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Keenan Beasley is a business powerhouse! Before entering the entrepreneur space, Keenan served as Vice President of Marketing at L’Oreal, Associate Director of Reckitt Benckiser, and Brand Manager at Proctor & Gamble. 

He currently serves as the CEO of Supply Factory Brands, President of Venture Noire (a non-profit), CEO of Kukua Corp, a global cannabis business and Infinite Looks, a textured hair care company, and is the co-founder of BLKBOX, a creative agency in New York City, whose multinational clients include Samsung and Diageo.

Keenan talks about his journey from the military to becoming a football player to entering the entrepreneur space. The development of his cosmetic line Sunday II Sunday. The value of listening to your clients/community to benefit your entrepreneur endeavors. He even shares his philosophy on how he sees capital. 

If you ever wanted to poke the brain of a multi-faceted businessman, this is the episode for you. 

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Ask an Expert: Keenan Beasley   - Money Moves Powered By Greenwood