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David Bromberg - The Bob Lefsetz Podcast

The Bob Lefsetz Podcast

Legendary guitarist David Bromberg is performing his last concert at the Beacon on June 10th. Bromberg speaks slowly, but has a dry sense of humor underpinning his words, as well as a distinct honesty. If you hang in there, the podcast will pay dividends, you'll hear how David played on four albums with Bob Dylan and on Jerry Jeff Walker's original "Mr. Bojangles," made records for Columbia and Fantasy and then gave it all up to go to violin making school and open a violin shop in Wilmington, Delaware, taking a twenty two year sabbatical before returning to the stage. Bromberg is a musician, don't confuse him with the self-promoting entrepreneurs of today. He's different, he's an artist, he succeeded on his playing, not hype. This is his story.

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David Bromberg - The Bob Lefsetz Podcast