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June 10, 2024 45 mins

Lunchbox's Twitter account got hacked and he can't get his username back! Find out the theory he has on why it got hacked. Plus, Amy shares a tip on what you should do first thing in the morning and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Mom by transmitting the alsa.

Speaker 2 (00:10):
Everybody, Welcome to Monday Show more studio morning. All right, Amy,
what do you have for us?

Speaker 3 (00:14):
So there's this morning tip that I saw, and I'm like, okay,
I'm glad I do this because first thing in the morning,
I get up and I go to my bathroom and
I chug eight ounces of water.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
You do that?

Speaker 3 (00:22):
I do it already. Yeah, that's one of the It's
the first thing I do. I keep a little measuring up.

Speaker 4 (00:27):
I swear, but I guess eight ounces in that I know,
but it feels so like clinical.

Speaker 5 (00:31):
The first thing I do is do eight in my measuring.
I'm not doubting you. I'm just asking you have an
eight ounce measuring I'll send you a pick.

Speaker 6 (00:38):
I love drinking out a measuring cup.

Speaker 2 (00:40):
I need.

Speaker 6 (00:40):
I don't get the proper amount of water.

Speaker 3 (00:42):
By the way, I'm this is not me patting myself
on the back.

Speaker 6 (00:44):
This is just what I do.

Speaker 2 (00:44):
Right when I wait, do you have to wash the
cup every day?

Speaker 6 (00:47):
The measuring cup? I mean, I rents it out. But
also then I'm like, well, just have water in it.

Speaker 2 (00:50):
And then that's what I would do, and then I
wouldend up getting some disease.

Speaker 3 (00:52):
Yeah, no, no, no, I run it through the dishwasher.

Speaker 6 (00:55):
From time to time.

Speaker 3 (00:56):
Okay, So what's happening at night is your body is
repairing and detox and so that's why you may wake
up dehydrated. And this will reduce brain fog if you
do this first thing in the morning, improve circulation, and
then stimulate things in case you need to know, go
to the bathroom or something. So I was like, oh,
I'm already on top of things. I wake up, I
drink water, and then it made me curious, like what's
the first thing y'all do when you wake up in

the morning.

Speaker 5 (01:16):
So first, like real thing like open your eyes and
roll out of bed does not count, right, Yes, yes,
first thing you do lunchbox.

Speaker 2 (01:23):
Pee, go straight to the toilet and pee.

Speaker 4 (01:26):
That's the first thing I do, Eddie, sit on the
edge of my bed and just like am I going
to make it today?

Speaker 2 (01:33):
And then I slowly make it to the bathroom and
day every day, every day you're like this suck.

Speaker 4 (01:37):
I sit on the edge of my bed like after
I roll over and just sit there for like one
minute and like all right, let's do this, and then
I walk to the bathroom and I pee.

Speaker 2 (01:47):
Why do you do that?

Speaker 5 (01:48):
Like, what's in your mind at that point of the morning.
What is so hard about your life? Not saying it's not?
What are you talking yourself through? Everything hurts? My whole
body hurts, got it? And I'm exhausted. I really want
to go back to sleep.

Speaker 2 (02:00):
Really I do. I mean my first thing I think
about is what time going to take a nap? The
first thing I do is I pet the dogs.

Speaker 5 (02:08):
Like usually they know my schedule, so they'll be at
the door waiting for me.

Speaker 2 (02:11):
And then I go out and I'm like, what's up?

Speaker 5 (02:13):
What's all I mean, that's my first like because I
have to find my glasses, that's always a disaster. My
seapap sometimes on my face, sometimes it's on the floor.
There's all those things. But like the thing that I
do routinely is just kind of sit with the dogs
for a second and pet them. I should probab drink
water though that sounds good, drink eight ounces in a day,
I know.

Speaker 6 (02:33):
See, that's the thing.

Speaker 3 (02:33):
And then from the rest of the day it's like.

Speaker 6 (02:35):
Downhill from there. I'm like, when's last of water?

Speaker 3 (02:38):
And I'm like, well, I guess when I woke up
super early and chug eddayounces.

Speaker 5 (02:41):
I get bad headaches if I'm really dehydrated. I think
that's probably somewhat common, right, yes, very so. My wife
has started to put these Element full cans of water
in the fridge. So Element is a pack. We used
to pour those in, but sometimes I'd be like, I
would rather do sugar than salt. Sugar tastes better.

Speaker 2 (02:59):
Those pack that are like LM and t OH elements. Yeah,
elemen didn't realize that. Oh, I just saw the letters,
like any okay LMNT.

Speaker 5 (03:08):
So they make cans and they kind of look like
monster energy, but they're just water with the electrod Yeah,
with electrolytes and flavor with salt.

Speaker 2 (03:16):

Speaker 5 (03:16):
Those helped me if I have a headache more than
anything else, because I'll push to the headache max. I'll
go right right when I'm about to get one to
be like, I probably should drink some water. But she
puts those in the fridge now to help. Those are
good if you don't get enough water or salt in
your system. All right, glad you guys are here. We
we got a big one today.

Speaker 2 (03:33):
Friends and ga mail and we read it all the air.
It's something we call Bobby's mail bag. Yeah, hello, Bobby Bones.

Speaker 5 (03:40):
I just learned that a guy that I've been dating
for a few months was part of a scandal defrauding
a company with several of his coworkers about fifteen years ago.

Speaker 2 (03:48):
I talked to him about it.

Speaker 5 (03:50):
He did admit he looked the other way when he
learned his coworkers were stealing from the company, but that
he didn't actively take part in the crime, and that
he regretted it ever since. He seems sincere. But I'm
not sure if I should overlook his criminal past or not.
What do you think should I accept his side of
the story and not judge him for something in the past.
Signed dating a guy with a checker past. Well, so

you're never gonna get the absolute, absolute, real information. But
what you can get is the real official information. Like
you can look at the court case. You can see
who got charged with what, and if what he's saying
matches with what happened, and he didn't actually get charged
for taking any money himself strategizing their criminal activity. If
his charge was looking the other way, which, by the way,

that's something, then I think you should believe him, because
that's really all you have to base it on. And
we have a couple guys in the show. I felt
I would look the other way.

Speaker 2 (04:47):
I've looked.

Speaker 3 (04:50):
My dad was in this predicament and which part of
this Well, someone he worked with went to jail, and
my dad's signature was on the step of my dad
never got my dad never went to jail for any
of it, but he signed it.

Speaker 6 (05:03):
But he had to.

Speaker 3 (05:04):
Say, and I guess my mom had to trust that
my dad's character was that he's like I did not
know what was going on. I trust this guy fully,
so when he handed me to sign, I didn't look
over things and I would sign.

Speaker 6 (05:15):
So my mom had to say, Okay, well now that.

Speaker 2 (05:18):
Guy's in jail, but get in trouble.

Speaker 3 (05:21):
I mean, there were some things of the irs, but like.

Speaker 6 (05:24):
He didn't go to jail.

Speaker 3 (05:25):
But you know, I do think my dad is a
good person that got caught up in a bad situation.

Speaker 6 (05:30):
With a really, really shady person.

Speaker 3 (05:33):
And then but my dad, you know, he wasn't really
the bad person in it.

Speaker 2 (05:38):
So somebody's in jail.

Speaker 5 (05:40):
I just think if your dude would have done something bad,
he would have probably also been put into jail too
for doing something bad.

Speaker 3 (05:47):
And that is how I feel about your dad about Yeah,
so I'm now I'm now sitting that same thing because
me as a daughter, I've had to think that about
my dad too. I've always wondered. I'm like, I wonder
if he did he really know and he was signing it.
But like, also the version of my dad that I
know what he represented to me is that that's not
his character.

Speaker 7 (06:07):
I wouldn't be a snitch.

Speaker 5 (06:08):
And it was also fifteen years ago. Yes, so people
are younger and dumber. Oh, yes, fifteen years ago. Doesn't
matter who you are, you were younger and dumber. I say,
if you like him and you want to believe him,
then you should believe him.

Speaker 2 (06:19):
And I'd follow your instinct.

Speaker 5 (06:20):
Again, if he hasn't been charged, you have to believe hm,
because they would have charged him they had him for it.

Speaker 4 (06:24):
What's weird, though, I had a buddy of mine that
did the same thing, and he says that he didn't
know that he was signing that document.

Speaker 2 (06:30):
He opened an account. He thought he was his opening
account for like his buddy, but it was free lee activity.
He's your buddy Amy's dad. No, that would but it's
almost the same story.

Speaker 7 (06:39):
You go to jail.

Speaker 2 (06:40):
He went to jail, really three years because he is
in jail. Oh wow, wow, Yeah, he's dates a guy.

Speaker 5 (06:47):
You're good trust him, unless you've been noticing some shady
with the finances.

Speaker 2 (06:52):
All right, we got your on air. Now let's find
the clothes. Bobby failed back. Damn, lunchbox has been hacked.

Speaker 5 (07:02):
Now he thinks it's the caller that called in as
a white hat hacker. I think you probably clicked on
something you shouldn't have. But he thinks we're all under attack.

Speaker 8 (07:10):

Speaker 9 (07:11):
Yes, it's obvious that someone is attacking the show and
the show only because we had that guy called in
saying hey, I used to hack, and then the very
next day my Twitter was hacked, like all of a sudden,
I don't have control over my Twitter. I can't get
back into my Twitter. My Twitter may be lost forever.
Scuba Steve had his Facebook hacked. He's not getting that back.

Someone is coming after us. There is it a vendetta
against this show, and it's with the hackers.

Speaker 6 (07:38):
I don't want to put that energy out there.

Speaker 5 (07:39):
I don't think it's either that because Scubas was hacked
like months ago. Secondly, do you think if that guy
who called our show, if he can hack anything in
the world, he's gonna hack your Twitter, right.

Speaker 7 (07:50):
I don't know.

Speaker 9 (07:52):
Maybe because he didn't like what I said he was
on the phone, Maybe he didn't think I believed him
that he was a hacker, and he was like, here,
I'll prove it to you.

Speaker 2 (07:58):
What are they posting on your Twitter?

Speaker 7 (08:00):
Well, that's the thing.

Speaker 9 (08:01):
They changed it to some weird company and then they
changed it back to me. They used a weird pic
picture of me, and they're not tweeting any spam, so
they just have control over it.

Speaker 7 (08:11):
But there's nothing on there.

Speaker 2 (08:12):
Yeah, that's fishy. I just looked you up. I don't
I can't even find you that. He doesn't exist anymore.

Speaker 3 (08:22):
But the handle's not at lunchbox, at radio radio Lunchbox.

Speaker 2 (08:26):
Yeah, they changed it.

Speaker 10 (08:28):
So what currently it's B I A S T Underscore
K two.

Speaker 7 (08:34):
Dang, dude, you.

Speaker 1 (08:35):
Don't even exist. They don't even wiped off.

Speaker 5 (08:38):
Yeah, it's the L two with native yield air drop
on June twenty second.

Speaker 4 (08:44):
And if you search a radio lunchbox, it doesn't it
says does not exist.

Speaker 2 (08:48):
No, No, that's the worst nightmare over. Dude. You're done.
The MVP is no more.

Speaker 3 (08:52):
But to be fair, it is X or Twitter or
whatever is.

Speaker 2 (08:56):
There even posting clips of lunch You.

Speaker 6 (08:59):
Still have a presence on Instagram.

Speaker 5 (09:02):
And like they wrote, this is Blast. It's an old
lunchbox tweet. What's wrong with our society? Listen to the
Sore Loser Show and it's Lunchbox doing a bit, but
it's on the Blast account.

Speaker 7 (09:12):
Man, I'm dead.

Speaker 2 (09:15):
You're dead on Twitter.

Speaker 9 (09:17):
Man, The last I'd looked at you changed my picture
to a normal picture of me.

Speaker 2 (09:21):
Just what did you click?

Speaker 11 (09:23):
You know?

Speaker 9 (09:23):
You you click something and I don't even understand how
they go.

Speaker 7 (09:29):
I don't know.

Speaker 9 (09:31):
So I have been let me tell you, I've been
on the prow trying to figure out where I could
have gone wrong.

Speaker 7 (09:36):
Who could be after me?

Speaker 2 (09:37):
No? No, I think you probably what could have I clicked?
You tell us, buddy.

Speaker 5 (09:44):
The amount of stuff that's on your computer over there
that probably if HR knew, they would not be happy about.

Speaker 2 (09:49):
It's a lot.

Speaker 5 (09:50):
And I think there's probably something to do with what
you're clicking into.

Speaker 4 (09:52):
Did you have your two factor authentication thing set up?

Speaker 11 (09:56):

Speaker 9 (09:57):
No, because that's what Morgan asked to be like, Hey,
did you have past key, you.

Speaker 2 (10:00):
Don't have two factor authentication.

Speaker 9 (10:01):
Hold on, hold on, And this is what's where it
gets cret crazy. Well, i'm gonna tell you what happened.

Speaker 2 (10:07):

Speaker 9 (10:08):
So I was looking at my Twitter the other day
and it said unusual log in attempt Ontario, Canada, And
so I was like, oh, I better set up.

Speaker 7 (10:17):
To whatever the heck that thing is.

Speaker 2 (10:19):

Speaker 7 (10:19):
So I go to my account and I'm doing it.

Speaker 9 (10:21):
I'm doing it, and I'm doing it on my phone
and it's like, what's your password.

Speaker 2 (10:25):
I'm like, man, I don't know. My password is just
automatically saved.

Speaker 7 (10:28):
Oh my god.

Speaker 9 (10:29):
So then I can't figure out my password, and so
I was like, man, I'll just figure it out later.

Speaker 2 (10:35):
And then four hours later I had no longer had Twitter.
You know, you figured out later you know longer had Twitter.

Speaker 7 (10:40):

Speaker 9 (10:40):
So like, if I would have changed it right then, boom,
I'd have been Okay.

Speaker 2 (10:45):
Maybe you should booker tip to Ontario and find out
who's up. No good, find him Morgan, what's up with
his account?

Speaker 10 (10:51):
So you have to have the paid for Twitter now
to have two factor authentication, which is kind.

Speaker 6 (10:56):
Of messed up.

Speaker 2 (10:56):
But he didn't anyway, though, so he didn't have that.

Speaker 10 (10:59):
But you would have a pass key and save that
to show Twitter that this is your account, and like, hey,
somebody got into it, this is easily mine.

Speaker 2 (11:08):
Here's my pass key. He didn't even have that. I
don't know that. I don't know what You've lost your Twitter?
Has he lost his Twitter forever? We don't know yet.
Most I'm working on it, but I don't know if
we're going to get it back. Damn, he's erased, he's
gone on Twitter.

Speaker 7 (11:24):
I don't think i'll go back.

Speaker 2 (11:25):
Sorry, condolences, you're not gonna go back at all. I
just give it to blast. If I don't get it back,
I'm not gonna start.

Speaker 7 (11:30):
I can't start from the ground up.

Speaker 5 (11:32):

Speaker 9 (11:32):
That business it's sort of like when a house fire,
you just look at you demolish it.

Speaker 2 (11:35):
But what about your one cellar?

Speaker 5 (11:38):
You mean you build another house though, you don't just
demolish it and leave it. You're saying, you demolish it,
leave it demolished and never go back.

Speaker 9 (11:44):
Yeah, Like there was a business right here on our
road that there used to be a building there and
it burned and they just tore it down. They've never
rebuilt it's just sitting there empty lot. But they will
know it's been it's been five years man.

Speaker 2 (11:55):
Or sorry, that's happened, Morgan, let us know. I there's
an update. I will.

Speaker 1 (11:59):
It's time for the good news.

Speaker 5 (12:03):
Bobby, a Louisiana team, graduated his valedictorian while living in
a homeless shelter, despite starting high school with remote learning
during the pandemic, which is already one half step back,
and the fact that he's been living in Covenant House,
a shelter for homeless youth in New Orleans. Elijah Hogan graduated,

but also graduated at the top of his class at
Walter elcoh in high school. Wow, so much that could
be keeping him from studying, learning, caring, Yeah, making good
right decisions.

Speaker 1 (12:41):
He's homeless.

Speaker 2 (12:41):
I mean that's stressful, it's harder. Yeah.

Speaker 5 (12:44):
Elijah credits his academic excess to the support he's received
from fellow students, teachers, and staff at the Covenant House.
During his valedictorian address at the graduation ceremony, the team
delivered a heartfelt thank you note to the community that
had a significant impact on his life. He graduated with
Wright at a four point GPA, and he will go
to Xavier University of Louisiana in the fall. He wants

to do graphic design. Awesome, that is an awesome story.
I hope he makes a lot of money. I hope
he finds my filment.

Speaker 2 (13:11):
Oh yeah, but I mean a lot of money by an.

Speaker 5 (13:15):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, man, Elija. I don't know if you
listen to the show, but that is incredible. That is
what it's all about. That was telling me something good.
Three celebrities but the same name. But who's the richest? Amy,
Who's the richest?

Speaker 2 (13:31):
Tom? Is it? Tom Hanks, Tom Brady, Tom Cruise?

Speaker 6 (13:39):
Well, this is like.

Speaker 5 (13:42):
Tom Hanks, Tom Brady, Tom Cruise, Who is the richest?

Speaker 3 (13:48):
I mean Tom Cruise, Tom CRUs Yeah, yep, Tom, I.

Speaker 6 (13:55):
Just had to pick one.

Speaker 7 (13:56):
Did you pick?

Speaker 6 (13:57):
I picked the one that has scientology.

Speaker 2 (13:59):
Crew is correct. Yeah, you're selling the mix. Yeah you win.

Speaker 5 (14:05):
Tom Cruise six hundred million, Tom Hanks four hundred million,
Tom Brady three hundred million.

Speaker 2 (14:09):
Wow, lunchbox, Who is the richest?

Speaker 5 (14:13):
Steve Steve Martin, Steve Carell, Steve Harvey, Steve Martin, actor,
comedian Steve Carell from the Office and movie Steve Harvey,
talk show host, comedian actor h.

Speaker 7 (14:35):

Speaker 5 (14:36):
Who is the richest, Steve, Steve Martin, Steve Carell or
Steve Harvey.

Speaker 2 (14:41):

Speaker 9 (14:41):
Steve Carell probably gets that mailbox money from the office.

Speaker 7 (14:46):
I'll go Steve Harvey.

Speaker 5 (14:49):
Steve Carell makes eighty million, Steve Martin makes one hundred
and forty million.

Speaker 7 (14:53):
Martin makes that much.

Speaker 5 (14:54):
He's been around for a long time and he's also
like one of the greatest ever. Steve Harvey does two
hundred million. Dylan, Wow, Good guess Eddie, this is hard man.
Who is the richest Jennifer Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence.

Who is the richest Jennifer Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez or
Jennifer Lawrence.

Speaker 4 (15:22):
It's definitely between Aniston and Lopez.

Speaker 3 (15:28):
J Lo.

Speaker 5 (15:28):
Are you committing to that? Because if you're wrong, I'll
go ahead and cut you. But are you committing to that? Okay,
you are correct so far.

Speaker 2 (15:35):
Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence one hundred and sixty million. She
makes the least.

Speaker 5 (15:40):
Now you say it's between Aniston and Lopez, go ahead.

Speaker 4 (15:44):
And I'm gonna separate them by the amount of money
they made for episode on Friends I think Jennifer Anison
just banked off friends, So give me Jennifer Andison.

Speaker 5 (15:55):
Jennifer Anderson is worth three hundred and twenty million dollars.
John that's a lot of way more. J Lo is
worth four hundred million.

Speaker 3 (16:02):
Jaylo is a triple threat, singing, acting, dancing.

Speaker 5 (16:06):
That you're gone producing. Amy back over to you, Yes,
Who is the richest? Michael, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Michael Bay,
Michael Jordan, quick instinct, even though Michael Jackson that's just how.

Speaker 6 (16:25):
We got to start doing this because it's like, you know,
just good to it.

Speaker 2 (16:28):
I like it. So Michael Bay would have been third
place with five hundred million.

Speaker 5 (16:32):
Michael Jackson, which by the way, is posthumous, which is
money continue to make since he was dead.

Speaker 2 (16:36):
He's worth two point four billion dollars. Oh my goodness.

Speaker 6 (16:39):
Okay, but Michael Jordan has shoes.

Speaker 5 (16:43):
Michael Jordan's worth three point two billion. Amy's still in
the mix. Good job, good job, lunchbox. Who's the richest Joe.

Speaker 2 (16:56):
Joe Rogan, Joe joan Us, Jojo Siwa.

Speaker 8 (17:07):
You know they are Joe Rogan obviously, I know Joe
Rogan is Joe Jonas is part of the Jonas Brothers.

Speaker 2 (17:11):
And Joe C Yeah, Jojo Yeah? Who is she?

Speaker 7 (17:15):
Some girls?

Speaker 8 (17:15):
She's celebrating her birthday YouTuber though, but now she's putting
up mute. She was on Rainbows for a long time.
Wildly famous, very YouTube. The richest Joe Joe Rogan, Joe
Jonas or Jojo Siwa You mean Joe Rogan Jojo C?
What was twenty million?

Speaker 5 (17:35):
Joe Jonas is fifty million, Joe Rogan is two hundred million.

Speaker 9 (17:39):
Wow, and tried to throw me off by going she's
super famous on YouTube famous.

Speaker 6 (17:44):
There's no way I would pick her over Joe.

Speaker 2 (17:46):
I started thinking, man, am I thinking wrong? Then here's
the richest Dave.

Speaker 5 (17:52):
Dave Role from Food Fighters, Dave Matthews from Dave Matthew's band,
or Ave Chappelle.

Speaker 3 (18:02):
Dang, that's let's go. Dave Matthews correct.

Speaker 5 (18:10):
Three fifty million, Dave Goal three thirty and Dave Chappelle
seventy million, lunchbox.

Speaker 2 (18:15):
Who's the richest? Chris Chris Pratt.

Speaker 7 (18:20):
Yeah, I know him. He's from uh Parks and Wrack.

Speaker 5 (18:23):
And Guardians of the Galaxy. They've never seen the Jurassic Park.
Chris Evans something he is one of the yeah, one
of the Avengersain.

Speaker 7 (18:34):
I've never seen that.

Speaker 2 (18:35):
Chris Hemsworth Thor. Oh geez, Chris Pratt.

Speaker 7 (18:41):
I was looking for Chris rock in there.

Speaker 5 (18:43):
Evans, Chris Hemsworth. Who is the richest, Chris to tie
and continue, Chris Pratt is Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris.

Speaker 7 (18:51):
The other one is Evans.

Speaker 5 (18:53):
Chris Evans is Captain America, and then another one is Thor.
I mean it's got to be close. Whatever, Yeah, it's
got to be close. But who I'm trying to think of?
What is bigger?

Speaker 9 (19:07):
Captain America or is Guardian the Galaxy bigger or the Wor?

Speaker 7 (19:12):
I don't know if Thor is big. So it's between
those two? Will go with.

Speaker 9 (19:19):
In an answer, Andy from Partisan Wreck Chris Pratt, Chris.

Speaker 2 (19:25):
Pratt worth one hundred million, so he didn't win.

Speaker 5 (19:28):
Chris Evans worth one hundred and ten million, Chris Hemsworth
one hundred and thirty million. The answeruld been Chris Hemsworth, Amy,
you win, identifying Richmond.

Speaker 2 (19:38):
Good luck? Thank you, good luck? Good luck? You want
to do one for fun?

Speaker 5 (19:43):
Sure the richest Jessica Amy, Jessica Bill, Jessica Alba Jessica Simpson.

Speaker 6 (19:50):
Jessica Simpson, her clothing.

Speaker 2 (19:52):
No, it's Alba is one hundred yeah Alba oh so.

Speaker 6 (19:56):
Her Yeah, I was sinking. Both of them have companies.

Speaker 5 (19:58):
Jessica Simpsons hundred million, Jesca Bill. Jessica Bill must have
a company of two fifty. That's not Biles the answer, Yeah,
Jessica Bill.

Speaker 3 (20:04):
Hold on, oh, I thought you were a good as
the album when I said Simpson was Ji.

Speaker 2 (20:10):
None of those working like that.

Speaker 3 (20:14):
So seven Heaven seventh Heaven parlyed into her marrying Justin's
Timberlake and being.

Speaker 2 (20:23):
Worser for you can say that with anybody here.

Speaker 6 (20:25):
I know, I know, I'm just like I didn't.

Speaker 2 (20:27):
He has a company called Kinder Farms. What is that?

Speaker 6 (20:31):
That's cool?

Speaker 9 (20:32):
Effective health products for families, clean and effective health products
that are kinder to kids and animals and pets in
the plan.

Speaker 6 (20:39):
That's awesome?

Speaker 2 (20:40):
Are winter nice John?

Speaker 5 (20:43):
This person bought a lottery ticket. It won two point
nine million dollars. It still hasn't been turned in. They
don't know who the person is, so I guess the
person probably doesn't even know they won, right, lunchbox correct.

Speaker 2 (20:54):
Like maybe a thrown away ticket?

Speaker 9 (20:55):
Yeah, it's somewhere where they didn't even check the numbers
and they just threw it out, so they will never
have the feeling of knowing they lost two point nine
million dollars.

Speaker 4 (21:04):
But what if they're getting their things together, like their
meeting with accountants.

Speaker 5 (21:08):
Possibly possibly the mystery buyer of winning two point nine
million dollars lottery tickets about to lose it all. A
Mega Million's ticket that was purchased last year.

Speaker 6 (21:19):
Is aspire meetings.

Speaker 5 (21:21):
Yeah, that's what I'm saying, is expiring. A meeting is
still unidentified. Winner could leave two zero point nine four
to one seven o eight on the table. Ticket holder
must visit one of the California State Lotteries nine offices.
The ticket was purchased for the December twelfth drawing. The
state is saying, please double check any Mega Millions tickets.

I lunchbux and shoud the lottery expert. Let's say that
nobody comes forward. Does the state get all that money
or does.

Speaker 2 (21:49):
It just go back in?

Speaker 7 (21:50):
No, the state gets all the money.

Speaker 5 (21:52):
Then I would be like, if I'm the state, I'm
being quiet about it. Mum's the word I'm not telling
you about to go check their tickets. I want to
point nine million dollars for whatever I can waste the
money on.

Speaker 9 (22:01):
I think they know at this time that there's no
way someone is coming forward, so they say, oh, yeah,
we're really wanting you to come forward because they know
that ticket's lost.

Speaker 3 (22:09):
It's gone, or they they died. Oh man, Like yeah,
I was just thinking, that's the only way this is
actually kind of good is because you don't know you lost,
and you're you're no longer on this surf.

Speaker 2 (22:20):
Well, you're not going to know you're lost even you're
on the earth.

Speaker 6 (22:22):
Yeah, one day you may remember there was.

Speaker 5 (22:24):
The guy that won twice in two years, and I
was talking about giving a lot of money back.

Speaker 2 (22:27):
Do you see that story?

Speaker 5 (22:28):
By any chance, lunchboks in two years he won twice,
he won like a million bucks, and he won like
two hundred thousand dollars. And all I think about in
these cases is that Lunchbox plays every every week with
hundreds of dollars since he's been old enough to spend money,
and he has never won more than two hundred and
fifty dollars. Yeah, that to me, that blows my mind.

Not that Lunchbox hasn't won the millions, because what are
the odds, very very, very bad, But the fact that
he's never won over two hundred and fifty dollars from
every ticket he's played when he buys them every two
weeks of the paycheck, how much per paycheck one hundred
and fifty per paycheck three hundred bucks a month, so

three thousand dollars more than that. But if it were
ten month a year, it'd be three thousand dollars dollars
a year, so thirty six hundred bucks.

Speaker 2 (23:17):
Look at that, never won more than tw hundred fifty dollars.

Speaker 9 (23:20):
And I would spend more, you know, when the lottery
gets up, like when the powerball er the make a
millions gets up, I'll buy more tickets. And the guy's
name is John Robbins of Wilmington, North Carolina. He wants
to make a difference in Wilmington, give back to those
that need help because he's been blessed.

Speaker 7 (23:36):
And he said lightning can't strike twice.

Speaker 2 (23:38):
It looks like it did. Maybe that lightning he took
away at you.

Speaker 5 (23:42):
You ever think about that, these people that are winning
multiple times have taken your time.

Speaker 9 (23:47):
It really could, like you know, I'm in the wrong spot.
And they are just right there, like lightning doesn't strike twice.
But maybe I just need to move towards Wilmington and
maybe it'll strike.

Speaker 2 (23:55):
But we told you there are different ways.

Speaker 7 (23:58):
Oh, I got to go to church, a church.

Speaker 2 (24:01):

Speaker 5 (24:01):
We've told one person like heard in a sermon a
little tip and then he used that tip and he
had motivated inspired him to go to a certain place.

Speaker 2 (24:08):
One the lottery. He's like I one because of church.

Speaker 5 (24:10):
He said, lunchbox, go to church, find a message, then
go to a gas station.

Speaker 4 (24:13):
But lunchbox, you may need to go multiple times, like
not just one time to change your lifestyle.

Speaker 3 (24:18):
You need to go Wednesday night, Sunday morning, Sunday night.

Speaker 2 (24:22):
Man, that used to be in my life.

Speaker 7 (24:24):
People that know that men times a week. I don't understand.

Speaker 5 (24:27):
I used to go every Wednesday night, every Sunday morning,
every Sunday night.

Speaker 4 (24:31):
For sure, you might understand if you go, though, well,
how do you have time to do that?

Speaker 3 (24:35):
That's what our parents did, or in Bobby's case, like
that's just the culture, Like you're that's what you're.

Speaker 5 (24:41):
Yeah, that's what everybody did, and that's yeah, that's that's yeah,
it's a lot of times its a lot of times,
like a vacuums a lot of times. You know, I
may I think this may be the year I win
the lottery.

Speaker 2 (24:54):
Stop. Oh my god, you would be so mad. Lunchbox
would be so mad.

Speaker 5 (24:59):
I'm gonna start playing from here out. I think this
might be my lottery here, now that I think about it.

Speaker 6 (25:04):
Oh, And honestly, I feel like if you were to
win something like that, you.

Speaker 3 (25:07):
Might be like, I'm gonna give back, not to us, no.

Speaker 6 (25:11):
But like the story, like the guy he's making, like I.

Speaker 5 (25:14):
Get back anyway. I'll be honest with you. You do, But
I mean, I just be a little selfish. Keith a
lottery money? Can I think about it? How fu Scuba
won five hundred bucks in the lottery not even too
long ago. He didn't eve play that much Lunchbox one
and fifteen and he plays whole life.

Speaker 2 (25:26):
I went pretty often too.

Speaker 4 (25:27):
I went like two hundred bucks here, one hundred bucks here,
fifty bucks here.

Speaker 2 (25:30):
Oh McDonald had to farm, yeah ye I oh.

Speaker 5 (25:31):
You know, do you ever get a really good night's
sleep and you're still like, uh yeah, like sluggish?

Speaker 2 (25:40):
So that happens to me occasionally too.

Speaker 5 (25:43):
Although I think my body just doesn't recognize it because
I don't get great sleep, so I want to get
it and my body's like, I am confused. But if
you do have this, they said, the easiest things that
you can do. And it's something that Amy's been telling
me and it's why she got me this light. It's
to get sun get sunlight. That's how you're body knows
it's time to be a body again and like move
and yeah, as quickly as the days start, gets sunlight,

open the blinds. That sunlight, even if the sun is
not screaming down, even if it's cloudy.

Speaker 2 (26:11):
If you can get sunlight, sciented to.

Speaker 5 (26:12):
Say that that starts your body clock and that grogginess
sometimes is your body just not going. It's the green
flag is not out for a terrible analogy. So it's
as simple as it is.

Speaker 2 (26:26):
It's sunlight.

Speaker 3 (26:27):
Yeah, it's like they say with that, like your quality
of sleep at night begins with how you set up
your circadian rhythm like in the morning and getting outside
first thing. If you have access to it, which we don't,
we get here when it starts. So that's why you
have your happy light and hopefully that helps reset you.
But I'm not quite sure, like your sleep is complicated.

Speaker 5 (26:45):
I think complicated is a good word. And I don't
like to complain about it all the time because nobody cares.
It's like somebody complaining about their sleeps, like you're talking
about your fantasy football team or your dreams.

Speaker 2 (26:52):
I'll give a crap, and you don't give a crap
about mine.

Speaker 6 (26:54):
But I like you're trying.

Speaker 5 (26:56):
I'm trying, and I like to like share my seapap
stories to let people know, hey, this does actually hell.
It is weird to go sleep in a room and
have people watch you, but it is for as much
as you lose, you feel like your dignity when they're
watching you sleep, it's good. Macro, it's good. Micro kind
of sucks for a minute, but macro it's good for you.

Speaker 2 (27:14):
So there you go.

Speaker 1 (27:15):
Amy's pile of stories.

Speaker 3 (27:19):
So the average woman starts feeling pressure to look younger
at age thirty nine.

Speaker 2 (27:25):
I thought it would be younger than that, like unfairly.

Speaker 3 (27:28):
Yeah, I mean I thought it'd probably be earlier thirties.
But so there is comfort in that, but also it's
like you're only thirty nine, like you still have so
much of your life to live, and it just makes
you think of priorities and even where I put some
focus in my thirties because I saw this other study
talking about how majority of women care more about being
healthy than beautiful, and I just hope that that's where
we can start to put emphasis and focus. And I

didn't know if the guys y'all ever even think about this.

Speaker 2 (27:53):
If we're single. Yeah, yeah, a good point, but we
already got on a woman.

Speaker 3 (27:57):
But also, but you know that you see because it
represented for you that older men still can live a
life like women.

Speaker 2 (28:05):
We see that. I mean, dudes think different.

Speaker 5 (28:08):
All we're thinking are biologically we're like, need to procreate?

Speaker 2 (28:12):
What do we need to procreate?

Speaker 5 (28:14):
We need to be somehow attractive is that physically? Is
that financially? It like what about us is going to
And I think with dudes that's the case. It's why
guys kind of give up and get married and not
give care a little less, sure, because they're comfortable.

Speaker 2 (28:31):
Because the main reason you care is so you can
get a woman.

Speaker 3 (28:35):
Well then, but I would think like if you add
kids into the mix, then you want to take care
of yourself to be healthy so you can live longer
for your kids.

Speaker 4 (28:41):
Kind of I mean, that's kind of where I'm at
kind you know, but it took me a while to
get there.

Speaker 2 (28:46):
Yeah, but I don't. I don't know that.

Speaker 5 (28:48):
Dudes are like, I want to get so healthy and
live so long for my kids. Dudes are like, I
want to look guys and get a hot woman. That's why.

Speaker 3 (28:56):
Well, Luke Commes recently said that when he was on
he said he's trying to focus on his health now
as a dad.

Speaker 6 (29:00):
It's it's changed everything.

Speaker 2 (29:02):
That'd be cool. Let's check back in five.

Speaker 3 (29:05):
Yeah, well as a woman too, like I think, you know,
speaking of procreating, like I wonder, I'm like, oh, well,
I'm getting older. I'm forty three, I have a adopted children.
I don't know if I would ever have a baby.
But when I'm dating, like some guys, they may want
a baby, and then I'm not.

Speaker 6 (29:20):
I can't maybe can't offer that.

Speaker 5 (29:22):
So your story was women start to worry about looking younger?
What about women? And I would say ninety five percent
of the women that I know, they don't. Maybe it's
not worried about looking younger, but it's they want to
do things to not look older quicker, like preventative this.

Speaker 3 (29:38):
Yeah, I mean, and that's what they say a lot risers.
Oh yeah, right, your skin routine, Like if you are
getting botox at a younger age, which I would say
this if I was a creator of botox and selling it,
I'd be like, yeah, yeah, yeah, you definitely need when
you're younger, so proven it when you're older. But there
is research coming out too, because I've talked to my
face person about it. If you over botox, it's going
to bite you in the butt later when you're.

Speaker 6 (29:59):
Starting so sCOD age because of what it's doing with
your skin.

Speaker 3 (30:03):
So there is a fine a fine line of that.
But anyway, with me and dating, I wonder if that's
going to be a problem for me. Which speaking of dating,
I have the top ix that lead to couples breaking up.

Speaker 5 (30:15):
Oh I forgot to bring this up, and I actually
took it off my list. I'm glad you brought this up.
A nick.

Speaker 2 (30:21):
He didn't call it that.

Speaker 5 (30:21):
The lunchbox said he was so turned off by something
his wife did and it was the first time it
had happened.

Speaker 2 (30:25):
He didn't call it an ick, but it reminds me
what was she doing onping or something?

Speaker 7 (30:31):
On our road trip back from Atlanta.

Speaker 9 (30:32):
She was eating sunflower seeds and it just gross to
me out because I've never seen a woman do sunflower
seeds and it was so nasty.

Speaker 5 (30:43):
Or was she doing it like you you had did
when you put it in your mouth full split it and.

Speaker 9 (30:47):
Then and she had her own like empty water bottle
and she was spitting in.

Speaker 2 (30:53):
Him first ick he's ever had.

Speaker 9 (30:55):
And I was like, this is so gross. Please never
eat sun flower seeds in.

Speaker 2 (30:59):
Front of me again. Did you say that?

Speaker 7 (31:01):

Speaker 9 (31:02):
I was like, I can't handle that, Like, I can't
look at you the same if you're gonna be eating
some bar seats. I've seen you push out three kids,
but I can't watch you eat some flower seeds.

Speaker 7 (31:10):
That is not something women should do.

Speaker 6 (31:11):
I swore it. At one point in time, Lunchbox was
attracted to women that did.

Speaker 7 (31:15):
Now that's okay.

Speaker 2 (31:16):
Why is that okay?

Speaker 9 (31:18):
But the sun barer seats thing is just weird. It
was just a weird thing to see her whole. Well,
what are the X that people have?

Speaker 11 (31:26):

Speaker 6 (31:26):
These are the top ten.

Speaker 3 (31:27):
Go ahead, Uh, poor personal hygiene.

Speaker 5 (31:30):
It's like I think my ex and my wife are
only that she has a lot of ex towards me
like that.

Speaker 2 (31:36):
That's my ex for HER's like, why are so picked
out by me?

Speaker 6 (31:38):
Why do you want me to shower? Again? Being rude
to others.

Speaker 2 (31:42):
I don't have that one.

Speaker 6 (31:43):
Having a messy house or living space.

Speaker 5 (31:46):
No, I'm not messy. I just don't never food. I
never leave food out. That's disgusting. I will sometimes leave
things to be organized later. That's my finest things to
be organized later.

Speaker 3 (32:01):
Yes, no sense of humor, I'm good there, bad table manners.

Speaker 5 (32:07):
I think I'm fine. That the only thing that I
do that. Sometimes my wife's like, hey, should not do that,
Like I will. I think if I didn't like drop
food all over me, it wouldn't matter. But she's like,
you should put a napkin in your lap, Oh, because
I'll get up and I'll have like a full buffet
in my pants. You're a messy eater apparently more than
I thought. Yeah, so I think that's the thing.

Speaker 2 (32:25):

Speaker 3 (32:26):
And then some of the other ones include interrupting people
talking too loudly, referring to themselves in third person.

Speaker 2 (32:31):
Oh, that's it, that's crazy.

Speaker 5 (32:33):
Also just treating, like if it's treating white staff or
not not even treating them bad, treating a mid that sucks.
I think if you've had a job working in service,
which I've had many, when I see somebody just rolling
along and not like being a little bit extra, nize,
that's a that's a human ick with me where I
just feel like that's not a good person, all right?

Speaker 2 (32:53):
What else?

Speaker 3 (32:53):
Final ones living with parents and pretending to be knowledgeable
about something when they're.

Speaker 2 (32:57):
Not taking me out. That's me all day over there.

Speaker 3 (33:00):
I saw this on the boot about jelly Roll and
his tour and what he's taking on tour, and he said, yeah,
this might be the most frivolous thing ever, but I'm
gonna take Masana with me everywhere I go.

Speaker 5 (33:10):
Also, he has a bus, and you can put things
on a bus that you can't travel around with on
a plane, or have them put a new places, so
like when dirks would take a cold plunge or these
big they drag them along, so it's not like they're
demanding one at every stop. In jelly Rolls defense, yeah yeah,
him asking for a new socks every single place is
crazier than that. But I also did the same thing.

But yeah, I mean he's dragging he's paying for it,
so that's pretty cool.

Speaker 2 (33:34):
Yeah, you want to be comfortable. You're always on the road.
You want to be comfortable. The road kind of sucks.
I'll be honest with you. Okay, cool, good stories.

Speaker 3 (33:39):
Yeah, but it's a glass son and he promised to
not be naked.

Speaker 2 (33:43):
Get naked, man.

Speaker 6 (33:45):
I maybe that's my file.

Speaker 1 (33:47):
That was Amy's pile of story. It's time for the
good news.

Speaker 3 (33:56):
A Florida police officer was on patrol on a busy
highway and he sees a kitten running across the highway,
so he stops with the help of another driver who's
like delivering stuff for a cafe, and they're able to
stop traffic safely or remove the kitten from danger, and
the kitten now has a forever home with a dispatcher
at the department.

Speaker 5 (34:17):
Think about all the cars that are coming you're like,
oh yeah, oh oh, and then you have to get
out and stop them because no one's going to purposely
run over with the cat, but they might even see
the cat r It makes me as just thinking about
watching it, Oh my god, because I've seen it with dogs.

Speaker 2 (34:35):
We're like oh no, no, no, no oh.

Speaker 5 (34:37):
And there's zigzagging all over and the people that will
stop and save a dog, because my dog has been
saved in places where it's escaped and people have taken
it and put it in their yard to keep it
off the highway.

Speaker 2 (34:47):
And we found it.

Speaker 5 (34:47):
Like you deserve a metal money or something a grand
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (34:54):
That's a big deal.

Speaker 4 (34:56):
And you have to have time in your schedule because
if you're late for something, you're not stopping to help
the dog, you know what I mean?

Speaker 2 (35:00):
Wait, yeah, or the cat.

Speaker 6 (35:01):
I mean the cafe driver maybe had a.

Speaker 5 (35:03):
Even I'm stopping, I would I don't know to stop
the line, so I will stop for good, but to
stop a busy highway, that's that's amazing.

Speaker 2 (35:14):
Okay, what was her name?

Speaker 3 (35:15):
We'll just shout out to the dispatcher two that works.
That was like, hey, y'all, I'll take the kitten because
a lot of times it shelters. They're just their shelters
are they're full, And so for someone that's directly involved
in it, it was like, hey, I'll take the cat.

Speaker 2 (35:27):
Morgan has rescued a dog. What's the latest on that
she's still with me? I got to rescue to pull her.

Speaker 10 (35:33):
So now we're working on getting her put up for adoption,
getting her updated and spade and everything.

Speaker 5 (35:37):
We tried to find her home because she has the
mannerisms to somebody who a dog that's been in a home.

Speaker 2 (35:43):
Right, Absolutely, she is so she was so loved once.

Speaker 10 (35:46):
I don't know what happened after that, but she is
so well behaved and well mannered in a home.

Speaker 2 (35:51):
So it doesn't make any sense. Well, when you get
a put up, let us know.

Speaker 5 (35:54):
We can if there's like a page and we can
hopefully get someone to adopt it once.

Speaker 2 (35:57):
It's a shelter.

Speaker 10 (35:58):
Yeah, I'm kind of hoping somebody near here does so
I can see him and see her grew up the
rest of our life.

Speaker 7 (36:02):
Well, you don't get a visitation. This is a closed adoption.

Speaker 2 (36:08):
There you go. Good story, that's what it's all about.

Speaker 1 (36:10):
That was telling me something good.

Speaker 2 (36:13):
There was a big charity softball game in town.

Speaker 5 (36:15):
Lunchbox played in it, a lot of country stars played
in it.

Speaker 2 (36:17):
And Chris Kirkpatrick from Encinct broke something.

Speaker 9 (36:20):
Yeah, he broke his hand because there was a collision
at the plate.

Speaker 7 (36:23):
He was playing catcher and he was barreled over.

Speaker 2 (36:27):
Really yeah, they went hard.

Speaker 7 (36:29):

Speaker 9 (36:29):
The guy upstairs, no guy upstairs are building?

Speaker 6 (36:34):
Oh upstairs?

Speaker 2 (36:38):
Is that what you're talking about. It's got to drive Lunchbox.

Speaker 7 (36:40):
Crazy on the rock station.

Speaker 2 (36:41):
Yeah, I was just wondering how mad Lunchbox is.

Speaker 12 (36:43):
He was in the same softball game as a guy upstairs,
and dude up there gets on TMZ and all this
for breaking En Sinc's.

Speaker 2 (36:49):
Hands, like his name and everything.

Speaker 12 (36:51):
Yeah, why did Lunchbox not think about injuring a huge I.

Speaker 2 (36:54):
Don't want to do that.

Speaker 7 (36:56):
No, but I was on TMZ. I was all over TMZ.
You can see me right there in the video, you know.

Speaker 2 (37:02):
You can see you like run around.

Speaker 9 (37:03):
I'm like walking by the dugout and you see me
in the video as the guy's round and the third
and you see me like walking walking and then they
go to show the collision, I mean, and when he
came out, like at the end of the inning, he
came back in the dugout and Chris Kirkpatrick was like, ah.

Speaker 7 (37:16):
This hurts, it's hurt.

Speaker 9 (37:18):
And he just kept sticking it in the ice bucket
and going it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, and they
pulled out, No, it's still hurts, So he put it
back in the ice bucket.

Speaker 2 (37:26):
By they were going that hard at a charity game.
They ran over each other. How bad was the slide?

Speaker 5 (37:33):
And he was all over TMC and Lunchbox was no, no,
I was over.

Speaker 7 (37:38):
Put my name they should have.

Speaker 12 (37:39):
They name checked him and they even showed a little
video of Loper explaining the collision.

Speaker 2 (37:44):
Interviewed lowper No, he did a sell from lower.

Speaker 9 (37:48):
He did a selfie video from the dugout and he
has two bloody knees and he was showing that it
was a bad collision.

Speaker 2 (37:54):
He all right, let's go. It's now time for the
morning Corner. Here we go, the morning Corny.

Speaker 3 (38:04):
What did the pigs say on a hot summer day?

Speaker 5 (38:06):
On a hot summer day, what I'm bacon?

Speaker 2 (38:12):
I'm bacon?

Speaker 12 (38:12):
I got That was the morning Corny.

Speaker 5 (38:19):
I'll sing you the opening line to a classic TV show,
just named the show. How much of your life, though,
did you just been watching TV? Because my whole childhood
I was raised by the television. No outside, I thought
went outside. It was my own I played sports and stuff,
But it was television all the time.

Speaker 3 (38:32):
For sure, Friday nights and Saturday mornings.

Speaker 5 (38:35):
Oh that's pretty healthy. It be good for you, loving parents.
It's nice even though they were divorced. It loves you
from different angles. It did, yeah, Eddie a lot.

Speaker 4 (38:43):
I remember I had a goal in after school to
watch from like four o'clock all the way to nine o'clock.

Speaker 2 (38:48):
And I did it a few times. That's awesome.

Speaker 3 (38:51):
After school's a good point, like right when you get home.

Speaker 2 (38:53):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 5 (38:54):
I watched lots of TV. You know, there are a
couple of good shows. I watched Dark Matter on Apple TV,
which is good. I Reckon in that The Veil on Hulu,
which is good. It's a six parter. They give that
way too low a scorn Rotten Tomatoes. But I'll do
that on my TikTok today. I'll review a couple of
shows because my wife and I always have one show
we're watching that we go and watching other episode.

Speaker 2 (39:12):
I should. I should be like TV Bobby and Movie Mike.
We do a podcast on that. Yeah that sounds good. Yeah,
I will sing you, sing you a song. This one
is an example. Here's the story of a lovely.

Speaker 5 (39:21):
Lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls. Brady Bunch, Yeah, good, yeah,
Brady Bunch alright, writes your answers down.

Speaker 7 (39:31):
Here we go.

Speaker 5 (39:32):
So no one told your life was gonna be this way.

Speaker 7 (39:38):
I'm in.

Speaker 3 (39:39):
I'm in.

Speaker 2 (39:43):
Lunchbox still thinking I'm in for the wind.

Speaker 7 (39:45):
No, I had to write it down.

Speaker 5 (39:46):
You can request it a second time if you'd like.
Lunchbox friends, Amy, friends friends.

Speaker 2 (39:51):
Good. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. A beautiful
day in this neighborhood. Man, I'm in.

Speaker 5 (40:07):
M hm hm.

Speaker 2 (40:11):
Hm hmmm. Do you not know it?

Speaker 7 (40:17):
Well, I'm between two.

Speaker 2 (40:20):
What are the two? You can go first with other two?

Speaker 7 (40:22):
Mister Rogers in Sesame Street. But I don't. I don't
even know.

Speaker 9 (40:27):
Mister Rogers is a show for He's a character on
Sesame Street. I put I'm gonna put Sesame Street incorrect.
Sesame Street would have been.

Speaker 13 (40:42):
Cloudy days with sunny day?

Speaker 3 (40:48):
Is that I feel like? Is that a your like
kind of for your childhood? Like we see sunny days
and your your memory of it is cloudy day.

Speaker 2 (40:57):
That's that's dark. That's dark.

Speaker 5 (40:59):
Yeah, don't like how I feel now, Amy, Mister it's Eddie,
mister Rogers, neighborhood. H good job making your way in
the world today takes everything you got.

Speaker 2 (41:14):
I'm in. I'm in for the go ahead. Cheers, Amy, cheers, cheers.
Come and listen to him a story about a man
named Jed. Come and listen to my story about a
man named Jed.

Speaker 9 (41:30):
Lunchbox, Beverly Hillbilly Amy, Beverly Hill Billy d Beverly Hill Billy,
Good John.

Speaker 2 (41:35):
Next time you take the good, you take the badge,
you take them all in.

Speaker 11 (41:39):
There you have.

Speaker 3 (41:41):
I'm in.

Speaker 2 (41:43):
I'm in.

Speaker 5 (41:47):
You take the good, you take the badge, you take
them all in there you have.

Speaker 9 (41:53):
Alright, I'm in for the wind Lunchbox, Pee Wee's playhouse Amy,
facts of Life, Eddie, facts of Life.

Speaker 2 (41:59):
Although that might fit you take the good you take
too bad? You take them there you have we play house.
It doesn't work, not really.

Speaker 7 (42:07):
Two more, I want to google what facts of Life is?

Speaker 2 (42:10):
The Facts of Life? Yeah, it's two Dy and Joe
and Blair.

Speaker 3 (42:14):
Oh my gosh, how do you remember all their names?

Speaker 2 (42:16):
Miss Garrett?

Speaker 6 (42:17):
Now that you say it, I'm like, yeah, that's it.

Speaker 5 (42:18):
I remember two d Yeah, missus Garrett who was also
in we're talking about Willis.

Speaker 2 (42:23):
Oh different strokes.

Speaker 5 (42:25):
Yeah, okay, next up, come and knock on our door.

Speaker 11 (42:29):
We've been waiting for you. I'm in, I'm in, Come in,
knock on our door. We've been waiting for you.

Speaker 2 (42:43):
That's older.

Speaker 9 (42:45):
Knock on our door, lunchbox answer, yeah, perfect strangers.

Speaker 2 (42:51):
Not a bad guess. Amy Three's Company one of the
best shows ever.

Speaker 5 (42:54):
Three's Company, Correct, Three's Company, LA's one j Sit back,
guy and you hear a tail the tale love a
fabul trip and then just sit right back?

Speaker 2 (43:07):
Can you hear what?

Speaker 7 (43:08):
Tall? The tale?

Speaker 5 (43:08):
Love? Lunchbox Gilligan's Islands, Island, Gilligan's Island, Good job. It
looks as if there's a tie between Amy and Eddie.
Lunchbox has been eliminated. The healthiest Childhood ward goes a lunchbox.
Thank you, yes, thank you, and to your parents. Right ready, guys, come,

I will do three of these in its speed round
bus in your name.

Speaker 2 (43:33):
I will stop singing immediately. Okay, here we go.

Speaker 5 (43:38):
The creepy in the Amy correct what they're creepy? And
their kookie mysterious and spooky. Man?

Speaker 2 (43:49):
You got me with that?

Speaker 5 (43:49):
Long the next one up.

Speaker 13 (43:54):
I but we've been together Amy, Amy growing No for
a million years, and I bet we'll be together for
a million more.

Speaker 2 (44:07):
Started say with this music underneath.

Speaker 4 (44:08):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think I got you though, Eddie, Eddie,
Laverne and Shirley.

Speaker 5 (44:12):
Now, dang it, I bet we've been together for a
million years, and the other voice goes, I.

Speaker 1 (44:18):
Bet we'll be together for.

Speaker 2 (44:20):
A million more. Perfect strangers. Family Ties, She's a perfect stranger.

Speaker 3 (44:25):

Speaker 5 (44:25):
Oh oh, Lunchbox are perfect strangers the time before. Yeah,
family ties with Michael Family Michael J.

Speaker 2 (44:31):
Fox is very similar.

Speaker 3 (44:34):
Family ties and growing pains.

Speaker 5 (44:35):
I feel like, yeah, ish, yeah, all right, next one up, enough.

Speaker 2 (44:40):
Eddie, you got to get this to tie.

Speaker 7 (44:41):
Oh I know, well.

Speaker 2 (44:45):
Hm, well no, nobody wants to know. Well, no, nobody, No, Well,
well we're moving on, Amy.

Speaker 5 (44:58):
This is the end of the first half of the podcast.
This is the end of the first half of the podcast.
If you are listening, it's the end. It's the end
of the first half of the podcast. People tell me
sometimes they don't know when it ends and it just
fires into something else. So I hope you like that song. No,

that's the.

Speaker 2 (45:21):
End of the first half of the podcast. The second
half coming up next. Thanks everybody.

Speaker 6 (45:26):
Mister Bones
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