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Jo Cameron is the woman who feels no pain.  Jo is now 71 and scientists are just finding out why she has gone through her whole life experiencing very little pain.  She would often cut herself or burn herself and wouldn’t notice until she saw blood or smelled burning flesh. Rachel Feltman, editor at Popular Science, joins us for what makes Jo Cameron feel no pain, a gene mutation that scientists hope could help others in the future.

Next, these measles cases are getting out of hand.  The number of cases so far this year is nearing the total for all of 2018 with six states reporting outbreaks.  It has become such a public health hazard that Rockland County, NY has banned unvaccinated minors from entering public spaces for 30 days. Rachel Becker, reporter at the Verge, joins us for why the measles have gotten out of control and why these types of bans may become more common.

Finally, a follow up to the lawsuit against Monsanto and its parent company Bayer. Edwin Hardeman claimed that years of using their Roundup weedkiller gave him non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  A jury decided that the product did give him cancer, and they also just decided Bayer was liable in the case and owes him $80 million.  Sara Randazzo, reporter for the WSJ, joins us to wrap up the case.

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The Woman Who Can't Feel Pain - The Daily Dive