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Chapter 1: Into The Past - Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery

Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery

The Lit Killer murders gripped the small town of Hollow Falls a decade ago. My aunt, Beth Torres, was framed as the infamous serial killer who based their murders on scenes from classic literature. Now, I'm back at Hollow Falls High. The mission of this podcast is simple. To uncover the truth. To clear my aunt's name. To put the real killer behind bars. Or die trying. I'm Tig Torres and this is Lethal Lit.


Created & Executive Produced By: Heather Einhorn & Adam Staffaroni. 

Written, Created, & Executive Produced By: Alex Segura & Monica Gallagher, Directed By: JB Blanc, Produced By: Aroop Sanakkayala, Chris Peterson, & Sandy Smallens.  

With performances by: Rebecca Soler, JB Blanc, Matt Gumley, Paul Guyet, Jennifer Jiles, Rachel Oremland, Alba Ponce de Leon, Shelly Shenoy, Luke Slattery, and Gayle Artino 

Post Production Supervisor & Mixer: Michael Sinterniklaas,Recording Engineer & Dialogue Editor: Michael Schneider, Sound Designer: Justin Kohler, Composer: Jared Faber, Art: Rebecca Mock, Creative Direction & Design: Ryan McCann, Creative Consultant: Monique Chavez, Studio Manager: Clark Cheng, Production Coordination: Gayle Artino & Laura Martin, Production Assistants: Rachel Slotky & Francesca Calo. Recorded at NYAV Post in New York City 

Featuring the songs "Jupiter" performed by Donna Missal - Courtesy of Harvest Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises, and “Guardian Alien” Performed By Dana Williams,Written By Dana Williams (SESAC) and Aaron Pfenning (SESAC) -Courtesy of The Royalty Network, Inc. on behalf of Smiggs Songs (ASCAP), Cactus Palace (SESAC) and Dana Williams 

Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery is a production by Einhorn’s Epic Productions for iHeartRadio.  

Head to TigTorres.com to share theories, discover new evidence, and follow case updates.  

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Chapter 1: Into The Past - Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery