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4. From ‘The Hangover’ to Criminal Justice Reform — Scott Budnick’s Hiatus from Hollywood to Put His Mark on the World

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We need more Scott Budnicks in the world. Try to imagine what he did: being at the top of the Hollywood game—one of the most aspirational in the world—to quit and start a revolutionary nonprofit organization, the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, so you can focus your energy and influence on criminal justice reform. And then find your way back behind the camera in order to tell stories that shift mindsets and create movements. You’ll also hear about his almost two-decade long partnership with legendary director and writer Todd Phillips, as well as, one of the funniest behind-the-scenes stories from “The Hangover” that we’ve ever heard. John is joined by Janelle Jokes ( to discuss the episode and to talk about her two favorite things. Pre-order my book, “A Practical Way to Get Rich … and Die Trying” now at any online bookseller: If you’re liking the show, please subscribe, review and share! See you next Monday with Mario Lopez! Stay safe xx Learn more about your ad-choices at
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