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Vince Carter's epic Dunk Contest win - Part 1 - NBA Flashback

NBA Flashback

Hosted by Sarah Kustok, NBA Flashback is the podcast that takes you back to the best moments in NBA history through exclusive archival audio from the NBA vault, along with new interviews with the players and coaches who were in the building.

In this episode of NBA Flashback we go back to Feb. 12th, 2000 and relive the night Vince Carter changed the course of dunking history with an epic performance that has stood the test of time. We talk with Vince about how vitally important the dunk contest was to him, a mix-up that made him and TMac late to the arena, and his favorite moment of the night. In this 2-part show, Vince goes deep into each of his 5 dunks from the contest and breaks down his mindset and plan for each one, as well as comparing his performance to the other best dunkers of all-time.

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Vince Carter's epic Dunk Contest win - Part 1 - NBA Flashback