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Kim Kardashian has taped her final episode of the reality show, but things didn’t end the way some had hoped. Vicki Gunvalson is coming after all the other “Housewives.” Meghan Markle relied on her dogs to get her through 2020.  Rob is joined by his dear pal Garrett Vogel from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show with all the scoop.

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Speaker 1 (00:08):
Sable Advice Shoot Rob onto the North Eva nice Now
I'm Rob Shoots. So joining us on Friday, by surprise
is our friend Garrett Virgel from C one hundred. Garrett,
are you there surprised? So we had technical issues on Monday. Garrett.

Garrett's normal day is Monday, but today's Corey's birthday. Happy birthday,
core So he's he's often a way. So Garrett said
he would jump in today. Have you been my friend?
I'm great? And you know what before we jump into it,
and I know it's Friday, and we're excited. We got
we got a great show mind up for you. I
just want to thank you for listening it well YouTube

crob shooter, but as you listen to this that you
listen to our voices, we want to thank you because
though we cannot see you, we hear you, and we
just want to say thank you for listening because you're
doing some great things for this year right here and
it means the world to us, and we can't do
anything but say thank you, so gosh, bless you. I

absolutely agree, amen, Garrett. On time? Is it? It is Friday,
It's Friday, t different the same every single day. It's
always hot, It's always delicious here on the Naughty but
Nisha it's a big exclusive. At the top of the show.
Kim Kardashian was feeling pressured to leave Kanye West on

the final episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Let
me explain. Explain. So, Kimmer's taped the final episode. The
trailer is out now. It's going to be on either
very last season coming up very soon. When she was taping,
she was feeling pressure to go out with a bang.

Sources tell me that all this pressure wanted her basically
to announce she was going to get divorced on the
very very last scene of the very very last episode.
We've seen everything of this family's life on this show,
the sex tape, the marriages, the babies, the divorces. Would
it be wise to end the season with literally a

big bang? What do you think? She started her career
in the reality show with a big bang, so she
might as well end it with a big bang. Kim
surprisingly decided not to do it. So my sources tell
me who have been around Kim, who some have been
on the set, that it actually ends more with a
whimper than a bang. It's very emotionally, it's a very

very cathartic ending. I'm told it's actually a very beautiful
ending of the show. It's all done now, so it's edited,
it's been filmed. It's not live. That show is filmed
months months, months in advance, so it's all in the can.
It's ready to go. I'm told it's a beautiful ending. Now.
We've made fun of the Kardashians over all these years,
fifteen spinoffs from one show. Will you miss will you

miss them? You know? I think over time, like eventually,
you know, once the last show is over, Rob Shooter,
I think we'll go, We'll take up a deep breath,
you go, And then next week we're like, why is
it so quiet around here? Where is everybody? What's everybody? Why?
We've got so used to them after a decade. Over

a decade, you do get used to people as thinking
of our own lives. And I have a friend, I
have many friends who are terribly annoying, like they're the
kim of my life. But I had saw them, but
but Nate, when they're a little too quiet, I sort
of really miss them. And I don't want to be
that friend who just always loves the drama. But I'm
afraid I think I am with certain people. Not all

my friends. I have kind of like, actually a very
lovely group of friends. I'm very, very lucky, but I
do have one or two that are scattered in their
garrett that are a little bit dramatic, and I do
enjoy their Do you have friends like that? Oh? Well,
I think we all do. We all have that one
friend you know that it's like, okay, well they're around
here just to keep us all entertained when things get boring.

Uh you know, but they're also very annoying. Uh So, yeah,
I think we all have that around our lives in
some form of capacity. Maybe not to the extent of
the Kardashians, but close enough where we can go. Yeah,
you're you would be on the Kardashians if if they
lost you know, all their family members and needed someone
to fill in on the show. It's amazing how attached

to these TV people we get. I'm still missing Cafee Lee,
I know from the Today Show when she left that
I'm still missing Regious. I know you were really close
to him, So you becomes so attached to these people.
A pole question of the day is Kim felt pressured
to leave Kanye West on the very last episode of
Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Should she do it? Should

she have left him on the last episode? Go vote
on our Twitter page at naughty Nice rob facebook page
is naughty. I'm be sure to check back on Monday
to hear your results. What are you working on that? Yes?
And by the way, that poll should be do you
feel that mom pressure? I didn't say. I think we
know who was pressuring her. Come on, Robs, you all right,

let's talk a little housewives here. So Vicky g all right,
we all know her. She's from the Housewives of Orange County.
She's been there since day one, fourteen years if you
think about it, since the inception of the Whole Housewives phenomena.
So she was on the Velvet Rope podcast kind of
throwing shade at the rest of the housewives, saying, everybody

should be thankful for what I've pretty much started, because
without me they wouldn't have a damn job. You can
argue yes or no, but she Vicky feels like she
has has done service for She's paved the way for
all the housewives after her. She even threw some shade
at Lisa A Wrenna. But Lisa Wrenna, you know, could
argue is the bigger star. Maybe. Um So it's interesting though,

and you've been around many of housewives, do they all
feel like they're the reason why they put the housewives
on the map? Absolutely every one of them. When you're
with Bethany, Bethanie thinks she invented housewives. When you're with
Nni Neni feels she invented housewives. Do you know the
one that doesn't Lisa Arenna. I used to work for
Lisa Wrenna. I was Lisa's publicist and she nearly got

the Kelly Ripper job. I used to go with Lisa
to live every day. Kathie Lee had left and it
got down to Lisa Renner and Kelly Ripper, and we
know who got the job. But Lisa Rerenna is actually
really cool. I worked for a lot of celebrities that
were not that nice. Lisa is a really cool person.
Lisa hit the ground running though, because she had more

star power when she joined the show, and these other
ladies who really were housewives in the very beginning. Do
you think everybody owes you a thank you? So for
every podcast on gossip moving forward? Do they owe rob
shoot us something? Oh? I don't think they do. I mean,
you do want to remember the people who have paid

the way. You certainly do want to do that, and
I think you want to put a good sense of history.
But do you expect people to keep being grateful, not
grateful but maybe appreciative maybe where it's not like I'm
not saying you need to be bowed down to, but
you also shouldn't walk around going hey, remember me, Like
if you have to say that you know about yourself,

it really shows who you are as a person, because
if you can't just like, hey, show me respect and
and it not just be like a common, unknown spoken thing.
I don't know, it's weird, it's it's it's just to
think that like without me, that you know, without Andy Cohen,
you wouldn't be anything pretty much, you know what. I like?
Andy two is part of a team that created it

wasn't just Andy's idea, is a whole producing team. What
really happened here is there was an event. There was
a big event that Vicky was at and she felt
as if she wasn't the center and nobody was paying
her that much. Then deference and upset her. I think
to a lot of events to where they're not your moment.
It's okay, everybody doesn't have to kiss the ring. I
think Vick is hurt here because her days on that

show are done. But you grew up in the mentality
of once you're in there, and if you get settled
and you're like, Okay, life is gonna be fine. I'm
just gonna do this. There's someone out there that's always
gunning for your job, you know what I mean. Like,
and I'm not saying you need to always have your
your guard up, but you should always realize in the

back of your head there is a four year old
right now that's out there that eventually wants to come
out and try to take you. So if you don't
stay on top of your game, you're you're you're asking
just to you know, step aside eventually. But you know
what I love about you. We were talking about that
the Housewives and talking about, you know, making it about
them when it's not there. For a moment. They were

at Andy Cohen's kids baby shower. A baby shower. It
wasn't even about Andy what it was about the house
It was about a baby that all this went down,
Lisa got on the table and twerked, God bless her.
Maybe not the place, although the baby wasn't there, Technically
it was the shower. Moving on. So Wendy Williams is
slamming Anna Winter. Anna Winter is the very powerful editor

of Vogue magazine, probably the most powerful person in fashion
here in America. So Anna was at an event, Wendy
was there too, and Anna allegedly snubbed Wendy Williams. Wendy
was talking to me about it and said she thinks
it's because Wendy has made fun of Anna's hair do
in the past. Wendy girls are to say that she

doesn't love Adda's hair, but she doesn't believe that you
always have to follow what the magazines or the critics say.
If you want to wear your hair one way, do it.
If you don't, don't. She went on to say that
Anna thinks she's so cool and she's so Hollywood, but
she probably is not very happy with her real life.
Wendy also added to the Barbara Walters snubbed her at

the event as well, do you in then the people
Garrett who have snubbed you? Yes, yes, No, it's you do,
but it's it's a matter of do you do anything
about it, Like do you take the high road and
move on? But you keep it followed away just when
you know they come asking for something and you're like, well,

they treated me wrong in the past. But yeah, no,
I think we all do to a degree. Like it's
you know, if you let it go, you're definitely a
saint thing, go straight to heaven and right through the
front doors, fast past style. Um, but yeah no, and
I'm sure you maybe back then you have become much
nicer over the years or ub Shooter almost thinks like,

but you've had to have those people of your past.
You're like, yeah, you've done me wrong. I don't expect anything.
I never have, maybe because I'm such a working class
kid from an industrial town, a little town in Britain.
I don't really expect anybody to pay me any attention.
So when I go into situations expecting to be nord
if a way to say hello to me, I'm absolutely thrilled.

Let me tell you some gossip about Anna Winton. So
when I was a publicist, I'd have to call Vogue
magazine all the time to talk about my clients and
some of them they liked, and some of them they didn't,
and they made it perfectly obvious right away. So get this.
I used to work for Jessica Simpson, Anna Winter, and
Vogue would not touch Jessica. They didn't think she was

the Vogue girl. I used to beg them checking off
the scene. Never happened. Maybe they could have heard Jessica,
they wouldn't have just because they didn't like reality stars.
You're never gonna see Teresa Judici on the cover of Vogue.
Also too, in my office, I didn't work on her personally,
but Charlie, who worked in my office, he represented Rachel Ray,
and when Rachel launched her TV show, Charlie was pushing

to get her a ton of press. Vogue doesn't like
Rachel Ray. It was impossible to get Rachel a cover.
Alicia Keys. I used to work for Alicia Keys. I
thought she would be the perfect fit for Vogue because
she's smart, she sufficient. They didn't want Alicia Keys. Isn't
that interest? Then? You know? I know you're being a publicist.
Your job is to fight for your client and get
them the best and maximize their possibilities. But Rachel Ray,

I think though can you imagine putting Rachel in a
ball gun in the kitchen with a frying panet be hilarious.
I think now it would work. Rachel Ray twenty almost
twenty years ago. Fifteen years ago, it was so new
that it would like you would have to really you'd
be taking a chance, almost as if like putting a
reality show star out there. You know, you'd be taking

a chance where you think your readers are the sophisticated people,
but in reality, it's it's you and I and you
know people that are that are sitting in a doctor's
offices waiting for appointments, reading the magazine. It's not all
just you know, people doing crossword puzzles in the New
York Times, reading reading your your publication, reading Vogue. So

you know, it's it's interesting just to get the other
side of it, Like why won't I put Rachel Ray?
Wouldn't do? Wouldn't do? I'm a big fan of high
and low I really am. Like I like The York Times,
so I also loved The New York Post. I like
myself The Bachelorette, but I also love sixty Minutes. So
I mixed my sort of high and low brow culture together.
Vogue does not look if you look at the covers

of Vogue, it's so interesting because everybody wants to do it.
They're they're not telling the truth if they pretend they don't.
Everybody wants to be on the cover of that magazine.
I look at that, I don't want to do I'd
love to do it, but look at the covers and
you'll be surprised of who is missing. What's going on
with Jeopardy? All right, well we're talking about a mix
of shows. Let's talk about Jeopardy. So first, Ken Jennings,

I don't know, he's still mixed emotions for me as
a whope. Ratings are good ratings, but the person I
think the personality, it's it's very very dry. Alex kind
of like had a little pep to the step, you
know when giving giving the question and the answer can
feel to me it feels just like I'm going to
read what's on the card and just maybe try to

crack a joke, but like a dad joke. But let's
talk about last night. So, uh, this is what threw
Twitter into a frenzy. So the contestants were answering a question,
had a question for two thousand dollars, and this is
what I love. It was a picture. I love pictures because,
especially on Jeopardy, it makes much unless it's like a

science question where it's like, you know, P two equals
blah blah blah, I wouldn't get it. But it was
a question, and right in our wheelhouse, it was a picture,
and the question went like this. With the picture, this
comedian displayed his drama Chops in A Star is Born,
playing Bradley Cooper's long time the picture Dave Chappelle, and

you would have been right. You would have won two
thousand dollars right there. None of the contestants got it right.
And the interesting thing if you watched the clip, you'll
hear Ken Jennings go, it's Dave Chapelle like almost almost
like when your friends like you you're idiot, Like, how
do you not know Dave Chappelle one of the biggest
comedians out there in one of the biggest movies of

the time, you like, I felt like Ken Jennings was like,
I wish I was on the other side of the podium.
That was an easy two thousand dollars. I just led by, uh,
you know, and of course it went all over Twitter.
No one knows Dave Chappelle. I hope you all lose Jeopardy,
which is terrible. It's terrible, but I laughed at it
because it's so true. Have you ever been around a
celebrity that you didn't recognize? When I first came to America,

I was in l A with Bruce and we were
at a Jewish deli. It was delicious, and I sat
next to Jerry Seinfeld. I didn't know who he was
because in Britain the show doesn't really play, and so
in America, sin Felt was a huge star and everybody
was going a little bit nuts. I didn't understand what
was happening, because once you take away their celebrity, it's

just like this sort of guy sitting next to me
in jeans. I had no idea who he was. Has
it ever happened to you, Garrett? John Krasinski, John Krasinski
from the Office Days now early Office days, John Krasinski
wasn't the John Krasinski we all know and sworn over.
So in New York City, walk in the streets where
our studios are. They are in Tribeca, which is pretty

much which I like to call like the East coast Hollywood,
where you know, all of celebrities live in Tribeca and there,
you know, they walk around like you could bump into
anybody at any given time. Bumped into John Krasinski had
no idea. Two weeks later, watching The Office, I go,
that's the guy they bumped into, like like and and

of course now I would have known him in a
drop of back very quickly. But yeah, hey, we're gonna
take a quick break, but we promise you will bump
into us in just a moment. Welcome back to the
Not Any Show. I'm rob shooting with our friend Garrettay Garrett.
Let's get to the polls that the official Big Room

at Arianna Grande could join the Weekend at his big
super Bowl performance. Who would you rather see to the
super Bowl the Weekend? Ariana Grande would rather it just
be Arie on a grand day. Oh I think, I'm
I think I'm with the majority. I love her. I
love her too, But Ariana has songs out right now

that are wouldn't play well on time right like you know,
so I think maybe just an appearance doing the hits
and uh, you know it could work well, but give
me the Weekend. Friends, there you go, look how diversity
are Yes, don't forget to vote on today's poul Go
to Twitter page at Naughty Nice Robert. Facebook page is

Naughty Gossip and be sure to check back on Monday
to hear your results. Garrett, are you ready it's time
for the nicest stuff? Yes. And you know what, Rob Shooter,
I want you to take a back seat for this one,
all right, because you are you are Mr Royal, You
sit on your throne and you you you tell us
you know common people, all royal stories. And you know

what I said, it's my turn to throwing you for
one story. Here we go. Let me put my crown on.
Thank you very much. I had it bedazzled. All right.
Let's let's talk about Megan Markle and who she leaned
on for support last year. And as you know, there's
a lot going on in her life, from the the

exit of the royal family to moving to the States
to raising a child. Who did she lean on the most?
And it wasn't a person, Rob Shooter. You would think
maybe she had a best friend. No, no, definitely, not
her dad or sister. I can tell you that Megan
leaned on support from a rescue shelter that she works

with and a Labrador Paula, and a beagle named Guy. Yeah.
So but but she she she reached out. She works
closely with an animal shelter and uh, it's interesting that
you know, you and I are both dog people, and uh,
you and I could speak highly of it, like dogs

change the world for us, um and especially in a
time where your life seems like it's spiraling out of control. Uh,
you know, having a dog, you know, does wonders. But
the CEO that works for for the shelter said that
whenever we talked to the Duchess about the charity, she
always references how important her dogs are and the support

they are, particularly during everything that's happened this year with
COVID and with her personal truy. I totally forgot she
had to deal with COVID. She's a busy, busy person. Yeah,
so she went through a lot, and uh, you know
she she decided to share the family cards in December,
which featured illustrations of Meg and Harry, their son Archie,

and their dogs as well in uh in front of
the Garden Playhouse. So it just shows like what dogs
literally can change your life for big doggy fans here
and now I'm noticed the day I think we've got
to leave Britney space alone. So there's concerns over there.
After she posted a new video dancing to her ex
justin Timberlake songs. Britney's having some fun here on social media,

people are going after her. Let's leave Brittany a loan,
and now it's time for a moment of rob You're
gonna hey, choose your words more carefully because before too long,
you are going to start believing them. Words have great
power and they will define you. So be careful what
you say to one another, and most importantly, be careful

what you say to yourself. There you go, Hey, everybody,
have a lovely week. We run out of time. Thank
you so much for listening to the Naughty but Nice
with Robin Garrett Show, a production of I Heart Radio.
Don't forget to subscribe on the I Heart Radio app,
Apple podcast, or wherever you listen. Leave us a review
if you can, and remember altogether. Now, if you're going

to be naughty, you've got to take care of everybody here.
It's not even nice with bro
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