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June 14, 2024 58 mins
Halfway through the primaries, we now have a full view on what is going on. Thanks to Trump’s plethora of horrible endorsements, every single RINO is winning in Congress – to the point that we will have a worse roster of Republicans in Washington next year. I give an analysis of the South Carolina primaries showing, once again, that we are losing ground at the federal level while gaining ground in state legislatures. However, the ground gained in legislatures is not enough if we fail to pick up governorships. I’m joined today by Missouri state Sen. Bill Eigel (R), who is perhaps our only realistic chance of picking up a red state this year. He is promising to govern Missouri at least at the DeSantis level of precision and competence. He explains how federal funding is what is holding states hostage, and he plans to wean the state off those programs so that he can make it a sanctuary from federal political persecutions. He is also promising to use his power to deport illegal aliens. Don’t think Missouri will be red without first electing Eigel. He shows how, thanks to the failed GOP in the state, the Left is about to impose minimum wage, abortion, and expanded Obamacare in ruby-red Missouri.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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