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June 1, 2024 10 mins

This is your pop culture for S7 E10 “Merry Fisticuffs.”

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
I am all in.

Speaker 2 (00:07):
I am all in with Scott Patterson an iHeartRadio podcast.

Speaker 3 (00:20):
Hey everybody, Scott Patterson, I am all in Podcast one
eleven productions. iHeartRadio, iHeart Media, iHeart podcast. Pop Culture, Season seven,
Episode ten, Mary Fisticuffs. I am joined by my Intrepid Cruisers.

Speaker 4 (00:33):
And French Terroristud but Daniel roma Amy Sugarman, and I
believe Amy has.

Speaker 5 (00:40):
Never Never have I been more excited for the pop
culture episode versus the you know us talking about the episode.
Sure until now, send me later. I'm actually this one
time I'm more excited about pop.

Speaker 4 (00:54):
Culture then I will allow you.

Speaker 1 (00:57):
To live to be.

Speaker 5 (00:59):
Emily is introducing to her wedding planner Randall, who I
did not care for. I apologize for her tardiness. It's
rather habitual. Oh stop, you're talking to an opera man.
I've worked with Renee Fleming the personality of a pitbull
that one. But all's forgiven when she sings, am I right,
Renee Fleming is how about my accent? Renee Fleming is
a soap opera. Sorry, Renee f dist I thought I

was watching it. Told her, Renee Fleming is a soap
opera singer Renee Frett Fleming is a soprano opera singer.
Her major break him in eighty eight, when she won
the Metropolitan Opera Auditions at age twenty nine. Did you know?
Renee has recorded songs for the soundtracks of several films,
including Academy Award winner The Shape of Water and The

Lord of the Rings The Return of the King.

Speaker 1 (01:44):
M wow uh, Danielle all right?

Speaker 6 (01:49):
Liz brings over her new baby girl to Luke Steiner,
and Liz says she's really strong too. She takes after TJ.
He's really strong, you know. We've been watching Survivors sometimes,
you know, and he does the child just you know,
like standing on one leg or dragging the sandbags around,
and he lasts longer than the other guys on the show.

Speaker 5 (02:06):
Knows too many and knows.

Speaker 6 (02:08):
She knows many of those I did too. She probably
says them better about it. Yeahah. Survivor is a reality
competition series hosted by Jeff Propes. It was released in
two thousand and has run for forty six seasons. Crazy
Did you know that the Survivor China reunion show, a
contestant told the producers that she had been demoted to

a janitor from a lunch lady due to the distraction
she was to students from her appearance on the show.
Because of her misfortune, she was awarded five fifty thousand
dollars from Mark Burnett. This contestant later recanted her story
after the school district stated she had taken the custodial
position before appearing on the show, which led the contestants

to donate Gosh the fifty thousand dollars to check.

Speaker 1 (02:52):
Oh my Gosh.

Speaker 7 (02:54):
Randall is going over some ideas with Emily and Laurali
for the wedding party. Lourai says, what about in stead
of love Boem? We took our inspiration from Rent, East
Village nineteen eighty five, rickety tables, chipped away glassware. Love
Boem is an opera composed by Jacomo Puccini, and Rent
is a Broadway musical written by Jonathan Larson And did

you Know Ren is loosely based on La Boem.

Speaker 8 (03:21):
And Wayne Willcox was in Rent the movie Yeah. Lorale
I accepts a call from Rory while wedding planning. Emily says,
that's my granddaughter, Rory. Delightful girl. She's a senior at Yale.
Randall says yeah, fantastic theater program. Meryl Jody Meryl Streep
is a three time Oscar winning actress. Her breakthrough role

was her first Oscar win when she played Joanna and
Kramer Versus Kramer alongside Dustin Hoffman. Jody Foster is also
an award winning actress, beginning her professional career as a
child model and teen idol in various Disney films, including
Freaky Friday.

Speaker 5 (03:57):
I remember my water skiing the water skiing in Freaky Yeah,
Like it's such an old timey water skiing scene.

Speaker 4 (04:07):
Jodi Foster did all this before Taxi.

Speaker 5 (04:10):
Driver Freaky She was like a teenager and I actually
think they switched back during the water ski.

Speaker 4 (04:17):
Oh No, she did a taxi driver and it made
her a star, and she did all this stuff after that.

Speaker 5 (04:22):
Yeah, Freaky Friday was like after she was a teenager.

Speaker 8 (04:25):
The two actresses both studied at Yale, Merrill earning herself
a Master of Fine Arts degree and Jody majored in
African American literature and later earned herself an honorary Doctor
of Fine Arts degree. Did you know? As a child
Jody Foster was attacked by a lion and was carried
briefly in its mouth while filming her first movie role
for Disney's Napoleon and Samantha. She recounted the story earlier

this year on The Graham Norton Show.

Speaker 1 (04:52):
To try to tap that one.

Speaker 5 (04:57):
So Lucy in the cafeteria at Yale, this is when
the purse scene was Lucy says, I would give you
a proper hug, but my pockets are full of apple jacks.

Speaker 8 (05:04):
I have an art history.

Speaker 5 (05:06):
I have art history in a few minutes, and my
professor sounds like Garrison Keeler on Kuailude. So I need
a constant intake of sugar just to stay awake. Garrison
Keeler is a voice actor, author, and radio personality. He's
best known for his public radio programs A Prairie Home
Companion and The Writer's Almanac. Did You Know? He considers
himself a loner and prefers to not make eye contact

with people. Though not diagnosed, he also considers him to
be on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. Now,
I could have enjoyed more information about apple jacks.

Speaker 1 (05:37):
But that's okay.

Speaker 6 (05:40):
I did like apple jacks. Laura and Christopher are at
the wedding venue and Randall is curious what kind of
music they want. Randall says, have you made a list
of your favorite music? Laura Li says, no, listen necessary,
It's going to be Burt Bacharak and nothing but Burt backerak.
It was a songwriter, composer, and record producer and collaborative
collaborated with lyricist How David. His known songs include I

Say a Little Prayer, I Love that.

Speaker 1 (06:08):
Yeah, he wrote a million hits.

Speaker 6 (06:11):
Walk on By. They longed to be close to you.
Did you know Bert was married?

Speaker 5 (06:16):
For just like me, they longed to be like the Carpenters,
So that that wasn't my best rendition.

Speaker 1 (06:28):
It was pretty good, pretty good.

Speaker 5 (06:30):
Lower into more of a Karen Carpenter, just like me.

Speaker 4 (06:44):
I think I'm gonna take this Joker thing because I'm
a big Steve Miller.

Speaker 5 (06:47):
We'll call me Mary's.

Speaker 4 (06:50):
The Joker by Steve Miller Band by Steve Miller Band
plays in the background of the bar that Christopher's in
And we speculated on what that that cost. The production
must have been a pretty penny. The Joker is a
nineteen seventy three hit song recorded by the Steve Miller Band.

Speaker 1 (07:07):
Did you know Miller.

Speaker 4 (07:08):
Miller borrowed from the nineteen fifty four hit song Lovey
dove would Share.

Speaker 8 (07:14):
W love W lovey dovey all the time.

Speaker 1 (07:16):
The cutest thing I ever did see.

Speaker 4 (07:17):
I Really love your peaches, want to Shake your Tree,
lovey W lovey W lovey W all the Time.

Speaker 1 (07:22):
He's also famous for Oh but it's the same song
I'm a Midnight.

Speaker 5 (07:29):
Yeah. But the Steve Miller Band had a lot of
good hits. Oh yeah, a personal favorite, Abra Abra could
abra remember that one? Jotting grab you.

Speaker 4 (07:39):
Boom boom boom boom boom boom.

Speaker 8 (07:43):
Boom, Fly like an eagle.

Speaker 1 (07:46):
Oh sorry, oh yes.

Speaker 5 (07:48):
Fly like Yeah, there's a million.

Speaker 1 (07:51):
We could go on the ring.

Speaker 8 (07:52):
They're still touring.

Speaker 1 (07:54):
They are still tory, aren't they.

Speaker 4 (07:56):
Yeah, okay, all right, so next episode, season seven, episode eleven.

Speaker 5 (08:02):
Take the money and run. Remember that one.

Speaker 4 (08:04):
There you go, Steve Miller Man lots of hits, and
that's going to wrap it up for us here in
the studio, in our own little personal studios in our homes.

Speaker 1 (08:18):
Thank you, ladies, Amy Tara.

Speaker 5 (08:21):
Doing a deep Steve Miller Band songs and fucking me baby.
Remember there's so many, there's so many.

Speaker 4 (08:33):
Who do you think should open for whom? Steve Miller
opens for Burt Backreck, Burt back Miller.

Speaker 5 (08:39):
I think we're gonna have to go with Burt Backrack
opening because the Steve Millerman would be like more of
a high. It's a little faster.

Speaker 1 (08:47):
I don't know. That's a tough one.

Speaker 5 (08:49):
Rack is, like you know, was a legend, still is musical,
lives on truth.

Speaker 4 (08:57):
Sorry, sorry anyway, We will see you next time. Kids,
Thanks for the downloads, best fans on planet Earth, and
remember uh it five stars.

Speaker 1 (09:14):
And I am all and give us five stars? What
give us?

Speaker 5 (09:19):
Fun gives five stars? Give us five stars on the reviews.

Speaker 4 (09:21):
We could use some do some don't. That's okay. You
can give us seventeen stars. It doesn't matter, you know.
Go go smoke a bone and listen to Steve Miller.
Give us twenty five thousand stars, and then eat everything
out of your refrigerator just like you used to do
in the seventies.

Speaker 1 (09:39):
Man, I'm about to do anyway.

Speaker 4 (09:42):
So all the best, love you guys, always a good
time and uh we'll see you next time.

Speaker 1 (09:48):
Stay safe, hey

Speaker 4 (10:17):
Everybody, and don't forget follow us on Instagram at I
am all In podcast and email us at Gilmore at
iHeartRadio dot com.
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