Young Ben Franklin

Young Ben Franklin


Introducing: Becoming Mother Nature!

August 24, 201835 min

35 min
Episode 10: A Declaration of Independence

July 4, 201819 min

19 min
Episode 9: Mischief Night

July 4, 201815 min

15 min
Episode 8: The Hanging Tree

July 4, 201815 min

15 min
Episode 7: The Root of all Evil

July 4, 201812 min

12 min
Episode 6: Zeus’s Thunderbolts

July 4, 201814 min

14 min
Episode 5: Treasure Island

July 3, 201815 min

15 min
Episode 4: All the News

July 3, 201818 min

18 min
Episode 3: An Open and Closed Coffin

July 3, 201819 min

19 min
Episode 2: If the Shoe Fits

July 3, 201820 min

20 min

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LAUNCHING JULY 4TH! Before he was Benjamin Franklin, inventor and statesman, he was just Ben, a boy in Colonial Boston with an adventurous spirit, a curious mind...and a penchant for getting into trouble. Meet our most endearing founding father at thirteen; a charming rebel years away from discovering the ageless sayings and brilliant inventions that made him famous. When Ben and his friends stumble upon a mysterious letter leading to a legendary treasure, he'll have to use his wits and bravery to outsmart the cruel British governor of Massachusetts. Produced by Gen-Z Media in partnership with PRX. For more great Gen-Z shows visit ... Show More

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