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Astral Plane - Insider's Guide to The Other Side

Insider's Guide to The Other Side

Can you imagine hopping on a plane you cannot see, riding it through an invisible sky, taking it to the places and people you're longing to connect to? 

Between the mental and spiritual layers of our world lies the Astral Plane - a place you can weave in and out of intentionally and subconsciously to work out all kinds of issues and experiences you are having here on Earth. The Astral Plane is not just a ride accessible to only mystics and shamans. It is available to us all, through energy practices and dream-states. 

You may already be aware of or practice this travel consciously, or perhaps you've heard about these occurrences being described as out-of-body or near-death experiences. Tune in and join spiritual travel agents Julie and Brenda and discover how humans and spirits navigate this multi-layered realm with support, guidance, and blessings from the Other Side. 

Today, traveling on a plane takes on a whole new meaning...

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Astral Plane - Insider's Guide to The Other Side