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October 20, 2023 36 mins

Meal Schedule is subject to change pending Security Concerns. Current approximate Schedule as follows: Breakfast – 0600. Lunch – 1100. Dinner – 1600. D and E Blocks feed in unit, all others in Dining Hall. Per [P#6151§5.4] some Residents may receive linear latitude based on Ability.



Written by Ben Bowlin & Alexander Williams. Starring Natalie Morales, Morgan Brown, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Rachel Rosenbloom, Joseph Whipp, Laura Schein, Miguel Perez, Chris Jai Alex, Wayne Bastrup, Sunny Boiling, Lauren Vogelbaum, Ben Bowlin, Blaire Chandler, Alex Boling, Jay Jones, and Raphael Corkhill. 


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Speaker 1 (00:04):
Thirteen Days of Halloween Penance, a co production of iHeart
three D Audio Blumhouse Television and Grim and Mild from
Aaron Yankee. Headphones recommended Listener discretion advised.

Speaker 2 (00:40):
What where am I back in Kansas? Dorothy?

Speaker 3 (00:47):
Is it time for breakfast?

Speaker 2 (00:49):
I'm not glad breakfast in an hour?

Speaker 3 (00:52):
What do I do till then?

Speaker 2 (00:54):
How should I know?

Speaker 4 (00:55):

Speaker 2 (00:55):
My god?

Speaker 5 (00:56):
Your names?

Speaker 2 (00:56):
You're too much?

Speaker 3 (01:00):
Well they left the door open. So many cells. I
didn't even think about the showers. I wonder where this goes?
And what do we have here?

Speaker 6 (01:19):
Weight room, TV room, library, Well, this doesn't seem so confusing,
art room, Another room, This one's locked.

Speaker 3 (01:36):
Locked? Weight room again? Wait, how did I Where did
I come in from? You gotta be kidding me? Where's
the god?

Speaker 1 (01:45):

Speaker 7 (01:48):
Oh Jesus Christ, welcome. Sorry, I didn't mean to stalk
to you. Can I help you?

Speaker 3 (01:58):
I am lost?

Speaker 7 (02:01):
Where are you trying to go?

Speaker 3 (02:03):
I don't know?

Speaker 2 (02:05):

Speaker 7 (02:05):
How could you be lost?

Speaker 3 (02:07):
You're the priest in so far that.

Speaker 7 (02:09):
Labels are important to you. Here they call me the chaplain.

Speaker 3 (02:12):
Well that's what they call priests in prison.

Speaker 7 (02:14):
Hospitals too, right, right, right?

Speaker 3 (02:16):
I almost forgot the party line, we never say the
P word around here, just testing you. So you are
also insisting to me that this is not some kind
of fucked up jail.

Speaker 7 (02:27):
I was playing yes and yes, and hospitals, schools, labor unions, militaries,
chaplains can be found in many places.

Speaker 3 (02:36):
Well, what do you call this place?

Speaker 7 (02:38):
The chapel?

Speaker 3 (02:42):
So what do you want from me?

Speaker 7 (02:43):
Exactly as I remember you came to me? Is there
something on your mind?

Speaker 3 (02:50):
Why do I get the impression that you are just
another prison spy?

Speaker 7 (02:54):
Maybe because everything that has happened to you recently has
been destabilizing, and you've been forced in so many one
sided conversations in air quotes where every question comes loaded
with ulterior motives that you've been left wondering who, if anyone,
you can trust. That's just a guess.

Speaker 3 (03:13):
It's a good guess. So wait, are you saying that
you're the one person in this whole god forsaken place
that isn't trying to work one over on me? That
you're not going to try to convert me and brainwash
me and interrogate me. And I just happen to stumble
through your door.

Speaker 7 (03:33):
I leave it to you to make up your own
mind about that, and whether you really think that God
has forsaken this place. But I will say there is
no obligation here. If you'd like the space to yourself,
I can go. But if you'd like to talk, I'm
here for that too.

Speaker 3 (03:49):
I'm not supposed to be here. How do you know
I'm innocent?

Speaker 7 (03:54):
Any of us truly in a sense?

Speaker 3 (03:55):
Oh whatever, you know that's not what I meant. I'm
saying I did not commit any crime, and even if
I had, how would I know? Since not a single
goddamn person will tell me what I am accused of.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to swear in the chapel.

Speaker 7 (04:11):
You wouldn't be the first, but you being here it
means more than you think you know. I'm not accused.
You have been convicted. Ah shit, I'm sorry to be
the one to make that clear.

Speaker 3 (04:25):
No, No, it's just do you know what time it is?

Speaker 7 (04:28):
My watch has a minute plus six.

Speaker 3 (04:32):
I'm late for a thing, So.

Speaker 7 (04:35):
We can do this anytime you like.

Speaker 3 (04:38):
I'll be here right bye. Peace be with you, and
also with you. Rip Si you're can I have back cut? Really?

Speaker 2 (04:51):
She's new here. Listen, follow right behind me. Don't take
anything I don't take and leave when I leave.

Speaker 3 (04:58):
I appreciate it, but I think I can handle a
lunch line. Hey, listen, you ever see anyone outside their
rooms after lights out?

Speaker 2 (05:05):
You mean besides the guards.

Speaker 3 (05:07):
In the middle of the night, some blonde woman walked
right up to my cell. She was barefoot and singing,
singing out loud. I realized that sounds crazy.

Speaker 2 (05:16):
Doubtful to be the craziest thing I hear today.

Speaker 3 (05:19):
It felt like a dream, but I'm sure it was real.

Speaker 2 (05:22):
It's a difference. You want bread?

Speaker 3 (05:25):
Is it? Okay?

Speaker 2 (05:27):
It's food? Caught you wine? I we'll see.

Speaker 3 (05:35):
The hell was that?

Speaker 2 (05:36):
They were calling you my fish?

Speaker 3 (05:38):
What I am not your? What is this fish? It's
always fish, any particular kind. Ain't got all day frip.

Speaker 2 (05:48):
That's all we need. Let's scoop.

Speaker 3 (05:49):
But what about the rest of the food.

Speaker 2 (05:51):
That up there? We call that the special?

Speaker 3 (05:55):
What's in it?

Speaker 2 (05:55):
Nothing you want? Hey, Hypna? How much of much struck
are you?

Speaker 3 (06:00):

Speaker 8 (06:01):

Speaker 2 (06:05):
This here is shaky, Pete.

Speaker 3 (06:08):
Please to meet you.

Speaker 9 (06:10):
Darn it?

Speaker 2 (06:11):
That draft and our meditating friend here is CALLI.

Speaker 10 (06:19):
Si Cally, Yes, please to meet you.

Speaker 3 (06:23):
Forgive me.

Speaker 10 (06:24):
I have to keep my eyes closed while I count huh.

Speaker 2 (06:27):
You'll see. And lastly, Galina, do.

Speaker 4 (06:31):
Not call me that young frip. You know well exactly
who I am.

Speaker 2 (06:35):
Fine, nemo, old timer's this, here's.

Speaker 10 (06:39):
Cy let's see it, you dear, you still smell it outside?

Speaker 3 (06:47):
What time is it out there? I mean six thirty? Maybe?
Are her eyes always closed?

Speaker 2 (06:54):
I've never seen them open.

Speaker 10 (06:55):
It's how they get you, It's how they got beat.
I have open my papers and no, no, you know
what I mean outside? What year is it out there?

Speaker 2 (07:11):
Ignore her? Kelly's gone off her? Rugger?

Speaker 3 (07:14):
What year do you think it is?

Speaker 2 (07:17):
I said, don't no.

Speaker 10 (07:18):
Mah, now where was I nine hundred ninety nine million nine.

Speaker 11 (07:28):
Can want to help me get my spools here?

Speaker 3 (07:30):
Let me six stay too. I imagine you can lose
track of time in a place like this.

Speaker 11 (07:35):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's no use once you get in.
It doesn't matter at the time. Hey, you don't get
ended of a companion. It gets into us.

Speaker 3 (07:50):
So this is the old Timers Club, older than you know, mortal.

Speaker 4 (07:54):
We four may be the only people here with a
full awareness of reality. I see for steered you astray
from the special capital effort, My lad.

Speaker 3 (08:05):
Well known, what are you twenty years old.

Speaker 4 (08:08):
It's an interesting question, my fish, and I'm afraid the
answers are not as simple as we would all hope
them to be. See our friend Peter there, Peter, Peter,
how old are you.

Speaker 11 (08:22):
Well that that's eve you? When I ad my where
I was nineteen, I was nineteen when I got here
at twenty five. I think I'm the newest one who
I was.

Speaker 10 (08:36):
By my count, Peter is somewhere between ninety five and
thirty two years old. You see, I'm always counting.

Speaker 2 (08:43):
Heah, we know, head mathematician of the Oldheimers.

Speaker 3 (08:47):
So wait, what is this old timers club? Exactly like
you've been here the longest.

Speaker 10 (08:54):
I common misconception. No, I'm afraid, and I don't mean afraid.
You understand there are many older than us, which is
the ones who remember the old time. You'll see time
is different here. It doesn't change. Of course, when you're
in the thick of it, it feels like nothing really changes,
doesn't it. When I was young, in the before, I

was a book one, a homely little thing with a
job in the university basement. While the other girls made
up their faces and to green dances, I coorded Kafka
and Servants, and tones so old they had no authors
at all. Just once, deep into the evening, I found
one book that lacked a title, altogether, bound in leather,

stained with time, with page corners sharp as teeth. Took
care to avoid touching those edges at first. As I
delved into its pages, time slipped. You could say, I
realized what I was reading was no exercise in settire,

nor some obscure work of fraudulent religion, nor some indulgent
flight of fancy. It was a set of instructions, a manual,
you could call it. It was, so far as I
could tell, a sort of a guide to reality, the
collection of desires, a directory to the powers capable of

manifesting those desires.

Speaker 8 (10:30):
I say there are more than nine billion names of God,
each with powers all their own. To know these names
entire would be to court meanness. Instead, the curious student
of the arts needs only meditate on the actions, the

mechanisms of these sacred sounds, and all they can achieve.

Speaker 10 (10:55):
Soon, I wasn't reading the book so much as hearing it.
It spoke to me, guided my hand, it is me
what I wanted. Normally, I could give a thousand different
answers to that question. But this his voice, it already knew,

it saw into me. I could not lie. I hated
those girls, the ones with all the suitors, the ones
in the headlines the book. Knew why I.

Speaker 8 (11:34):
Want to be one of them. I want to be
a star.

Speaker 10 (11:40):
When the book closed, it took my blood. Drink it
up like water soaking into a dessert. I heard it.
I know it wasn't a language, eye or any person
living could speak, but somehow I understood it. You will
have you to say, come to us when the time arrives.

Only yes, is that you close your eyes and glish.
I work the next day, saw the reach of sculls
on the tips of my fingers, deep as a dog bite,
and I chose to believe. I quit my job at
the university and found the first repertory that would take me.

I was going to be the talk of the vaudeville
stages from Kansas City all the way to New York.
I was going to be a star.

Speaker 3 (12:35):
I knew it.

Speaker 12 (12:39):
Thank you, Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Now we'll have
a brief intermission so the ladies can take a powder
stick around and avail yourself with the best spirits in
camp jack City.

Speaker 10 (12:54):
Well, boss, what's it look like out there?

Speaker 7 (12:57):
Just horrid?

Speaker 11 (12:58):

Speaker 2 (12:59):
You're singing flat this attire? Janis? Then makeup?

Speaker 5 (13:02):
Are you additioning to be a clown?

Speaker 8 (13:04):

Speaker 10 (13:04):
What about me?

Speaker 2 (13:06):
You calliope?

Speaker 5 (13:08):
I've seen cripples with better choreography.

Speaker 2 (13:11):
Listen you don't.

Speaker 5 (13:12):
It's one, two, one two left leg, right leg repeat?

Speaker 11 (13:17):
Pearl wants liftskirt repeat.

Speaker 2 (13:19):
Can you count?

Speaker 10 (13:20):
I can I'm sorry, sir, of course I can't.

Speaker 2 (13:23):
Can you How high can you count? Can you count?

Speaker 11 (13:27):

Speaker 2 (13:28):
It's the number after one?

Speaker 5 (13:30):
Just close your eyes, close some damn it.

Speaker 2 (13:33):
Get in that corner. Count to a billion for all
I care. You're fired?

Speaker 3 (13:38):
What could I do?

Speaker 10 (13:39):
I walked to the corner like a scolded child. I
close my eyes, I counted. I felt so foolish, humiliated.
Magic of all things?

Speaker 2 (13:55):

Speaker 10 (13:56):
How long to be far away? For all of this
to disappear?

Speaker 11 (14:00):

Speaker 10 (14:00):
And in my mind the book answered, no, you have returned,
you granted they will be.

Speaker 3 (14:30):
That's the whole place burned down, two hundred and seventy
nine people gone, just like that.

Speaker 10 (14:39):
How do you say it's all a misunderstanding? I didn't
want everyone to die. That wasn't my desire. I wanted
to be famous. I am going to be famous. Hey
will come for me and set me free.

Speaker 3 (14:56):
And I'll be a star.

Speaker 11 (14:58):
Who is he?

Speaker 8 (15:00):

Speaker 10 (15:01):

Speaker 3 (15:02):
Of course? Who else?

Speaker 6 (15:04):

Speaker 2 (15:05):
Don't ask me, you'll say.

Speaker 10 (15:07):
I'll talk to him again and he'll set everything straight.
All I have to do is keep my eyes closed
and I stay in the wish the open eyes. Now
whatever I see will be reality. This is only a moment. You,
all of you, are nothing but figments of my imagination.

I will remember practice each step of the dance in
my head. Maybe if you're nice, I'll thank you on
stage when he returns.

Speaker 3 (15:37):
And frees me.

Speaker 2 (15:39):
Why did I tell you crazy?

Speaker 10 (15:41):
This is just a temporary sit back, mind you. Once
I get the word, I'll open my eyes and I'll
be on Broadway.

Speaker 3 (15:50):
It's crucial that.

Speaker 10 (15:52):
I don't forget that.

Speaker 8 (15:54):
And that's why I don'pe bar taking the.

Speaker 3 (15:56):
Special the special again? Okay, what are you saying? It's
some kind of mnesia potion.

Speaker 11 (16:01):
Oh, I don't think we should talk about it. It's
a secret. You can get into trouble for telling secrets.
That's how I got here. If I forget how it happened.
I'll be like all the rest. You won't believe it.

But once upon a time I was a steady man, voice, hands,
heart and all I sang the old song, and the
earth sang back five degrees north, six degrees. I was
what you call a doodle bug, the dowser, the volume man.

It's an ancient vocation. Few members my family had it
every generation. The others went mad.

Speaker 8 (17:06):
Do you hear it?

Speaker 4 (17:07):
Hear it?

Speaker 9 (17:07):

Speaker 4 (17:08):
It's coming from the ground.

Speaker 11 (17:11):
And I remember how it felt, you know, even out
in the dust bowld days, I could walk along the
thirsting calichi of the desert and feel the vibrations you
call them, the movements of precious things under the horrid
skin of dessert, like blood flowing through a vein, or

enormous heart beating waiting to raise its hand and greet
me in the night. Ah. A lot of folks didn't
believe in the art. They called me a flim flammer, snake,
oil sailsman, a carn artist. Till they could desperate, hungry, hopeless.

You could walk into a town in fields loost of it.
You could see the grief they wanted to weep. But
there was no water to spare.

Speaker 10 (18:08):
We can't go on like this.

Speaker 11 (18:09):
There's no crop, there's no far.

Speaker 7 (18:11):
We'll have to move like everyone else where.

Speaker 10 (18:14):
There's nowhere to go.

Speaker 12 (18:19):
Oh, bless you, sir, bless you, hallelujah, you well praise me.

Speaker 11 (18:25):
You are our salvation. There was a murderous drought all
around the land back then. I must have traveled clear
across the Great Southwest, finding what little water remained. Did
I charge for all this?

Speaker 2 (18:39):

Speaker 11 (18:41):
It was my livelihood? But I was honest. And you
can't find what's not there. I'm sorry, there's nothing here.
Even the folks who believe in the ark, well, my,
most of them don't understand the truth of it. First
thousand ain't just for while. If I get the right
things together, I can divine for don anything lost, treasure lost, people.

I can find what's forgotten.

Speaker 3 (19:12):
We thought we'd lost you.

Speaker 11 (19:15):
Second, a power like this, it's it's not about taking it.
It's a trade, a covenant. For everything I douse, the
land demands something in return, a balance, like watching a
pendulum swing. I'd save a dying ranch with a new well.
A week later, cattle would disappear. I'd find a child

lost in the cliffs and cholera would sweep the town.
Every miracle has a price, and some are more expensive
than others old man Gray foul So I'd learned to
keep moving, never born, a few days in one place,
getting on still I delivered. People knew I was the

real McCoy, an actual water man. Wood spread far and
wide somewhere out in Arizona. I got the letter, but
it's all I have.

Speaker 2 (20:17):
I'm sorry, Man.

Speaker 11 (20:19):
Peter, I am this hear is for you. I don't
know how they found me. I should have known right
then something was wrong, but I was on the run.
I just doodled bug Vana gold for a nearby prospector,
and I knew there'd be hell to pay. Asking Earth

for that much gold. It sets a high price. It
would be a fire or a plague. I could feel
the vibrations of it echoing from the future back to
the present, calling the account's do I needed to be
long gone before it hit, and this letter coming at
the exact moment I needed in most a new job

far away by the coast. Train fair included first class.
What could I do?

Speaker 3 (21:13):
I left.

Speaker 6 (21:16):

Speaker 11 (21:17):
I doused from anything in my time. People treasure water
most of all, it's the safest trade to make. But
when I got here, they set me on something different.
I'm not sure I understand. Find the bottom, that's all

we're cleared to tell you. Well, what am I looking for?

Speaker 2 (21:42):
Management says, you'll know it when you find it.

Speaker 11 (21:45):
You want to get paid, right, And that was it.
I took out my rod, I sang my songs. I
stretched my mind beneath up close. It's like putting your
hand in water. Only this wasn't a this whatever this is,
it was an ocean. It reached up from the abyss

of vibration, grabbed hold and put itself inside me.

Speaker 10 (22:13):
He's got it.

Speaker 11 (22:14):
He's got it, your fools, he's having a seizar.

Speaker 9 (22:16):
It's gone it. Lock it down, goddam it.

Speaker 11 (22:18):
Locker, it's still here. It's in me.

Speaker 2 (22:24):
Easy, pete, easy, now.

Speaker 11 (22:26):
It's awake. Now, a long way beneath, but awake. I
can feel it.

Speaker 3 (22:33):
It's coming for us, your friends.

Speaker 4 (22:38):
We gotta get out, Si Peter, don't let him worry you,
young lady. He tells us a similar yarn at least
once a fortnight. I imagine it to be some lunatic
association with the cycles of the moon.

Speaker 3 (22:53):
You know you seem to be the least crazy person
I've met here. No offense, frip, Just wait.

Speaker 4 (22:59):
You are both astute and correct, Miss just Cy, will
do h Clever names do have power, do they not? Clever?

Speaker 3 (23:09):
Sigh? We could call you. I won't be here long
enough to have a nickname, so just sigh. We'll do well. Then,
just sigh.

Speaker 4 (23:19):
Allow me to give you a truth of this place.
I have traveled these halls longer than most. Our budding
starlet Calliope is correct. One such as you would be
best advised to stay off menu in another life. This
small golgatha of bones and guts was any number of
fish swimming free without a care in the world, just

like you.

Speaker 3 (23:43):
Hey watch it gross.

Speaker 4 (23:45):
Did you know most mortals believe fish have no memory.
It assuages them. I think to believe memory does not exist,
But I assure you all things have memory, fish, people,
places as well, and the pen struggles with that issue
even tonight.

Speaker 3 (24:07):
Tonight, it's morning, this is breakfast.

Speaker 9 (24:10):
M hm.

Speaker 4 (24:11):
When was the last time you saw the sunlight the moonlight?
Simple sigh? I again assure you it is later than
you think. Eat, drink, be merry. Sometime soon you may
wish to take the waters of Leafy on your own accord.

Speaker 2 (24:28):
She's not taking the special Galina.

Speaker 3 (24:30):
Wait, are we still talking about this.

Speaker 2 (24:32):
Later, Galina, leave her out of your games. We're not
having another caval Kaval.

Speaker 4 (24:37):
Should you choose to speak with me directly, young FRep,
you will say my name, you more than most remember.

Speaker 3 (24:43):
Is someone gonna tell me what the fuck is going
on here?

Speaker 2 (24:45):
Demo? Don't do it? Please?

Speaker 4 (24:48):
I am more than this fragile shell you see before you,
Like yourself, like anyone, I find myself caught between one
place and the next. I the daughter of Titans, the
goddess of memory Nemosny your people called me. I have
witnessed all that has passed, or passing or yet to come.

Imbrood by Zeus. I beget the nine amuses, one for
each phase of what you call the moon, and one
more A secret I tell no man, for a secret
kept by one is the most powerful of arts.

Speaker 2 (25:28):
What she's the well god of memory, she thinks, and
now the most unsuccessful escape artists in the.

Speaker 4 (25:37):
Pen True Shane, I am young Si, trapped in this.

Speaker 13 (25:43):
Mortal vessel, in perversion of my being, all to protect
this place you call the pen. I am in a
prison within a prison, and while this vessel constrains my powers,
it does not prevent me from my thoughts. I was
a journalist, a real one, working in the field, writing

about conflict at the time.

Speaker 4 (26:08):
My editor wanted me covering Vietnam, but I was more
interested in Cyprus.

Speaker 5 (26:14):
For any who are now just joining the program, we
can confirm the nations of Turkey and Greece are at
war on the shores of Cypress. Turkish forces invaded early
this morning following a long dispute over the nationality of
the island. A word before we continue. Some of the
footage you're about to see is disturbing.

Speaker 4 (26:29):
The West chose Greece in the invasion. This wasn't a
loud declaration, but it was certain they'd already run the numbers,
called the banking cartels, and chosen their investment. The Cold
War loomed, and every war was a war of economics,
real politic, they called it. Landing on the shores of Pentomile,
the chaos was evident, the horror palpable, and a press

pass doesn't save you from a mortar shell. Minutes into
our excursion, I watched my photographer take a bullet to
the gout another to the face so fast I realized
he didn't have time to scream. So I ran for
how long I could not say. Looking back, I wonder

if something guided me through the forest. I didn't recognize
the ruins at first. They were overgrown, ringed by an
old chain link fence. Signs read keep out, some in Greek,
others in Turkish. I could still hear the artillery in

the distance, so I jumped the fence. I entered the ruins. Ah,
if I could only find a bolt hole, a little
place to stay unseen for a few hours, maybe I
could spend the night here, I told myself. Then get
out to nearby towns, find a telex, and tell the story.

Choked beneath the underbrush, I could see old stones carved
with a l which I didn't recognize. I entered a
rough hewn doorway, limped down cracked stone steps, and emerged
in a huge hall underground, where I came face to
face with a statue holy a female figure, robed, hands

spread as if in invitation warning. I wasn't sure, but
I knew this was a temple and it had to
be ancient. The statue loomed over me. I found myself
lost in her fearsome visage. I didn't hear them coming

behind me. The bullet caught me in the hip, brought
me to my knees, bleeding out in the dirt. I
looked up at the statue, and for the first time
in my life, I prayed, Dear God, God's anyone, please.

Speaker 10 (29:03):
Please don't let it end like this.

Speaker 4 (29:05):
People need to know to remember. Oh, I'll do anything,
Please just help me. And as I was on the
verge of death, something answered.

Speaker 3 (29:21):
It took me.

Speaker 4 (29:23):
I felt as though my body was a car and
I had been pushed into the back seat. When I
tried to scream, my voice was no longer my own.

Speaker 9 (29:34):
And so the Galina vessel found me. Pulled from depths
beyond this mortal world, summoned after untold ages by a
new disciple, I rose with great wrath to seek my revenge.

Speaker 3 (29:51):
We've got it. Contact, repeat contact.

Speaker 1 (29:54):
The entity has entered the subject.

Speaker 10 (29:56):
Doesn't matter if the vessel bleeds out, Roll it over,
block up that wound.

Speaker 3 (30:02):
No, God, damn it.

Speaker 2 (30:04):
Chest compressions.

Speaker 10 (30:05):
Never mind that fifty see seeds.

Speaker 11 (30:07):
Of domestic before the move and knock her out, No,
the idiot, don't shoot her quick the spell.

Speaker 13 (30:18):
By the waters of Lethy, we bind thee. By the
halls of Hades.

Speaker 3 (30:24):
We bind thee.

Speaker 13 (30:26):
By the real Zeus, we bind thee.

Speaker 11 (30:33):
We bind thee.

Speaker 3 (30:38):
So it was the pen they kidnapped you, too.

Speaker 4 (30:42):
Much worse than that, dear sigh. Just as the gods
long ago imprisoned me in the temple, I am bound
now to this body. They took also from the sacred
waters of Lethy, the river of forgetfulness. That, just sigh,
is the special They control, the source, the well spring

at the bottom of my old prison. Each morning they
slip a small amount into our food, removing pieces of
our memories, one spoonful at a time, and it does
taste wonderful, I assure you, consuming your own memories. Just
look at the faces around this room, that vague, glassy,

lost expression in their eyes. They are docile, simple to control.

Speaker 10 (31:28):
There's a last one closing down.

Speaker 3 (31:30):
Got me lollables, Look, lady Nemo, Gillina whatever, I'm not
supposed to be here. I need to get out. I know,
just sigh.

Speaker 4 (31:41):
I know you need to escape, and I can help you.
Take this vial. It contains a portion of my power
and can unlock almost any barrier, be it a memory
or a door. All I ask is, should you reach
beyond these walls? You pour half into the sea. How

when Kelly reaches a billion, Peter drops his spoon and ceases.
The cards will be distracted. You will stand with your
train and walk toward the chow line. When you reach it,
you will run young side, just as Galina did. Jump
the line, go straight back into the left.

Speaker 3 (32:20):
Three times.

Speaker 4 (32:21):
You will see a white door.

Speaker 10 (32:23):
Throw part of.

Speaker 4 (32:24):
This water against it, then go through it. Do you understand?

Speaker 3 (32:32):
Well, you're not me one billion?

Speaker 11 (32:35):
Here it's hair, it's here, he's coing.

Speaker 3 (32:50):
Oh fuck fuck o fuck left left left, Oh god,
it's real ship the Bible? Okay, here goes What on
earth is this the ocean?

Speaker 10 (33:23):
It's okay, child, Everyone tries it, at least once.

Speaker 3 (33:26):
Just take a sip of thissh. Try to forget.

Speaker 10 (33:29):
Don't why don't fit.

Speaker 8 (33:33):
In time, you will forget all about it.

Speaker 11 (33:38):
Wait? Wait?

Speaker 3 (33:39):
Why am I on the floor? Good enough? Ready?

Speaker 2 (33:43):
Get up?

Speaker 3 (33:44):
What's happening? Where are you taking me?

Speaker 2 (33:48):
What the dungeon?

Speaker 4 (34:00):

Speaker 3 (34:00):
Yea high.

Speaker 2 (34:13):

Speaker 1 (34:16):
Thirteen Days of Halloween Pennance starring Natalie Morales Episode two, Socialization,
written by Ben Bolan and Alexander Williams. Editing and sound
design by Josh Thain, featuring the voices of Morgan Brown,
Wilbur Fitzgerald, Rachel Rosenbloom, Joseph Whipp, Laura Shine, Miguel Perez,

Chris j Alex, Wayne Bastrup, Sonny Bowling, Lauren Vogelbaum, Ben Bohlan,
Blair Chandler, Alex Bowling, Jay Jones, and Raphael Corkill. Directed
by Alexander Williams. Executive producers Aaron Mankey, Noah Feinberg, Chris Dicky,
Matt Frederick and Alexander Williams. Supervising producers Trevor Young and

Josh Thain. Producers Jesse funk rima Ilkali, Noami Griffin, Chandler Mays,
and Casby Bias. Script editing by Lauren Vogelbaum, Story consultants
Ben Bolan and Matthew Riddle. Casting by Sunday Bowling CSA
and Meg Mormon CSA, Production coordinator Wayna Calderon, Production assistants

Jenna Johnson and Winona Lowe. Theme music by Rose Azerti
with vocals by Anna Hummler, recorded at this is Sound
Design Studios in Burbank, California, engineered by Ross Aerono, special
thanks to Romelia Osorio, Nathan Rule, Glenn Nishida, and Rob Mosca.
Thirteen Days of Halloween was created by Matt Frederick and

Alexander Williams and is a production of iHeart Podcasts, Blumhouse
Television and Grimm and Mild from Aaron Makey. Learn more
about the show at Grimandmild dot com, slash thirteen Days
and find more podcasts from iHeartRadio by visiting the iHeartRadio app,
Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite show.
Happy Halloween.
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