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September 28, 2023 48 mins

Danielle, Will and Rider are loading up their Hyundai Tucson for a road trip to Las Vegas! And we’re taking YOU along for the ride - all presented by our good friends at Hyundai.

On the journey, the gang participates in a fan Q&A that ranges from their favorite qualities about each other, to embarrassing moments with celebrities, to Will’s imminent hearing loss.And some of the questions are a bigger risk than Danielle at the poker table! So tune in and call Shotgun - because we’re going to Vegas, baby!!!!

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Speaker 1 (00:17):
Go into Vegas. Ha, ha, excited me? Me, you are excited?
Am I love Vegas? You didn't get to go last year?
Didn't you know? I didn't get to go last year.

Speaker 2 (00:26):
There's think of how many thousands of dollars I left
on the table that could have been on the table.

Speaker 1 (00:32):
Do you really spend thousands of dollars? Yeah? Oh, I
didn't tell you the story? Did you tell you the story?

Speaker 3 (00:38):

Speaker 4 (00:38):
I don't think so if I did.

Speaker 2 (00:39):
For okay, So I told well the story and what
was like, Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking too,
And I was like, what okay. So Jensen and I
go to Vegas not that long ago, and we get
I first of all, you don't take money out of
the atam in Vegas.

Speaker 1 (00:52):
They charge you like fifteen dollars or something. So you
stop at the bank. So we go.

Speaker 2 (00:57):
We so we stopped at the actual bank in the
and you know, we're like.

Speaker 1 (01:03):
Withdraw yes, of course.

Speaker 2 (01:05):
And so I this is the first time Jensen and
I have been to Vegas since we have gotten married.
So in the past I don't have to confer with anybody.
I just go to my bank take out my mind.
Now I have to spend and we have account we
have a joint account, and we talked about it. Do
we want it to because we have separate accounts too.
Do we want to take money out of our separate
accounts and just play with our own money or do

we want to take money out of our joint account
and play together?

Speaker 4 (01:29):
So does Jensen play too?

Speaker 1 (01:31):
Jenson loves to gamble as well. Ok, it's not just money.
So but I didn't know if we were going to.

Speaker 2 (01:38):
Be on the same page, but I could pretty much
guess that I was going to be thinking of a
number in my head of what I wanted to pull
out that was not going to be the same number
Jensen was thinking. So Jensen, I pull into the parking
lot and I go, Okay, what do you want to
take out? And he goes, I don't know. I know
you like to gamble. You like to do it more
than I do. So we've had a good year. We've

been you know, we've been working. And I go, uh huh,
he goes, so one thousand dollars.

Speaker 1 (02:09):
Yeah, that's a ton. That's, by the way money.

Speaker 5 (02:11):
I can gamble for eight years on one thousand dollars.
I was really disappointed. I spent twenty dollars last time
I was in Vegas, and I lost it in thirty seconds,
and I was like that, I am such an idiot.
I never do this.

Speaker 1 (02:23):
I feel exactly the same way.

Speaker 5 (02:25):
No, I want dollars now. The first time I came
to Vegas, I won one thousand dollars the first.

Speaker 1 (02:29):
Hour, Like you just whispered that I won life.

Speaker 4 (02:33):
Come take it for a weekend.

Speaker 5 (02:34):
I was like, and I shared it with all my friends.
I was like, we're gonna split this. Gave this money away.
This is because I said, now I had spent twenty
dollars and made one thousand dollars, and I said, this
is just our weekend.

Speaker 1 (02:45):
Fun money now, aratic socialist, I love you so much.

Speaker 4 (02:48):
Social that's amazing. We had the best weekend and all
of our like it was.

Speaker 5 (02:53):
It was another couple that I was there with and
we were just like, let's just split this, and we.

Speaker 6 (02:57):
Had the best time because no one cared about money,
because I thought that was do Vegas. It's very differently.
So how did that thousand dollars go in Vegas?

Speaker 7 (03:03):

Speaker 2 (03:04):
I laughed and said I was thinking five thousand, and
then we took out five thousand dollars.

Speaker 6 (03:08):
Yeah, exactly right, exactly, Wow, Yeah, that's it's it's hardcore.

Speaker 1 (03:14):
It's I mean, I love that.

Speaker 5 (03:16):
So what kind of are you playing? Like a five
hundred like you you're what kind of like?

Speaker 8 (03:20):

Speaker 3 (03:22):
Why have you?

Speaker 4 (03:22):
Why are you not a professional poker player?

Speaker 5 (03:25):
She is a professional poker player, phenomenon, but.

Speaker 1 (03:29):
That she does play professionally. She's so good that she's
sitting at a table you didn't even know. It's I
don't even know.

Speaker 5 (03:34):
It's like sixty year old lady there and it's like
her and makeup and like always talking like this, like
I guess I'll double down, and then all of a sudden, boom,
she's got five thousand.

Speaker 1 (03:44):
Yeah, it's crazy.

Speaker 2 (03:45):
I mean, yeah, yeah, I would. I would do it.
I would do it at heartbeat. There was a time
there where I was like all in for poker. But
the tables have changed a lot. It used to be
that you could find a fifteen dollars minimum table in
most places. Now the minute it becomes night time, you're lucky.
If the if the cheapest table you can find is
a twenty five dollars hand, and that's a blackjack, right,

and obviously you can go through a black jack. You
go hand after hand after hand, and sometimes when the
tables are slow, I have to play two hands, but
then they make you double the minimum saying they play
two hands, it's fifty dollars hands, so now you've got
one hundred dollars on the table.

Speaker 1 (04:17):
And sometimes it just has to go to the back
whole weekend. I have to play three hands and then.

Speaker 9 (04:21):
And it just keeps going and you.

Speaker 2 (04:22):
Never stop, and then you see the sunrise in your
eyes are blodshot, and you go home and you don't
have any money left, and then you work really hard
to make it out.

Speaker 1 (04:28):
But you get to chase that feeling the next time
you're there. That's the fun part is that I think
it's a cycle all over it. Yeah, that's what.

Speaker 6 (04:34):
Yeah, No, the fifteen dollars tables like the same thing
where they don't make weak weed anymore.

Speaker 5 (04:38):
It's just everything's changed. Just the world is changing. It's like,
you know, one hit, you're gone before.

Speaker 4 (04:43):
Tables in a week.

Speaker 10 (04:44):
I want my.

Speaker 6 (04:46):
Table the drugs I had in the nineteen seventies, that's
what I'm looking for you.

Speaker 1 (04:51):
It is off nineteen ninety.

Speaker 4 (04:53):
So why do we all become New York.

Speaker 10 (04:54):
So that's what.

Speaker 1 (04:55):
I don't know what it is. I want to I
want to roll and smoke a Jay, and.

Speaker 6 (04:59):
I want to be ten dollars do what Jay and
bet don dollars for the week.

Speaker 1 (05:04):
So Vegas, So Vegas. I'm excited. You guys. You guys
don't like to gamble as much as I do.

Speaker 10 (05:09):
I just don't.

Speaker 6 (05:10):
Las Vegas just isn't my thing. Like the most fun
I've ever had in casino in my life. I went
to a casino. I think I was with Marsden and
we were in Rome pairas something like that. I forget
who I was with, might not have been Jay, but we.

Speaker 1 (05:21):
Got I was. I was in a European casino in
a tuxedo. Okay, okay, it was I was awesome.

Speaker 4 (05:30):
It was probably damn you were by yourself, but.

Speaker 1 (05:36):
It is weak. You could just smoke a lot more
of it. No, so we were we were in a casino.
I want to say we in a casino some but it.

Speaker 6 (05:43):
Was like the full tuxedo, like the pie gow and
people playing.

Speaker 3 (05:46):

Speaker 1 (05:47):
I stood around and watch because I didn't have the money.

Speaker 6 (05:48):
I also didn't understand what the tiles meant because they're
all like saying words that made no sense, then throwing
down tiles and you hear everybody go oh, and I'd
be like, what, oh, like I didn't know what they're Yeah,
that's kind of fun. This is a little it's very loud.

Speaker 5 (06:01):
You don't know what time it is, it's it's it's
very But I would like to go gambling with you.
I think tonight, okay, we're going to get there. I
want to see this side of you because I think
I think it's going to frighten me. Yeah, I think
so too, and I can't kind of wait to see
it happened when I was nineteen nineteen, I went to
Reno so legally, did you shoot a man? Just to
watching that? I used my fake ID to get into

a casino.

Speaker 1 (06:25):
Still love that you're famous and somehow your fake ide works.
It was my real name, right, I put my name
on the idea, right or strong? You were just twenty three? Yeah,
I had no idea what I was doing.

Speaker 4 (06:37):

Speaker 5 (06:38):
After like maybe an hour of playing, I won seven
hundred and fifty dollars on one hand of three cards
of five card.

Speaker 1 (06:45):
What's the poker game? The it's like three cards stad
five cards?

Speaker 5 (06:47):
Said no. The It's like it's like the blackjack version
of poker where they just yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1 (06:54):
No, there's another one.

Speaker 5 (06:56):
Anyway, Texas hold them No, I guess you would know.

Speaker 1 (07:00):
So Daniel.

Speaker 5 (07:01):
Anyway, it was like one of the luckiest things that
could happen. And sure enough, like the pit boss comes
over and it's just like, oh I heard these guys
had the best fake ideas anybody it's no, and it's
just like.

Speaker 4 (07:14):
Yeah, I was gonna keep playing. It's gonna keep playing.

Speaker 5 (07:16):
And I started handing my chips under the table, like
to my brother who was twenty one. I just slid,
Oh my god, she's got and so like, luckily I
was like able to pass the chips and like keep
playing for another like twenty minutes or whatever, and that
just casually like whistle my way out of the casino.

Speaker 1 (07:32):
He was terrifying.

Speaker 11 (07:32):
Oh my god.

Speaker 2 (07:33):
He was probably didn't at all think you're He was
like just making a joke.

Speaker 1 (07:36):
Just you're crazy. And you know, do you guys know
where Kevin Connolly is.

Speaker 6 (07:39):
Yeah, so Kevin tells the story that is amazing about
being in Vegas underage. He was like nineteen, but he
didn't go on the floor he stayed off the floor
and he saw a girl there that was like twenty three,
and he said to her, would you go and put it?
Was like put money down in this big slot machine
for me, and she's like sure, I'd be happy to
happy to it.

Speaker 1 (07:59):
He's handed her the money, he stepped back.

Speaker 6 (08:01):
She walked up, hit the thing and hit four hundred
and fifty thousand dollars. The casino boss comes over, says
who gave him the money? Says, I gave he the money,
but I didn't go on the floor. She gambled it.
They brought him and her upstairs to the room. They
looked at the video. They're like, he didn't step on
the floor. He gave it was all legal, nice and done.
She had to sign for the forms because he was underage.

She took off with all the cash, gave him nothing
to give him nothing. Of course, she was like you,
he goes, I'll split it with you. I'll give you half.
You take half because you pulled the things.

Speaker 1 (08:31):
She's like, took off with a millionaire. She took off
fifty money. What did you give me? A five years?

Speaker 6 (08:39):
I remember he was things to me, like, dude, it'll
come back on her I know it'll come back.

Speaker 5 (08:43):
On Her'm like okay, okay, I is so happy she
was living her best self.

Speaker 1 (08:48):
She's like, that was my luck. He twice, man, I mean,
can you imagine? And he was like, I said, I'll
split the money with you. I paid for the thing,
I gave you the money. I'll split it with you.
And she's like okay, and then just took off. How
quickly can we get there? Who's driving?

Speaker 5 (09:01):
Well, if we want to get there fast, lead foot
over here. Yeah, we can have Maria rider Andrettie over here.

Speaker 1 (09:07):
Right and if you have to beg me, I promise
I'll drive. You can drive, just don't doubt too much.
I want shot on shotgun shock this guy with his shotgun.
I want chotgun, but I don't want to drive me.
You are a child, I am. I'm not a child.
I am playing off shotgun.

Speaker 4 (09:22):
Rules, official shotgun rules.

Speaker 5 (09:24):
You are.

Speaker 1 (09:25):
You have to be insight. Okay, I know that, you know,
I know I might know it, but I will you know.
I'm the second that I say I don't care.

Speaker 3 (09:31):
I don't Carelon.

Speaker 1 (09:32):
What do you know what we're taking there? You mean backpacks? Clothing?
Two cases? What car or automobile.

Speaker 2 (09:39):
Oh, we are obviously going in my Hyundai Tucson.

Speaker 1 (09:42):
So we're taking a Tucson. Yes, So thank.

Speaker 2 (09:45):
You to Hyundai for providing us this beautiful car to
drive to Vegas in. And while we're in the car,
I think we'll do a little fan Q and as
that sound good?

Speaker 1 (09:52):
Oh, I like it sounds great. It'll pass the time.

Speaker 5 (09:54):
Sure will so wait La to Vegas normal time, four
hours time? How some stuff our twenty rider driving we
were there yesterday.

Speaker 1 (10:05):
I love it.

Speaker 10 (10:07):
All right?

Speaker 1 (10:08):
Thanks Sunday. This is Pod meets Las Vegas. I'm Danielle Fischel,
I'm writer Strong, and I'm Wilfredell. I.

Speaker 2 (10:25):
Uh, I saw a question that I was actually thinking
of asking on my own, and I want to be
the first one to ask it.

Speaker 3 (10:32):

Speaker 10 (10:33):
Have you had I know, where is summer? What you
weren't teaching during the summer?

Speaker 2 (10:37):
But did you notice an uptick in visiting hours? Did
students visit you more after we talked about it on
the pod?

Speaker 7 (10:45):

Speaker 3 (10:47):
Still nothing.

Speaker 10 (10:48):

Speaker 3 (10:48):
I actually I'm not teaching this semester and are you
not teaching?

Speaker 10 (10:52):

Speaker 5 (10:53):
And I kind of regret it because it turns out
the class I would have been teaching, would have only
had like twenty students, and it was probably would have
been a great opportunity to just to get to know
because I've been teaching seventy five plus, Like yeah, and
that's like it's just a huge lecture. I don't get
to you know, to interact one on one or get
to know them.

Speaker 3 (11:11):
So when you told you.

Speaker 7 (11:12):
When you told your students you weren't coming back to
they all stand on their desks and go captain my cap.

Speaker 10 (11:16):
Yes, that's awesome.

Speaker 5 (11:19):
Yeah, No, I I I you know, I guess I
probably shouldn't take it personally because I guess some people
just like I think people just don't take office hours that.

Speaker 3 (11:28):
Often, like kids just don't bother. Yeah, but no, I.

Speaker 10 (11:31):
Had a couple.

Speaker 3 (11:32):
I mean it wasn't because of the show, but I
did have a couple of students like want me to
read their scripts and stuff, like it's additional in addition
to stuff and from the from the class.

Speaker 10 (11:40):
That's cool.

Speaker 3 (11:41):
Yeah, it's cool.

Speaker 2 (11:43):
Let's see Okay, Derek p Okay, Hi Derek, Hi.

Speaker 3 (11:48):

Speaker 11 (11:49):
Shout out to Derek P asked, what are the funniest
moments for.

Speaker 3 (11:52):
Us on the podcast so far?

Speaker 10 (11:54):
Oh, I want to jump in right now.

Speaker 7 (11:56):
And say for me, I've had a couple, but Danielle
being so adamant that it was it was Mark Paul
Gossler when it was actually James vander because you can't.

Speaker 3 (12:09):
Script stuff like that. It was so perfect that.

Speaker 10 (12:12):
That is one of my favorite moments.

Speaker 12 (12:14):
It was just set up perfectly, yeah, because I had
already had already, you had already laid the foundation and
and he and he said it's James Vanderbeek, and I
remember thinking when he said James Vanderbeek, I remember thinking,
I don't think they look.

Speaker 3 (12:27):
That bad at all.

Speaker 2 (12:30):
And oh, but also the thing that made that so
funny was the way they edited then our social clip where.

Speaker 9 (12:36):
They were like five minutes later.

Speaker 2 (12:38):
And the little chirp chirp of like I didn't see that,
Oh my gosh. And then the way they edited you're
all of your faces, like they just did his close
up from his zoom camera where he's like look giving
me side eye.

Speaker 9 (12:48):
And then they went to Wilberle was like and writers.

Speaker 3 (12:51):
Like, oh, it's so it was so funny.

Speaker 7 (12:55):
Okay, that that's one of my that's I'm gonna vote
for that straight up cringe comedy.

Speaker 2 (12:58):
It is Oh my gosh, it was so painful. Yeah, okay,
I agree with that that that was pretty funny. I
also still can make myself cry laughing at the Pig
in the City joke that I was dropped that Rider
didn't hear.

Speaker 9 (13:15):
Or pick up on.

Speaker 2 (13:16):
She didn't care, didn't care at all, and I had
tears streaming down my face and Will and I just
lost it.

Speaker 10 (13:23):
I love I love those moments.

Speaker 9 (13:25):
We're only and we're only Will and.

Speaker 2 (13:26):
I think something is funny and Rider just keeps talking
with such intensity and we just can't stop lasting.

Speaker 7 (13:33):
Well, it's because the way you said it, maybe you
were so earnest, like I've seen in the city, and
it works fun.

Speaker 5 (13:42):
I mean I I it's become like totally just like
part of the show to sing hold on to the night.
So the first time Will did that, that's one of
the funny because I had been talking about first concerts, remember,
so just again it was an that was a classic
Wilfordell moment to like do a callback that quickly. I
was like, need his own theme song and you're like
it has one and just went right into it.

Speaker 3 (14:04):
That kills me.

Speaker 5 (14:05):
Oh my god, all right, So creepy impostor eleven, that's true.

Speaker 10 (14:11):
It is true.

Speaker 5 (14:13):
Am I supposed to say that the person's creepy impostor
left it? I didn't know if that was like a
placeholder in joke? All right, creepy Andboster eleven asked who
would you pick to play yourself in a hypothetical biopic?

Speaker 9 (14:27):
Oh my gosh, at what age?

Speaker 10 (14:30):

Speaker 7 (14:31):
I mean I think that's an important question. Are we
talking about like boy meets World? Yeah, I've got an
answer for both.

Speaker 10 (14:35):
Oh wow, geez. Writers thought about this a lot. Yo.

Speaker 3 (14:40):
I already talked about it on the show.

Speaker 5 (14:41):
Timothy shallow May, that's like just obviously if you watch
a Lady Bird, that is okay totally, And I know
he could play Sean great yeah, angsty, but yeah, so
teenage Timothy Shallamay to play teenage right or strong and
then adult me like Ethan Hawk.

Speaker 10 (15:05):

Speaker 5 (15:06):
Maybe I was gonna say Mark Ruffalo like you can
count on me, Era, Mark.

Speaker 7 (15:11):
I can still see Ethan Hawk playing you though, yakout.

Speaker 9 (15:16):
Good answering writer.

Speaker 10 (15:18):
Alright, well, I have.

Speaker 3 (15:20):
No idea Jack Black for older me.

Speaker 2 (15:23):
Maybe really so funny, I mean, he is very funny and.

Speaker 7 (15:28):
He's funny, and you know, maybe Jack Black for Boy
meets World era Will.

Speaker 3 (15:35):
Younger Jack Black.

Speaker 4 (15:40):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (15:41):
I don't know who to pick.

Speaker 7 (15:42):
I mean, that's tough because it's like, do I go
long hair, skinny Will?

Speaker 10 (15:46):
What is it?

Speaker 7 (15:47):
Is it?

Speaker 3 (15:47):

Speaker 10 (15:47):

Speaker 3 (15:48):
Is it? Then?

Speaker 2 (15:48):
Elvis producers calling?

Speaker 8 (15:55):
Hello, Hey guys, it's Jenson.

Speaker 10 (15:58):
Oh hey, I'm of this podcast. You just pretty good.

Speaker 3 (16:02):
I just have a problem you guys.

Speaker 8 (16:04):
Did you guys leave?

Speaker 3 (16:06):

Speaker 1 (16:07):
Oh, I'm still I'm at home.

Speaker 3 (16:08):
I was waiting for you guys. How far are you
here Vegas?

Speaker 1 (16:13):
We'll just see you there.

Speaker 3 (16:14):
Go ahead and want to use Uber events?

Speaker 10 (16:16):
You know what?

Speaker 9 (16:17):
You should just drive?

Speaker 13 (16:19):
Yes you have you have the hun Day Uh huh yeah,
that was the car.

Speaker 10 (16:24):
That's my car.

Speaker 8 (16:25):
It's the car we're using as a family. So you
just turn around and come.

Speaker 10 (16:28):
Back and fine. Uber.

Speaker 2 (16:42):
I'm gonna just like I'm gonna only pick one person,
and I'm gonna just swing for the fences. I'm gonna
pick the maybe the hottest modern day actress.

Speaker 9 (16:55):
I'm gonna say Sydney Sweeney.

Speaker 10 (16:57):
I'm just gonna I'm going with it. Why not?

Speaker 2 (16:59):
Why I want I want my biopic to be I
want millions of people to see it.

Speaker 10 (17:05):
I'm gonna pick Sidney. I don't know who that is.

Speaker 9 (17:07):
That's okay, that's a good actor. I'm a great actor.

Speaker 2 (17:11):
And she's very talented, and yeah, I think she's okay.

Speaker 7 (17:15):
I'd like to switch this up a little bit. Okay,
who would you each cast for each other?

Speaker 3 (17:23):
I have for Will Oh that's actually not bad.

Speaker 10 (17:26):
Oh that's good.

Speaker 3 (17:27):
I'd pick young Jack Black for Danielle. She's just gonna
play everybody.

Speaker 10 (17:34):
No, I would have picked Ethan Hawk for Rider. I
think that.

Speaker 3 (17:38):
Yeah, I think it's kind of perfect for.

Speaker 10 (17:41):
I get through chemy.

Speaker 9 (17:42):
Really, shemy so great?

Speaker 8 (17:44):
No, No, I was just I was just thinking, who
has you know serial killer eyes?

Speaker 11 (17:48):
Oh, there you go. My eyes aren't serial colors. They're dead.

Speaker 10 (17:51):
There's a difference. Yeah, how about for Danielle Ryder?

Speaker 3 (17:56):
Who would you pick to play Danielle in a biopic?

Speaker 10 (18:00):
It's a good question.

Speaker 8 (18:02):
I think I think a safe answer is something like
a Kristen Bell or something.

Speaker 3 (18:05):
I think that's a pretty sick.

Speaker 2 (18:06):
Wait, you know who I've been told my entire life
I kind of look like and would be great for
like adult Danielle Linda Hamilton. Yes, Linda Hamilton. I would
pick Linda Hamilton.

Speaker 5 (18:21):
Wow, I've never thought that before, but you know, len
Linda Hamilton to have a similar yes your eyes, it's like, yeah, I.

Speaker 2 (18:27):
Think our mouths we have like bigger Linda Hamilton.

Speaker 3 (18:30):
Interesting. Yeah, T two era Linda Hamilton. Yeah, I can
totally see that.

Speaker 10 (18:34):
I was gonna say Mick Jagger. Okay, but that's a
good one too, Mick Jack, Mick Jagger.

Speaker 7 (18:39):
Okay, all right, did you have another question producer Hanson
and send Jenson carp husband in this podcast.

Speaker 8 (18:47):
Absolutely okay. So my other question is from someone named
Curvin from email, and Curvin wrote in and said, I know,
because of the strike, the podcast isn't able to have
on actress and actresses right now, but when the strike
is oh her, who are you most excited to have on?

Speaker 10 (19:03):
There's a ton.

Speaker 2 (19:04):
Well, I'm really looking forward to having Cal Penn. He
was somebody that was a background actor on Boy Meets
World and we've gotten so many emails of people being
like is it true?

Speaker 9 (19:15):
Is it true? Is it true? And it is.

Speaker 2 (19:16):
True and I really can't wait to have him on.
Chris will be good, Chrisma Carpenter, maitland Ward when we get.

Speaker 3 (19:24):
Having Matt back, it would be fun.

Speaker 9 (19:26):
Yeah, writer, who are you looking forward to?

Speaker 5 (19:29):
Wesley Johnson, Wesley Johnson, the great Hillary Tuck turns out in.

Speaker 3 (19:34):
The Disney episodes which I didn't remember.

Speaker 9 (19:36):

Speaker 3 (19:37):
Andrew Keagan will be a great one.

Speaker 10 (19:38):
There you go. That's a good one.

Speaker 5 (19:40):
Larissa oh Laris is coming up in season three or
season four that she's on the show.

Speaker 3 (19:45):
I think it's.

Speaker 9 (19:53):
Can't wait that season three too.

Speaker 2 (19:55):
We have so many great guests for season three that's crazy.
As soon as that strikes over, Yeah, all.

Speaker 8 (20:00):
Right, guys, So anyway, I'll stay here at home.

Speaker 2 (20:03):
You know what, I think? I think it might be
best if you just hop in your car.

Speaker 10 (20:07):
Byte all right, I got another one.

Speaker 3 (20:10):
Yeah, let's go.

Speaker 10 (20:11):
How about okay?

Speaker 3 (20:15):
Ore t asks?

Speaker 7 (20:17):
Okay, if you had to list your co host's best qualities,
what would they mean?

Speaker 3 (20:24):
Will's movie taste? Just impeccable and so predictable? Wow? Such
a standard? Wow?

Speaker 9 (20:38):
Do they mean we we're talking about as hosts, right,
not just as people?

Speaker 11 (20:41):
I think I don't know what they mean by that,
Not just as people.

Speaker 3 (20:45):
Let's just go AI.

Speaker 9 (20:49):
Yeah, well that I could go on.

Speaker 2 (20:51):
I mean, honestly, we could fill a whole episode with
me talking about how great all of your best qualities are.

Speaker 9 (20:58):
Both of both of.

Speaker 2 (20:59):
Them I would trust to give me an honest answer
about anything, and they would deliver it to me in
a way that would make me feel still loved and supported,
which is the best kind of relationships to have. Where
I know you're not gonna lie to me, I can
really ask you was I wrong?

Speaker 9 (21:17):
Here was this? Okay?

Speaker 2 (21:19):
How did that come across? And you guys are never
going to just placate me. You're always going to give
me the truth, but you're going to give me the
truth in a way that lets me know that you
are still loving and supportive of who I am and
that you want me to be the best me that
I can be. And so those are hard qualities to find,
and when you have them in friends, like just that,
those are your people. So I mean, along with a

bunch of other not so deep ones like you guys
are both really funny and super smart, and I love
our conversations and I love our arguments, and I love
creating with you. I love all of those things, but like,
on a deep level, I love that you guys can
tell me the truth in a loving way.

Speaker 3 (21:56):
Yeah, Oh I love that. That's a great answer, super nice.
You can't really beat that in oh will, but you can't.

Speaker 10 (22:02):
It's true.

Speaker 5 (22:04):
Danielle is probably the most supportive person I've ever known
in my life, and and like supportive in very obvious ways,
but then supportive in very non obvious ways, like just
you are you are such a rock in your own life,
like you're so strong and capable, and then but you

also share that and like without anybody, like I feel
like I don't even ask for it half the time,
and you go out of your way to do something
for me, to support me or it's just it's unbelievable.
I've never and it's not just me. I've seen you
do it with everybody in your life. It's so impressive.
I don't think you even know you're doing it. No,
it's just kind of like her default mode, you know,

it's just like help everyone. But it's not in an
like because I definitely know people who are like they
just give too much of themselves away, do you know
what I mean? They don't stand up for themselves. And
it's not that like you are very strong and independent
and you're not. You just do it out of kindness.

Speaker 3 (22:59):
And love of me and will.

Speaker 9 (23:12):
Still surging.

Speaker 10 (23:16):
You know.

Speaker 5 (23:16):
I mean it's so obvious to say your your your
sense of humor, but I want to go beyond and
say not because you're obviously the funny.

Speaker 3 (23:25):
I've said it before.

Speaker 5 (23:26):
You're the funniest person I've ever met in my life.
But I think it goes beyond that. It's that, It's
it's that you, It's it's that you find humor no
matter what the situation is, and it's so it's like
a form of optimism that is just amazing to be around.
So like I know that like if no matter what
the situation, it's going to be better with you there,

because you are always going to.

Speaker 3 (23:51):
Find a way to find the funny or to find
the like just.

Speaker 5 (23:54):
Way to make us laugh and to like like draw
me into So like if I'm going to be stuck
on a des a island somewhere, ye like I will
will there. Not because he's gonna help me survive in
any capacity, but he will make it so funny. Even
if we're dying, starving to death and the vultures are circling,
I will be I know that I will be laughing

because Will's there, and that is like, that's more than
just his ability.

Speaker 3 (24:18):
It's like it's like an.

Speaker 5 (24:19):
Internal life quality, a way of looking at the world.
They're like, we're only here.

Speaker 3 (24:24):
To make each other laugh, and like that is just awesome.

Speaker 2 (24:27):
It's so true because I thought recently I knew he
he hasn't been sleeping well. And it was super early
in the morning and we had done a live show
the night before and we were, you know, in the
lobby of the hotel at five am, and I said, Will,
did you sleep at all?

Speaker 10 (24:39):
And he was like, no, I didn't sleep at all.

Speaker 9 (24:41):
I just I just feel beat.

Speaker 2 (24:44):
And I thought my first thought was he's still gonna
have a great Like we're still gonna.

Speaker 9 (24:49):
Have a great day. He's never.

Speaker 2 (24:52):
Yeah, and he's also not at all gonna be like
sitting in a corner melting down or like grumpy.

Speaker 9 (24:59):
It's he's gonna be actually the same Will, even when
he's not doing well. And it's just it is, it's
it is.

Speaker 2 (25:05):
It's like you said, it's a form of optimism and
living hopefully.

Speaker 9 (25:09):
It's really contagious to be well.

Speaker 3 (25:11):
It's living well.

Speaker 10 (25:12):
Yeah, it's.

Speaker 3 (25:15):
Something someone who's gonna mention how good looking.

Speaker 9 (25:20):
His best quality.

Speaker 13 (25:25):
That's what I'm waiting for. That's what I was good,
all right, I don't like either. So if we're honest,
then we can just talk about this. No, so writer,
I mean, obviously.

Speaker 7 (25:38):
You have this way of becoming and again in the
best possible way somebody's conscious. Does that make sense? Where
it's kind of there's almost a what would rider do?
Quality of certain things?

Speaker 3 (25:53):
So it's there's an so.

Speaker 5 (25:55):
I needle you until I get it's.

Speaker 10 (25:58):
Not under the skin you make.

Speaker 7 (26:02):
You make me want to be better in that you
make me want to think things.

Speaker 3 (26:08):
Through when sometimes I wouldn't.

Speaker 10 (26:10):
Does that make sense?

Speaker 7 (26:11):
There's an intellectualism about you that some people we've heard
people on the pod talk about this are saying this
in the comments, like you and you're the one where
you're like, oh my god, I'm I can come off
as kind of uptight and hoity toity and as pretentious.

Speaker 3 (26:25):
But I don't think it's that. I don't think it
is pretentious. I think it is. I don't know.

Speaker 7 (26:30):
I think it's looking for the deepest meaning of everything
you possibly can.

Speaker 3 (26:35):
And at the end of the day, that's also kind
of why we're here, isn't it.

Speaker 7 (26:38):
So, yeah, there's a there's a quality that makes me
want to look at things from angles I might not
normally do.

Speaker 3 (26:49):
Had I not known you.

Speaker 10 (26:50):
If that makes sense, I am.

Speaker 7 (26:52):
I can easily spend my life very happily looking at
the superficial and being.

Speaker 10 (26:57):
Okay with that.

Speaker 7 (26:58):
But the closer you and I got a friends, it
made me want to delve deeper into things cool, which
I think is a very interesting quality. That's then that's
next to all your other good stuff that you're a
loyal friend, you're a fun friend, you're a happy friend.
I mean all that other kind of stuff. That's all
the basic stuff. But the kind of making me want
to look deeper at the world is something that I

very much learned from you.

Speaker 2 (27:19):
Writer's willingness to give of his time to make community
better is something I admire.

Speaker 10 (27:26):
At another level, just so much like other level.

Speaker 2 (27:28):
We all have shared qualities of wanting to leave society
better than we have encountered it.

Speaker 10 (27:35):
But you do it do it.

Speaker 2 (27:38):
In a way that's truly like really giving of yourself.
Whereas it's much easier for me to be like, where
can I give money to people who who can maybe spend.

Speaker 9 (27:46):
More time than I can.

Speaker 2 (27:47):
You are also very busy, but part of what you
you go but yeah, but part of my time I
want to give this way. And you spend time in
your community, and you spend time in your schools, and
you both the schools teaching and the schools your son
goes to, and like just being on the board in
your city, like you're still doing.

Speaker 7 (28:08):
Young Storytellers and your son is even at the school. Yeah,
like it just it's incredible.

Speaker 2 (28:12):
The way you actually make a difference is locally and
on you know, on a micro and macro level is
really admirable and it makes me want to do the same.

Speaker 3 (28:23):

Speaker 7 (28:24):
Obviously, we knew we've known each other for thirty years,
and we've known each other at different times in our life.

Speaker 3 (28:30):
And with varying degrees of closeness.

Speaker 7 (28:35):
Yeah, so I mean we were obviously close when we
were doing the show, but four years when you're fourteen
and eighteen or might as well be ten years totally,
So we knew each other certainly on that level.

Speaker 10 (28:46):
And then after boy, we also kind of knew each
other on that level.

Speaker 7 (28:48):
But I've grown closer to you over the last say,
two or three years than I ever have in the
twenty seven years before that totally, and the woman that
I'm getting to know every day is truly remarkable. I
mean it's, first of all, you're the most adaptable human
being I've ever met in my life.

Speaker 3 (29:08):
Like, no matter where you drop, you you're gonna figure
it out.

Speaker 7 (29:11):
And by the end of wherever we are, you will
be directing the animals as to where to go.

Speaker 10 (29:16):
So it's like we're lost in the forest.

Speaker 7 (29:18):
It's like, excuse me, mister Bhaer, I know you're trying
to attack me, but come from this angle and come
and you just will take control of your surroundings without
being controlling, which I think is.

Speaker 3 (29:30):
A good point. I think is a well.

Speaker 7 (29:32):
First of all, what it does is it's a straight
up leadership quality that some people have and some people don't.
And again, just because you're in front doesn't make you
the leader. Whereas you have a quality that makes people
want to follow you.

Speaker 10 (29:47):
It's a.

Speaker 7 (29:50):
You're very self assured in your own skills and because
of that.

Speaker 10 (29:55):
And you might be faking it till you make it.
I don't know, because you're so.

Speaker 3 (29:57):
Good it is you'll never know, but we won't know.

Speaker 5 (30:01):
So it's like, no, she doesn't fake it, and I
don't think her because like when she you know, she
does ask for advice and help very confidently and has
no problem saying I don't know how to do this right?

Speaker 3 (30:12):
Can you tell me how to do that?

Speaker 10 (30:13):

Speaker 5 (30:13):
And like, but she does it with that she can
still be a leader and say I don't know how
to do this, I'm going to learn and then I'll
do it, and she does.

Speaker 10 (30:20):
Do you know what I mean?

Speaker 7 (30:22):
It's just yeah, it's very It's an amazingly admirable call.
You forget about how you are with your family and
all that stuff, or even with your friends, which you're
you know, you're incredibly loving and giving all that good
kind of stuff.

Speaker 5 (30:33):
I want to throw it because please, I want to
respond to something that Danielle said on an episode of
our podcast and I let it slip and I thought
about it after thewards. You were talking about yourself on
an episode and you said, I I was peaking.

Speaker 3 (30:47):
This was I was about ready.

Speaker 10 (30:49):
To get into peak, Daniett.

Speaker 3 (30:50):
Even you are peaking right now, right?

Speaker 5 (30:53):
That is my response, because I truly believe that you
have become such an amazing person. Agreed, and like you
were always great and like as a teenager, I loved
you and we were friends, but you know you just
kind of you didn't have like an awareness or like
a worldliness you are now you are so beautiful yep.
And so you're peaking physically, emotionally, like lifestyle wise, as

a businesswoman, as a mom, like I feel like you
are a peak Danielle right now.

Speaker 7 (31:21):

Speaker 3 (31:22):
So tomorrow it's all down, it's just starting.

Speaker 10 (31:28):
You've got about six more years. No, thank you.

Speaker 7 (31:33):
This has been I know you both on even in
deeper levels, been by far my favorite part of this
entime by far, and we've had some pretty great things.

Speaker 3 (31:42):
Happen with this process totally. That's the coolest.

Speaker 7 (31:45):
I always knew we'd be in each other's lives forever
and we'd be friends forever, but I.

Speaker 10 (31:48):
Really know we're going to be this close forever.

Speaker 3 (31:50):
Yeah, that's I think that's pretty.

Speaker 10 (31:52):
Special, I really do.

Speaker 2 (31:53):
I think there was a final thing for for my
comments on this. I think there was a h we
are family aspect that we had before the podcast.

Speaker 9 (32:05):
That felt a little given to us.

Speaker 2 (32:07):
It was it was true that we were going to
be friends forever, but there was a little bit of
like we are family that was handed to us because
of the show and because of other people saying it right,
and we were and then we spent years together, and
then we knew that we were always going to be
in each other's lives, and we liked each other so good.

Speaker 9 (32:27):
We'll be friends forever.

Speaker 2 (32:28):
But there's been a true deepening of relationships that has
only been solidified because of this podcast.

Speaker 9 (32:36):
That's been really nice.

Speaker 3 (32:37):
I agree.

Speaker 4 (32:38):
I agree.

Speaker 3 (32:38):
Well, Okay.

Speaker 5 (32:42):
Jonas Brothers twenty six who asked, have any of you
seen Sabrina Carpenter in concert?

Speaker 3 (32:50):
I believe Daniel of Fisher has seen her, like multiple.

Speaker 9 (32:54):
I have never missed a Sabrina concert, a Sabrina tour.

Speaker 2 (32:57):
So anytime I've seen everyone, including her opening up for
the one and only Taylor Swift in Mexico City, I drank.

Speaker 5 (33:06):
Wait Wait, And then I saw her at the Greek
Theater with you yes this last year.

Speaker 3 (33:11):
And well, did you ever go to one of her?

Speaker 7 (33:13):
I have not only never seen a Sabrina Carpenter concert,
I've never heard of Sabrina Carpenter song.

Speaker 3 (33:19):
What what I have? The God's honest truth?

Speaker 7 (33:21):
I think as a forty seven year old man, I'm
probably not the demographic.

Speaker 10 (33:27):
Normally for Sabrina.

Speaker 7 (33:28):
So I know she's a wonderful girl and uber talented,
but I'm usually not.

Speaker 3 (33:34):
Bopping out to Sabrina carpenter songs. But I would love
to hear him because I know how talent is she is.

Speaker 10 (33:38):
But I'm also not a big concert guy, right.

Speaker 3 (33:41):
So it's we've talked about that on the pod before.

Speaker 5 (33:43):
She was great, I'm amazing, and what was the thing
that's so awesome? It's, uh, this is gonna sound petty
and superficial after just Will saying I'm not superficial. But
she's so small in real life, and of course I
met her when she was four or whatever, so I
always see her as this like little person, and her

stage presence is of course gigantic, and she's a beautiful
woman and she owns the stage and owns the audience
with such presence and power.

Speaker 3 (34:14):
And then her voice is so powerful. It's it's it's incredible.

Speaker 5 (34:18):
She's so and I actually remember even when we were
doing Girlm's World, I was directing an episode where she
had to sing. If she had to dance and sing,
they were doing like a fake. It was like a
fake Double O seven opening credits scenquence that we did
and we didn't really know and she had. But she
just opened up and started singing the theme song that

they had written for her for this moment and dancing around,
and it was like, oh, oh.

Speaker 3 (34:44):
Yeah, you're actually a superstar.

Speaker 5 (34:46):
Like I had worked with her at that point, probably
for ten episodes I directed or whatever and acted with her,
and I hadn't quite had that moment of like, oh,
we are in the presence of somebody who needs to
be seen by thousands of people and like screaming like.

Speaker 3 (35:01):
It's just she just has it, you know, that that
that thing that I gotta go.

Speaker 10 (35:05):
Check out a concert, Yes, you do, I gotta.

Speaker 3 (35:06):
I'll put in my ear plugs. I'll leave at eight thirty, but.

Speaker 5 (35:10):
I will kick the kids off your lawn, exactly, kick
them off, tell them the music's too loud, and go
from there.

Speaker 10 (35:17):
All right. So I have one one here.

Speaker 3 (35:19):
It's either Susanna or Susannah. So I apologize.

Speaker 7 (35:22):
Susannah Kay asks, what's been your favorite stop on the
tour so far?

Speaker 10 (35:27):
Oh, good question.

Speaker 3 (35:30):
Gosh, that's hard.

Speaker 10 (35:31):
That is hard. We've been some amazing places.

Speaker 5 (35:33):
Well, I would say I definitely have a favorite theater okay, right,
it was Kansas City. No, it was Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Milwaukee beautiful.
Oh man, I'm gonna mess this up because I'm not
gonna remember the name of the theater, which is the
whole point. What was the naps No, perhaps theater in
Milwaukee was just it was a great space, the theater itself.

But then the green room downstairs, Oh that was the Yes,
like a.

Speaker 3 (36:00):
Record player and a book show, video games. Yes, it
was a pinball machine. It was just and books and
the book is coffee. It was just the most.

Speaker 5 (36:09):
Comfortable backstage area and I was like, this is where
I want to be like every time. Yeah, backstages could
be a little like you know, just like basically like
holding rooms.

Speaker 3 (36:21):
And this was so comfortable and delightful. The show in
Nashville was great.

Speaker 9 (36:26):
The show in Nashville is great. The audience was great, amazing.
I also really liked Royal Oak, Michigan, I think was
on that same leg.

Speaker 7 (36:33):
But the great that's is that the moment where the
hotel was literally right next door.

Speaker 9 (36:38):
Yes, yes, that was fantastic.

Speaker 2 (36:41):
And then the Orlando show was really good and a
great show, very crowd.

Speaker 3 (36:45):
Yeah that was awesome.

Speaker 7 (36:48):
You know what I love is my my Whenever we're
doing the the live shows, my Apple Watch constantly buzzes
loud environment, loud environment. You're in a loud environment, Like
it's because I'm old. It's telling me, like, you know, cover.

Speaker 3 (37:01):
Yours like trying to protect your hearings.

Speaker 10 (37:03):
Yes, it does.

Speaker 7 (37:04):
So there's a there's a thing where if the decimols
get too high, it'll tell you you're in too loud an environment.

Speaker 10 (37:08):
You're gonna start hurt your ears.

Speaker 7 (37:10):
So every every live show, I look down, there's this
ear on my phone going loud environment loud got the
greatest crowds.

Speaker 2 (37:17):
I'm I'm still amazed at how every time we walk
out and people clap for us, how emotional I guess.

Speaker 5 (37:24):
You allot every show I get emotional to me too,
but I held it.

Speaker 3 (37:29):
I hold it in.

Speaker 7 (37:30):

Speaker 5 (37:30):
When our theme song pops off, I know, and it
feels like it's just and people.

Speaker 7 (37:35):
Jumping to their feet and it's just you feel that
rush of love.

Speaker 9 (37:38):
Yes it is, and it's like from both ways.

Speaker 2 (37:41):
It's like you I feel it coming from the from
the three of us to all of them, and I
feel it coming.

Speaker 5 (37:47):
From all of them that has it's a real experience,
because it's like we do this thing all the time
and we kind of feel like we're in our own
heads or in our own space.

Speaker 3 (37:54):
Like in a car together talking.

Speaker 5 (37:56):
Yeah, and then it's like it's suddenly, in one moment,
bursts out into the whole world and becomes real.

Speaker 3 (38:02):
And so it's like it's like a virtual love becomes
real love.

Speaker 10 (38:05):
You know what I just thought of when you said that.

Speaker 9 (38:06):
Have you read the book What do you Do with
an Idea?

Speaker 10 (38:09):
No, it's a kid's book. It's a kid's book What
do you Do with an idea? And it's a.

Speaker 2 (38:14):
Little boy walking around and he goes, one day, I
had an idea I did.

Speaker 3 (38:19):
Want to do about it, and then it works out.

Speaker 2 (38:22):
Into the open and now your idea is out in
the world.

Speaker 9 (38:25):
Yes, that is exactly what, exactly.

Speaker 3 (38:28):
What it feels like. Yeah, it's like, yeah, sure.

Speaker 2 (38:31):
It might be a little weird and maybe even crazy,
but you know, and then you just launch it into
the world.

Speaker 3 (38:35):

Speaker 10 (38:35):
So I love doing the live shows, me too, the touring.

Speaker 7 (38:38):
Again, I've said this before and I'll say it again.
I wish I was twenty seven and not forty seven,
But I also would not be appreciating it as much
as I now at forty seven, and it is just
it's so emotional and being backstage with you guys again
and doing the scream again, getting there to run out.

Speaker 3 (38:54):
Uh, it's just it's great.

Speaker 10 (38:56):
It's great. So good.

Speaker 3 (38:58):

Speaker 5 (39:00):
Stargazer three thirty asked what is your favorite road trip snack?

Speaker 10 (39:06):
Oh? Good question.

Speaker 3 (39:08):
Is it just McDonald's all around?

Speaker 10 (39:10):
I mean that's not a snack, that's a meal.

Speaker 3 (39:12):
That's not true.

Speaker 2 (39:13):
I do, but you could just say franchise McDonald's frenchise
is a great snack. I'm a bever I'm a beverage
road tripper. I like I like to have I'm just
a beverage person.

Speaker 1 (39:24):
Yeah, so you're the road trip.

Speaker 3 (39:26):
So you're the road tripper where you have to stop.

Speaker 9 (39:28):
Whis I have a very strong bladder. I just like
I like a water. I like a coffee.

Speaker 7 (39:35):
I say that was my other favorite thing about Danielle's
like everything's bladder.

Speaker 3 (39:42):

Speaker 9 (39:42):
No, I like a coffee. I like a water.

Speaker 2 (39:45):
I like something cold, because when I say coffee, I
mean something hot.

Speaker 3 (39:49):
I like bags of things that are lots of them crunchy.

Speaker 7 (39:52):
Okay, so like pretzels or peanuts, popcorn is good. Yeah,
you know when we were with producer Jensen Carr, husband
of this podcast, I never seen anyone eat saltwater taffy
like it, like it was pop like it was.

Speaker 2 (40:08):
It was like a pound and a half of saltwater
taffy and then just ate them one after water and
they were gone in like ten minutes.

Speaker 3 (40:16):
There actual pieces of so like one of those is
enough for me for like.

Speaker 9 (40:20):
Your whole life.

Speaker 2 (40:21):
Yeah, she ate thirty seven of them in about fifteen minutes.

Speaker 10 (40:24):
It was amazing.

Speaker 11 (40:25):
I always say it was an interesting trying to win
a T shirt.

Speaker 10 (40:28):
It was unbelievable to watch.

Speaker 7 (40:30):
That's also when I learned of Danielle's horrible aversion to
the smell of liquoric.

Speaker 3 (40:36):
I just all of a sudden, She's like, what is that?
What is that? I a liquorice one?

Speaker 10 (40:41):
And she rolled down when she.

Speaker 2 (40:43):
I was like I was and I didn't even know
it was like what hit licorice?

Speaker 10 (40:47):
Well, I just had a liquorice chaffy.

Speaker 7 (40:51):
It's like, oh, well, yeah, maybe know exactly what I'm
getting her for Christmas.

Speaker 5 (40:55):
When I was a teenager, I used to and it's
so funny because I don't have a sweet tooth and
I don't eat candy that but like when I was
a teenager, I don't know.

Speaker 3 (41:02):
Do you guys remember I used to always have sweet tarts? Oh? Yes,
you remember that.

Speaker 5 (41:07):
I used to always have a roll of sweet tarts
that I kept in my glove.

Speaker 3 (41:11):
Is that funny?

Speaker 5 (41:12):
Like I know you and I discovered on our roach
trip this summer, it's kind of gross, but uh, dill
pickle flavored sunflower seeds delicious.

Speaker 3 (41:25):
But it's kind of gross. Do you have to be
like spit you know what I mean?

Speaker 5 (41:29):
So it's like I feel gross, but it is really satisfying.

Speaker 10 (41:31):
Is that what you're spitting?

Speaker 3 (41:32):
Because you're not supposed to eat the shells of the sunflower?
You eat the shells because I never spit them out.
I always spit them out. I always though that's what
you're supposed to be, And that's part of the fun.
Is like that.

Speaker 2 (41:43):
It's like something to do with chewing gum or trying
to tie a cherry stem.

Speaker 3 (41:47):
Exactly over again. You can only tie one, not not
that thing up like a rope. My friend can make
it am with that.

Speaker 9 (41:56):
Are we shopping?

Speaker 10 (41:57):
Are we?

Speaker 3 (41:58):

Speaker 10 (41:58):
They're going to should we do another question really quick?

Speaker 3 (42:01):
All right, here we go, Well do we want to
get into it? Is this? This isn't our? Are they
already taking us out?

Speaker 10 (42:07):

Speaker 9 (42:07):
This is this is now? This is where they shoot us?

Speaker 3 (42:09):
All right, well here's here's a quick one. Then from
Shady Melon.

Speaker 7 (42:12):
Shady Melon Melody asks, we know about Daniell's encounter with
Richard Dreyfus. What is the most awkward interaction will er
Ryder have had with a celebrity. I think it was
the two of us trying to figure out if we've
had any awkward interactions.

Speaker 3 (42:25):
I know I can't think of I definitely have. I
mean I had awkward interactions my entire life.

Speaker 2 (42:32):
Have you ever thought, have you ever seen a celebrity
that you thought you knew and then said hi to them,
only to realize, oh, I don't actually know them.

Speaker 9 (42:41):
I just know their work.

Speaker 3 (42:43):
No, because I.

Speaker 5 (42:44):
Never recognized anybody, right, I'm so like basically face blind
that like everything is contextual for me.

Speaker 10 (42:50):
I have one.

Speaker 3 (42:50):
I have an interesting one. Richard carn was.

Speaker 7 (42:54):
I was the first year of doing Warming's role, and
it was at the very first ABC party, and I
had obviously seen him a lot on Home improvement, and
so I just stared at him until he got so
awkward that he walked across the room to shake my hand, right,
because he was so like, who is this strange seventeen?

Speaker 10 (43:15):
I mean, creepily.

Speaker 3 (43:16):
Staring at the man.

Speaker 11 (43:17):
It was very strange until he was like, Hi, I'm Richard,
So yeah, Matt, I.

Speaker 10 (43:22):
Put that up there and it was just slightly awed.

Speaker 7 (43:25):
And then there was Danielle taking a picture of Richard Dreyfus,
which I heard about it, and that was awkward to
hear about.

Speaker 3 (43:30):
I was. I was in a class at Columbia with Julia.

Speaker 5 (43:34):
Stiles, okay, and this isn't an awkward thing. Apparently I
never knew, like she tried to like give me the like, hey,
I know who you are, you know who I am not,
and I like just so I found out later she
was like I guess right, he show and doesn't give
a crab that I'm in this class.

Speaker 3 (43:54):
Oh yeah, So, like I was.

Speaker 5 (43:55):
Probably pretty rude to her, and I had no idea because,
like I said, I only recognize people because extually writer.

Speaker 9 (44:00):
You're never rude to anybody, So yeah, you would have.
She just was looking for there to be some sort.

Speaker 5 (44:06):
Of share exactly because yeah, and it was like a
big deal. It's like me and her and what's his
name from Third Rock from the Sun. Oh, we're all
in the same class coming into Columbia. That's so there's
like lots of rumors and stuff about us. So I
think she thought, like we can bond.

Speaker 2 (44:23):
Over and I mean, I mean this in the most
loving way possible. She's a bigger star than you, and
so she's probably like, if I know who writer Strong is,
he's strong, we'll know who Julia Styles is.

Speaker 9 (44:34):
And you're like, hello, and you are right exactly.

Speaker 3 (44:40):
We are at the outlets.

Speaker 13 (44:42):
Day thirty one of driving with Daniel Offisher.

Speaker 9 (44:47):
We're going to we're going to the Jenny Roads.

Speaker 3 (44:51):
I get to drive. Yeah, we're gonna get there safely
and quickly.

Speaker 1 (45:02):
That was a nice trip here, huh. Very comfortable, super comfortable. Yeah,
that's what I like, a nice quiet car.

Speaker 2 (45:09):
I drove the last part with Lance, as you guys know,
and we got lost. I entered the wrong address into
the navigation navigation towards US a navigation's fault. Nope, not
the navigation's fault, a user error. Entered the wrong address
in and Lance and I pulled up to a random
house and lace.

Speaker 6 (45:29):
Yeah, you actually when you left to get into Lance's car,
forgot that you had the keys right, And I actually
sat out there for about six hours waiting for someone
to come and get us.

Speaker 1 (45:35):
Yeah, but it's all right, we're fine.

Speaker 2 (45:38):
So that was a pretty good Q and a thank
you everybody who sent in some cues.

Speaker 4 (45:42):
We got a little.

Speaker 1 (45:43):
Little deep sometimes talking about how much we like each other.
I don't like that too. I like you.

Speaker 4 (45:50):
Like a therapeutic.

Speaker 1 (45:51):
You're good people. Let's leave it there quick.

Speaker 4 (45:54):
That so funny, honestly think I was like, oh that
was so nice.

Speaker 5 (45:58):
Just heavily go sort of like compliment round. It was,
let's go around to talk about what we like each other.

Speaker 1 (46:03):
The room together.

Speaker 2 (46:04):
When we do the podcast, we separate, so we were like,
in those proximity, we feel like we were all.

Speaker 1 (46:08):
In ecstasy and just a lady. It's the only thing.
All of a sudden riders rubbing my shoulder. This is
pod meats World.

Speaker 2 (46:16):
After last time you guys were in Vegas, I talked
about sweet sweet sleep.

Speaker 5 (46:23):
It was one of which was my I forgot during
ark that question when that question came up. That was
by far the hardest I've laughed because we're in the
room together, which makes me laugh harder. True, and then
when you you were just sweet Sleep of Death lost
it and.

Speaker 1 (46:39):
You're like, I'm not rooting for it. It's just it's
just gonna be nice. It's cold and dark down there.
It sounds wonderful.

Speaker 5 (46:47):
Dusty showing up on our podcast is one of the funniest.
They were so like that was just and then that
he was such a cool guy and like brought me
back to like of a relationship that I just you know.

Speaker 6 (46:58):
Think those stories about him throwing the football and hitting
the car, Yeah, those are those are absolutely great.

Speaker 7 (47:04):

Speaker 2 (47:04):
No, well, this has been really nice. But there's tables downstairs.
I don't know if you guys have heard.

Speaker 4 (47:10):
And there's money, then.

Speaker 1 (47:14):
It's burning a hole.

Speaker 6 (47:16):
I'm driving all the way to Vegas with just thousands
of dollars.

Speaker 1 (47:21):
Yes, my god, wow.

Speaker 5 (47:25):
Oh, do you guys want to hit up the ATM
or No, I'm going to, but I'm luckily I have
a forty dollars limit.

Speaker 1 (47:31):
There's there's a bank right across this. No, I don't
do that here, don't do I have to.

Speaker 5 (47:35):
I don't have any other cat do they take atm
at the at the tables.

Speaker 2 (47:39):
A debit card they've gotten there yet they haven't. They
haven't instituted strike.

Speaker 1 (47:44):
That'll happen soon, you just wait. Yeah.

Speaker 10 (47:46):

Speaker 2 (47:47):
Well, thank you all for joining us for this after
okay episode of Pod Meets World. As always, you can
follow us on Instagram pod Meets World Show. You can
send us your emails pod meets World Show at gmail
dot com, and.

Speaker 1 (47:59):
We have double down un merch will send us out.
We love you all, pod dismissed.

Speaker 6 (48:09):
Pod Meets World is an iHeart podcast produced and hosted
by Danielle Fischel, Wilfredell and.

Speaker 7 (48:14):
Ryder Strong Executive producers Jensen Karp and Amy Sugarman, Executive
in charge of production, Danielle Romo, producer and editor, Taras Sudbach, producer,
Jackie Rodriguez, engineer and Boy Meets World superfan Easton Allen.

Speaker 5 (48:25):
Our theme song is by Kyle Morton of Typhoon and
you can follow us on Instagram at Pod Meets World
Show or email us at Podmeets Worldshow at gmail dot
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