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February 16, 2024 53 mins

The ghost in the hotel…who is it? The Wizard will tell you in this episode!

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And you're here.

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Speaker 1 (01:05):
Yeah, ready to be amazed by the wizard of Weird
Strange Things with Joshua E. Warren.

Speaker 4 (01:19):
I am Joshua B. Warren, and each week on this show,
I'll be bringing you brand new mind blowing content, news exercises,
and weird experiments you can do at home, and a
lot more on this edition of the show. Who was
the Pink Lady of the Grove Park Inn? Now I'm

talking about a ghost at a hotel in Asheville, North Carolina,
and listen to this. About thirty years ago, I was
actually threatened with legal action and if I talked publicly
about certain things related to this case. But now that

I'm thirty years older, with some of the best lawyers
in the world, I'm finally going to reveal some things.
Don't worry, I understand boundaries, and I might here to
take anybody off. I just think that you might be
able to help me finally solve a mystery, perhaps a

cold case really that has been around for one hundred years.
So this is about true history. Now. Of course, I
grew up in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, and
I started publishing articles and books when I was just
a teenager. And I was very fortunate to be contacted

by the Grove Park when I was a teenager and
given this great opportunity to invest gate the fact versus
the fiction of this Pink Lady story that had been
around since the nineteen twenties. Now, let me just tell
you right off the bat, the Grove Park in is
the big old Grand Venerable hotel in Asheville, built from

granite boulders, that opened in nineteen thirteen. It's the kind
of place where if the most famous people came to town,
they would stay at the Grove Park in I'll tell
you more about the Grove Park in a little bit later,
but first let me just jump right into the traditional
legend of the pink Lady that haunts that place. And

this is from my book Haunted Ashville, the first book
of Asheville ghost stories ever published. I published it in
nineteen ninety six. And here is how the chapter begins,
Called the Pink Lady of the Grove Park. In the legend,

the November night was crisp and cold. A hint of
smoke drifted in the thin air of the hotel's palm
Court as mammoth fireplaces roared in the great Hall two
floors below. The blaze from the fire sent forth a
jovial warmth that mingled with the nature of the guests

merely conversing before it. A jazzy nineteen twenty two bounced
around the massive stones and pillars of the hall. As
chuckles and murmured conversation filled the center of the mighty hotel.
She could hear them from the fifth floor of the
Palm Court, a desolate place that night. She was young

and beautiful, a slender neck and graceful features. Her long,
lustrous hair fell around the shoulders of the pink evening
gown she'd worn for the special night. She was such
a pretty girl, But why did she seem so melancholy?
Her bright eyes sparkled as she stared from the edge

of the fifth floor. From such a height, the tiles
far below seemed so strangely welcoming. It was almost as
though they beckoned to her. They called her name in
a soft whisper, and she was drawn. It was such
a subtle moment, such a quiet moment. She was hypnotized

by the expanse below. The danger must have registered somewhere
in her mind, but she ignored it. She was drawn.
The security of the low wall was there, holding her back,
and it was trying to tell her, no, no, there
is danger here. Lean back, But the warning fell on

deaf ears. The hugeness of the room invited her to join.
The air, even in its thinness, seemed strong enough to
support her. She rested upon it more and more, Her
arms reached for it. Farther and farther. A silent crescendo
arose in the sky and then at once, the strength

of the floor below her dainty feet was there no more.
What had happened? Had she shifted her weight too far?
Had a malicious force shoved her just enough? Had she
seen the cure to her depression on the cold floor
far below? It was like slow motion, the wind rushing

through her thick hair one last time, her long pink
gown pressed against her body by the air that had
sworn to support her. The spell had been broken. Her
enchantment was now gone, but it was too late. The
floor became larger and larger, as the tiles she was

to swiftly meet showed their hardness. Once again, Horror flashed
in her deep eyes. A scream arose in her delicate throat,
but there was no time for it to escape. One
last impression, the laughs, the murmurs, the smoke, the music,

the chill in the air, the hardness of the floor,
and then the impact in the great hall. The conversation
didn't flinch, the band didn't miss a note. The fireplace
kept right on, burning as brightly and warmly as ever.
But something had changed. Everyone knew it. No one could

quite place it, no one even mentioned it, but they
knew it. Had changed. It was a sort of new
weight on their shoulders. A ghost of a grimace showed
behind their smiles. But what was it, What had caused
this new sensation? They would find out later that night.

The moon would show brightly when they entered the silence
of the palm court. There they would find the pale
girl in her shapely pink gown, as cold and lifeless
as the tiles. Then they would know tragedy. It was
tragedy that had weighed so heavy in the air of

the growth park in that chilly night. Time would pass
and the night would become forgotten. The body would disintegrate
in the soil, along with the pink gown. The hardened
bones of the pitiful lady would disappear, but something seemed

to be left behind. At first, no one knew exactly
what it was, but they continued to hear the stories.
I've seen it, someone would say, I've seen it with
my own eyes. I was working late one night up
there in the main inn. It was quiet and there
was no one else around, and then all at once
I got the strangest feeling. I wasn't alone anymore. I

felt like someone was watching me. When my head was
turned the other way. It sort of sent a chill
up my spine, and the hair began to stand on
the back of my neck. I got a real cold shiver.
And when I looked up, there she was just standing there.
It was a lady in a long pink dress. She

seemed sad and dreary, maybe even a little bit lost.
And then almost as soon as I had seen her,
she just disappeared into thin air. It was like she
was never there. Generation after generation, the stories continued to
pour from the massive walls of the Grove park In.

Someone would see her from a distance, gliding across a hallway.
Someone else would round a corner and meet her face
to face just before she would vanish. And then there
were the mischievous things. Someone would watch the elevator being
buzz to the fifth floor, but the operator, much to

his surprise, would answer the call to meet an empty hallway.
Vacant rooms would be locked from the inside, and hotel
lights would turn on and off with seemingly no controlling
hand in sight. Bellman maids, doctors, chiefs of police, children
and adults. The experiences spanned all walks of life. There
was a ghost in the Grove Park in Some would

exclaim as though it was a bad thing hotel administration
forbade conversation of the topic to avoid frightening guests. But
many more people who had picked up the story and
rumor came to the timeless end with the hopes of
catching a glimpse themselves. Some did, most did not, but

still once in a blue moon, a lucky someone would
see her, and those who did, in that single instance
that they saw the phantom glide away realized once and
for all its significance to the grow Park in In
most places people come and go, history presents itself and
then dies away, But not the Grow Park in the past.

The hotel's rich historical integrity is as alive and active
as ever. It literally roams the halls, and what better
place to spend eternity than within the halls of the
world's greatest resort. I'm going to pause right there because
the big question is who was this woman? And we

are going to dig into that question as deeply as
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Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
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get that out there because that's been very frustrating for me. Okay,
now let's get back to this mystery, shall we? Getting
back to the Pink Lady of the Grove Parkain, I
continued writing about the legend. Her identity remains a mystery.
Her very existence is shrouded with mystique. She is elusive,

forlorn and benevolent. She is beautiful yet sad. She is
welcomed by many, but feared by a few. To those
who see her often, she is a peaceful and comforting sight.
Yet even to them, she remains an enigma, misunderstood yet timeless.

She is an integral part of the culture of the
Grove Parkain. The mere mention of her name will wrinkle
a furrowed brow and revive a thousand dusty stories. The
workers of the Grove park In know her all too well.
They call her simply the Pink Lady, and so goes

the most familiar legend of the Grove park In. Since
its construction and by E. W. Grove in nineteen thirteen,
the famous hotel has seen a countless number of personalities
safeguarding guests, from Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and F. Scott
Fitzgerald to Harry Houdini, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Richard Nixon.

It's become a twentieth century American time capsule. And there
is so much I could tell you about this place.
Books have been written about the Grove Park in But
for so many years, up until the hotel contacted me
in the nineteen nineties, it was, like I say, it

was a topic that was taboo. You could not discuss
the pink Lady that the attitude was that it would
frighten away guests. Supposedly that was the explanation. And so
but they had some changes in management, and they realized
that haunted hotels were becoming popular in their own way,
especially like you know, around Halloween. Some of the people

who worked there had seen my work in the local newspaper,
the Ashville Citizen Times, and they hired me to go
in and have full access to the entire hotel and
all of its property for at least six months. I
think it was more than that, and I could interview

anybody I wanted to. They were authorized to speak with me.
I was able to spend the night in hotel rooms.
It was amazing. I mean, I think you could basically
make a movie. Out of that period of time I
was doing my research there. I interviewed hundreds of people,
and I could sit here and just tell you pink
ladies stories. One of my favorites, though, that I remember hearing,

was from a woman who had arrived at the Grove
Park in because she was there for a business conference.
They have a lot of those there, and she was
running kind of late, and she went into her room
and had to get changed very quickly so that she
could so that she could make it to a dinner,

and so she just kind of threw all of her
luggage on her bed there. And this is a fairly
recent story because you know, this includes a digital camera.
So she threw her all of her goods there on
this bed. She went to dinner, had her meetings, and
then when she came back, she was surprised to find
that her camera on the bed was turned on, and

she went to look to see how what the battery
level was, and she realized that while she was gone,
the camera had taken a picture and it was a
picture of her room from the ceiling looking down. Now,
was that the pink Lady? I don't know. Like I mentioned,

a lot of people say The Pink Lady just seems
kind of sad. There are other ghosts that are seen
at the Grove Park in as well, not surprisingly, and
I did write about that in my book. So the
idea was, okay, I was going to go out and
do all this research and put together an official report
for the marketing and the management team there so that

they could see if there was enough to this story
to take it and promote it as a positive thing
and get some free publicity out of it. And this
just it was miraculous. It dovetailed with me already in
the process of writing my book Haunted Ashville, and so

one of the things that I insisted on was that
they would let me use the story that I used
the work that I'd found in my book Haunted Ashville,
and they were fine with that. And that's why the
Pink Lady is on the of the first edition of
this book as actually my friend Ashley Simpson, who modeled
back in the day, and everybody knew her as the

Pink Lady after that. So I put this report together,
and when I sat down finally with some of the
big wigs there after they had read the report, I
was told, first off, this is amazing. You've done a

fantastic job. This is just what we were looking for.
You're one of the best writers that I've ever read.
I mean, like, they're just give me all these rat compliments.
And then one of the chief guys said, but nobody
will ever hear about Theory C. And he said, don't

forget we sue easily, and I bet you're wondering what
theory C is. Well in my report. Now you have
to remember I wrote this over thirty years ago. In
my report, I had a section at the back and
this was a private report just for the hotel. This

is something they had hired me to create for them.
There was a section at the back where I said, well,
who was the Pink Lady? You know, we've got all
these great stories. When I was doing my investigation, I
got all these spooky pictures and I documented a lot
of weird stuff. But I never saw the Pink Lady myself, unfortunately.
But you know, I had just a lot of really

good content there. But you know, the big question at
the end of the day is well, who was this woman?
Or is this a story that was just somehow made
up and like a topa that was created so I
listed I believe it was three theories A, B and C.
These were I think you call it E theory or hypothesis.

These are explanations, and I'm pretty sure it was theory
C that they didn't like. And I said, okay, no problem,
I will never talk about that, and I never did.
But now everything has changed because years ago the Growth

park In was bought out by a whole new company.
They call it the Omnigro Park In. A whole different
group of people own it and manage it now. And
I have wondered all this time if there was something,
if I touched a nerve with this theory C. Right,
So when we come back from this break, I'm going

to be very careful because I seriously I do not
want to intrude on anybody's privacy or anybody's legacy. But
I am going to give you some information that might
help you help me solve this if it is indeed
a cold case of some kind, you know, like a murder.
I'm Joshua pe Warren. You're listening to strange things on

the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coach Am Paranormal podcast network,
and I will be right back after these important messages.

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Speaker 4 (27:44):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I'm your host, Joshua P. Warren,
and this is the show where the unusual becomes usual.
When the Grove park End put together their official report

back there in the nineties again, I guess it was
right around ninety five. Ninety six when my book came out,
we produced a big media day and I'm telling you,
reporters came from all around the country and it was
just a huge hit. I got my face put all

over TV, which was big for me at that time.
I started selling bookoos of copies of Haunted Ashville became
the regional bestseller. To this day, I believe it is
the most stolen book from the Bunkhom County Library System.
So that's some kind of a compliment, even though I'm
not encouraging that. It was just a huge hit and

it did a lot to launch what became my career,
my bizarro career, and I will be absolutely forever grateful
to the people, the staff and the management there at
the Grove park In who gave me that opportunity. So
I'm certainly not here to say anything bad about anybody.
I'm simply saying that times change, and thirty years ago,

the people there, I don't believe wanted to get wanted
this particular idea to maybe distract from what they were
trying to market. And let me tell you one thing
that makes me very proud is that to this day,
even though the grow park In is owned by a
whole different group, a whole different company, et cetera. The

Pink Lady is still celebrated there. The last time I
was at the Grove park In, they had a big
exhibit about the Pink Lady with like, you know, a
mannequin wearing a pink dress. They were making Pink Lady
drinks at the bar. Kids would go to Room five
forty five, which I determined was the most likely room

where the Pink Lady was staying or at least died
outside of, and kids will to this day. They'll leave
notes outside Room five forty five, little notes and letters
and cards and gifts for the Pink Lady as if
they are writing to Santa Claus or the Tooth Theory.
It's amazing how that's happened. And if you've never been

to the Grove park In, you need to do yourself
a favor and go there. Have a hefty budget on hand.
It is not an inexpensive place by any means, but
it is breathtaking. And the spa there is the best
spa that I've ever been to. And that's you know,
you're talking to a guy here or hearing from a

guy who lives in Las Vegas, and I've been to
all the big spas in Las Vegas. But when we
did this investigation, I wrote this report. And you know
what the funny thing is, I don't even I can't
even find a copy of my report. I apparently I

don't have it scanned in on a drive or anything.
I'm assuming that my copies of this report are in
some of my storage units in Asheville, because you know,
I've moved around a lot. I moved from Ashville to
Puerto Rico. I lived for a while in Texas with
my wife, and then you know, we ended up out here.

And so I have too many possessions and a lot
of my stuff is stored away. So I can't even
put my hands on this report that I wrote thirty
years ago. So I can't guarantee you that what I'm
about to tell you is absolutely accurate. But I'm going
to do my best from memory, all right, So here
is the idea. The Grove Park in was built by E. W.

Grove and he was born in eighteen fifty and he
died in nineteen twenty seven. He was an American businessman,
magnet entrepreneur, a self made millionaire. He founded the Paris
Medicine Company, creating and producing its most well known patent

medicine products like Grove's tasteless chill tonic. And then then
later on he started investing and developed all of these
properties in the Southern United States, properties in Atlanta, Georgia,
and of course the jewel of the crown is the
Grove Park in in Asheville, North Carolina. So he was

a very impressive man who had a lot of power.
And E. W. Grove had a daughter who was apparently
quite in demand, and she ended up marrying this younger man,
a young man who worked for E. W. Grove. And

that man's name was Fred Seely. And Fred Seely was
born in eighteen seventy one and he died in nineteen
forty two. And he met W. Grove when he was
a young man and started working for him, and EW
Grove was so impressed Fred Seely was. He was a newspaperman,
a chemist, an inventor, a philanthropist. He quickly became Grove's

right hand man. So it made perfect sense that Fred
Seely would end up marrying ed Grove's daughter. I don't
think that Grove would have wanted anything else than that
that was like the perfect natural thing for Seely to
marry Grove's daughter. Grove and Seely were working together all
the time on everything, and Seely was the person who

actually sat down and sketched out the rough design for
the Grove park In. I know, so he was considered
sort of an architect. He was a very magnetic, charismatic person.
In fact, he was the first manager of the Grove
park In, and boy, he took that job seriously. And
he would go out and treat all the guests like

gold and you know, butter everybody up and provide for
them whatever they wanted. And back in those days, the
Grove park In was a much more private place because
there were so many high profile people there. There was
a big fence around the property. Access was restricted, Information
about what happened there was much more limited. And for

a while there it seemed like there was the perfect scenario.
Grove was happy, He's getting to be an old, rich
guy and everybody respects him. His daughter is happy to
be married to Fred Seely. Fred Seely loves being out
there as the center of attention. I mean, it's just
a really great dynamic. And then one day something goes wrong,

and all of a sudden, Grove and Sealy have some
big falling out and nobody knows exactly what happened. But
this falling out became so bad that by the time
Grove well, when Grove died and his will came out,

he didn't leave a single penny to fred Ceely. And
he had promised fred Ceely that he would leave him
some money in return for getting the rights to some
of fred Seely's innovations, and that was a crushing blow.
He left everything directly to his daughter, and it's very
like explicitly cut Fred Seeley out of the will. So

something went really bad toward the end of that relationship,
and nobody ever understood what went wrong. But you know,
these rich folks like that, you know, these kind of
dynastic figures, there's always some kind of drama going on.

And so when I was doing my research, I knew
that Fred Seely had been cut out of the wheel.
So I ended up going to the Buncome County Courthouse
because back when I was doing my research, I was
looking through every type of you know, old file and
old archives. There's no telling how many pieces of old
paper I put my hands on and when you read

this will all of a sudden there is this mysterious
little girl who is mentioned, and Grove leaves this little
girl quite a bit of money for the rest of

her life. And I thought that was really weird because
I was like, well, you know, this is a famous guy.
Where did this little girl come from? And you know
why was Seay cut out of the wheel? But this
little girl that nobody knows about is getting all this
money for the rest of her life. Now. I do

remember her name, but I'm not going to say it
because it is possible. It's unlikely, but it is possible
that she is still alive. She would have to be
very elderly at this point if she were still alive.
But I started looking at all this and I thought, well,
you know something else that's kind of odd is that, Okay, E. W.

Grove and his wife, as they got older, they didn't
really seem to care too much about each other. They
would go travel to different places and spend months apart,
and they just I wouldn't say they had a bad marriage,
but you know, they just kind of it seemed like
that they just sort of fell out of love. I
think that happens to a lot of people, especially when

they've got enough money to go and kind of do
their own thing. So I wondered, is it possible that
when Grove, okay, let me put this a way, is
it possible that somehow Fred Seely was involved in a

situation that resulted in the death of this young woman
at the Grove Park End, and somehow there was this
kid involved. And E. W. Grove was so angry about it,

especially since that Seely was married to his daughter, that
he decided to just sever tize with Seely and cut
him out of the will. And yet this money goes
to this little girl. So what could have happened there?
What could have happened now? I think again, Cely, very charismatic,

magnetic man that everybody wanted to be around, entertaining all
kinds of people in the hotel. Could he have met
a young woman and somehow ended up in a bad situation.
We got to take a break when we come back
more on this, and I might be able to squeeze

in a listener email. I'm Joshua Pee Warren. You're listening
to strange things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast.
I AM Parianormal Podcast Network and I will be right back.
Don't go anywhere. There's more Strange Things coming right up.

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Speaker 4 (41:17):
Welcome back to the final segment of this edition of
Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM
Paranormal Podcast Network. I am your host, Joshua P. Warren,
and you must realize that back in those days in Asheville,

when you had some of the richest, most powerful, most
well protected men in the world all coming together to
hang out and have a retreat, and some of them
would just outright live at the hotel. Well, it's no

secret that they're were lots of high class ladies of
the night in Ashville swirling around that culture. And you know,
some were pretty blatant prostitutes and some were just very
expensive girlfriends. And if you have any doubt of that,

it's quite well documented. There is this great book that
was published in the seventies by a man named Tony Batita,
and he I believe he owned a bookstore in Asheville
at that time, and he was he came into contact
with all these many of these figures, but especially f.
Scott Fitzgerald, who was constantly bringing ladies to his room.

That book is called after the Good Gay Times, Ashville
Summer of thirty five, a season with F. Scott Fitzgerald
in which some of this kind of activity is documented.
So there were lots of women going in and out
of the Grove parkin and it was common for a

lot of these men to not have their wives around
back then. So let's just face the reality. It's possible
that the Pink Lady was one of these types of women,
and that that is one of the real reasons that
this whole story has been shrouded in mystery, that for
so many decades it was like, do you do not

breathe a word about this ghost of this woman because
if people start probing into it, it's going to expose
some secret. And I am not suggesting that Fred Seely
did something with one of these women, but he may
have somehow been involved in a situation where one of

these women tried to blackmail him or somebody else, and
there was a child involved. I just don't know. That's
as far as I could take it based upon the
information that I had at the time. And so here
here's what I would like for you to do. If

you're the type of person who likes to get online
and be a sleuth, because that's very popular these days.
Find E. W. Grove's will, his last will and testament
there right and read through it, and you will find

the name of this little girl. Again, I'm not gonna say,
but you will find it's public record in the will.
If you figure out who that little girl was, where
she came from, and how her life ended up, that
may be a clue that will open up the doors

to finally figuring out who the Pink Lady was. That's
what you can do if you're interested in this sort
of thing. And I don't know if his will is
I just did a cursory search online. I couldn't find
his will online. I know, you know, like I say,
back in my archives in one of my storerooms in Asheville,

I have copies of all this kind of stuff. But
I believe that, you know, that's a great tip. I've
never heard anybody talk about that before. And maybe there's
a reason, Maybe other people were told back in the day,
like hey, if you even breathe a word of this,
you know you might be facing some legal action. But look,
we're talking about guys who were public figures who died

a long time ago, and a mystery that's been around
for one hundred years. This is all speculation. Nobody's pointing
fingers at anybody, and we're dealing with a public record,
which is a will. Now, maybe this is just a
dead end, but so far, I mean it, What if
it's not, I mean, like, if nothing else has panned out,

nothing else has worked out, What if this is the
key to solving this great mystery? What a story that
would be So I hope that one of you out
there will take an interest in this and you know,
let me know what you find out. Just you can
always contact me through my website. Go to Joshua Peewarren
dot com, scroll down and you'll find my email address.

But I'm easy to find. I'm all over the internet,
and I do my best to read every single message.
Uh oh, and it's impossible for me to read everyone,
but I do my best, especially if you've bought a
product or something like that. You know, either Mobius, my
shipper or I. You know, we will get back to you.
And if we don't, that means something's gone wrong and

we haven't gotten your message. So I hope that you
enjoyed that story and some of my thoughts about how
we might actually you know, go back and change history.
I do, however, want to just include this. I've been
looking for an opportunity to bring this up for a
long time, and I keep forgetting and maybe the because

I'm talking about me writing books and about you know,
legal issues and all that. Well, you know. Back in
I guess it was twoenty fifteen, I published my book
called Use the Force, a Jedi's Guide to the Law
of Attraction, and that book eventually became published by Simon

and Schuster and it's done very well. And at one
point the publisher asked me if I wanted the foreign
language rights. They did that because that there were some
concerns at the company because they were selling when the
first publishing company was selling to another publishing company, and

there were some issues about like clearing rights in other countries.
It's a long story, but I said, yes, I would
love to have the foreign language rights to the book.
And so I put the word out there that I
could sell the rights of this book in any language.
And I got contacted by this publisher in Canada, in Quebec,

and he just said, oh, I love this book. I
definitely want to publish it. You know, let's make a deal.
And I said, great, you know, sounds good. You know,
he wants to publish this thing in French. So we
corresponded for a while. I sent him all the files
to be translated, and then it was just crickets. Never
heard anything back. And I got my agent involved and

she contacted him and he wouldn't get back to her.
And then one day, boom, here is my book published
in French on Amazon. I don't speak French, but it's
called utilizes la force lelchon, I guess something like that.

And so he's selling my book. This the same selling
my book. Now I got on Amazon and bought my
own book. It was actually a nice print job, did
a very good job reproducing my book in French. He
even got on YouTube and shot a video of him
standing there holding this book that he is illegally published

and talking about what a great book it is. And
I just could not believe it. I mean, like my
agent and I were saying, we've never seen such a
blatant example of like copyright violation ever. So I contacted
a lawyer in Canada and we went after this guy
and he was just screwed. There was nothing he could

do or say, and I mean he was on the
line for a lot of money and damages. And so
we worked it out and he sent me a check.
But he also part of the deal was he had
to send me his remaining stock of books, and he'd
been selling them in Europe as well as in Canada.

So one day I get this truck that pulls up
and it's full of all these boxes that have copies
illegally printed copies of my book Use the Force, and
they're all in French. I don't remember how many there are.
There's probably less than a thousand that we're still remaining,

but you know, it's a good chunk of books in French.
So I've had these dropped off at my storage unit
here in Las Vegas, and I have no idea what
to do with these books. I don't really know anybody
who is deep in the French world who would have
also like book knowledge, and so I guess here's what

I'm telling you. If you're listening to this show and
you have any ideas about how we can sell I
don't know, four or five hundred copies have used the Force,
nicely printed copies in French, please contact me and let
me know. My mind is open to all possibilities, and
I hate to just see them sitting there onread but
I just don't have a connection to distributing physical books

like that to the French speaking world. So let me know.
Go to my website and email me. All right, Well,
what a show.

Speaker 5 (51:19):
You know.

Speaker 4 (51:19):
I kind of wing stuff like this, so I feel
good when it feels like it kind of works out,
but I definitely am ready to end the show the
right way, taking that big deep breath. Close your eyes
if you can. We are going to meditate on the
twenty second, one and only original good Fortune tone, and

let's try to make our next week the best, most prosperous,
abundant and healthy ever here it is. That's it for

this edition of the show. Follow me on Twitter at
Joshua P. Warren, Plus visit Joshuapwarren dot com to sign
up for my free e newsletter to receive a free
instant gift, and check out the cool stuff in the
Curiosity Shop all at Joshuapwarren dot com. I have a
fun one lined up for you next time, I promise.

So please tell all your friends to subscribe to this
show and to always remember the Golden Rule. Thank you
for listening, thank you for your interest and support, Thank
you for staying curious, and I will talk to you
again soon. You've been listening to Strange Things on the

iHeartRadio and to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 2 (53:12):
Thanks for listening to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast
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