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August 14, 2020 39 mins

The owner from BudCars Sacramento Clinton Walker tells the guys at CannabisTalk101 about how he got started. Also Jeff from Ganja Gold explains why they have Award winning top notch pre-rolls. You can find Ganja Gold all over California, Vegas and his new store in Oklahoma opening soon.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Now it's tied for Cannabis Talk one on one with Blue,
Joe Grande and Mark and Drigg Watserman the Punt Brothers
in Law, the world's number one source for everything cannabis.
On this episode, special guest Clinton Walker, the owner of
Bud Cars, and Jeff A have Gonja Gold. They both
explained their brands and that they might be coming to
a city near you. Hello, Welcome to Cannabis Talk one

on one. Monday is Blue alongside of Mare of the
world famous pot brothers in Law and Mr Joe Grande,
and you are now tuned into the greatest cannabis show
in the country. I think it's the world. It is
on my neighborhood, or at least in my opinion, definitely
in the world the galaxy. Hey there, So we have
a fantastic show for you guys today. It's gonna go
down real big. We have bud Cars in the building,
my man Clinton Walker right here. Welcome to the show.

Thank you, Mr Blue, Thank you. We also have gone
to Gold in the building. Jeff making a couple of
tarantulas for you. It's gonna be an amazing show. Joe Grande,
tell us what's going down man. So not only we've
got Bud Cars, of course, and guns of gold. If
you ever want to be a part of the show.
And I'm sure you guys heard some of the voicemails
we played. Eight that's the number to be a part

of it. Eight. And if you want to follow us online,
it's at Cannabis Talk one on one website. I g
everything out there, Pop Brothers at Law? What's underscoring between
each letter? Little brother Mark Wasserman is at wast Law,
Big Brothers at wast Law? Dog Blue is that one?
Christopher Wright? And I am at Joe Grande fifty two.

And as we see all this beautiful stuff on the table,
I mean, I don't know what to do check the
table or Mark's pockets to see where more stuff is
that haven't got into it yet. I tell you, Jeff,
you know that Mark came up every going. You know
what happens when shut up here my pocket the guy
starts filling his pockets up and back pocket up. Tell

us about what's going on here. Bud Cars is Clinton company,
h Ganja Gold is Jeff's company. Let's start with you Clinton.
Tell us about bud Cars. Oh thanks, Big Joe We
are Northern California's premier cannabis delivery. We procure some of
the best flower edibles concentrates, we make sure that we
deliver them with great service, good quality, and most of all,

our our footprints expanding. We've got some good news for
the listeners on the air today. What's that l a
here we come over, law lazyazy? How's this going down?
What's the how great news is this? How did this
come about? The stars aligned in the universe? My boy,
we got blessed, were touched. We had the opportunity for

some great gentlemen in Montabello. We are in the process
of setting up the footprint, picking the menu. In fact,
one of our favorite products on the menu happens to
be the West Coast Cure cherry punch line that we
know something about that you thank you? Yeah, so we

uh really excited. Let's come down here. Just say they
have friends in high places. So how do how does
that come about? Clinton? How does somebody even come about
starting a delivery service? And I mean when I look
at here right now, you have about twenty some products
right here, I mean, how do you give them going
to delivering one thing? Let alone? So many that I
see on this table. That's a great question. Um, just

get started in the business. It's a navigation of legal paperwork,
bureaucracy getting a Type nine license in the state of California.
Once you've accomplished that, you get a fleet of vehicles.
You hire a great team of dispatchers, a team of
delivery drivers, but cure menu by listening to your customer.
You know, we started with about fifteen skews. You know

you're seeing thirty on the table here, and now we
have about really so you know, if these customers weren't
telling us that, hey, listen, I want that Panama Red
can you bring it back? Or that fourteen percent Acapuco gold,
you guys got it, so we listened. Now we have
it and we are excited bring it to lot l Easy.

Welcome Southern California, Baby l A. It was just where
did you guys start? From the Bay Area, Sacramento bud
cars dot Com. That's where we got our footprint. We uh,
we've been servicing Elk Grove Sack the whole college nice area.
Isn't that that nice area out there Elk Grove? I've
heard about its beautiful gateway up to Lake Tahoe. Right,

how long you've been at it? We have been at
it about nine months in Sacramento, just about eighteen thousand customers.
I have a fleet of prius is. You know, we
got a green footprint. We're making sure green all the
way around, rain, all the way around in the air,
on the street. Now, I see that there's been a
lot of news press and things happening with the company. UM.

It's funny because you know it's it's like I had
to get ahold of my own buddy to be like, hey, bro,
like what's up? Can you come down here and share us?
What's the one on toast? There's expansion coming on. I
know there's a lot happening right there. There's a you know,
there's been a lot going on. And you know, always
have the direct line to me. Come on. Pretend that
I had to work hard to get you. Yeah, great

publicly traded company called Sugar Made UM got on board
with us back in February of this year. Brought in
a great accounting and management team their publicly traded at
s GMD and UH. They brought in a team that
allowed us the opportunity to focus on growth without the
hinderance of a burn and as we focused on that growth,
listen to the customer, we understood that l A is

calling L's call. Yeah, thirteen million people, you know, they
need it. They need it. So, you know, we're just
really excited to work with a great group of people,
and and we're looking for new brands down here. You know,
people that have high quality product, compliant product that we
can get to our customers efficiently, safely, and you know
within an hour or less. You know, one of the

things that you and I have talked about, Clinton is
is you know, also bringing some of the Northern Keli
brands down here and and creating that bigger footprints for
them as well, because it's it's as much as you
think that they're all in the same place, as they're
just not. I mean, you know there's a lot of
brands out in Northern Cali that aren't even in Southern
Cali and vice versa. I mean, I have brands out
here in Southern California they've been working with three years

that they're like, man, I I've got almost all the
Southern Calista Cali stores, but just like two states, it's
it's it's like five but back in the day though,
like even still to this day. I mean of the
product was coming from northern California, right, so you know,
are not seventy and only get shot over this, you know,

but a lot of it, you know what I mean?
And so so, but now it's weird though. It's kind
of like, you know, there's these northern brands and they're
they're coming in slowly. There's southern California, but they kind
of skip over Southern California and go straight to Arizona,
just driving past Southern California because allegedly, I mean, who
are kidding along the northern brands that are that big,

especially the black market. But it's so true, and it's
almost like how can how did you get lost blue?
Because you've been in that, growing in that, and what
do you guys think? Like I remember to growing up,
It's like everybody, this is that humble, This is that
humble you could be in l A. You can remember
the Mexican sent Amelia. Look and I can look at
this this model, I can look at the product that

I can look at the car product that about cars
brought in five stars right here, and I bet that
this is a Northern California brand. Probably look at it,
just probably looking at it. I don't know that that's true.
Maybe I'm completely wrong. Maybe you could give me, you know,
well that that product there is a tink shirt Caribbean
mango looks like about how many milligrams of t HC
and four milligrams? Uh? What do you say? CBD three

point seven seven c CBC six point eight four milligrams
c C is uh two point five nine th HC
CBN is three point four two CBG is a hundred everything.
It's got all the cbs as everything. I think, oh

that's per dose. Yeah, that's per dose. But yeah, you
want to the other side. You know what the bottle
is this Southern California. Um that that product I think
is now a statewide brand. What I like about it,
whether you drink coffee, tea, water, you have corn on
the cob, you just apply a little on the top
and ba, boom boom. Problem solved. Yeah. It's actually a

fantastic way to actually, uh, you know, medicate or get.
And I liked a little uh, I like a little
syringe that I got with it. Yeah, it's nice. What
do you like about it? You know? Up syringe. I couldn't.
I remember when those first came out, I could finally

get medicine down my kid's throat. Before that spoon, there
was no way he was opening his mouth that would
go everywhere. And that dropper came in, that little syringe
dropper like squeeze the cheeks and wham you're taking it up.
Was a little a little older for the THC right exactly.

What that's funny though, as you mentioned that, is this
type of product have you seen because seeing that syringe
style quote unquote looks like a normal medicine, which of
course we all up here with think and hope that
cannabis can be looked at as a normal medicine. But
is that the direction which as you point that out, Craig,

that's the first time I've seen now a syringe. That's
why I made the comment that's really cool because docing
is the most important part of any kind of ingestible
or edibles or tinctures. It's the most important part. You know.
The interesting part about this syringe there's no needle on
this sea Well, let's let's let's make it clear for

our listeners. Let's make it clear for our listeners that
the syringe I'm talking about is the plastic one that
you get when you when you get kids, kids tiling all. Well,
I don't know exactly what it's called, but it's like
a plastic syringe that you suck up the tail and
all for kids and then you, you know, surrenge it
in their mind. We're not talking about as don't even

people are thinking when did this? Because I said, this
is the first time I've seen a product with this.
Is this a new direction? And like you say, Craig,
it makes you feel like you have a better dosage,
you have a better understanding. It's really towards the medical field. Now, yeah,
it really is, you know, being being the buyer over
at bud Cars, I see everything coming into the market

today from the edibles, topicals, creams, tinctures and then all
the smokables and it's just fascinating now that art and
science have met, come together, throwing on a lab coat
and actually created very unique and innovative products that you
can control your dosage. Who's the guy that takes the brownie?
One guy is not even high and the other guy's
climbing a trade that the guy next to Craig Craig

doesn't know how much to eat. That's why it doesn't
eat him anymore. It's true. I thought I was gonna die,
That's what I'm Mike didn't even warned me. He gave
me was like five six years ago. He gave me
a bang bar and it was like a triple X.
And before that I was eating a homemade and now
it was a bang bar. We made homemade brownies and
I could eat a whole one and wouldn't do shipp

to me. It was homemade, right, gonna gives me this one? Here,
eat half, Dad, Okay, eat half. Forty minutes later nothing
all eat the other half. And this is a triple X.
But I don't even have no idea how much was
in it. And I literally had to crawl from my
living room to my bedroom and thought I was gonna die,
but knew you weren't, but knew I wasn't. There going
on each people, right, I gotta preach, I gotta hear

what I preach. Don't don't overdose. I want to, but
I'm not going. I will die first. I will die.
I will die from a cannabis overdose before I call
the click. And how do you how do these companies know?
And I don't know if you know this inside because
it's not you or your company. You're just delivering this
and selling it. But when they used that type of
syringe and you said, now we're bringing the science and

the medicine into it, which I'm such a huge proponent of. Right,
I want to be able to be able to say
if I did this amount which has two points something
of th HC and this is the equivalent of four advils, right,
so four And by having that type of unit next
to this, it gives me a thought feel like ship
this looks like it's thought out more? Is it a

thought out more? Do they have something? Because I don't
believe that that type of science has been revealed to
look at the directions? Well, yeah, I'm asking him. I
haven't read the bottle, but I'm just wondering, do you
know if that type of bottle says at two and
fifty pounds take one milligram for this, or wouldn't even
say anything like that. It's about time they do, right.

They don't have the studies to do it, but it's
but it's coming. We have a new job, gentlemen. Yes,
and that's what we know. That syringe it looks like,
take five milligrams and you have. The goodness is you
can you can figure out your own dose. The only
good news is we know the difference of just having
a The only difference is we know that the whole bar.

We didn't know what was in that bar. Now we
can figure it out. So you maybe a five milligram
I might be forty. I know before we went to bed.
I actually ate some of those smokies I have forks.
I know forties my number. Somebody else has ten or
fifteen or twenty, that's their number. So there's no exactly
right dose based don't wait, it's how your body reacts
to it. But at least we know because in the past,
I'm all too. In the past, I ate a bar,

same thing. I had a bar night clips an entire day,
and I have a high tolerance because I didn't know
what was in it. And yeah, I mean now they
tell you that you know per serving per you know
per bar per jar how much is in it. And
I always preach you know, you you can always dose up,
but you can't dose down. So you start with you
start with if you really want to do edibles. You

start with a uh, you know, five milligrams maybe or
two and a half. You wait the whole night. You
have to wait the whole night, and if it might
not work, don't take more the whole night. And if
it doesn't work, next time, you take a little more. Well,
let's go up through some more of these micros, up
through some more of these products here while we're while
we're looking at him here, what do we got here? Clinton,
Smokey's Edibles, cannabis infused. I got a question, though, I

got a good question for you, and this is about
his business as opposed as opposed to one of these products,
which is Smokey's Edibles. Um, how do you do do
all your your vans or cars leave full to the
five thousand dollar capacity? No? For three reasons in particular.

Number one, spoilage, multiple types of spoiliage, but heat, we'll
start with the heat let alone. Theft. Number two, Uh,
the car should only leave with deliveries that have been ordered. Sure,
and when we are last mile logistics, you're delivering the
product directly to the customer. And you don't want a situation,
so you're bait your radius. Then for your delivery services.

What per hub. We try to stay within forty minutes
forty minute radius per hub, So l A will introduce
several hubs to star and then demand will help us
dictate where we open additional locations. So do you does
any of your vehicles have on you know, on the
fly um where you have extra product and on the

fly you fill in order. You're just doing what you
what orders you gots, send them out come back. So
you can't ask a driver, hey, do you have any extras?
Because the rules manifest just so just so you know
what the reason I asked is, which is some people,
you know, the different companies are doing in different ways,
and you can leave the you can have up to

five thousand dollars with a product in your vehicle delivery vehicle,
you can only have up to I think you can
have three thousand on top or is it two and
it's three thousand more than what your pre orders are.
So you could leave with the thousand dollars and orders
and you could put three grand more on the delivery
truck and if you get those ordered on the fly,

then the guy can keep going out there. If he doesn't,
he has to go back. But I'd like your reasoning
why you don't do that? It ensures the freshest and
the best product. And how do you know when you
have over three hundred products, you don't know what the
person is gonna order next. Yeah, there was another company
that was due in that model, and everybody complained that
the quality of the product was dry burned. The sauces

were tripping out the cap shirts hundred and six in
San Fernando Valley, the van, Yeah, and then the concept.
I wonder why are you blaming it on too? It's like,
oh manufactured you guys suck. You know, you had in
your trunk for four hours, you know, burning hot. You
didn't put it, you know, any kind of installation and
other products you see in front of you. What is

that right there? You know, this is a very nice
lemon tree live resin Saucepan. They've started to go to
the next level. The I get too, that's what is
that right there? Who's that from? Farm something? Farms farm
and my friends farm. We love our friends and connect

phockygen too as well. You know our friends have connected
are big down here. We saw him on a billboard yesterday,
This gelato forty one they have, we can't keep it
on the shelf. It's a great product, Blue and I
will be trying this out a little bit later. Our
friends over at Finest they use a lot of just
awesome cuts. We like their products because the customers demanded,

just like our boys here are gone to gold Jeff
and team. They haven't figured out whether you want the sativa,
the Indica, the hybrid, the king, the small. You go
onto one of these things and you go to a
different planet. Sure, speaking of that, we'll be right back
after this break. Welcome back to cannabis talking one oh one.

We got Mr Joe Grande, but even more important, we've
got Clinton and Jeff here. These dudes are big time.
Well don't forget the world famous part. Brothers, I don't famous.
You're sitting next to him and I well, the problem
is here. I want it. I feel hard well. And

then as we were talking to Clinton and you're pointing
out all these great things Blue that he has there.
And then we got to the Gunja Gold, which is Jeff, Jeff,
tell us about your your company. Guns are gold. So
we've been doing this since two thousand and thirteen. Gunja
Gold does not because I say it, but BDS says,
with a number one infused pre role in the market,
and we have for years made of quality pre roles.

We use top of the plants most people in the business.
I like that you said top of the planet. I
don't know why. I don't know why. I had to
put my hand up like that was like, damn, that's
top nine. So people people have never used these, people
say they do. You're open to cut one of our
joints open. I'd love for you cut of the joint
open and cut one of ours open. You'll see what
it is. It's all top of the planets all these
um we finally made a lower end brand because people

have knocked us off. But always just keep when you're
hitting your table always and he's taking care of you.
Over there, here's gounds of gold. See what I see,

what I do my product unbelievable. Here we go, keep
talking about so on top of the plant, on the
top of we use all a's and we we do
things a little differently. So we uh we we roll
our joints differently. Most joints are rolled quite differently than ours.
Most joints are rolled with a knock box for future
roller Um. Frankly, most joints are overground. UM. They'll grind

the joints, they'll uh put them into a knockbox. Um,
they'll sift them. So basically you're smoking stems. They'll take
those joints after they're kind of pounded. So we don't
We don't pound our joints. We roll our joints, um,
just like you roll them at home. You handy stem,
you grind it lightly and you drop into a cone.
That's basically the philosophy of how we roll our joints.
We've always rolled joints like we want to smoke. So

the majority of joints on the market before it came
to Gonji Gold, I started running sales from November of eighteen. Um.
I never smoked a pre roll out of a dispensary
because I always thought and so UM. I actually wouldn't
come to work for him until I saw him open
up a turkey bag and take a's and grinding up
and put into a joint because I said he's full
of ship. I said, there's no way you're taking a
twin to pound docy, grinding up and put into a joint.

And until I saw him, I wouldn't take the gig.
And when I saw they did it and I smoked
the joints, it's true. So what we do differently is this, Um,
we invented a medical grade, no cross contamination rolling machine
that doesn't exist anywhere in the world. The way my
joints are rolled is number one opposed to that knockbox
or future role that overgrinds the weed. Nothing wrong with
those are you know, great devices for their time, but
their time has kind of come. And I would say,

basically that's like Fred Flintstone devices. And what we do
is sort of the Jetsons. And so they overgrind the weed.
They dropped it into a cone. First thing, they've overground it,
they sift it. So you're smoking stems, right, No matter
what you do, doesn't matter how much you grind it,
you're still smoking which takes flavor away. Correct. That's why
that's why people in the business don't smoke pre rolls.

So number one, they've overground it. Number two, they've dropped
it into a cone. Number three they've pounded it. Um.
I don't know if it's appropriate or not, but I
say I treat my women like my weed. I don't
beat them up first, like I treat them nicely. So
the point is they've overground the weed. They've beat it up.
They put into a cone, and then it doesn't burn
right because it's not rolled right. Critical mistake number three
they put into a plastic tube. Here's my science, barely

high school graduate. It takes spaghetti, sauce or sauce put
into a tup ofware. Of what happens. It sticks. Why
plastic is ports. So you put good weed into a
plastic tube the same reason all these beautiful jars and
weed are in glass. Why because the glass doesn't suck turps.
You take this beautiful we put into a plastic tube,
and in nine twenty days, which is what it takes
to really get to market, it turns to average weed.

Most people put average weed in their joints. By the
time you get it to market, it turns to swag.
It's why we won't smoke pre rolls. So mistake number
four we don't make we packing glass. And lastly is
after our joints are ruled, their spun so like you've
been to a carnival rod and it spins you around.
I can't give you the prietary technology without an NDA,
but I can tell you that our joints are spun,

not pounded, and that makes the difference. So um, any
of you can attest that are very very well put together.
Where it makes you go all we should be in glass.
There's some science behind all. Yeah, and and it makes
sense behind it. I mean, like you said, you can't
prove it because there's not enough. Well, we can prove it.
I'll tell you the easy way to prove it, because I'm,
like I said, barely graduate. Here's the way to prove it.

Roll a joint. Take after you get done smoke in
the Trenchila, take and put your joints in a class tube.
Take a couple of those old dube tubes off of
somebody else's joints, put it in, smoke it. After thirty
to sixty days, I'll stop pounding the table and you'll
find out with So there's the science. There's a simple science.
And then lastly, speaking of science, we're very excited. We

invented a second machine, or we had it invented for us.
Also a medical grade company that's doing some work for us.
We're gonna be the doses of joints. I'm gonna be
able to lay a fifty milligram sixty milligram eighty milligram
bead of disolate key th h c A live resin
into the joint in such a way that it won't clogg.
So today most people over infuse their joints on the inside.
They you burn it halfway at cloggs. Ours don't because

obviously they're infused on the outside. But we found a
way to lay a bead in the middle of it
and weel to dose to joint exactly when you say
a bead in the middle of what is that? So
basically what we're gonna do is imagine a very you know,
long thin needle that would lay a bead or or
a small amount of disolate key th h c A
all the way through and do it exactly down the middle,

because the problem is when you mix it through with
the flour and it melts halfway through. That's why your
great joints uh clog. We have friends of ours. I
don't want to say anything about whether they make lovely joints.
They make great hash um and they'll tell you that
they struggle with their hash joints clogging. They're terrific the
first half and then they clogged because it all melts.
So we can lay a bead perfectly down the middle,

which nobody could do. Yet again science, we can actually
dose to join exactly. I can tell you exactly how
much t see I've added to it which allows for
us to have He hit me with the meet George
Jesson Gonjack gold is thing jacting. And you said you
guys won pre role competitions. Um, yeah, we High Time

says we're the number one. Well BDS says we're number
one in the market, and that's not the competition, that's
actually how much gets sold. Um, high Tide says we're
the number one infused prople on the market, and we're
the pre role for people who don't smoke pre roles.
I mean, it looks great, smells great. I opened that up,
but it just smells amazing. Well hopefully smoke. And what
is this one here that this is the King, that's
the King Trench. So that's a two point two ground.

It's basically a baseball bat. Open that up and take
a look at that. He said, it's a baseball Yeah,
so well, thank you for bringing up my past. Guys
just gonna ban everything. The block is out. That's nice.
It does smell amazing if you guys were here with us. Now,
it's in a nice row. This is the one that's

infused on the outside. Is that what I felt on
the outside? I felt that baseball. It's called a tranch
because it looks like a tranch lit legs, you know,
a nice little uh. It's like furry on the outside,
like a tranch. See why you call it. And we
roll our ound keeps. So a lot of people will
buy keef. You wind up having all kinds of plant
matter in it. We'll spend before we grew on weed,
we'd spend two or three dollars a pound on on

the best quality indoor sugar leaf we could find to
roll our own keep. And so that's why it's golden.
You won't see any brown key if you won't see
any plant matter. Um, we just you know, people will
pay for quality. They're all called tranch. That's not just
that bigger that's the king one, because that's just and
this is what it's a regular. That's a regular, right,
So that that's an indoor. Um, the king is an indoor.

My greens are outdoor light depp and my reds are
the first time we've ever used small as in sugar leaf.
So when I tell you we use as, we use
a's that's on top of the plant. This is the
first time we've ever used anything other than ay. And
because we're so proud of what we've done for years,
we put on their small as in sugar leaf because
we don't want them to think it's the same as this.
It's not as high quality. People. Maybe it's an entry level,

just like with I don't like to compared to liquor,
but different liquors that all brands, A lot of the
brands have that different levels of you know, affordability. Our
top knocks, you've got your people who are going to
pay for the top shelf and people who can't afford it,
but you still want to give them a good product.
Now you guys are also in the bug Cars stores
as well. Absolutely that how you guys all you know

kind of met and you know, we have a We
definitely have done a great job with Clinton and really
appreciate his support and I want to come down and
support him. Yeah, I know. We we hear from our listeners,
you know, and our customers every single day, and he's
right about one thing. You know, he's talking about that
top shelf a nug bud that we all like and

appreciate with that glass tip, just the tip, just the tip.
Just I don't get that joke. You take the whole thing,
but you start smoking on those blues. It's that my
big boy Blue's even good on those blues, and it's

the top shelf experience. Yeah, and for that person, I'm
going to call him that entry level connoisseur. They can
smoke on one of those reds, sit at the beach.
You know, I understand that they have experience, but they
got to get that blue one to get the right
gold located. Where do you guys? Processing? You were based
in in Oakland? Uh, and we are a multitate operators.

So we just signed a deal in Vegas, Detroit. I'm
actually going to Oklahoma all night. Did you sign it?
Did you? Did you uh sign a deal with that
that table slapping you do? I mean, that's just like
I want to I want to just add knocker Jeff. Second,
we just got a deal here on this table today.

He's got this is he's a big guy, guys, he's
from the East Coast. He doesn't get it, doesn't learn
too quickly. We still like him a lot. It's a
great guy, this guy, but don't let him hit you off. Yeah,
don't get in front of him, and don't keep talking
to and smack. You've got a heavy hand, so you'll
see it my way. I heard your story as you

talked to Ganja Gold and said, they need to be this,
They needed to be that. They're using the top show.
What led you into getting into cannabis and leaving the
sales like that? What let me into it was early
in two thousand eight banking and blowing up and losing
all my money and realizing that I was miserable. I
went to work for retail ran Us ran a number
of companies, but Chase Private Client did a lot in

banking and was not happy. UM had a failed grow
in two thousand seventeen. Didn't fail. I just got a licensing,
got it all together, and my investors failed in by
the building, and my wife looked at me and said,
you've better find a job. Is enough enough? And so
I went to work for Gonjold in two thousand eighteen.
UM they wanted to hire me. I told you a

story about not being willing to work for them. Until
I believed in what they did. I had to see
it for myself because I really wouldn't smoke a pre role.
I saw it, I believed in it. I thought they
had a quality product. Um, when I came aboard two
thousand eighteen, we're in about a hundred stores. We're in
about four hundred stores. I for X the company, we're
doing two and a half million. We're probably doing ten
this year. And as a thank you, they're allowing me

to take it to other states. So we're gonna do
licensing deals, um, all over the country, maybe all over
the world. So, so are you a part owner now
or just what I own? A very small amount of
gun of gold here, just a little bit equity for
having worked hard and now Oklahoma will be my own
fantastic packing up the wagon. Yeah, more to hard. You know,
sweat equity. Man, just put my sweat equity and now

you own some of It's that's it awesome. I love
these type of stories. That's a fantastic thing. So you know, um,
I've known Clinton for how many years now? Twenty years?
Twenty years and you still admitted Yeah, a lot of
good times, a lot of good kind of feels like
we've known each other for thirty damn, it's a lot older. Yeah, yes,

you are older. I'm living in dog years. It's been
five years now, it seems like thirty years. Yeah. Now,
So it's been good. You know, I'm happy to see
a growth of everything that you've done, you know, Mr Walker,
and with bug cars Um. To me, this is fantastic
and scornful circle. We've seen each other, you know, back
in the black market days and watching all the craziness

go on from cannabis to rap music to entertainment and
and being you know, involved in that, and then now
seeing your success and I've seen you have so many
different successful I mean, you're a great operator in all
the businesses you did. Like I said, he signed my checks.
When we were at West Coast Customs. I watched uh,
you know, build the TV shows on American x UM. Yeah, yeah,

we created all these sounds yea x yeah, it was
it was badass. We've we've done some some amazing things
together and I've just consistently always seen you win and
your venture. So I'm proud of you. Man. It's a
blessing to have you on the show. Um. And with
that we'll be right back after this break. Welcome back

to Cannabis Talk one on one. It's going down live
right here. We're Bud Cars and Ganza Gold. We got
these amazing pre roles. These things are awesome and listen,
it's time for our world famous High five. Oh yes,
you guys, We're gonna ask you five questions you need
to answer. Honestly, We're gonna go one lady at a time,

So don't sit there and we're step on each other.
You know. I'm gonna ask one and the first question
will go to you Clinton of Bud Cars, and then
Jeff of Gonja Gold you'll answer seconds. Okay, So we're
just gonna go in that order. As we say the questions,
get ready to answer the question number one, starting with
you Clinton, a Bud Cars of the High five. How

old are you the first time you smoked weed? And
where'd you get it? From? Sixteen years old? It was
four twenty in the afternoon and San rafell, California. I mean,
how ironic that you get to do something like that
at sixteen at four twenty four twenty, even like the
thing it actually started in Santra fell in n four

by the wall Doze right, So then you guys are
already hit to it going, Okay, I was at that
high school just half you can cover. We actually cover
that story, so we're very familiar with it. That is
so random that you were there, all right, Jeff from
You're both answered the same question each time. Sanfan in

the valley and you're kidding me. Both of you guys
are from the San Did you guys know San Rafel,
Santra Fell, and Fernando. I moved from New York to
southern California, went to Birmingham High School and that was
it since I hit the hit the ground, found weed
and fell in love. Nice number two because number two,
what is your favorite way to use cannabis? Joint? All day,

all day with the with the glass tip. You know,
I hate to give the same answer, but I can't
help this. I do because they're good joints, but also
because that's very accessible. They happen to be right there
for you. So he sure my favorite ones? Why because
they're right there? They're great? And the right question. Number

three of the high five with Bud Cars, Clinton Walker
and Gonza Gold, craziest place you've ever used or smoked cannabis?
Craziest place inside of the Jackson Hole Wyoming gondola. That's
a decent one's tell about what were we doing that?
What does that? What does that mean? Steep and deep

Jackson Hole lower skiing. Yeah, that's how we were all.
That's awesome. That sounds like a good time. That sounds
like a great time. Jeff, the same question to here
in Orchard Field in Thailand, the Highland. That's like illegal
in Thailand, right, super illegal, but just really cool. Guys.

Was we're doing the tour, they were smoking the middle field,
they were on break. My guy said you shouldn't go
over there and smoke with them. I was like, yeah, whatever,
and what do you mean they got weed? I'm coming over.
It's like you will go to jail for life. Friend
is a friend indeed? Yes. Question number four the High
five with Clinton from Bud Cars and Jeff from Ganda

Gold Number four, What did your go to munchies after
you get high pizza with what on it is? Hawaiian style?
Hawaiian style style, don't forget the ranch. You're a little
fat guy at heart, like Racha to line somewhere like
in my neighborhood. If you if you ordered ranch with

your pizza, or they just would ask you not to
come back. Can't you have pineapple? But you're not welcome here?
Don't come back. Hey, not even the pizza parlo will
let you do it. Jeff, what's your go too? Munchies?
Go too? Munches has to be uh these days? Just
what am I? He's nuts? You're eating nuts? Ain't smoking

this long? I mean, I personally don't get the much.
I think the problem is people. People get the munches,
they come down. I just try not to come down.
They're just micro dose all day. Yeah, I never really
get the munches up and a lot of Jeff, I
saw you in the parking lot. You were not micro doing.
That was fully dozing, dude. That was He got a trantula,

one of my favorite. Yeah, he's a fat boy at heart.
If you could smoke with anyone dead or alive, would
it be besides me? Jimmy Hendrix Jimmy, Yeah, I would
just love to sit there and get high and just
listening to play the national anthem. I just loved hearing
him just ripped that national anthem. I don't know why

there's so many great songs, but when he ripped that
national anthem. It's just stuck to my head forever. What
about you, Jeff? I think it would be my old man,
because I spoke with the second person I ever spoke
with was my father. Never drank but smoke weed. And
if he would see what I've done with that, you know,
he didn't turn into it. They're like, well maybe a
little bit, but but turned it into something viable. I
think he'd be Oh, I'm sure he's up there, proudest

can be. Jeff. Yeah, So listen. You know, first of all,
you know, Jeff, it's a pleasure to have you on
the show. Um, you know your product, it is a
superior product. It does have a lot of quality to
I did smoke one out in the parking lot, and
I'm gonna give it the absolute thumbs up. Really, I

don't smoke like he said. I mean, maybe being a
similar age is smoking for forty years, smoking a lot
of joints. That's how I smoke. I don't smoke pre rolls.
And the only other pre roles I've ever smoked were
my kids West Coast here and any other pre roles
that I've seen. For the most part, I'll crunch them
up in my hand. And they'll just be nasty at fuck,
and just they smell. I don't know what the funk

they put in them. And I told i'd be honest.
I'd be honest after I smoked it, and that thing
smoked like perfectly down to the nub, like if it
was hand rolled, and he smoked it himself, probably better
than the whole thing by himself. It's just crazy because
I'm not gonna lie either. Craig wouldn't say about your product.
But for Craig to actually say that about you, that's

how I know it's really good. I say exactly. He
just won't say anyone. He will will throw you under
the bus. I will. He won't say ship, he won't
say He'll just be of respect, you know, you know
he under the feelings will be like I'm I'm mocking
the lie, but I'm not gonna I'm not. I'm not
doing a show on you know what's the best the critics.

We just did a drink the other day. We were
nervous because we did it live, going do this commercial drive,
and we're all kind of nervous amongst each other, going, okay,
we're all gonna acause we hadn't wait to pop the top.
We all gotta like it, but it was the best
and then afterwards like, no, this is really good. So
my point is you gotta try this, folks, if you're

out there listening, because Craig Washerman, that old man, it
was almost rooms, you know, you know, okay, and going
over to Clinton from Bud Cars man, listen, you know
what I've seen you do. And I'm so excited to
watch this roll out in THEO l A. And you've
got our support one million percent. We're gonna we're gonna
push this thing through through the you know, the the world,

but that means the world. Los Angeles is our hometown
and we've got a lot of support here, so you know,
we're we're gonna do everything we can to help cross
promote this thing and blow it up even further. Um,
tell us you know anything else before we get out
of here, just you know where to go or to
find it if anything else you want to plug that
we didn't cover. You know, bud cars dot Com, just

like it sounds, is going to be the best place
to start picking out your menu. We're gonna be rolling
out a series of kiosks as well throughout the local
community and the wasserm and Pop brothers in law are
gonna help us navigate the paper. You got it, You
got it if you want it done right and do
it with the boys. You go, you go. Well, there
it is guys, it's Cannabis Talk one on one. Remember this.

If no one else loves you, we do. Thanks for
listening to another podcast of Cannabis Talk one oh one,
the world's number one source for everything cannabis, featuring owners
of Bud Cars and Gonja Gold with their award winning
top notch pre rolls
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