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Louisville Comes to Settlement With Breonna Taylor's Family Over Police Shooting - The Daily Dive

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A massive 12 million dollar settlement has been reached between the city of Louisville and the family of Breonna Taylor who was killed during a no-knock raid by police back in march. What is eyebrow raising is that the settlement also includes police reforms to be implemented. Tim Craig, national reporter for The Washington Post has the details. 

Then, as the AstraZeneca trials for a COVID-19 vaccine hit a snag, the debate resumes as to whether the guard rails and safety protocols worked as intended or proof that we’re moving too fast in quest to return to normalcy prior to the pandemic. Liz Szabo, senior correspondent at Kaiser Health News will update us on the status of the trials and what any setback may mean.   

And finally, as wildfires continue to rage out west and President Trump met with California officials; the debate intensified as to what role if any, the federal government should play in the fight against climate change. Brady Dennis, Environmental Policy and Public Health Issues Reporter for The Washington Post will bring us the latest.

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