We Are (All) Family with Brothers Darren and Chuck Criss and AJ Jacobs

October 24, 201846 sec
Scientists often refer to the concept of "family bias," which states that we are prone to treat family members better than strangers, even if that family member is a distant cousin. Does this mean we could achieve a more unified and inclusive world if everyone understood that they were part of the same "genetically proven" family tree? 

On the latest episode of Spit, host Baratunde Thurston sits down with AJ Jacobs, NY Times best-selling author of “It’s All Relative,” and brothers Darren and Chuck Criss of the band Computer Games to discuss the concept of family and the potential for creating unity across the entire human population.

Both have very different stories and experiences. Darren and Chuck share how they were raised as a close-knit family in San Francisco, thousands of miles from relatives across the country and as far as the Philippines. 

“A lot of our cousins and extended family, we didn't really know growing up because it was just on the other side of the world and we didn't grow up in the age of social media and everything, so it wasn't till later in life we connected with them” 

AJ, on the other hand, shares how being approached by his “12th cousin” ignited his quest, through research and science, to unite the entire human race in one all-encompassing family tree to prove how every single one of us is related through genetics -- even going so far as to create the largest Global family reunion. 

“At the Global Family Reunion, the moment that I feel that it was most united was when 75% of Sister Sledge was singing "We Are Family" and everyone was singing along in 40 different countries. It was quite moving.” 

Listen in as our guests’ curiosity to understand their DNA unfolds into their DNA families and some unexpected stories. 

Darren and Chuck Criss continue to work on new music for their band Computer Games and hope to release their next track in the new year. http://weplaycomputers.com/

AJ Jacobs is set to release his latest book "Thanks a Thousand: A Gratitude Journey" in which he “thanks every single person who had a role (however small) in making his morning cup of coffee possible.” ajjacobs.com @ajjacob

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