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June 7, 2024 53 mins

Join the Wizard this week as he explains why he went and what he did (spoiler alert: UFOs).

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
Welcome to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal
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And sometimes unexplained. Now listen to this.

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Speaker 2 (01:02):
Ready to be amazed by the Wizard of Weird Strange
Things with Joshua Warren.

Speaker 4 (01:15):
I am Joshua Pee Warren, and each week on this show,
I'll be bringing you brand new my glowing content, news exercises,
and weird experiments you can do at home, and a
lot more on this episode, just in What's Weird in
America's Most Expensive City? What's Weird in America's Most Expensive City?

For quite a while, I've been wanting to take an
action packed trip to explore an area to which, believe
it or not, I have never been, even though I
can fly there from Las Vegas, where I live, in
less than an hour, and as I record this, it
just so happens to also be the most expensive city

in the entire United States of America. Want to take
a guess what city it is? Think about it. I'll
give you a second. Okay, here's the answer. It is
San Diego, California. Yes, more expensive than Los Angeles or
New York, or Honolulu or Miami. I talked to a

bartender there who said she and her husband and two kids.
They rent a small house about eighteen hundred square feet
with just two or three bedrooms, and the rent alone
is over three nine hundred dollars per month.

Speaker 2 (02:49):
That's rent alone.

Speaker 4 (02:51):
One of the reasons it's so popular is because year round,
the temperature there is great. The weather is great, like
it has a low of about forty nine degrees fahrenheit
and a high of seventy seven fahrenheit.

Speaker 2 (03:03):
That's year round.

Speaker 4 (03:05):
It's beautiful, and while we were there in mid May
of twenty twenty four, it was cool enough to wear
a jacket every night. And it also happens to be
the oldest European settlement on the entire West Coast, and
so the history there is astounding. I'll get back to

that later, of course.

Speaker 2 (03:28):
But okay, so.

Speaker 4 (03:29):
Why did I go? Why did I want to take
this trip? Well, there are a number of reasons. But
for one thing you may remember about, well, this famous
tic tac Ufo slash UAP siding by Navy pilots that
happened in two thousand and four. Here's one version of

what happened.

Speaker 2 (03:51):
By let's see.

Speaker 4 (03:53):
Alisa Chasin at cbsnews dot com talking about these house
hearings with lawmakers and says it Retired Navy commander David
Fraverr was commander of the FA eighteen F Squadron of
the USS Nimets that's a ship, of course, when he

says he spotted the object during the flight off the
coast of southern California on November fourteenth, two thousand and four.
In a twenty twenty one interview with sixty Minutes, Fraverr,
a graduate of the top Gun Naval Flight School, spoke
about what he saw. He and another lieutenant commander there

were training with the Nimtz Carrier Strike Group just southwest
of San Diego, and favor told sixty Minutes. At the
time advanced radar on a ship that was a part
of their training group detected what operators called multiple a
novelist aerial vehicles over the ocean, descending eighty thousand feet

and less than a second. All right, so surely you
know that story by now. And so that whole area
of the coastline there has been a UFO slash UAP
hotspot for at least twenty years. And we are talking
about the entire area around Catalina Island and Dana Point

and Laguna Beach.

Speaker 2 (05:20):
I mean that whole part of.

Speaker 4 (05:22):
The Pacific Ocean, and these things go in and out
of the ocean, and so I've been wanting to go
there and talk to the locals in person about what
they've been seeing and where I need to set up
the next time I come into town with some new
high speed camera gear that I'm going to be obtaining.

And so I took a lot of notes during the trip.
I usually do that when I take a trip, so
I can come back and tell you some stories. So
throughout this show, I'm going to tell you about some
of the interesting places that Lauren and I visit, did
things that we bought, and then, of course my ultimate
conclusion so far about the UFO activity around there, But

you got to realize that this also has some of
the most haunted places in the United States, including a
house known as America's most Haunted House. I visited there,
I'll tell you about that, and one of the most
famous haunted resorts, the Hotel del Coronado. All right, I
have a lot of information in front of me, and

I know I'm going to run out of time, so
let's get straight into this. We flew there, we got
checked into a really nice hotel right there on the water.
It was near a place called the Seaport Village, and
it's exactly what you can imagine. It's a little area
right there on the coast. It's kind of like a
little boardwalk area, and it has all the little gift

shops and seafood restaurants, and I just love walking around
these little places that reminds you of being in Popeyes Town.
But one thing that was especially interesting was as soon
as Lauren and I walked into the Seaport Village, there
was this very elaborate carousel there. Turned out this thing

had been hand carved in eighteen ninety five and it's
still perfectly operable. We got to ride this carousel, this
merry go Round on top of these big you know
there was I guess there were wooden horses. Of course,
this thing had been restored over time, but that was
astounding to spend five minutes just riding a carousel that

had been built in eighteen ninety five. So, of course
the first stuff I wanted to tick off my list.
I got some delicious crab cakes right there on the water.
We walked down that boardwalk area until we got to
a huge ship there, the USS Midway, which is now

a museum. It's a very famous area in San Diego
because you may remember seeing this photograph from World War Two.
It's at the end of the war when everybody's celebrating
and there's a sailor who is kissing this girl in
New York City. And this famous photograph has been turned
into a twenty five foot tall statue that stands right

there in this area next to the Midway. They have
all kinds of really interesting memorials and monuments there. One
that particularly struck me was one of Bob Hope, the
comedian who had entertained the troops. It's a life size
statue of Bob Hope, and he's standing there with this
group of life size sailor statues all around him, and

as he's standing there and addressing them, they actually have
real audio from some of his stand up comedy playing
and they're laughing and clapping, and I mean, I swear
it was like being transported back in time. If you're
interested in history and you're ever near that area of
San Diego, you gotta go check that out. It's right

now by the fish market and everything. So we hit
up some of the local shops. I bought some camel jerky.
Have you ever had camel jerky? I'm a sucker for jerky,
you know. I started out eating beef jerky. Now I
eat a lot of turkey jerky and stuff like that
because it's leaner camel jerky.

Speaker 2 (09:26):
This is some of the.

Speaker 4 (09:26):
Best jerky I've ever had in my entire life, literally
made out of a camel. I know some of you
will despise me for eating a camel, but it's very
lean and it's only got one and a half grams
of fat. It's by a brand called cow Crack cow
Crack Gourmet Jerky. I would eat this every day. That's
neither here nor there. But if you're a jerky person,

check out the Camel Jerky. So look, we had a
great evening, found some little speakeasyes, some teeky places to
chill out, and in the next day we went up a.
We headed to La Joya Cove, which looks like a
movie set. This is an area where these giant cliffs
are right next to the water. The ocean is splashing

up on the cliffs and everywhere, I mean everywhere are
just tons of sea lions and seagulls and pelicans, all
this wild life. La Joya apparently means the Jewel by
the way, and so it was just like you know,
it was the most one of the most scenic places
I've ever been to in my entire life. And of course,

as we were sort of exploring and walking up and
down these cliffs, it became apparent that there are some
pretty significant caves around La Joya Cove. And these caves
were well, some of them are natural, but many of
them were man made because apparently, back during the Depression

the Prohibition, bootleggers would use these caves to smuggle all
kinds of liquor up from the ocean to the surface.
And distribute it around California. And these caves are really
really haunted. I actually went down myself. I didn't have
the best dress for it because the rocks were very slippery,

but I actually went into one of the caves and
we took some pictures. You know what, I got to
take a break when we come back. Okay, I'm going
to get into the spooky stuff when we return, about
America's most haunted house and the Hotel Delcornado and some

of the things that were happening as we were exploring
this magnificent area around San Diego, California. And you know what,
sometimes I have special reports, special projects, special experiments, special products.

Speaker 2 (11:58):
That I only can tell you out.

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I am Joshua P. Warren. And you are listening to
Strange Things on.

Speaker 4 (12:54):
The iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network,
and I will be right back.

Speaker 2 (13:06):
Stay right there, there's more Joshua P. Warren coming right out.

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Speaker 5 (13:52):
And now back to the iHeartRadio and tost AM Paranormal
Podcast Network and Strange Things.

Speaker 4 (14:27):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 2 (14:35):
I am your host, the Wizard of Weird Joshua P.

Speaker 4 (14:38):
Warren beaming into your wormhole brain from my studio in
Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada, where every day is golden
and every night is silver.

Speaker 2 (14:49):
Gitato Zume and I, you know what, I.

Speaker 4 (14:53):
Hope I don't sound too tired, because I'm still worn
out from the strip I just got back. I still
have a lot of fo to analyze. And by the way,
by the time you hear this recording, it is possible
that the new Instagram page will be up for this
website and something I've wanted to get out there for

a long time. I'm not that active personally on Instagram,
but my wife Lauren is, and she has been saying about,
you know, it'd be nice to have she'd been talking
about how nice it would be to have a place
where she could upload pictures of some of the things
that I talk about on the show.

Speaker 2 (15:34):
And so.

Speaker 4 (15:36):
If it's there already, you might be able to go
and see some pictures related to this vacation, to this trip,
to this exploration. If not, you'll be able to see
it soon. Just go to Instagram and it's just called
Joshua Pee Warren Podcast. That's Instagram dot com, slash Joshua

Pee Warren podcast and then regardless of how much is
posted there, go ahead and you know, follow it or whatever,
and then that way you'll be able to see visuals
from some of the things I talk about on the show.
So thanks to Lauren for working on that project. And
I know that'll add a new dimension to some of

the things I discuss. So all right, back to the trip.
So yeah, here I am. I'm crawling around these slippery
rocks and one of these old like bootlegger caves. And
then after that we drove to the little town of
La Jolla, went into this antique store where all the cells.

Speaker 2 (16:40):
Went to this dog charity, and.

Speaker 4 (16:43):
Of course Lauren and I are a sucker for that,
so we said we got to buy something, and right
off the bat, Lauren found this. It looks like a
figurehead from the front of a ship. You know how
a lot of times they carved something like an angelic
woman at the head of a of an old ship.

It's a miniature version of that, but it seems to
work very well for some of the de corps that
we have that we are gradually installing in our new house.
So we bought that. There had a nice day, and
then we went to finally explore what they call Old
Town San Diego. And as I mentioned to you, San Diego,

it's the oldest town European town on the west coast.
Let's see, Old Town contains two hundred and thirty acres
and is bounded by Interstate eight on the north and
five on the west. Okay, it is the oldest settled
area in San Diego and the site of the first
European settlement contains the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park,

et cetera. And this was especially intriguing. One of the
things that you have to remember when it comes to
like this part of California. A lot of times you
hear about places that are named after Balboa. This guy Balboa,
like Balboa Beach or Balboa Park, and there's Balboa pops

up a lot, and the reason is that Balboa is
this He was this Spanish conquistador basically who what he discovered, Well,
he was the first European sort of discover that area.

I'll talk a little bit more about him later because
I see in my notes here I have this section
where we go to Balboa Park, so I'll save that
for later. But anyway, so people started settling, you know,
Europeans in Old Town San Diego, and of course, of
course there were Native Americans there first, but people from
Europe settling there apparently in like the fifteen hundreds. And

what's one thing that's really interesting about it is when
you go walking through there nowadays, there are some areas
where you'll be walking down a street and you will
see on the sidewalk or even in the middle of
the street a little marker looks like a coin, and
it's a graveside marker. Because over time, when they were

building up Old Town San Diego, they would actually start
building over parts of the old cemeteries, and so whenever
they could, they would acknowledge that, well, there is a
grave right here, and you could be sitting in a
restaurant and have, you know, graves right underneath you. And
we went to this fantastic restaurant and had wonderful fahitas there.

It was called the Barra Barra Saloon.

Speaker 2 (19:57):
And then right after that we knew we had to
go to.

Speaker 4 (20:00):
This place known as America's most haunted house. Seriously, it
says that on their sign it's called the Whaley House.

Speaker 2 (20:10):
WHA. L. E. Y. And it was built by a.

Speaker 4 (20:14):
Man named Thomas Whaley. He was a businessman in the
area and he started construction on the house in eighteen
fifty six, and at this time, in eighteen fifty six,
it was like the finest house in all of California.
And one thing that is especially intriguing about the Whaley

House is that before he built that house there it
was used as the site for executions in the area.
And in fact, one of the most famous people executed
there was a guy named Yankee Jim who was He

was hanged because he had stolen a boat apparently, and
for one understand like some of the people he supposedly
stole the boat from were on the jury. He was
a big guy and he didn't hang very easily. They
basically choked him to death. And a lot of people say,
of all the ghosts that haunt that house today, it's

the ghost of Yankee Jim. He was not very happy
about at being executed in that way. But you know,
Thomas Swalee, after he built this house, he had a
lot of tragedy also in his life. I mean, he
had a daughter named Violet, and when she was twenty
two years old, she shot herself killed herself with his

thirty two caliber gun there. That was in eighteen eighty five.
She killed herself over a man. She left a note said,
mad from life's history, swift to death's mystery, Glad to
be hurled anywhere anywhere out of this world.

Speaker 2 (22:00):

Speaker 4 (22:03):
Well, there are a lot of deaths attached to the
Whaley House. And you know, it opened up as a
museum in the nineteen sixties, but everybody in the area
knew that it had been haunted. I mean, even supposedly.
Thomas Whaley himself, shortly after moving into the house, claimed
that he had heard footsteps and seen dark forms moving around,

and he believed that it was most likely the ghost
of this guy named Yankee Jim So And they even
they were talking to the newspaper.

Speaker 2 (22:35):
About this, the Whaley family.

Speaker 4 (22:38):
And when you go to this house, I mean, it's
kind of a it's not a large piece of property,
but it's kind of sprawling. It's got a number of
little outbuildings on it, and you know, it's like, I
guess it's a two story house.

Speaker 2 (22:50):
It kind of looks like a typical old house of
the day. And you know, the funny thing is.

Speaker 4 (22:57):
Okay, well, one of the reasons it's so famous is
because that Regis Philbin. And surely remember Regis Philbin. He
died just a few years ago. Regis Philbin, he was
a host of many shows, including of Course, Who Wants
to Be a Millionaire? But he got part of his

start in TV hosting there in San Diego. He had
a morning show in San Diego, and in nineteen sixty four,
I guess he was doing a segment for his show,
and Regis Philbin said on a number of times on
camera that one like one night, in the middle of
the night, he and one of his producer guys, they

got to visit the Whaley House and stay there for hours,
and at one point there in this sitting room, and
Regis Philbin says that he and the other guy, who
has had like a military background, turned and here was
this white, misty form that had formed right there, hovering
around the entrance to the living area. And Philbin is shocked,

he's never seen anything like this. His producer military guy,
for whatever reason jumps down and starts creeping up to it,
like crawling up to it like he's gonna try to
grab it or something. And Philbin says that stupidly that
right before the guy got to it, he wanted a
better look, and so Philbin said that he turned a
flashlight on and as soon as he did that, this misty.

Speaker 2 (24:28):
Form just shot away. It disappeared, But Regis.

Speaker 4 (24:32):
Philbin was so convinced that he'd seen a ghost that
for the rest of his life he talked about it,
and even as an old guy, because he was in
his thirties when then it happened. Even as an older guy,
you know, he went back to that and did like
some TV specials about it and talked about what he'd seen.
So while we were there, what they do is they
have guides to kind of take you around and they
tell you stories and then they kind of let you

loose and let you explore a little bit. The first
guy we had was a man, and he said that
he had definitely heard the loud footsteps running up and
down on the second floor. They have a theater there,
which is really amazing because they have a Pepper's ghost
illusion set up, which is where you sort of project
apparitional figures on maybe a piece of thin fabric or

something similar. And you see this around Halloween a lot.
And there was this woman who was sitting there in
period garub and she was a guide who was there
just to answer questions. And she told this story about
how that when she was there with just one other guide,
they were the only people on the property. And she

said that they looked up and they saw, Well, you
know what, we got to take a break. When we
come back. I'm going to tell you what they saw.
And then she said something that I thought was a
really good quote I'm going to share with you. And
then well, we traveled. We jumped to the car and
we drove to Cornatto Islands, where I decided to take

out a little bit of gear and investigate the haunted hotel.
I am Joshua pe Warren. You're listening to strange things
on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.
I'll be back after these important messages.

Speaker 5 (26:25):
Hang in there. Josh is coming right back on the
iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 2 (26:36):
The four.

Speaker 5 (26:45):
The Art Belvault has classic audio waiting for you now.

Speaker 2 (26:48):
Go to Coast to Coast AM dot com for details. Hi,
it's done your sky. Keep it right here on the
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Speaker 4 (27:38):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 2 (27:47):
I am your host, Joshua P.

Speaker 4 (27:49):
Warren, And this is the show where the unusual becomes usual. Yeah,
the Whaley House, it's been on all the TV Ghost Adventures,
America's most haunted. And so this woman, the guide, who
was upstairs next to the theater. She said that she

and this other employee were the only ones there on
the whole property, and they heard something moving around upstairs.
They looked up and they saw this dark figure of
a tall man standing there and they said who's there
or something like that or hello, and the figure just

turned and walked away. And they were supposed to secure
the property, so they went upstairs and looked around, and
she said that there was nobody there and it freaked
him out. And she said that when people ask her
though if she gets scared, she gave me this great quote.
She says, well, when you're here by yourself, she said,

it's like when your house sitting for someone. It feels comfy,
but it's still their house. You feel their energy. I
think that applies to a lot of haunted places. So look,
my footage from there is still being analyzed, but you know,
here are my feelings. I didn't feel anything particularly negative

or scary about the place. Some haunted places feel very
very heavy, and it didn't feel that heavy to me
for some reason. So America's most haunted house. I guess
maybe I'd need to spend a night there to figure
that one out. So I had a great time though
at Old Town. Before we left, we went to this
place called the Mexican Market, and I bought some Mexican

jumping beans.

Speaker 2 (29:41):
I hadn't had those since.

Speaker 4 (29:42):
I was a kid. Those are so fascinating. You know,
you can only get them certain times a year. They
come from this one little area of Mexico, and they
are actually seed pods. And if you've never seen one
of these before, it's like a little plastic case with
the clear top, and there's maybe five or six of
these things that look like little brown beads, but they
just randomly sort of jump around and make them little

click clack sounds. And it turns out that there are
little worms in there. They're a larvae of a small
moth and they are in there. I think up to
like ten months just chewing away and eating and living
inside of this thing and developing. But they are very

sensitive to temperature. So if they're in a place where
it's kind of cool and they like the temperature and
it's kind of dark, they don't move around. But if
you put them in the sun, maybe not direct sun
you don't want to kill them, or just like hold
them in your hand and warm them up, they'll start
bouncing around and jumping. And you know what, I have
never I don't know what happens. I guess when I
was a kid, they would stop jumping and I would say, like,

I guess they're dead and throw them away. But I
am going to keep my jumping beans in a special
container and see if I can hatch the moths out
of them. And so so that'll be an interesting image
for my Instagram. So look, next we drive across this
bridge and we go to Coronado Island where there is

a military base. A lot of military activity around around
us throughout this whole trip, and that is where you
find the Hotel del Coronado. Now, the Hotel del Coronado
is it's historic building that was it opened in eighteen
eighty eight, as the largest resort hotel in the world.

It's still the second largest wooden structure in the United States,
if not the world. I can't remember for Sirah, for sure.
I've got too many things I've been researching.

Speaker 2 (31:48):
But it's big.

Speaker 4 (31:49):
It's a big, sprawling, impressive Victorian property with a big
cone shaped like main entrance. It's mainly white with kind
of like burgundy tiling on top, and I mean it's
very impressive, and it's right on the water, and you know,
it's like that's the place where all the celebrities would go.

I think Marilyn Monroe filmed a movie there. But I
especially wanted to go there because I'd heard for many,
many years about its famous ghost, and that is the
ghost of Kate Morgan. And this is an absolutely true story.
Kate Morgan was born in eighteen sixty four and her

life is kind of mysterious. She had I think various
man troubles. She was like bouncing around from place to place,
chasing love. And in November of eighteen ninety two, she
showed up by herself to the Hotel Del Cornado and
she was dressed in black okay, black hat, black dress,

and the people there this daf said that she seemed
very ladylike, beautiful, reserved and well dressed, but troubled and
very melancholy. That's a quote she kept to herself. A
lot of people just referred to her as the Beautiful Stranger.
And after she had stayed there for about five days,

she walked outside on some steps heading to the beach.
She took out a gun and she shot herself in
the head apparently, and killed herself. And well, the funny
thing is that some people said that they thought there
was foul play. Most people said that they thought it

was suicide. Nobody knows for sure. But she was staying
in room three to two at that time. And actually
I was in the gift shop. They sew all kinds
of Kate Morgan stuff, and I even bought a little
key chain that says room three h two on it,
but they've changed that now to Room three three two seven.

All these years since the incident, people have seen this
woman in black with a big black hat and black
dress floating around the hotel. Of course, in Ashwood, North Carolina,
at the Grove Park End, they have the Pink Lady. Well,
here they have the Beautiful Stranger in black, and she
does everything that melancholy ghosts usually do. She sometimes she

shows up in your room at night. She might might
tickle your feet. Sometimes she will just glide down the hallway.
Sometimes you just see her sitting by herself around her room,
and then she vanishes. There was one historian who said
that there were a couple of people who checked into
one of the rooms they are known to be haunted,

and then they just vanished. They were never seen again.

Speaker 2 (34:56):

Speaker 4 (34:57):
Somebody got footage of a window opening by itself. I mean,
all this kind of stuff happens there at the Hotel
del Coronado. There are a lot of ghosts, but the
ghost of Kate Morgan is the most famous one. When
you go in the gift shop, they have a life
size like mannequin of her there with books and refrigerator
magnets and things like that. And when we were there,

I talked to this one bartender and he'd been working
there for I think twenty years, and I asked him
if he'd ever seen anything, and he goes, well, of course,
he's working at this big historic bar.

Speaker 2 (35:29):
He said.

Speaker 4 (35:29):
I was here with another bartender one night a few
years ago, and he says, we heard this pop, like
the pop of a cork from a champagne bottle, right
behind us. He says, it scared us because we weren't
expecting it, and we both turned right as we turned,
we saw a dark object fall from the ceiling that

looked like a cork, but then it was gone, and
so that he said, there was no way that either
of them could explain that, and I decided to go
ghost hunting there. I brought some of my meters and
I filmed myself ghost hunting.

Speaker 2 (36:07):

Speaker 4 (36:08):
I wasn't able to go to room three three two
seven because it turns out the place is being remodeled,
extensively remodeled, And I was able to go walk down
the steps toward the beach where she killed herself and
all that, and I got a lot of bizarre electromagnetic
and electrostatic fields that would just suddenly pop out of nowhere.

But just like with the Whaley House, I have footage
that needs to be analyzed and examined. So I didn't
see a ghost at either one of these places. But
I definitely feel like the Hotel del Coronado is haunted.
It's got that that heaviness that I didn't actually feel
at the Whaley House. So if you're ever in San Diego,

look up the Hotel del Coronado. It's probably not cheap
to stay there, but it's worth visiting and having a
drink at the bar and walking down to the beach.
So of course in San Diego, we had to go
to the famous San Diego Zoo. It is the most
visited zoo in all of America. I think something like
twelve million people visit it every year. You've probably seen

it all over TV. Got up one morning, went there
and it was the weather was actually kind of cloudy
and cool, and so all the animals were out. We
took a free bus tour for about thirty minutes. That
was the first thing we did. And then later on
they have this little ride you can take called like
a sky a Safari. It's like a gondola that takes

you up. I thought that was kind of scary personally
if you're a little if you don't like heights that much.
But you know, here's the thing. When we went to
the zoo, the animals were more active than usual and
we saw i mean huge gorillas. I've never seen gorilla
so active and running around right up to the glass,
orangutans rolling around and playing, and there was a kamodo dragon,

lots of monkeys that they had a bear there they said,
called a sloth bear, and it turns out that's what
that's what Ballou was in the jungle book. And all
the guides were talking about how that they only use
positive reinforcement with the animals, and they raise a lot
of money to save animals and help animals.

Speaker 2 (38:21):
But look, Lauren and.

Speaker 4 (38:23):
I had a good time. The zoo was not as
elaborate as I was expecting. Some of the enclosures were
smaller than I was expecting. But personally, I kind of
have a problem with zoos because I don't feel like
that animals are usually happy in a zoo, especially something
like a polar bear or a gorilla that just certainly

don't belong in that type of setting.

Speaker 3 (38:45):
You know.

Speaker 4 (38:45):
I think that maybe there was a time when people
didn't get to see animals back of the day, where
you know, having an animal you could go see in
person might have been a necessary part of life. But
now I kind of think only scientists, you know, vets
and biologists and things should maybe.

Speaker 2 (39:03):
Have access to zoos. It just kind of makes me
sad to go to zoos. So, you know, we saw
I've seen a lot of.

Speaker 4 (39:09):
Zoos, and I think that that's probably going to be
my last one. My gosh, the clock has almost got us.
When we come back, I haven't even gotten to the
UFO stuff yet. I'm Joshua Pee Warren. You're listening to
Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM
Paranormal Podcast Network, and I will.

Speaker 2 (39:27):
Be right back. Hang on, josh will be right back.

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Speaker 4 (40:19):
Hi, this is ufologist Kevin Randall, and you're listening to
the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

Welcome back to the final segment of this edition of
Strange Thing. The iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast am Paranormal
podcast Network. I am your host, Joshua pe Warren. So
we went to Balboa Park. I mentioned this place earlier.
There was some kind of an expo there similar to

a World's Fair in nineteen fifteen, and so they built
like all these glorious buildings, facades, like one of them
was used in I think Citizen Kane. This is you know,
it's a twelve hundred acre park. And they have all
these museums there, like whether there's one that has mummies.

They have the Comic Con Museum, even though it was
closed that day, all kinds of restaurants and shops. But yeah,
this gets it's named after Vasco Nuna's Deve Balboa, who
was born in fourteen seventy five. He was a conquistador
who supposedly was the first person to see the Pacific

Ocean from Europe and came back in this kind of
credited as like a kind of discoverer of the New World.
And it turns out though he had a pretty dramatic
life otherwise, and he was only about forty three or
forty four. He was executed because there was some suspicion

that he was trying to take over a certain land
that he wasn't supposed to have, and he was being subversive.
And I was reading here it says the executioner beheaded
Balboa at his four friends with an axe. Balboa's head
did not come off clean on the first try. It
took three. Their heads remained in public display for several

days as a sign of his enemies. Might this was
another conquistador or a similar Spanish figure that did that,
And they don't know where his final remains are, but anyway,
so he met a pretty bad end. But regardless, we
had a great time exploring that area. Went to this
place called the Brigantine and we had some raw oysters,

which is something I don't do all that often. There
was this huge ship docked next to it on the
water there called the Star of India. Looks like a
pirate ship and it's the world's oldest active sailing ship.
Began her life in the Ramsey Shipyard in the Isle

of Man in eighteen sixty three. Everywhere you look there's
just some kind of crazy history. The gas Lamp Quarters
where we went for dinner of that night, lively downtown
neighborhood known for its NightLive clubs, bars, lounges. In fact,
the oldest bar in San Diego is there called the
Tivoli Bar and Grill. Maybe it's Tivoli, I'm not sure which,

but opened in eighteen eighty five. So we went there.
Of course, we had a shot. The next door we
had one of the best seafood we've ever had at
the Water Grill. And then after that we got into
one of these things called a pettycab, which is like
a cycle rickshaw. Where Lauren and I are sitting in

the back of this thing at like ten o'clock at night,
and this guy who is driving it, he's peddling it.
He says, you want to have a good time. And
this guy was a maniac, and we're screaming and he's
driving in circles and it was just he drove us
all the way back to our hotel. There was just
always some kind of craziness. Well, look, on our last day,

I found a couple of different antique shops and I
found one amazing antique shop that had some big items
that we want to use to decorate our house. And
I don't want to tell you about those things yet
because they are being specially delivered to me tomorrow supposedly,

so if all goes well with that delivery, I'll tell
you about those things that I bought in the next
episode of this podcast, because I just don't have time
to squeeze it all in. So let me give you
some conclusions here leading to the UFO situation. First off,
let me say, look, I understand because of politics, California

gets a bad rap. And you know, the roads were
pretty bad. They're lots of potholes, and even though San
Diego is the most expensive town in the country. We
were at a stoplight and I looked over and I
saw a guy. He was outside of a gas station.
I saw him digging through a garbage can and I
just saw him pull out something and eat it. And

that's pretty sad when you see things like that. But
you know, everyone was incredibly nice and helpful to me
and Lauren, and I mean everyone and Lauren and I.
You know, we've always talked about like for some reason,
people just always liked to come up to us out
of the blue and just talk to us.

Speaker 2 (45:58):
We're not sure.

Speaker 4 (45:58):
I guess we just looked like friendly, talkative people and
and and ultimately we are you know, I am a
good talker. I'm a good tipper, and it's very easy
for me to get information out of people. And yet,
throughout this entire experience and all these bars and restaurants

and shops, every opportunity I got, and even after I'd
been purchasing things and I was a valuable customer, I
would say, so I'm interested in some of these, like
UFO reports I've seen on the History Channel and stuff
like that. You ever hear anything about that? Not one
person would talk. I've never seen anything quite like it

in my entire life. Other than some similar areas like
Laguna Beach. I've encountered that.

Speaker 2 (46:52):
They would.

Speaker 4 (46:53):
They would act like in many cases they wanted to
say something and then just clam right up and be like, no, no,
I don't know anything. It was so weird and unnatural
and so suspicious. I did meet a man who said
he had a property I might be able to come
and visit, and all he would say is I should

bring a lot of equipment, but he needed to clear
some things first. And guess what, I have not been
able to get in touch with him again. So I
don't know if that's going to work out or not,
but it is on my list to go back there
with equipment that I did not bring on this exploratory
visit to do some groundbreaking recordings.

Speaker 2 (47:33):
Of the sky.

Speaker 4 (47:33):
I hope, but I swear to you. Call me paranoid,
call me conspiratorial, but I have been doing this kind
of thing most of my life since I was practically well,
you know, fifteen years old is when I really started
going out and trying to get people to talk to
me about paranormal stuff. I am an expert. I've interviewed

every type of person from every walk a lot life
right down to you know, the common blue collar person
all the way up to Nobel Prize winning scientist. And
I have never encountered a whole area like that where
people would they acted like they wanted to say something
that we just clam up. I believe, I swear to you.

I believe that the people in this area around San
Diego and Katalena Island and Dana Point, the some mimo
has gone out there that you do not talk about this,
And I don't know how fishal it is, but I
think the word is out there. And you know what,

one thing that surprised me, having never been to San Diego.

Speaker 2 (48:44):
San Diego seems it feels.

Speaker 4 (48:47):
When you're there, like a much smaller place than I imagine.
It doesn't feel like some huge town. The airport was
incredibly small, so I can see why that you hear
about a place like that and you feel like it
would be difficult to control the people. But I do believe,
and maybe some of you will email me and tell

me your thoughts on this, I do think that it
is certainly possible that the people of this area have
been told, either officially or unofficially, somehow the word has
been put out there. You do not talk about the
UFO UAP stuff, and it may just be because you
have all this military activity around there and people are
afraid they've been warned not to spill any beans, or

they think that maybe I'm with the military and I'm
testing them and trying to see if they're going to talk.
I'm not sure what it is, but there's something very.

Speaker 2 (49:39):
Fishy about it.

Speaker 4 (49:42):
So I look forward to going back to the area,
and I mean the entire area to do my next
stage of UFO research, and of course I will be
keeping you updated on that. But I really do think
that looks it is not overrated, say that it is
one of the most paranormally active places around the selection

of UFOs and ghosts is just incredible, and the antiquing
there is some of the best ever. Wait to you
hear what I tell you that we are having delivered.
I don't want to wait. I don't want to tell
you until it gets here. But listen to this. Let
me just leave you with this. I guarantee you you
did not believe you were going to hear.

Speaker 2 (50:22):
Me say this.

Speaker 4 (50:25):
I went into one establishment and it is possible that
I found the scalp of a yetti of an abominable snowman.

Speaker 2 (50:41):
And guess what I bought it. Now.

Speaker 4 (50:45):
I know you're saying, Josh, that cannot be. There's no
way you went to San Diego, California and found a
YETI scalp. Well, look, I'm not.

Speaker 2 (50:54):
Saying it is or it isn't. I'm just telling you.

Speaker 4 (50:57):
This is the wealthiest city, you know, the most expensive city,
one of the most wealthy cities in the United States.
It would kind of make sense that somebody there may
have the money and the clout to obtain a YETI
scalp that I was able to add to my collection.
All Right, that's it for this particular version of the show,

and now let us all relax, take a deep breath,
get into a positive mindset as we listen together to
the good Fortune tone. That's it for this edition of

the show. Follow me on Twitter at Joshua P. Warren,
Plus Visitjoshua Warren dot com to sign up for my
free e newsletter to receive a free instant gift, and
check out the cool stuff in the Curiosity Shop all
at Joshuapwarren dot com. I have a fun one lined
up for you next time, I promise, so please tell

all your friends to subscribe to this show and to
always remember the Golden Rule. Thank you for listening, Thank
you for your interest and support, Thank you for staying curious,
and I will talk to you again soon. You've been
listening to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to

Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 1 (52:52):
Thanks for listening to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast
AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 2 (52:57):
Make sure and check out all our

Speaker 1 (52:58):
Shows on the iHeart Radio app or by going to
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