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Oracle Outbids Microsoft for TikTok's US Operations - The Daily Dive

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Oracle may have won the bidding war over TikTok, or at least that’s what is being reported; although few specifics are being given. That’s important because it remains unclear whether the sale will be enough to avert the ban on operating in the U.S. threatened by President Trump. Axios Technology editor Kyle Daly joins us to provide insight on what happens next.

Then, as fires rage largely out of control in California and Oregon, it’s good news/bad news with the strong winds which both aid in improving air quality and assist in further spreading the flames. Thomas Fuller, San Francisco Bureau Chief for the New York Times will have an update on the fires and the prospect of further federal intervention.

And finally, as the U.S. approaches 200k deaths and millions more hospitalized in the fight against COVID19, the bill is coming due, much to the surprise of many under the belief that COVID-19 treatment would be paid for by the federal government. Robbie Whelan, correspondent for the Wall Street Journal will break down who is responsible for which costs and to what degree.

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