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June 14, 2024 35 mins

Find out how Eddie's wife and kids reacted to his new "hair system" and if they like that he has a full head of hair now! Plus, Listener Kim who called in earlier this week about her husband's mishap with the Chris Stapleton tickets and was gifted two seats together gives us an update on how the concert was and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
The transmitting.

Speaker 2 (00:10):
Hello, welcome to Friday Show Morning studio.

Speaker 1 (00:13):

Speaker 2 (00:13):
Well, I want to say, man, day two of your
hair looks even better than day one. What you're gonna learn, addie,
because you got new hair, you're gonna learn that as
a dude. For me, specifically, when I get a haircut,
there's a rule. It never looks perfect until eight to
nine days after. It's always a little too fresh and
a little too like rigid. And yours is a little
less rigid than yesterday. But you haven't had hair in

a long time. You've been bald, but you have this.
It's not a too pay everybody. It's called a hair system, correct,
But like five or six days from now, it's you're
gonna love the way you look.

Speaker 1 (00:44):
But is that because the hair grows?

Speaker 2 (00:47):
You know it is.

Speaker 1 (00:50):
And the sides though your side will still grow. Look
at the sides in the back and it won't look
as fresh.

Speaker 2 (00:54):
And it won't and that's the point. It's supposed to
look good. When it's not fresh fresh, it looks what's
your wife? What's your wife say? If you said get
that off your head?

Speaker 1 (01:02):
Well, she's used to and I said I can't. She said,
get that off your head.

Speaker 3 (01:06):
What are you doing? What are you doing? She's like,
she thought she thought it was temporary. She thought it
was just laying on there, and I was like, no, no, no,
it's it's it's there at least a month. I think, Okay,
how about this. Can I do Devil's Advocate to the
way you're feeling right now?

Speaker 2 (01:19):
So if your wife goes to get that off your head,
I think that's probably the appropriate way to do it,
because if she said it looks so good, then you're like, well,
you didn't like how this is my mind to do
all those years.

Speaker 1 (01:28):
You didn't like what I was before.

Speaker 2 (01:31):
So I think that was handled pretty good by her,
because I think that's really the biggest win is that
she loves you for you.

Speaker 1 (01:40):
She's always she always has and she's.

Speaker 2 (01:41):
Gonna come around to be like, I really like the
hair if it makes you feel good. But had she
been like, oh, oh thank god, that would have probably
been a little hurtful for you. Valid Yeah, good point,
because that's what my head would have done. If I
go home and let's say I'm wearing like a Let's
say I did peck im plants, which.

Speaker 1 (02:01):
I could use.

Speaker 2 (02:01):
Let's be honest, and my wife's like finally, god, dang,
thank god. And they were temporary pecan plants. I'll be like, oh, yeah,
so you didn't love it before and you're not gonna
love it again when I take them out. I think
that's a good response from her. That's a good point.

Speaker 1 (02:15):
You know.

Speaker 3 (02:15):
My oldest son was like the same, just like dad, No, no, Dad, no, No,
what are you doing?

Speaker 1 (02:20):
What are you doing?

Speaker 3 (02:20):
And then my ten year old he was like whatever,
it's fine. And then the other two little ones didn't
even notice.

Speaker 1 (02:29):
They didn't say anything all day.

Speaker 2 (02:32):
No, that's good. Let me grab a couple of calls here.
Eddie got new hair yesterday. I think it looks great.
I want to go to ann in Wisconsin and have
you seen Eddie's hair?

Speaker 4 (02:42):
No, I can't wait to get to work to look
it up.

Speaker 1 (02:44):
Let's go. So what do you think about the whole situation.

Speaker 4 (02:46):
I'm so excited for you, Eddie, and I hope you
get the confidence now to donate a kidney.

Speaker 3 (02:52):
Oh, because like I feel so good.

Speaker 2 (02:55):
That's all you needed. Yeah, that's all you needed. And
thank you for that call. I hope you have an awesome day.

Speaker 4 (03:00):
You bet have a great day.

Speaker 1 (03:01):
Guys, all right, buy in.

Speaker 2 (03:02):
Let's go to Becca in North Carolina.

Speaker 1 (03:05):
Becca, you're on the Bobby Bone Show.

Speaker 2 (03:06):
What's going on, Mary, Eddie?

Speaker 4 (03:10):
Eddie? Yeah, looks amazing. It looks absolutely stunning. Oh my goodness,
I'm glad it wasn't funnier either.

Speaker 1 (03:18):
Does it look fake though?

Speaker 4 (03:20):
No, no, not from the pictures on Instagram. It looks amazing.
And it's one that is where you were talking about
how if it makes you, it makes you feel good
when when men say I love you the men it
feels good to be able to say, Eddie, I love
your hair.

Speaker 2 (03:33):
I think if you were to see a picture of you,
not knowing you didn't have hair, it look normal. I
think it would look fake to people who know you're bald,
because they would go like, well, that's not real. Like
in their head, they would go, something just happened. That's
not real, and they would associate it.

Speaker 3 (03:45):
And the way I've been thinking about it is like,
you know, I always wear a hat, so really, no
one that I know really knows what my hair looks like.
So if I just show up with hair, they're like,
oh that's great.

Speaker 2 (03:55):
Point two, our listeners just see you with a hat
for the most part, right, and if they do see
without as from a picture like a show picture from
six years ago, were we photoshopped hair on you?

Speaker 1 (04:03):
No, you did well a little bit the first time. Wait,
the first time you told me this?

Speaker 2 (04:08):
Yeah, a good time to tell you.

Speaker 1 (04:10):
Your hairbrush hair on my head barely? Wow? I thought
I looked good, dude.

Speaker 3 (04:15):
I've used that picture and been like, see I have
good hair than you did.

Speaker 2 (04:20):
Hey, I forget I said that. Okay, look we're here.
Big day yesterday, Big day today, Today, another big reveal.
Not only do we have Eddie's hair yesterday, today, Ray
Mundo gets his truck back.

Speaker 1 (04:31):
It's been gone for a month.

Speaker 2 (04:32):
Chase Matthew the artist, which, by the way, here's a
clip of Chase Matthew's song. He's gonna be here in studio.
There'll be some performance and then he's a mechanic. And
so he's basically done some stuff with raised truck that
I didn't even know he was gonna do, because initially
it was just gonna take it away and like saw

off a dent and fix some white for blades and stuff.
But apparently it's gonna be legit. So we'll do the
reveal with that too. Glad you guys are here. Let's
get started with the show. If you guys want to
email us for any reason questions, advice mail bag at
Bobbybones dot com. Let's now open the mail bag. You
send the game mail and let me read it off
the air.

Speaker 5 (05:13):
If you get something, we call Bobby's mail Bag yet.

Speaker 2 (05:16):
Hello, Bobby Bones. I'm a longtime listener. I listen to
your show through earbuds at work. I'm a youngish widow
in my early forties. My husband passed away in a
work accident only months after we were married. My friends
and family have recently started asking me when I'm going
to start dating again, and asking if I'm going to
set up online profiles. My answer is I'm not, and no,
I don't feel ready to date again. Maybe I'm just

old school that online dating seems ridiculous. So far, I've
been able to laugh it off by saying things like
I don't think anyone could put up with my kind
of crazy, or just say nah, I'm good. I feel
like if I'm supposed to be with someone or have
that connection again, we will somehow meet somewhere someplace when
I least expect it. My question, how do you in
the show suggest I tell these loving and caring people

who I know wants the best for me to stop.
Thank you. Signed single but not ready to mingle. I
have a few thoughts first, just on some of the
things here. You don't have to date again if you
don't want to. Don't put the pressure on yourself to
date again. If you don't want to. At some point
you're gonna possibly want to. And then I think you
can really readdress how, what, when, where? Why? All those things?

But don't feel like you have to date if you're
not ready to date. I will also say they care
for you. They're not being annoying on purpose. They're being
annoying out of love because they probably think, man, if
we can just get you get that truck started, they
can drive away and drive a long distance. So yeah,
don't be annoyed with them. But if you are, know
that it's coming from a place of love. We all

would agree with that, right yeah.

Speaker 6 (06:43):
And if we're blowing it off with you know, little
jokes here and there, they don't maybe know that it
is impacting you in a way and you would like
for it to stop.

Speaker 5 (06:51):
So sharing that with them is the best thing you
could do.

Speaker 2 (06:54):
Yeah, I just found ready to date. Yeah you have
to be mean to them. No, you can even say
says my husband died. I still don't feel like it's
time for me today.

Speaker 1 (07:01):
That gets serious. Sure you're like a bad yeah yeah yeah,
yeah right.

Speaker 2 (07:05):
Sorry about plenty of fish mentioned so you can also,
I think everybody who is around that age, if you
were born around seventy eight to eighty five ish, online
dating was really weird than really normal in your life.

Speaker 1 (07:22):
It did.

Speaker 2 (07:22):
It went from both and online is now and not
even online, it's on an app. So understand that to
get to the required hopefully for you, becase you're a
good person, pull of people to choose from, you're gonna
probably have to do something. Then just sit and wait
for it to happen. Now, if your belief is something's
gonna happen, let it happened great. I have never in

my life had something great happen by just sitting by
idleleging if it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen. So but
a little bit, I think you'll remove that stigma of
meeting someone on an app is weird. It's so normal now,
But don't worry about that until it's time to date again.
Feel no pressure. You don't have to be starting with them.
You can say, hey, look, since I'll say his name

is Brian, since Brian died, I still don't feel comfortable.
I'm gonna like check back in with myself in January
and see how I feel.

Speaker 1 (08:10):
They'll leave you alone immediately.

Speaker 6 (08:12):
Yeah, And I would encourage you to, like Bobby said,
we are in that window of like, uh, it feels
weird to date on app, but it's also very very acceptable, and.

Speaker 5 (08:22):
Be open to it. You don't It doesn't mean you
have to go do it, but just keep your mind.

Speaker 6 (08:25):
Open to it that if you are ready one day,
you can be proactive in that sense.

Speaker 2 (08:29):
The version of this is twenty five years ago was oh,
I don't want to meet anybody in a bar, that's all.
I don't want to meetnybody in an app. As technology grows,
you have more access and so that's what's happening now.
But even when it was like go to a bar
people that used to be that stigma, like I'm not
meeting anybody at a bar.

Speaker 1 (08:47):

Speaker 2 (08:48):
Then it was we met online, then it was we
met on tender. Yeah, then it so that's always going
to happen. But just know that if you were to
say I met this person on an app, that is
so much more normal and than any then any other
way of meeting somebody. Now, but don't worry about that.

Speaker 1 (09:02):
You're not there yet. You're all good.

Speaker 2 (09:04):
We we we have faith in you. When you're ready,
you'll be ready. And when you're ready for us to
build your profile for you, we will do that. You guys,
do that, we'll do that far. All right, that's the
mail bag, close it up.

Speaker 1 (09:13):
We got your.

Speaker 2 (09:16):
Your air now it's found the clothes Bobby mail bag.

Speaker 7 (09:19):

Speaker 2 (09:23):
Then the air in a bag of potato chips is
actually nitrogen, not oxygen. I always thought they would just
seal up whatever was there, Like if you put the
chips in there and you just seal it.

Speaker 1 (09:36):
Yeah, and that's there that gets trapped. It's not it's
not trapped. It's air that's sent in and is it
put in there on purpose so chips don't get crushed.

Speaker 2 (09:43):
It's so they don't go stale, because if the bag
gets crushed, they still get crushed.

Speaker 5 (09:48):
Oh awesome. Make us feel good about whatever it is
that we're eating.

Speaker 3 (09:52):
And it gives them a chance to only fill it
up like halfway.

Speaker 1 (09:54):
That's true.

Speaker 2 (09:55):
Yeah, And once somebody on the show up in a
bag and there was nothing in it.

Speaker 1 (09:57):
That was me. It was a back of cookies. No
cookies in a dude full bag of nitrogen.

Speaker 2 (10:02):
I guess at least he has nitrogen solid leitrogen amy.

Speaker 6 (10:06):
If you're going to the Eiffel Tower this summer, it's
actually gonna be fifteen centimeters taller than it usually is
because he causes metal in the structure to expand.

Speaker 2 (10:16):
And Speaker, don't go this summer though the Olympics are there.
It's gonna be a nightmare.

Speaker 1 (10:20):
Oh, that'd be pure chaos.

Speaker 2 (10:22):
Wait, yeah, pure chaos. I did not want to go,
and I'm not going lunchbox.

Speaker 8 (10:28):
Yeah, I got Every forty two seconds, there is one
divorce in America that equates to eighty six divorces per hour,
and that equals about seven hundred and forty six thousand
divorces per year.

Speaker 2 (10:41):
Every how many seconds forty.

Speaker 8 (10:43):
Two seconds, every forty two seconds, there is a divorce
that is finalized in America.

Speaker 2 (10:47):
It reminds me of the bit that that Eddie brought in.
We're talking about funny stuff on the internet. Where at
the U two concert, Bonto made everybody be quiet. He's
liked be quiet, and he starts clapping his hands and
he goes every time I clap my hands, a kid
dies in Africa. Yeah. Yeah, and then someone else will
stop you idiot.

Speaker 1 (11:02):

Speaker 8 (11:03):
Oh, And I just think people are splitting up loved and.

Speaker 2 (11:06):
Right right now, I wonder what the marriage to divorce
ratio is per second, though.

Speaker 8 (11:11):
Every sixteen seconds, there was a marriage in the US
that that was the good news last week.

Speaker 1 (11:15):
This is the bad news. I already forgot a week out.
I already forgot all right, Eddie, what you got?

Speaker 3 (11:19):
You guys like mac and cheese? Yes, yes, you can
thank Thomas Jefferson for that. He lived in French, in
France for a little bit, and he fell in love
with macaroni so much that when he came back to
America said give me that machine, the one they make
that macaroni in and he created mac and cheese here
in America.

Speaker 2 (11:35):
So he just stole the macaroni and put cheese on it.
Oh yeah, pretty much, Yeah, got it, made it an American.
My wife loves macaroni and cheese so much. We had
a whole macaroni cheese birthday party for he once, like
three years ago. I got like eight Max and cheeses
and that's all we ate for the birthday.

Speaker 3 (11:49):
Party, Like different kinds of Max and cheese, all Max,
all cheeses, Max and cheeses.

Speaker 2 (11:53):
She loves macaroni and cheese so much, Morgan.

Speaker 9 (11:55):
The world's longest concert was four hundred and fifty three hours,
fifty four minutes and forty seconds.

Speaker 2 (12:02):
Grateful Dead No Taylor Swifts Eira's tour. Those are long.

Speaker 9 (12:07):
It happened in twenty seventeen, from March seventeen to April fifth.
It was part of Canada's one hundred and fiftieth anniversary celebrations.

Speaker 1 (12:15):
So they just had music playing the.

Speaker 5 (12:16):
Whole consistently for the entire What does that count?

Speaker 2 (12:20):
No, No, it's kind of just having a music playing, right,
So I bet, why don't we do that with like
country artists?

Speaker 3 (12:26):
What do you mean, just bring a bunch of them
in and when one's done, you keep going and we
go all the way like nineties country whoever's still alive
from the eighties and seventies, Well you got.

Speaker 2 (12:33):
To like pay for them to do, Like what are
they getting from it.

Speaker 1 (12:36):
Oh, we're just breaking a record. I don't think anybody
wants to know. Nobody cares enough.

Speaker 2 (12:40):
Weird Al in the eighties turned down at five million
dollars to do a commercial with a beer company because
he said a lot of his fans were young and
a pressure boy.

Speaker 1 (12:47):
He's not gonna throw a beer. Do you know weird
Al is Morgan? Do you have like funky hair he does?

Speaker 2 (12:55):
What do you know about weird Al? What can you
tell me? What did he do?

Speaker 5 (12:58):
Is he also Yankovic?

Speaker 1 (13:00):
Same weird Al Yankovich.

Speaker 5 (13:01):
Yeah, that's all I know.

Speaker 1 (13:03):
I think I just know his name.

Speaker 2 (13:04):
Back when we were kids, he made parody songs that
were so big and because he was like the first
person to do it on that level that they were.

Speaker 1 (13:10):
On the radio.

Speaker 2 (13:12):
Was one of his parod eat it, eat It, eat it,
eat it. All I want to do is eat it?
Or like a surgeon cuts for the very first.

Speaker 8 (13:23):
Time, we got the white stuff in the middle of
an oreo, the white stuff, And you.

Speaker 1 (13:28):
Know, I don't know the melody because he's doing got it.
We got the white stuff? Got it?

Speaker 2 (13:35):
No melody makes it hard? He later, which you may know,
white and nerdy, which was.

Speaker 1 (13:42):
Right, Yes, that one I know, But ae't ring a
bell to catch me white and nerdy. Yeah, I gotta
catch white and nerdy, or like I'm.

Speaker 2 (13:50):
Fat fat, I'm fat, you know it, And he was
in a fat suit or the.

Speaker 1 (13:56):
White and nerdy one.

Speaker 2 (13:57):
That's the only one that rings the bell.

Speaker 9 (13:58):
He was really famous, was he every one like SNL
or anything like that.

Speaker 2 (14:02):
Nope, just put out his own his own na a
love rocky road about the ice cream. That's awesome, it's
still funny, Like that's still funny. Uh, chilling, He's alive,
super rit, super rich, right, Mama maloney, I don't remember
that one. Uh. There's only one documented case of someone

being killed with cement shoes.

Speaker 1 (14:23):
What you often hear about concrete boots. What I'm gonna
put in some cement shoes or concrete boots like the
mobster they like, throw you in the lake.

Speaker 2 (14:30):
It's never a thing. It was always a fictional thing.
And then somebody did it in May of twenty sixteen.
It's the only time they've ever found that that's actually happened. Oh,
Strangers the Night, Strangers in the Night, that song Frank Sinatra,
it was a big hit from but he almost never
played it live. Hated it so much funny. And then
I'm gonna give you one more trivia question. There are

four state capitals named after presidents.

Speaker 1 (14:56):
Go Hoover, Alabama.

Speaker 2 (14:58):
That's not a state capitol. Washington, Washington, d C. Is
named after a president, but that is not a state capital.
That is its own area.

Speaker 1 (15:05):
Okay, let me go Okay around the Lincoln is a
guy named.

Speaker 2 (15:11):
Get gets one point? Go ahead, three left. Austin was
in Missouri. Austin was never a president. President Jefferson, Missouri
not the capital. Okay, okay, Mount Pilier, Vermont.

Speaker 1 (15:23):
Hold on.

Speaker 2 (15:24):
Jefferson City, right is, but that's Springfield is the capital.

Speaker 1 (15:28):
If I'm Jefferson City is just in the Morgan w
van Buren. Yeah, that gets me. Van Buren capitals by
Jeffson City is one. You get that that Madison, Wisconsin.
I felt weird.

Speaker 2 (15:40):
I was like, Jefferson City, he's got to now Yeah,
you're right, good right, you're right one left, Good job
by Jeffson City, Thank you president.

Speaker 8 (15:49):
Second, where is Midwest?

Speaker 1 (15:55):
I know, oh boys, Illinois? No, non what cold.

Speaker 5 (16:04):
Somewhere Montana.

Speaker 1 (16:10):
That's not Midwest.

Speaker 6 (16:12):
I think just might get mad.

Speaker 2 (16:17):
I can't hear all you're talking over the same time.

Speaker 1 (16:20):
Okay, that's great. I can't hear you guys all talking
about each other.

Speaker 2 (16:22):
You know.

Speaker 5 (16:22):
But Warton Lunch said it you go one.

Speaker 2 (16:26):
Oh no, you already got that one. There' another one
around there already know that one.

Speaker 1 (16:34):
No, it's a South Jacksonmissippi exact. Yeah, it's hard. I
can't keep up with you guys. Man, that's hard. I know.

Speaker 2 (16:40):
That's fine. It's time for the good news.

Speaker 6 (16:52):
So Pamela Middlebrook, she was a Navy medic and a
Vietnam War vet. She passed away from cancer and her
her daughter realized, like, gosh, you just have a few
relatives they are going to be able to attend. And
I just feel like, as a veteran, she needs a
proper sendoff.

Speaker 5 (17:07):
So posted some.

Speaker 6 (17:08):
Stuff to social media, and a ton of people showed up.

Speaker 5 (17:13):
Just to honor a vet.

Speaker 6 (17:15):
And this is probably what they look out for and do,
because they had all this stuff Like this one guy
in particular, Bill Rooster, he has American flags that he
sets up all around and he read a service member's poem.
He didn't even know this woman at all whatsoever. So
for the daughter, She just said it restored her faith
in humanity. That people can come together for someone they
don't even know.

Speaker 1 (17:35):
That's a good story.

Speaker 2 (17:36):
I never liked the part where they die, but I
like the part where because everybody has to die. I
struggle with thinking about the one day I might die
and we're all might know we're all.

Speaker 1 (17:43):
Going to die.

Speaker 2 (17:46):
But okay, aside, that is really cool and selfless of
people to come to a funeral for somebody that they
didn't know. But probably also they do know a lot
of what their experiences were like, and so they you know,
relate and emphasize. Good story.

Speaker 1 (17:59):
That's what it's all about.

Speaker 2 (18:01):
Was telling me something good. Easy trivia. It's the easiest
trivia game ever. The category's numbers Ami, how many people
are in a duo? Too good Lunchbox? How many wills
does a tricycle have?

Speaker 1 (18:16):

Speaker 2 (18:16):
How many members were they're in the Beatles? Four good Morgan?
How many lives are cats said to have? Good job?
So that's so easy. Even if you would have missed it,
you would have stayed in the game. But if you
do miss it, from here out you'll hear this sound
You've been Amy's one of the tiaras. She is the
current champion easy Trivia. The category is childhood Characters Amy.

What show is Elmo on Sesame Street?

Speaker 1 (18:44):
Correct Lunchbox.

Speaker 2 (18:46):
What's the name of the story about a wooden puppet
who wants to become a real boy.

Speaker 1 (18:55):

Speaker 2 (18:55):
Correct Eddie. What's the name of Mickey Mouse's girlfriend Mini Mouse?
Correct Morgan. What's the name of the Looney Tunes rabbit
that says what's up?

Speaker 1 (19:08):

Speaker 2 (19:11):
Mm hm.

Speaker 1 (19:12):
Correct? The next category is birds Amy.

Speaker 2 (19:18):
Which bird can mimic human speech?

Speaker 5 (19:25):

Speaker 4 (19:28):
Hear it?

Speaker 1 (19:28):
Correct lunchbox?

Speaker 2 (19:30):
Which bird is famous for its colorful feathers and elaborate
courtship dances?

Speaker 1 (19:40):
What courtship dances?

Speaker 2 (19:42):
Which bird is famous for its colorful feathers and elaborate
courtship dances?

Speaker 8 (19:47):
The only ones that I know that has colorful feathers
of a peacock?

Speaker 1 (19:50):
Correct dang, Eddie.

Speaker 2 (19:52):
The category is birds. What small bird has a strong
bill that they use to drum on the dead wood
to make holes and tree trunks? Thank goodness? Woodpecker? Correct Morgan.
What's the name of the fastest bird on land?

Speaker 9 (20:11):
Okay, yeah, I mean the first one that goes to
mine is ostrich.

Speaker 2 (20:16):
The fastest bird on land. That's a flightless bird, penguin.

Speaker 5 (20:23):
They're not very fast.

Speaker 2 (20:24):
Okay, Ostrich correct? Moving on? Oh, I would have thought
road runner Ostrich is faster. I thought maybe The category
is know your acronyms? Amy, What does the S and
NASA stand for?

Speaker 4 (20:42):

Speaker 5 (20:44):
So gotta stand first? Hold on nor? The ASTROS is
the Space Association? I just gotta be space. But what
if it's like spatial orse.

Speaker 1 (21:00):
Base? Correct?

Speaker 2 (21:02):
NASA stands for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. There
you go, Lunchbox. In relation to banking, what does the
A and at M stand for? Automated? Correct?

Speaker 1 (21:17):
Not automatic?

Speaker 2 (21:20):

Speaker 1 (21:21):
These are hard man, Eddie.

Speaker 2 (21:23):
Yeah, what does the I stand for in IQ.

Speaker 1 (21:29):

Speaker 2 (21:30):
Correct? Know your acronym, Morgan? What does the P stand
for in pen? In relation to bank cards?

Speaker 1 (21:39):
P I N?

Speaker 9 (21:41):
I believe it's personal identification number, so personal?

Speaker 1 (21:43):
Correct? Hard.

Speaker 2 (21:46):
The category is TV show spin offs, Amy, what's spinoff
followed the character Fraser Crane after his time and cheers? Correct? Lunchbox.
What friend's character got their own spinoff in two thousand
and four? Joe, correct Eddie, which show is a spinoff

of Breaking Bad that focuses on the character Saul Goodman.

Speaker 1 (22:16):
Oh, better call Saul. Correct, that's the.

Speaker 2 (22:22):
Morgan Young Sheldon is a prequel and spinoff of which sitcom.

Speaker 1 (22:27):
Correct, we're moving on.

Speaker 2 (22:29):
You guys will have five seconds only to answer your questions.
Everybody remains. The category is country capitals. Amy, what's the
capital of Germany?

Speaker 5 (22:38):

Speaker 1 (22:39):
Correct? Hunchbox, what's the capital of Canada?

Speaker 5 (22:44):
He's going.

Speaker 8 (22:48):
Ontario, Ottawa, Eddie, what's.

Speaker 1 (22:57):
The capital of Russia? Moscow? Correct?

Speaker 2 (23:00):
At Morgan, what's the capital of Japan?

Speaker 5 (23:04):

Speaker 2 (23:04):
Correct? Man? Three remain. The category is twenty tens Amy,
who played wonder Woman in the movie wonder Woman in
twenty seventeen. Who played wonder Woman in the wonder Woman
movie in twenty seventeen. Yeah, what's the actress name?

Speaker 5 (23:22):
I wonder what?

Speaker 1 (23:25):
They just say? It?

Speaker 5 (23:27):

Speaker 2 (23:30):
You know what you don't?

Speaker 6 (23:32):
You can't answer now?

Speaker 4 (23:35):
I can't.

Speaker 5 (23:36):
Now, I'm jumble.

Speaker 1 (23:37):
I need to answer as you can get the bone.

Speaker 5 (23:38):
Goodell Goodell good, doll, Goodell good. I don't know how
to say her name, Goodell.

Speaker 7 (23:45):
Good It's not close.

Speaker 1 (23:50):
Last name.

Speaker 2 (23:50):
Yeah, if you've got last name, have.

Speaker 1 (23:52):
You had it?

Speaker 2 (23:52):
What is it? Gal?

Speaker 6 (23:53):

Speaker 5 (23:55):

Speaker 6 (23:55):
I'm sorry, Gal de goom.

Speaker 1 (23:58):
Saying it right now?

Speaker 2 (23:59):
For you've been gal goodo, So I could have just
said said good It is not like a Roosevelt where
you got to like differentiate. Would have accepted it?

Speaker 5 (24:11):

Speaker 1 (24:12):
Eddie? Yeah? Come on?

Speaker 2 (24:13):
Who directed the twenty ten hit movie inception?

Speaker 1 (24:18):
I never know this?

Speaker 2 (24:20):
Who directed the twenty ten hit movie inception? Martin Scorsese? Incorrect?
Morgan for the win. Yeah, let's see what happens. You
got boned to?

Speaker 5 (24:33):
I got bone?

Speaker 1 (24:34):
Yeah, you need to get a bone.

Speaker 2 (24:34):
That's that Christopher Nolan?

Speaker 1 (24:38):
Of course? Come on?

Speaker 2 (24:40):
Wh would have gotten that? Who's that Morgan? This viral
hit was released in twenty eleven. It was a song
about the day of the week called Friday. Who sang it?

Speaker 5 (24:55):
Rebecca Black?

Speaker 2 (24:56):
Yeah, here's a voicemail from last night.

Speaker 7 (25:01):
Hey, good morning studio. What's the update on Mundo's vehicle?
I know it was supposed to get fixed. Is that
just another clickbait we have? And also one more clickbait
is Eddie when he's gonna eat your shrimp man? So
I'm still waiting on that update.

Speaker 1 (25:16):
Let's go perfect questions. Later this morning, Chase Matthew comes in.

Speaker 2 (25:20):
Spent a lot of his life as a mechanic ATV
Mechanic Car mechanic builds trucks. He took race car over
a month ago to do some stuff to it, and
we're gonna get it back today. He's bringing it back today.

Speaker 1 (25:30):
The reveal is today, So that is today.

Speaker 2 (25:33):
Eddie is eating the shrimp on Monday unless he weaners
out again.

Speaker 1 (25:37):
No, no, no, it's not clickbait man.

Speaker 3 (25:38):
It takes a lot of things, a lot of moving
parts to get that that popcorn.

Speaker 2 (25:42):
It doesn't you just tried to back out of it.
That's a one hundred and eight shrimp. D think about
Eddie's gonna eat the popcorn trip one hundred and eight
popcorn shrimp on Monday. So today later on the reveal
of the car, Eddie's Popcorn Trip on Monday.

Speaker 1 (25:54):
Thank you Amy's pile of stories.

Speaker 6 (25:58):
So, a Chick fil A location in Louisiana is hosting
a day long summer camp for preteens between ages five
and twelve that teaches them how to work at Chick
fil A when they're old enough.

Speaker 2 (26:11):
And let's call a job fair so much as summer camp,
that's a job here for kids.

Speaker 5 (26:15):
Parents have to pay for their kids to attend.

Speaker 6 (26:17):
It's thirty five dollars a day, and so some are
calling it controversial, but I'm like, you pay for your
kids to go to all kinds of camps. I mean,
I'm sure they make it fun and they're teaching.

Speaker 1 (26:26):
Them how to camp play.

Speaker 5 (26:28):
I mean sort of you know, grooming in a way
to work there.

Speaker 2 (26:32):
But I don't mind it because you get to choose.
If a parent doesn't want to pay thirty five bucks
or doesn't want to send their kid to Chick fil
A camp, they don't have to. People will get upset
about things that people have control over, like I can't
believe they would do this. Well, they're not forcing anybody
to do this, and it is a pretty novel idea.

Speaker 3 (26:50):
I bet you have an up to when you show
up and like, oh, you're Eddie from camp, Like you're hired.

Speaker 2 (26:55):
Oh yeah, you can't fully in twenty four There you go,
you're in.

Speaker 7 (27:00):

Speaker 6 (27:00):
They teach you customer service skills, dining room hosting, you
learn how to take orders at the register.

Speaker 2 (27:05):
The other restaurants will see this, like I went to
Chick fil A camp and I learned that that's it's.

Speaker 5 (27:09):
Great and you get a meal, a snack, a T
shirt and a name tag.

Speaker 1 (27:12):
Everybody shut up? Okay, guys, everybody that's mad.

Speaker 6 (27:17):
I have surprising ways that your dog is saying I
love you.

Speaker 2 (27:21):
If it's snorting and farting and snoring, then Stanley is
saying it a lot.

Speaker 6 (27:26):
No. But does Stanley or Eller ever stare directly into
your eyes.

Speaker 2 (27:29):
When it's time to eat? They know they come. Stanley
comes right at eat time and he's like, let's go, buddy.

Speaker 5 (27:34):
Do they yawn when you yawn?

Speaker 2 (27:37):

Speaker 5 (27:39):
Do they lean on you?

Speaker 2 (27:40):
I don't think so. Okay, Oh no, it's sad. Ye.

Speaker 5 (27:44):
Do they watch you when you leave?

Speaker 2 (27:46):
Yeah, because they're like when are they gonna come back
and give us food?

Speaker 5 (27:49):
Did they freak out when you return?

Speaker 2 (27:50):
Yes, because I like it's food time. No?

Speaker 5 (27:52):
Do they sleep in your room?

Speaker 2 (27:54):
I would let them. My wife doesn't like it. She's
way more allergic than I even I am. So that
even though we got we got one of those air
purifiers because of the dogs.

Speaker 5 (28:03):
Was that helping?

Speaker 2 (28:04):
Oh yeah, a ton more than I thought it would.
But you can't really see it work.

Speaker 5 (28:09):
Didn't Swifty Lauren register for one of those for her wedding?

Speaker 1 (28:12):
Oh no, I don't buy her that I bought her
a house.

Speaker 5 (28:16):
Okay, okay. And then finally your do your dogs ever
bring their favorite toy to you?

Speaker 7 (28:21):

Speaker 1 (28:21):
Mostly there are dead rabbits that l are killed outside.

Speaker 6 (28:24):
Okay, ding, ding, that's the way of saying I love you.

Speaker 1 (28:27):
Or cook this for food. I'd like to have it
for dinner.

Speaker 2 (28:29):
Okay. I did read a story that dogs don't like
to be hugged. Why because physically it hurts them, like
when you lift them up and hug them.

Speaker 1 (28:35):
Oh, I don't like that because it hurts.

Speaker 5 (28:38):
Yeah, I can't lift my nups.

Speaker 1 (28:39):
You can hug them in different ways. That makes sense.
What else?

Speaker 6 (28:42):
When Darius Rucker was on the Bobby Cast, I don't
know if y'all talked about his side hustle job that
doesn't involve music at all whatsoever, because he was talking
to Taste the Country nights and I saw that he's
an assistant.

Speaker 5 (28:53):
Coach for the women's golf team. Did you know that?

Speaker 2 (28:56):
Hey, I think you volunteered some time? Yeah, I don't.
He's not there for practice every day and every week.
He's not a side hustle. Do is he get paid
for that?

Speaker 1 (29:03):
No? Volunteer? Okay? Yeah, that's not a it's like a
preferred hustle for fine.

Speaker 2 (29:08):
But yeah, he's diehard South Carolina, right, and then loves
to play golf and does help out.

Speaker 6 (29:12):
Yes, if like you could be a coach of anything
like as a side hustle, what would you choose?

Speaker 5 (29:17):
It doesn't even have to be sports, like it could.

Speaker 1 (29:19):
Be I want to be the coach of that life coach.

Speaker 2 (29:21):
I would be the Arkansas Razorbakes head football coach, and
I would be a CEO type coach where I'd hire
the best coordinators and then I would let them do
their jobs and I would just do motivational stuff.

Speaker 5 (29:31):
We just kind of side hustle.

Speaker 2 (29:32):
I'd be like, I'd be like the Mac Brown of
the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Speaker 1 (29:36):
I mean Mac Brown, just like the face of the face, the.

Speaker 2 (29:40):
Motivational guy, the guy that is you know, macro not
micro knew how to hire great people.

Speaker 1 (29:48):
That's what I would do. Where's he now, Carolina Football?

Speaker 2 (29:52):
Shout out Mac Brown?

Speaker 5 (29:53):
All right, maybe that's my file.

Speaker 1 (29:55):
That was Amy's pile of story.

Speaker 2 (30:00):
It's time for the good news.

Speaker 8 (30:06):
Seventy year old Gramps is driving in Florida with his
hoty old wife and he's like, hey, honey, we gotta
stop and get us some gas at the Exons. He
pulls into the Exxon and he gets out, and that's
when some woman walks up, shoves him and tries to
steal the car.

Speaker 1 (30:26):
Yeah, carjacking right there at the gas station.

Speaker 2 (30:28):
But yeah, and all the boys.

Speaker 1 (30:33):
Because grandpa's driving, go ahead, stop, gonna get gas.

Speaker 8 (30:37):
But Adam McDaniels from North Carolina happened to be in
Florida at the gas station, pulls out.

Speaker 1 (30:43):
His gun, says, don't you move, keep your hands where
I can seal. Did he say all that? Yeah, do
not reach for any weapons.

Speaker 8 (30:53):
Held her at gunpoint, and then the grandpa was holding
onto her foot so she couldn't drive away.

Speaker 2 (30:58):
I'm looking at her, the grand holding her wrist and
her foot to the foot.

Speaker 1 (31:03):
Yeah, it's all on cell phone, That's what I'm saying.

Speaker 8 (31:05):
Grahams wasn't gonna let his hotty wife get taken. And
the whole time Granny's just sitting in the passengers. He
going uh uh, cops arrive and the wrest her.

Speaker 2 (31:14):
Well, Grahams really wasn't the one keeping I know, but
still he was still. Yeah, she got got and then
they got the cops show up in their body cams.
What when they show up, it shows that the grandpa
holding on to the wrist of the arm, but the
other guy's got the gun right right right, Like that's
let's be honest, that's what really was holding her.

Speaker 8 (31:29):
Yeah, Adam was really the one that was the hero.
But it's pretty cool that Graham's thought he was doing something.

Speaker 2 (31:34):
He saved his It's pretty cool that cardingdol And with
the hotty wife in it.

Speaker 6 (31:38):
Yes, this was a good reminder for situational awareness.

Speaker 5 (31:41):
When you're in a bone ruble.

Speaker 6 (31:42):
Situation like getting gas, you open up the car door,
the keys are in the car, you're walking around on other side.

Speaker 5 (31:46):
Something can easily yeah, slide in there and just take off.

Speaker 2 (31:49):
Oh I think about that all the time with the
passengers in there though, wouldn't take all the keys out
because then they get hot and sweaty and then they're like, yeah,
car on, Well.

Speaker 6 (31:54):
Maybe you don't even have a passenger, just saying like
me as a woman, like filling up, sometimes I open
my doors certain clean mount the trash on the other side,
like I could get carjack, no problem.

Speaker 2 (32:04):
People follow her. Oh no, She's like, I get Carjack. Actually,
I'm looking.

Speaker 1 (32:07):
Forward to it. Here's for Robbie today.

Speaker 2 (32:10):
Also, situational awareness have a gun like at him everywhere
all the time. Yeah right, I'm just going to zidipad gas.

Speaker 1 (32:18):
I'm not doing anything. Oh okay, all right, go ahead,
go ahead, all right, thank you. Good story. We finally
got to the end.

Speaker 8 (32:23):
Yeah, I mean pretty good. Grandpa and granny, okay, all right,
and let's go on home. Okay, Well, let's go get
some milkshakes at the diner.

Speaker 1 (32:33):
All right. That's what it's all about.

Speaker 2 (32:35):
That was telling me something good. We're trying to build
a house for a hero. US Air Force Technical Sergeant
Daniel Beasting comes back to my IRAQ. Lots of stuff
going on with him physically mentally, and he has a
house that was made just for him and his needs,
except the hurricane hits it and wipes it out. And
so we're stepping in as a show as the b Team,
you guys, And we have a whole line of new
Pimp and Joy, which is hoodies and hats and t

shirts and just go to Bobby Bones dot com and
it's our whole it's American line. We're doing it because
well we should and also July fourth's coming up and
very American things that you can wear during July fourth
and you will get it in time, right.

Speaker 6 (33:10):
Absolutely, And yes, Pimp and Joy is spreading joy and
spreading joy to veterans. It's American. So the new line
is so cute, you're going.

Speaker 5 (33:18):
To love it.

Speaker 6 (33:18):
We can't do this without our listeners, so it's really amazing.
But also old Pimpinjoy items that are still up on
the website, those all go towards the veteran too, just
to clarify for.

Speaker 2 (33:28):
People, Bobbybones dot Com. And we don't keep any of
the money. We're not getting to cut, no cut. Everything
goes to build this home for this hero. We've built
seven seven houses the last seven years. Let's go with
eight again. Bobbybones dot com. Right now, if you want
to get in and help out. On the phone, Robert
and Columbus Georgia. Robert, what's up, buddy?

Speaker 8 (33:48):
Hey pretty good man. Yeah, somebody I run old porter
for Columbus Portables and uh, the other day I was
stuck going to commote out and.

Speaker 7 (33:59):
I'll see a photo dollar bill in there.

Speaker 8 (34:01):
Oh yeah, I have sucked it up, So you're way
for me.

Speaker 7 (34:06):
To grab it.

Speaker 1 (34:07):
Okay, it was in I.

Speaker 4 (34:08):
Was in there thinking.

Speaker 7 (34:10):
I was like, well, I've bet a lunchbox would have grabbed.

Speaker 1 (34:12):
That thing out. So it was in the porto potty.
You know it's in the muck. Yeah. So but and
so you're like, it's not worth it to me to
go into that, right, Robert.

Speaker 7 (34:22):
No, it was a blue dollar or dollars lunchbox.

Speaker 8 (34:26):
Oh, I'm grabbing it, no doubt. And if he works
on commodes, he's got to have gloves there. So you
just put your glove on, grab it, throw the glove
in the trash.

Speaker 1 (34:35):
You got one hundred dollars. How would you?

Speaker 8 (34:37):
I mean, I didn't realize commode suckers make enough money
where they just leave hundred dollars laying around.

Speaker 2 (34:42):
Robert, lunchbox wants enough. Comode suckers make enough money where
they leave hundred dollars laying around.

Speaker 7 (34:47):
I mean, not enough.

Speaker 1 (34:48):
But I left that one that must have been in Robert, Like,
how how did you leave it? You don't have gloves?

Speaker 7 (34:56):
Yeah, but like it's blue and it had PuO over all.

Speaker 2 (35:00):
Right, you can rent it off.

Speaker 7 (35:02):
You eventually gotta touch it.

Speaker 8 (35:04):
No, you grab it with gloves and you wash it.
They have little portable stations right outside where you can
wash your hands, or you take it to the nearest
bathroom and stick it in the sink and wash water
over it.

Speaker 2 (35:13):
You had the man say blue and pooh one hundred dollars.
I'm going with that, I Rober, I appreciate that call.
Thanks for sharing that story with us. All right, buddy too,
All right, let's go to Amy and get in the
morning Corny.

Speaker 6 (35:27):
The morning, Corny, how come the fridge is always emotionally stable?

Speaker 2 (35:31):
How come the fridge is always emotionally stable.

Speaker 5 (35:34):
Because it's always chill, chill, chill, got it?

Speaker 2 (35:42):
That was the morning Corny,
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