow for me. The explanation that
I've heard is that he's he's just trying to like
get his money. People are like his Is that a
real story that people are like his? Dad is actually
a like finance PhD, and so he's just gonna do

what he can to get his money and that's all
that's going on here. That feels like a fake story though,
So I have.

Speaker 5 (08:32):
No idea if that's true. I just saw a tweet
and so I was not going to say it on
the show, but I just did bringing the real journalism
to just people recording that someone said.

Speaker 2 (08:44):
Outside a liquor store. Now, yeah, pretty sure that's true.

Speaker 3 (08:47):
It really feels like outside a liquor store Caliber scoop.

Speaker 5 (08:52):
You know, you know his dad, you know what his
dad a living.

Speaker 3 (08:58):
It feels like something a smoke screen the Knicks might
put out there. If the if O g Anobi was
quietly unhappy and you know, his eye was wandering to
just down the ninety five to the city of Philadelphia.

Speaker 5 (09:18):
See wow, So the OG one is weird because it
seemed like that was sort of going to be a
done deal when he got traded, Because it just seems
like most of the time when guys like this get traded,
you know, especially guys that are repped by CAA and
they're sort of ties to the Knicks and you know,
how friendly the how well those two sort of organizations
have worked together, and the fact that his agent is

the is the son of the GM, and so it's like,
you know, you know, hey, I would never want to
suggest that anyone breaks any tampering rules or anything like that,
but you know, there was a lot of people sort
of just assuming that that was going to be a
done deal and he was going to be back. But
I think that what we're learning between this and you
brought up the Paul George thing as well, is that
sort of in this new cap environment with the second

apron and teams sort of so worried about going over
that line and not being able to aggregate in trades
and losing it, potentially getting frozen draft picks, the additional
tax penalties. I think that we're learning that maybe a
lot more guys are going to be quietly unhappy or
maybe loudly unhappy with sort of contracts that they're being offered.
Where it used to just be like, hey, I'm a
star or near star level guy, give me the max

because you can't replace me if I leave, And now
the teams are like, okay, yeah you are, but also,
you know, we want to be able to make trades
and have draft picks, and we don't want to have
to pay like this sort of insane tax penalty. And
so we are seeing like I think a little bit
of sort of the hardening of the cap around the
NBA at that second apron where there's not very many
teams besides like Phoenix and even Golden State's going to

try and duck under it, they said this summer, and
so you know, it just seems like there's going to
be sort of maybe less money available at the top,
even though obviously that's all going to get spread around
because of the BRI I to like the sort of
the bottom end of the players association. So maybe that
was their goal, but it certainly is not working out
super well for stars just wanting you know, like a
blank check thrown at them.

Speaker 3 (11:03):
Yeah, I know what most of the things you just
said mean, so uh the br BR I of course.

Speaker 2 (11:10):
Well yeah, I was. I was wearing my apron when
I was watching the movie blank Check last night.

Speaker 5 (11:14):
Well it's kind of so you like again like in
sticking with the trend of the show, like you understand
sort of NBA strategery, like the way.

Speaker 3 (11:24):
The works if if my dad is the team owner
and this is my client. Don't you think that your
client is going to be especially like you better get
me the money man, what.

Speaker 5 (11:38):
Happened at household a couple a couple of weeks ago.

Speaker 3 (11:43):
But but honestly, like that is an extra reason that
you couldn't get away with just being like, yeah, man,
we'll just do like a buddy deal and I'll hook
you up and then like somewhere down the line, you
give me extra consideration. Like it's not like agents are
so valuable that you can just get away with doing that.

Speaker 5 (12:00):
He'll just like.

Speaker 3 (12:01):
Fire you immediately if you if you're pushing that so.

Speaker 5 (12:04):
Well, he had already switched representation to to get to this,
to get to c AA, which is again why it
was thought that it was like, okay, that makes sense
in retrospect. He sort of wanted to get to the
Knicks and that was why he switched representation and sort of,
you know, it sort of greased the wheels there. But yeah,
it just seems like, you know, again like these more
and more guys you're Paul George is your anenobe. They're

going to use the threat of other teams with cap
space to either get what they want or they're going
to go into and like take the offer from the
highest bidder and you know, spread talent out throughout the league,
which I think is what the league wanted with this
new CBA.

Speaker 1 (12:36):
Yeah, I hope for my Knicks fans that I'm friends
with that.

Speaker 2 (12:41):
He stays with the Knicks, because yeah, yeah, they.

Speaker 5 (12:44):
Were like un better the lineup during the regular season.

Speaker 1 (12:47):
It was it was crazy, you like competitive, you like
your Knicks fans, Jack, I mean, you're so you're such
a realist when it comes to anything with your seventy
six ers, and I.

Speaker 3 (12:58):
Like, we've already losing records for the next five seasons,
so there's no there's no hurting me. I've just grown
a callous around my heart.

Speaker 5 (13:07):
I personally hope o g gets so mad that he
takes the mid level exception from the Lakers, just to
show the Knicks like, hey, you don't me. I love that,
almost doctor of finances, O g Anobi, thanks.

Speaker 2 (13:21):
Answer, yep. And we also were also going to get
Anthony Edwards and Jo through.

Speaker 5 (13:28):
That's through a little bit of photoshop in your dreams. Yeah, anything,
you know.

Speaker 2 (13:32):
I have a good photoshop I could look.

Speaker 1 (13:35):
I could put myself on the starting five look, I
have two k dreams can happen anything else?

Speaker 3 (13:39):
Right, Yeah, let's take a quick break and come back
and talk about some coaching hires and give out some awards.

Speaker 5 (13:47):
We'll be right back. And we're back.

Speaker 3 (13:58):
We're back, and we're back, and we are certainly back.
One thing that can be said of us is we're back.
The Calves hired Kenny Atkinson as head coach. Love this
hire for the Calves. He feels like a Cleveland He
feels right like, he feels like he should work in

the city of Cleveland. Kenny Atkinson, he's given you an
I don't mean it to be I love. I've always Saidlandland, Cleveland, Uh,
some of my I do. I've never met a bad
person from Cleveland or Pittsburgh. I love everybody I meet
from those two cities. My wife is from Pittsburgh. And

then some of my best friends, uh from Cleveland. Love
that city. And Kenny Atkinson just seems like a real
salt of the earth type. Gonna you're gonna see see
a team that's willing to work hard, get some dubs
out there.

Speaker 5 (14:59):
What do you got.

Speaker 2 (15:00):
I love his hair, Yeah, it's sick, it's.

Speaker 1 (15:05):
Slicked back, anyone who has slicked back hair, I'm I'm
willing to give.

Speaker 2 (15:08):
I'm willing to take a punt on them as a coach.

Speaker 3 (15:10):
His hair hasn't been dry since he was in his
early twenties.

Speaker 5 (15:14):
Is that you think That's like do you think that
pat Riley sort of like effect is like we just
we saw pat Riley do that, and it's like, well,
this guy must be a good coach.

Speaker 2 (15:24):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (15:24):
There's something about cause it's like, in a way, it's
the simplest hairstyle, just slicking it back. You don't need
any technical still, like, dude, I just get it moist,
I put.

Speaker 5 (15:32):
The product and I just slick it right on back.
He's like, I don't have time to do my hair.
I'm watching film.

Speaker 2 (15:39):

Speaker 5 (15:40):
The real coaches are the ones that do this, you know,
go like shave their head. Go yeah exactly. It's just
like no, no, no, no, we don't have we don't
have time. You know what I mean time for hair? Okay,
I don't have time.

Speaker 2 (15:50):
That's called focus. Yeah, that's five.

Speaker 5 (15:52):
Extra minutes of game tape that I could spend that
I don't my hair.

Speaker 3 (15:56):
I feel like pat Riley is the only one who
pulls it off and doesn't look like a bad guy
from an eighties movie, though like he looked.

Speaker 5 (16:02):
I guess, I guess he looks like like kind of
does look like a bad guy from an eighties.

Speaker 2 (16:06):
Yeah, he does.

Speaker 3 (16:07):
He's like, maybe I've just known known pat Riley as
an entity for too long. Yeah, he he does have
Gordon Gecko, but like something about gor Geo was based
on him, was based on pat Riley.

Speaker 5 (16:20):
No, I'm not hitting I think Michael Loveless if I
remember correctly, like he said, he said he based his
like sort of mannerisms or you know, like at least
style on pat.

Speaker 2 (16:30):
Michael confirms pat Riley for Wall Street.

Speaker 5 (16:37):
I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (16:40):
The bad guys are derivative of pat Riley, whereas Kenny
Atkinson and Quinn Snyder both feel like they're bad guys
in an.

Speaker 5 (16:48):
Eighties bad definitely looks like he has said, riddle me
this batman before, you know.

Speaker 3 (16:55):
I mean, we explained in way too much detail what
his evil plot was before failing to kill the bad guy.

Speaker 1 (17:05):
Yeah, uh, well, Harrison, what do you think this is
a This is a good move.

Speaker 2 (17:09):
I know some people were like, who else was in
the mix? For that, Uh, James Brego froo yeah yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah yeah.

Speaker 5 (17:16):
And then I believe Michah Norri from the Wolves, but
it seems like he was sort of further back in
the race, Like it seemed like it came down to
act it. It sounded like it was going to be
Barrego for quite a while until you know, there were
reports that the Cavs owners sort of got a little
bit more involved and liked Atkinson a lot and sort
of pushed the team in that direction. And you know,
I do think that he's someone that it makes sense
that he's getting another shot, like sort of with what

he was able to build in Brooklyn, you know, and
sort of how much that those players were able to
improve over the years, and you know, uh, and then
sort of was forced out by you know, some of
some of the player changes there, and you know, gets
the reunite with Jared Allen. I guess Krris Lavert too.
If he sticks around, then you know, they're they're building
the old nets back, you know. Yeah, well, yeah, where's

Jared Dudley, Where's I'm sure for.

Speaker 1 (18:01):
Being under the protective wing of Steve Kerr also helps
people put people at ease.

Speaker 2 (18:05):
I'm sure to search.

Speaker 5 (18:06):
It doesn't seem like there is like a Steve Kerr
coach rehab type of thing where it's like, hey, do
you grind players a little too hard? Like Steve Kerr's
relaxation coaching retreat in the band, And you know, all
of a sudden, it's like Mike Brown unstoppable coach that
all the players Brown, you know, yeah, yeah, like and
then you know, maybe maybe we're going to see the
same thing with Kenny Atkinson. We're like, this is this

is cool Kenny. Now you know, he's mellowed out.

Speaker 3 (18:30):
His hair is like real, like dry and relaxed. Now
he has like a little perm and he's just can.

Speaker 2 (18:35):
You imagine no product? He's like, oh my gosh, he
came out with the natural hair. Okay, okay, mister act.

Speaker 3 (18:41):
His hair is like feathered like he's in a nineteen
seventies cigarette commercial.

Speaker 2 (18:44):
Or oh yeah, I love to see that. I love
to see that. What else we got.

Speaker 3 (18:51):
JJ you guys, Jeff James Reddick.

Speaker 2 (18:56):
As of this.

Speaker 1 (18:56):
Recording, this is this may have been coming out a
little bit after because he just had his first press conference.

Speaker 5 (19:02):
That we saw.

Speaker 2 (19:03):
How do you feel, I'm I'm in the same place.
When the rumors came out, I'm like, I don't not.
This doesn't make me feel better. I don't does not
make me feel better.

Speaker 3 (19:13):
Sticking with hair, how much of it is just that
there's not been a good basketball coach with boy band hair.

Speaker 1 (19:20):
If we're going off hair, Yeah, I'm not a fan
of boy band hair for a head coach. To be honest,
I like, I like someone who's Yeah, I like someone
who looks focused aka male pattern baldness, because it's a
new youth like.

Speaker 5 (19:32):
You feel JJ, you look too good, You're you're not
you're this is too relaxed, you know, Yeah, yeah, yeah
it's And.

Speaker 1 (19:39):
Also I mean obviously like and we talked about this too,
like when we're trying to figure out, like who's going
to be the best option for the Lakers, and I
just that jump from no coaching experience to the most
high pressure job.

Speaker 2 (19:54):
It just on paper looks terror like it fills me
with anxiety.

Speaker 5 (19:59):
Yeah, doesn't make you feel better that he's coached his
son's youth basketball team.

Speaker 2 (20:03):
So it's like, it's not big jump. That graphic they
put Cody.

Speaker 5 (20:07):
Made like ball in child child Anthony Davis and Lebron James,
that was incredible record. What was the record though? That's
the question. It was on t they actually I think
he actually said in the press conference yesterday that they
won multiple championships.

Speaker 3 (20:22):
I mean it's not nothing, guys. What kind of offense
did they run?

Speaker 5 (20:25):
Where they run? I mean it would have been more
stressing if he's like, yeah, I coached my son's youth
league teams, like we came in last place every ye.

Speaker 1 (20:32):
Kind of the thing is like, I don't want to
put pressure on these guys. Just have fun out there,
you know. I don't even bring a board out.

Speaker 2 (20:37):
You know.

Speaker 3 (20:37):
It's actually a big time commitment that thing. And it
was just kind of stressing me out. So I just
let him go out there.

Speaker 5 (20:44):
I did the I'd rather, you know, take a step back,
you know, do a little less pressure. And the coach
the Lakers.

Speaker 3 (20:50):
I heard he's going to just have a starting five
and then a different starting five for the second quarter
and just like move so that everybody gets to play.

Speaker 5 (21:00):
Play at least a quarter. It is a so all right,
pull Lebron. He's scoring too many points, man, Yeah, what
happened to the mercy rule?

Speaker 2 (21:10):
Where you're up thirty. You're Gabe. Just let it fly, kid,
Just do whatever you want. Man, Just have fun out there. Man,
I love you.

Speaker 1 (21:18):
But yeah, I mean, I know he says he's excited
to work with, you know, Austin Reeves.

Speaker 2 (21:23):
That could be nice.

Speaker 1 (21:24):
I would love to see Austin kind of rediscover himself together.

Speaker 5 (21:28):
So you know, again, he's like he's racking up guys
that he's podcasted with.

Speaker 3 (21:32):
It's just in JJ Reddick on the hot seat. So
uh yeah, well we'll see.

Speaker 2 (21:37):
Yeah, no sources just he coaches the Lakers, so it's
a very hot.

Speaker 3 (21:41):
Twelve minutes after I did make that joke, twelve minutes
after he was hired two miles.

Speaker 2 (21:46):
Yeah, no, I mean it's true. There's no that's gonna be.

Speaker 1 (21:50):
I don't know, man, I just don't wish it's funny.
I don't wish this job on it.

Speaker 5 (21:54):
I don't think anyone's lasted longer than three seasons since
Phil right.

Speaker 1 (21:57):
No, yeah, no, it's been a We've had four in
eight years, is that right, JABORI I think you just
put them in the chat.

Speaker 2 (22:03):
That's that's some high turnover.

Speaker 1 (22:05):

Speaker 2 (22:05):
If I'm looking at a company and the rest the.

Speaker 5 (22:07):
Staff went undefeated and couldn't even hold onto the job.
You know, it's still problem Mike D'Antoni over him.

Speaker 2 (22:13):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's I don't know.

Speaker 1 (22:15):
I mean like there's also just so much personnel stuff
that has to be addressed too, So like this is
like we're we're experiencing like an omni crisis.

Speaker 2 (22:22):
I feel like his Lakers fans.

Speaker 5 (22:24):
Yeah, like the coach thing. To me, it feels like
and it feels like this just talking to other Lakers
fans too, that it matters less just because I think
there's like less hope around the team, and so it
would be one thing if you know, like you know,
hypothetically they're coming off the twenty twenty title, or they're
coming off the twenty twenty one season. They had fired
Frank Vogel dand in like some alternate universe, and they're
hiring a new coach, and it's like, okay, well they

really need someone to optimize Lebron and Ad like with
you know, all this three point shooting and whatever. And
then now they're coming off like a first round loss
where you know, Lebron and Ad I think showed some
of their age at times last season, although again you know,
obviously both of them are still incredible, and Ad was
basically as reliable as he's ever been from health standpoint.
I think there's still just some sense of like if

that team was a first round out and those guys
were that healthy all year, Like, yeah, how much can
a coach fix this?

Speaker 2 (23:12):
You know? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (23:13):
But then when you look at some of like you know,
the little tapes, the highlights that fans have watched of
like just the players' reactions to Darvin Ham, You're like
that might have something to.

Speaker 2 (23:22):
Do with it.

Speaker 5 (23:23):
Because blocker room. I mean, yeah, yeah, it was pretty
clear from early on last season. I went to an
early season game against the Raptors and like, I don't
think him and Lebron talked once. Yeah, I was, you know, watching,
and so yeah, I just I think they needed a
new voice. But I'm just not sure that a new
voice will fix everything exactly.

Speaker 1 (23:41):
That's why again, like I'm like, yeah, fine, whatever, Like
the coach doesn't, like, what, who are we going to
sign Harrison?

Speaker 2 (23:46):
Please tell me? I've read rumors, right.

Speaker 1 (23:50):
I think he was in the New York Times of
the Athletic where they're saying, like, you know, if what
we hear like the cornerstone players would be pushing for
an elite player to be signed yesterday, and.

Speaker 2 (24:00):
We've not really heard. I don't know.

Speaker 1 (24:01):
I feel like it's been a little bit quiet. Maybe
strategically maybe because obviously you know, you're not going to
show your hand when you know there's like moves to
be done. But is is there anything I can put in,
you know, just in my copium bucket and it help
me here copium pipe.

Speaker 5 (24:18):
Whether this helps you will depend on what you actually
want the team to do. But I do think that
they're going to end up chasing a third star this
summer of some kind, you know, with they have the
three draft picks. It's like, I mean, how much does
that help you when it seems like nobody really totally
wants the twenty twenty four draft pick, but you have
at least two future ones in other drafts that maybe
teams sort of value higher and will want And so,

you know, does that get you back into the sort
of you know, de Chantey Murray, Trey Young conversations with
Atlanta once they sort of decide what they want to do.
I think the reason the rumors have been quiet is
because I think there's other dominoes that have to fall
before you know, the Lakers are sort of able to
swoop in and get involved in like the secondary market,
Like where does Paul George go? Where's og In andob go?
Like does Paul George sort of force some you know,

sign and trade or opt in and trade to the Warriors?
Like there have been rumors and speculation about, you know,
and if he does that sort of who does that,
you know make available elsewhere? Does Atlanta end up making
a trade with San Antonio to trade back like it
has been talked about and get their own pick back
and set themselves up to tank it next year so
they have controlled their future? Does that make them more
likely to move trade or de jonte? Like there's a
lot of you know, do the Nets make some sort

of trade with the Rockets to get their own picks back?
Does that make you know mckail bridge is available? You know,
there's yeah, there's a number of count of think he
would be really really good for the Lakers as like
he's he would be the perfect third star. Like if
you're going to go with the three star build, you
got to get a third star who's like sort of
a super duper role player, and I think he would
be you know, exactly what they need. But again, he's

not going to be available right now because Brooklyn's still
trying to win. They have no impetus, you know, and
no incentive to lose right now or to make themselves
any worse. So, you know, I think a lot of
what the Lakers, what is going to become available to them,
is going to depend on what other teams are able
to get done and able to because it seems like
half the league or you know, seventy five percent of
the league all has their picks out with other teams,

so they have no incentive to be bad and sell,
you know, and trade players and whatever. And so you know,
how that resolves itself, I think is going to go
a long way towards determining what the Lakers can do.
But you know, I mean, right now, there's not a
ton because it's like the st Angelo Russell leave that
even if he does, they only have the taxpayer mid
level exception or non tax payer whatever one's bigger, the
ten million dollar one if d Low leaves, and so

it's not like, you know, you could sign a gay
Vincent level player for that, but it's not going to
be someone that like fixes the team.

Speaker 2 (26:31):
We have a gay Vincent at home? Oh yeah, how's
that doing.

Speaker 5 (26:34):
That's their big addition Miles. Yeah, they're they're notting him
from last year. That's like a free agency.

Speaker 2 (26:40):
Addition sign It's like a new signing, you know what
I mean.

Speaker 5 (26:42):
Yeah, it's like, hey, this guy that was hurt dude,
it's who's signing exactly.

Speaker 2 (26:48):
You know, we love we love those.

Speaker 3 (26:50):
Toronto signing Scottie Barnes. It's got to be toilet to
five year, two hundred.

Speaker 2 (26:59):
Extension alpha.

Speaker 5 (27:02):
So that's a big that's a big extension.

Speaker 2 (27:04):
He's very good player.

Speaker 5 (27:05):
Realized there was that much money in the Canadian GDP.
So that like news, like, you know, congrats the Trudeau
got it done. You know, does he ever get involved?
Do you think? Do you think he like calls? He's like,
you gotta funny imagine like the sitting you know, ruler

of a nation, just like calling their favorite sports team.
Though he's like he is a big Raptors fan. He's like,
so Messiah, like what do you got going on this summer?
Like what what am I looking for?

Speaker 2 (27:36):
You know what?

Speaker 5 (27:36):
Like which the young guy is gonna pop to think.

Speaker 1 (27:38):
I mean it's happened in like Macron I think has
allegedly gotten involved with trades that involved like soccer players.

Speaker 2 (27:45):
So it's sometimes can.

Speaker 5 (27:47):
You try and keep Wimby? He's like, he's like, you're
not going to San Antonio.

Speaker 2 (27:50):
He's like, big play for PSG. Do you like soccer? Yeah? Whatever? Whatever?

Speaker 5 (27:54):
His I forget what his French league team name was,
but you know he's a big fan of that team mets.

Speaker 2 (27:59):
I believe was the name of his frenchly.

Speaker 5 (28:01):
The Metropolitans ninety two.

Speaker 2 (28:02):
That's what.

Speaker 5 (28:02):
Yes, yes, yes, yes, you know we find out Macron
big fan of them. He's like, no, Weby, you're not leaving.

Speaker 3 (28:07):
This guy is going to be a civil war man.
That's my Macron and beautiful incredible, Yeah, thank you? How
you say civil war?

Speaker 5 (28:18):
All right?

Speaker 2 (28:19):
So maybe some time to hand out some of.

Speaker 3 (28:22):
Our esteemed I think, maybe we take a quick break
and then we come back and wrap the.

Speaker 5 (28:29):
Awards. What do you think?

Speaker 3 (28:31):
I say, we do it all right, We're going to
take a quick break and we'll be right back for
the culmination of the NBA season. Many are calling it no,
not the NBA Finals. The math Posky's Awards. We'll be
right back.

Speaker 5 (28:53):
And we're back.

Speaker 3 (28:54):
We're back and it's the third annual Boosti's Awards, AKA
the fastest segment in podcasting.

Speaker 2 (29:00):
We're melding where this is a fusion fusion segment.

Speaker 6 (29:04):

Speaker 1 (29:04):
This is going to be the fastest award consideration and
award distribution.

Speaker 2 (29:09):
Segment in all sports podcasting history.

Speaker 1 (29:12):
Harrison, we are going to show you a couple of
the nominees for what we think are maybe the best
dunks of the years, the best blocks of I said
years of the year, the best block of the year.

Speaker 2 (29:23):
Spoiler alert.

Speaker 1 (29:23):
They're all mvy uh and asking you who the player
that is going to have maximum impact next year? Who
is taking this step up? Last year we accurately chose
time AXI.

Speaker 2 (29:35):
I mean that was this. That was amazing.

Speaker 5 (29:37):
Yeah, that was a great pick. Great nailed it.

Speaker 1 (29:39):
No one saw coming, No one saw coming. But here
we go. I'm but first of all, Harrison, you are
out for this challenge.

Speaker 2 (29:46):

Speaker 5 (29:46):
I mean you know again, you said of the year.
So I mean, if I feel strongly enough I may
retroactively declare one of these.

Speaker 1 (29:52):
Like the block of twenty twenty four years, please do no,
thank you? Yeah, see you listen, that's how you'd win.
You'd win squid game because I'm not adhering to what
we've merely told.

Speaker 2 (30:01):
The first time anyone's ever said that to me.

Speaker 1 (30:03):
Well, you know, that's one of the best compliments. Maybe
that's a new question. There's which NBA player would win
the squid game, NBA player Hunger Games? Who you got,
who you got? Who you got?

Speaker 2 (30:13):
Who's an archer? All right, Ryan, start o'clock.

Speaker 3 (30:16):
I think you would pick Anthony Edwards for NBA player
squid game to win squid game. Maybe not squid Game,
but definitely Hunger Games.

Speaker 2 (30:24):
Hunger games.

Speaker 3 (30:25):
He's got And this is a phrase I made that already.

Speaker 5 (30:28):
There's not that many rules, like yeah sort of you know, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2 (30:32):
Jimmy Butler, for some reason, I think could win squid game.

Speaker 5 (30:35):
I don't know what, So yeah, because I think he'll
kind of he'd get everyone else killed and eliminated on
like technicalities. He'd be like over the line, just flopping.

Speaker 3 (30:45):
The start red light, green light, and everybody realized their
shoelaces are tied together except.

Speaker 1 (30:50):
For okay, so here is number one option. First nominee
for Dunk of the Year, Harrison Fagan. This is Derek
Jones Junior over Zach Levigne.

Speaker 2 (31:01):
Here we go.

Speaker 1 (31:03):
Widely had the link to go grab it, going to
work and get a little hook shot.

Speaker 3 (31:08):
So when the shot goes up, Derek Jones Junior is, hey,
he's been in the air for minutes. Yeah, And then
the ball hits the rim a couple of times and
he just holds in the air for like a split second.
He just stops in the air, which is what impressed
me about this dunk coming all right, that's a commendable

Derrick Jones Junior commendable, as is this one.

Speaker 1 (31:35):
Jalen Green taking Anthony Simon's and saying, here you go,
you live here now on a poster.

Speaker 2 (31:42):
We can wear him in any scenario. It's one thing
I have learned in the last twenty four hours.

Speaker 5 (31:47):
Oh no, here he goes get screened one.

Speaker 2 (31:51):
Oh I'm sorry, Oh boy, oh boy. For people who
that was straight out of NBA Street. That dunk rough.

Speaker 5 (32:00):
If you lose the ball and then you get dunked on,
you know, was good any time, but you know, if
you turn it over and then they dunk on you
in transition, that's rough.

Speaker 2 (32:11):

Speaker 1 (32:12):
This next one, I think many people, including us, were
quite impressed with Anthony Edwards.

Speaker 2 (32:18):
I mean taken with him, aren't you was quite.

Speaker 3 (32:21):
Taken with him to bring Last of the Mohicans by
the way my film heads.

Speaker 1 (32:27):
And while some may say it was a dubious effort
on defense, I believe that this Anthony Edwards slamage is
worth consideration. This is Anthony Edwards on John Collins.

Speaker 2 (32:38):
And only had one shot attempt in that first half.
Another turnovers for Utah Edwards gets.

Speaker 6 (32:43):
It isn't the one where you pull the sole of
his shoe and then dunks so viciously on John Collins.

Speaker 3 (32:57):
Uh that his finger is bending the wrong way at
the end of the dunk. And also John Collins is
just sitting He's sitting on the ground under the basket
with his face chest.

Speaker 5 (33:12):
Yeah, I mean an early candidate for the Edwards you
know Minneapolis statue that I think he's like, you know,
he's on pace to earn one. I think at some
point like, yeah, that's early candidate for the post.

Speaker 3 (33:23):
I think will his finger already be bending the wrong
way when.

Speaker 2 (33:26):
That mod stars ask that jump too?

Speaker 1 (33:29):
Like when you really think about how far he was
from the rim and you're like oh like, it's almost
like he had his arm parallel to the floor when
he actually got it in because he had.

Speaker 5 (33:36):
And I'm gonna say, you know, rough year for John
Collins and Zach Lavine to be in Dunk of the
Year consideration, but as the guy getting dunked on, Yeah, yeah,
they used to be like two years ago.

Speaker 2 (33:47):
You know how the mighty fall. Isn't that what they say? Well,
here's it in our final consideration.

Speaker 3 (33:53):
And when I said earlier that I'm quietly said, quietly unhappy.
What I meant was, I said, on the ground with
my head in my with my face in my hand.

Speaker 1 (34:03):
All right, final nominee is our very own Anthony Davis
over Victor ever heard of.

Speaker 3 (34:12):
Yama faces them up? That was now he jump stops
and then just like pulls it all the way back
full like slow windmill, uh from.

Speaker 5 (34:33):
Gozilla fighting Mecca Godzilla. You know, it's like, hey, you
may be the new thing, but I feel that what
you know, and his arm was the original Wemby.

Speaker 2 (34:41):
It's like tribute physics.

Speaker 1 (34:44):
Like I think, again it's a very European show today,
but again that one is in there mostly just because
Victor Wembin Yama I mean he demands such respect when
you get near the rim that it's more like for
the fact that you can tell, just like when it
they normally in a vacuum and it's someone else, you're like,
that's really not a great dunk. But you can tell

by the Lakers bench and eighties reaction that they're like
exactly because it's Wemby and he's scaring all of us, like.

Speaker 5 (35:12):
Looks a little surprised, like, Okay, I wasn't I mean,
I wasn't ready for that.

Speaker 3 (35:15):
They didn't usually block those huh yeah, okay, all right, soon.

Speaker 2 (35:19):
Should look into that.

Speaker 5 (35:20):
It's like I will block them for the next ten years.

Speaker 3 (35:22):
We'll mention which is when Wemby over Shanngoon where the
Spurs commentators. I mainly liked it because the Spurs commentators
you can tell they're still getting their like Wemby muscles up.
They're like, oh man, someone's gonna need to get a
body bag on that one.

Speaker 5 (35:41):
That is well, and we like it.

Speaker 1 (35:45):
Though we have to we actually have to play because
it is. The commentary also makes this one of the
dunks here.

Speaker 2 (35:50):
They're a little horrified.

Speaker 5 (35:51):
They're like Duncan never would have done this goodness, why
would you do that.

Speaker 2 (35:58):
Little more than a halfway through the third quarter? Over
checkout out the basket of the sound so cassular.

Speaker 5 (36:12):
Damn oh dun.

Speaker 2 (36:14):
Somebody needs a body bag. I like that.

Speaker 5 (36:19):
He sounds earnestly sad. I don't like and we love it.
That was terrible. And you know, we have like an
interaction with Shanngoon Pregamer. He's like you, it seems like
such a nice kid.

Speaker 3 (36:33):
Boy, somebody needs to get a body bag. Anyways, we're
still working up our muscles of having one of the
best players in the league in San Antonio.

Speaker 5 (36:44):
I love it, though, I love it. I hope they
stay that way where they're.

Speaker 3 (36:48):
Like, oh boy, golly, somebody call a stretcher from the ambulance.

Speaker 5 (36:57):
I wanted to get progressively more offended there, like whatever
happened to the good old from twenty one feet?

Speaker 2 (37:04):
Come on? He did it again? Phil?

Speaker 5 (37:07):
You know, I know, I know, I know, Thomas. What's
wrong with this kid?

Speaker 2 (37:15):
Him? Up? Good lord? Two points is two points no
matter what team. You know.

Speaker 5 (37:23):
He's like, hey, guys, two is two okay.

Speaker 1 (37:25):
Yeah, As Vince Carter said in that commercial, my old
coach said, two points were two points my old coach
couldn't dunk.

Speaker 2 (37:33):
And we all remember that fantastic commercial. I've never heard
that line before. Oh yeah, it was from like an
early Nike commercial that he had.

Speaker 1 (37:39):
Anyway, So Harrison, of those who are you handing out,
we're allowing you to distribute this year's Boosy's Dunk of
the Year to one of those lucky lucky players Derek
Jones over Zach Lavine, Jayleen Green, over Anthony Simon's and
over John Collins a d over women.

Speaker 5 (37:53):
I think just for the sheer violence, I gotta go
an you know, it's you know, for him to just
sort of leve it hate out of nowhere that high
with that, like John Collins is already perpendicular, horizontal, you
know whatever at the time, like is like halfway down
on throwing the dunk, and John Collins has already been defeated,
you know.

Speaker 2 (38:13):

Speaker 5 (38:13):
And so I mean the Laker propagandas in me wants
to give it to a d like I think that
that is impressive that even but like it's not it's
not better than the one. I'm sorry, I'm not the idea.

Speaker 2 (38:23):
Yeah, it's it's lovey.

Speaker 1 (38:26):
I'm glad the title correct, So it's yeah, it's even
we could have gotten mad at you guys for beating
the Nuggets, who should have beaten y'all and maybe probably
stood a chance against the Celtics and maybe prevented another
banner from going up over there.

Speaker 2 (38:38):
But that's fine. We've moved on.

Speaker 3 (38:40):
I am mad at them. I'm gonna say it. I'm
mad at them away I wish that's yeah.

Speaker 2 (38:45):
I'm mad guys.

Speaker 3 (38:47):
I rooted for you against Denver and you made me
feel foolish.

Speaker 5 (38:51):
It's still Lakers twenty eighteen all time, you know. They
They have the nineteen forty eight championship that was in
the ABL that the NBA doesn't count, and then the
I so thank you, I think, yeah, but that's two
other banners.

Speaker 2 (39:04):
Yeah exactly.

Speaker 1 (39:05):
I mean people are making those joke tweets where they're like,
does this not count for a banner for her id?

Speaker 2 (39:11):
But no, not really, it.

Speaker 5 (39:13):
Counts unless the Celtics win one. Then it's Mickey mouse
and I don't believe in it, okay, and then there's
no such thing. As as long as the Lakers win
it every single time, it's the most legitimate championship anyone
has ever conceived.

Speaker 2 (39:25):
Of Okay, next category, the best block of the year.

Speaker 1 (39:29):
And like I said, we've just been so enamored with
Victor wembin Yama and how his ability to just completely
affect the you know, players and the key. Now this
is our first candidate because this one is on Ja Morant,
who most people are like this look.

Speaker 5 (39:45):
Resistition of our previous block of the year.

Speaker 3 (39:48):
Yeah, actually exactly at least one of them.

Speaker 1 (39:50):
Yeah, and probably one of our dunks of the year too,
because he's he's kind of a mainstay when we talk
about going vert. But here is Victor webbin Yama. This
is back from January. Uh on John.

Speaker 2 (40:00):
Moran's fingertips and the Spurs turnover get bad. Jared Jackson Junior.
He's like, Okay, I don't worry, guys, I got this.
I got just cross over.

Speaker 5 (40:14):
Oh what get by him?

Speaker 3 (40:17):
The crowd just goes nuts, like wow, he made him
look foolish.

Speaker 5 (40:21):
And then when he recovers by putting his other hand out,
you know.

Speaker 3 (40:26):
Block him from three steps back like so easily.

Speaker 2 (40:31):
And it's it's because it's.

Speaker 5 (40:32):
Like when your little brother and he's like four, he's
trying to get past you. On the nerf YEA and yeah,
and he's like, I'll let you go by, but just
so you know, I'm stalking you. Why are you why?
He's like, you're really gonna shoot it?

Speaker 3 (40:45):
Yeah, And it's also awesome how quickly Jah goes by him.

Speaker 5 (40:49):
It's amazing. But uh still, it's just.

Speaker 1 (40:52):
Like when your limbs are that long, you can just
cover so much ground so quickly from merely.

Speaker 2 (40:59):
Like spring time.

Speaker 3 (41:00):
You know, does he jump from the circle and put
it against the backboard.

Speaker 5 (41:06):
Yeah, Oh lord, that's unbelievable. It's like every time you
notice a new detail and aby highlight, it's like, oh man,
he's gonna win ten titles.

Speaker 1 (41:14):
Isn't he.

Speaker 3 (41:15):
Yeah, I'm ready because otherwise it's just gonna be the Celtics.

Speaker 2 (41:20):
And really trying to float it up high on Yeah,
I'm sorry.

Speaker 5 (41:24):
I'm like, guys, I've I've been practicing. I worked on
this this morning tape. I think I'm gonna get.

Speaker 2 (41:29):
Him and do it on Wenby.

Speaker 5 (41:32):
Almost didn't quite happen. Great blog.

Speaker 1 (41:35):
No. Next one victory blocking the freaks.

Speaker 2 (41:42):
The screen.

Speaker 5 (41:43):
That one's pretty viable.

Speaker 2 (41:48):

Speaker 5 (41:48):
This one is just for Giannis's reaction to looking around
to see where the ball. He's like where He's like, you,
are you allowed to do that?

Speaker 2 (41:59):

Speaker 1 (42:00):
He sort of like really this one, I like because
you it's so like it's his block is so disruptive.
I'm not sure if Yannis thought he was gonna actually
dunk it or not, or what he thought was gonna
happen here we did.

Speaker 5 (42:12):
Yeah, yeah, I think he was gonna Yeah.

Speaker 2 (42:14):
I think he's son of the league.

Speaker 5 (42:16):
He's just like Shack in the two thousands, you know,
and he's just like shoving whoever that is ten feet
back and you know, with like his force. So then
just elevating and dunking it in and then it's like,
wait a second, his arms are still here.

Speaker 2 (42:26):
He's like, this guy's arms are in the way. What
what's going on?

Speaker 3 (42:29):

Speaker 2 (42:30):
Right here, you're in the zone and.

Speaker 3 (42:34):
Yeah, I'm about to yoke on you, and it just
gets steered in the other direction against.

Speaker 5 (42:43):
He was going to dunk on him.

Speaker 2 (42:44):
Pretty violently helpless. Giannis looks too right here.

Speaker 1 (42:46):
Yeah, yeah, it looks like when like at the end
of Street Fighter, when you beat someone in around they're
like ooh, it's kind of like what his body is
sort of shaped like okay, and our last nominee for
a Block of the year.

Speaker 5 (43:00):
Not gonna believe that. Who this one is.

Speaker 1 (43:05):
Back to back Okay, not the Drake record, but going
back to back on Jabari Smith Junior.

Speaker 5 (43:11):
So far you haven't trying to make it happen that
rockets first one.

Speaker 3 (43:18):
Sorry okay, hell yeah, and is like out of the
play You're like, oh, is he gonna fall into the
first row and by the time Jabari Smith Junior recovers,
he's back blocking the next shot.

Speaker 5 (43:37):
Yeah. I mean, you know, honestly, that's a little bit
on Jabbari for like he sort of was like, well,
you know, two points is two points.

Speaker 2 (43:43):
I'm just gonna put this in. It's fine, I got blocked.
It's fine.

Speaker 5 (43:45):
I'll just like I'll softly lay this one back in
and then it just Wenby was still there. Yeah, because
turn around block.

Speaker 3 (43:53):
Yeah he did, Like yes, the first block, Yeah, he corked.
Is his body as super producer Jabbari is pointing out,
has to like do almost a three sixty to like
get back to do it. And then yeah, he's got
a great nose for the ball as like.

Speaker 2 (44:14):
Yeah, you know what I.

Speaker 5 (44:15):
Mean, He's like, I wake in my back an NBA
team is ever going to get shut out, but if
it was gonna happen like he against the Spurs.

Speaker 3 (44:22):
Right, you know, even though their defense was bad this year.
Well yeah, but so who do you think should get
the best block of the year. Who's getting this award?

Speaker 2 (44:32):
You know, it's hard. I think it's got to be Wemby. Wow.

Speaker 5 (44:34):

Speaker 2 (44:35):
Yeah, and how did you come to that decision?

Speaker 5 (44:37):
What an honor for that young man? Yeah, you know,
I think I think he's just I think his season
just earns Block of the year. You know, I don't
it's none of the individual ones. It's just you know,
that's that's a guy. You know again, you're not you're
not going to want to try him at the rim maybe,
you know, maybe kick it out.

Speaker 1 (44:52):
Yeah, Wenby, congratulations. We will be around to handle your
your award. Just got to, you know, tell your low
to let me call you. He doesn't, he actually doesn't
need to.

Speaker 5 (45:03):
He's just going to reach out from San Antonio from
my window like a hand appear on screen and it
just pulls me away. Yeah, we'll give it to the
honest one though, since we have to technically.

Speaker 2 (45:18):
Yeah, I think confusion after his wins.

Speaker 3 (45:21):
It which the look of confusion was a you know,
staple of Wemby this year from.

Speaker 5 (45:27):
That Wemby experience kind of look at him like give
him the second like wait, what who was.

Speaker 2 (45:33):
It this year that really had that moment the game?

Speaker 3 (45:36):
It was like the first or second game where he,
I think got the rebound over his back.

Speaker 5 (45:40):
I forget who who was on the Oh it was
Thomas Bryant, tomsy Ye.

Speaker 2 (45:45):
Yes, yes, he was my favorite.

Speaker 5 (45:47):
I think that might be my favorite moment of the season.

Speaker 2 (45:49):
It was really like but it was that wasn't over
the back, he just he got genuine concern for the game.
I think it's like, oh no, and then.

Speaker 1 (46:01):
Finally please hand out this final award? Harrison, who's next?
The Mad boosties who's next player for next season? Last
year again, just as if Clairvoyant, It's like, this is
time Max.

Speaker 2 (46:15):
We totally get it, and I know we're considering is
he already a superstar?

Speaker 1 (46:19):
I think we I think at least between Jack Dubari
and I we feel actually, Max, he could probably go
up another level than he has already, So we'll take
him out of the conversation.

Speaker 2 (46:27):
But Harrison, you tell us who's next?

Speaker 5 (46:31):
Well, I mean, it's like it's Wemby right exactly.

Speaker 2 (46:36):
This year, like he was already this year's Yeah. I
mean it's.

Speaker 5 (46:42):
Just based on it way you could have watched this
year and like looked at guys who didn't make the
All Star team and like project any of them to
make like a bigger leap or a bigger impact than
him next year.

Speaker 1 (46:52):
Yeah, I'm so excited to see what it's got cook it.

Speaker 5 (46:56):
It's like you know in Pokemon, where like you know,
you level up, the level them up and they evolve.
It's like when he is sort of like if you
used like a firestone on Anthony Davis, you know, like
that's that's Anthony Davis's chars aren't like Bam is like Charmander,
you know, eighties four million.

Speaker 2 (47:13):
Wenby's chars aren't chars are. I want to ask you
one last question for Rabbit Fire. What was your biggest
disappointment this season of the twenty three twenty four season.

Speaker 5 (47:22):
That the Lakers didn't tank the play in game to
avoid the Nuggets until the conference finals. I really wish
they would have done that. Yeah, it's disappointed they didn't
take my advice, but.

Speaker 1 (47:30):
It really it really like Jack especially were saying like,
I mean, this is what we witnessed, like it really
was about all the matchups.

Speaker 5 (47:37):
It was just a really really the Suns, I guess,
like if we're serious, answer like probably sure, like it
just would thought they'd be better, you know then yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2 (47:45):
Yeah really, I mean because the lady on them, I don't.

Speaker 5 (47:48):
Think they were like, oh man, they're the favorite to
come out of the West after the trade or anything.
But no, you would have thought they would be better
than they were this.

Speaker 1 (47:55):
Yeah, absolutely absolutely, all right, Well that those are all
correct answers. Is Harrison Fagan, Thank you so much for
joining us on Myles and Jack on Mad Boosties.

Speaker 2 (48:04):
Always a pleasure to have you. Where do the people
find you? Follow you, embrace your work.

Speaker 5 (48:09):
You can find me on Twitter at h M F
A I G E. N. I will be tweeting, uh,
you know too much during the draft during free agency, uh,
making some jokes about J. J. Redick being excommunicated from
the content space.

Speaker 3 (48:21):
You know.

Speaker 5 (48:22):
Yeah, and hang up the mic, hang up the podcast, Mike, Yeah, yeah, no,
I mean it's going to the rafters.

Speaker 2 (48:28):
Like he's in the send it up.

Speaker 3 (48:32):
Yeah, Lebron's gonna have to get a new partner in crime.
He love talk trash about jo right here.

Speaker 5 (48:39):
Right here and new partners.

Speaker 2 (48:42):
Yeah you Miles and Lebron. I would listen to Miles.
Jack got mad Boosties. I don't know why does he
get Todd Billy?

Speaker 3 (48:52):
Yeah he's and also you need to see a little
bit him to you know, actually qualify for mad Boosties.

Speaker 5 (49:00):
Yeah, yeah, like a Game of twenty sure, you know,
but yeah, I don't know.

Speaker 2 (49:05):
We'll play knockout. We'll play knockout. I'm cold blooded at knockout.
You through your physical primes. I think you got it.
Like I mean that that old man, what's he gonna?

Speaker 3 (49:14):

Speaker 2 (49:14):
Whoa easy? Easy? I mean I'm three months older than
Lebron James, you know what I mean? So you know
you know what we look. Thank you for you, thank you.
I still need to go to Turkey. I wouldn't have
guessed you were a day over thirty five. Oh you're
too kind, you're too kind.

Speaker 1 (49:28):
Well, you can find us and follow our hashtag hashtag
Mad Boosey's b w st I s on Twitter.

Speaker 2 (49:34):
That way you can find show updates, any new content
and also, you know, join the Discord server.

Speaker 5 (49:41):
That's some fun.

Speaker 2 (49:41):
Convo over there, and you can find me at Miles
of Gray.

Speaker 3 (49:46):
I'm at Jack Underscore. O'Brien, that's been another episode in
the books. You said we couldn't do it, but we
did make it to one and twenty. Look at you,
you look ridiculous, just hating on us. No wish and
we'd stop. Wish and we'd stop.

Speaker 1 (50:04):
I don't understand what you're talking about on that podcast.
Well we're talking ball, okay, and it's Matt Boustie's. Thank
you so much for listening. We will see you next week.

Speaker 2 (50:14):
Bye bye.

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