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June 20, 2024 41 mins

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo joins the show to share his insight on all of today’s sports headlines. Plus, Dan and the crew consider what it would be like to be 7’ 9” after hearing about incoming Florida Gators freshman Olivier Rioux.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
You are listening to the Dan Patrick Show on Fox
Sports Radio.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
It's our two on this Thursday, Dan and the Dan
Nets Dan Patrick Show came up with a conspiracy theory,
or at least a question, maybe what happens to Brownie James?
Could he go to the Dallas Mavericks. Would Lebron consider
going and reuniting with Kyrie Irving? We threw it out there,

not a report, by the way, no inside information here.
It's just me going hmm. Now things that make you
go hmm outside information. I don't have inside information. Eight
seven to seven three DP show email address DPA dan
Patrick dot com, Twitter handle at DP show. Celtic's parade
is Friday, Panthers at the Oilers Game six will be

Friday as well. By the way, you probably didn't notice
this because you only notice this story when there's drama
attached to it. Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever. They
want another game here they're playing well, and oh that's right.
You probably didn't realize that she had a nice game,
one of her better games all around. I had twelve rebounds,

eighteen points, six assists, no drama, just ended up winning,
So nobody can attach their agenda to Caitlin Clark because
there's no drama here yet. And I said, give her
a little bit of separation from this brutal schedule they had,
and then you're going to see how well she can play.
And we've seen that. You started out zero and five.
They had a brutal schedule. They wanted them to get

as many nationally televised games, and now they're settling in.
I think they've won three in a row and they're
playing good basketball. Now they're not playing against the best teams,
but they're playing good basketball. But there's nothing to see
here other than if you truly like WNBA and Caitlyn Clark,
then you should be watching, and most people probably aren't.

You're going to watch when there's controversy, when there's a
hip check, or where Angels does something or says something,
or another player does something or says something. Our Caitlin
Clark is struggling. When she plays well, it's like, okay,
that's what she's supposed to do. Nothing to see here,
and they're winning. Therefore nobody's talking about it all right.

Eight seven to seven three DP show email address Dpadanpatrick dot.

Speaker 3 (02:21):
Com, Twitter handle a DP show. Good morning.

Speaker 2 (02:24):
If you're watching on Peacock, thank you for downloading the app.
In case you're wondering why there's not hockey tonight. If
there was a Game six in the NBA Finals, it
would have been tonight and Game seven would have been
on Sunday. So they that's why you know, hockey was
looking at this going all right, there's a Game six
that we don't want to compete with that, so they'll

have a standalone game on Friday, Game six for them.
All right, pull question from the first hour, and what
are we going to go with our two? Christopher mad
Dog Russo will join us. Coming up in about fifteen
minutes from now, Seaton.

Speaker 4 (02:58):
We've got the for a favorite teams champion chip parade.
You stand in the middle of the crowd cheering, watch
from the festivities, watch the festivities on TV or neither.
Right now, most people are watching on TV. We also
have if your championship ring had an error on it,
you would keep it or get it fixed, keep it
winning and going to a baseball game, I'd want to
sit behind home plate bleachers or outfield seats down the line.

Speaker 3 (03:20):
Are up in a suite.

Speaker 4 (03:22):
Results pending and pending results pending. Yeah, I don't need
to go to the parade. But if I'm younger, then
I would want to go to a parade. Cincinnati Reds
won a World Series.

Speaker 2 (03:34):
I went to that, But for the most part, I
don't think I want to be thrown into the mash
pit there. Like I've been to the Saint Patti's Day
parade in New York City. I can't imagine a parade
is any worse than that. Certain not, I mean, or
maybe better than that. That's a mess. That's an that's

you should do it once just to realize that you
never want to do it again. It's a mess. But yeah, parade,
all right, I get it. I'd sit behind home plate.
It's a unique experience because we watch baseball games on
TV from behind the pitcher. When you're seeing it coming
to a batter, that's when you realize just how crazy,

how difficult this is. You see the movement on a pitch,
you see how fast it is. You can if you
get close enough, you can hear it, and then it
hits the catcher's mitt like it's a sensory overload if
you allow it to be all right, So we'll talk
to Mad Dog Russo no hockey tonight. Basketball wise, all

we have is the draft and then we have free
agency after that, and there's I guess there's talk about
Paul George, could Paul George leave the Clippers, which I
don't see. I don't think it makes sense. But he
did talk about free agency.

Speaker 5 (04:53):
For sure contributed to winning basketball. But I mean, at
this point, I'm not even necessarily like it's not even
a you know, people saying chasing a championship, like, it's
not that, but it's playing the right style of basketball
is what I'm chasing.

Speaker 3 (05:08):

Speaker 2 (05:10):
I would think with the right style of basketball, you
might be in line to get a championship. I would hope.
I don't know if he's talking about individually or team wise,
but he's he's he wants to he wants to play
good basketball. That's what he's chasing.

Speaker 4 (05:24):
Yeah, I'd rather be aesthetically pleasing to look at them win.

Speaker 3 (05:27):
But that's just me. Okay, all right, you know, at
this at this stage, I just want to I want
to look good.

Speaker 2 (05:40):
Which is my philosophy here every day for their show.
You know, I just I want to know I sound
good and my hair looks good. By the way, I'm
going to give a blop bloop to Paul George's voice.
Let me let me hear that again. That's that's got
an f M DJ.

Speaker 5 (05:54):
For sure contributed to winning basketball. But I mean, at
this point, I'm not even necessarily like it's not even
about you know, people saying chasing a championship, like, it's
not that, But it's playing the right style of basketball,
is what I'm chasing.

Speaker 3 (06:08):

Speaker 4 (06:10):
That's a fella who's got a couple of us.

Speaker 3 (06:14):
Sunday spelt and yeah, I'm just gonna I got a
lot of money and this microphone is uh like what
I'm doing right now. Yeah, I just chasing you know,
aesthetic basketball. You know, it's weirdly really what I want? Wait,
do you want titles? No? No, man, I just I
just want to look good. Okay, yes, yes, we.

Speaker 6 (06:36):
Should have to say a say coming up next, Sweet
Love by Anita Baker because he's got that sweet, deep
voice Danny type voice.

Speaker 3 (06:44):
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah.

Speaker 2 (06:48):
Status stat of the day brought to you by Panini America,
the official trading cards of the program. Kevin Hart is
back an all new season of eight list interviews on
Heart to Heart he sits down with a stellar list
of soletelebrities, unfiltered conversations, and you won't want to miss
the first episode with Ben Affleck now only on Peacock.
What's going on with Ben and Jlo? Jalo's in Italy?

Ben back home? I think they're selling their love mansion.

Speaker 7 (07:15):
Oh are they married or just dating?

Speaker 2 (07:18):
They got married twice, Okay, I think they had two
different ceremonies. They're current yeah, oh yeah, yeah, but they
got a sixty five million dollar house. I think they
got to unload. But she's in Italy and he's in
the United States in La Yes, yes, ma'am.

Speaker 6 (07:33):
That's still my top seed. Or for people that you
don't want to live next to.

Speaker 8 (07:38):
What Ben?

Speaker 3 (07:39):
Ben and Jlo?

Speaker 6 (07:41):
You know dramatic?

Speaker 2 (07:42):
Hey Ben, well, you don't want the pap Razzi's going
to be always there, and then you know, you probably
have guys who will be, you know, resting in your
yard while they're waiting for Jlo to come back.

Speaker 6 (07:53):
Well, Ben's got gardeners, but he's out there gardening too
because he doesn't want to be in the house. Hey Ben,
you're doing garden.

Speaker 2 (08:01):
It's got to be tough to be married to somebody
who is beautiful, but that always has to be beautiful,
and then it's probably asking you, don't I look beautiful?
Like Giselle, you make your living by looking beautiful. You
have to be asking Tom twenty times a day, how

does this look good?

Speaker 5 (08:22):

Speaker 3 (08:22):
Does this look good? Honey? How do I look? Here?

Speaker 4 (08:24):
There's mirrors all over the house. Everywhere you look, there's
a mirror. Yes, are we one hundred percent sure? Giselle
is asking Tom?

Speaker 3 (08:31):
Well, but you're right about that.

Speaker 2 (08:33):
That's that is a fair point, because Tom could be saying,
how's my hair?

Speaker 5 (08:37):

Speaker 3 (08:37):
How does this look? How do I look?

Speaker 4 (08:38):
Is this leather jacket too much? Bond villain? Or am I?

Speaker 3 (08:43):
Am I badass? Or am I like? How do I
look bad? How's my complexion? You know?

Speaker 7 (08:49):
Yes, yes, I see what Marvis saying.

Speaker 9 (08:51):
Though, imagine being like a normally really wealthy person living
next door to like Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lopez. Because
my guess is there's a security person on the property
for like, definitely Taylor Swift, I would assume as a
security person on the property.

Speaker 7 (09:05):
Twenty four to seven.

Speaker 9 (09:05):
Imagine you're just a really rich family who lives next
door like civilian type. That would be kind of odd
to have that level of I don't know, yeah, like drama.

Speaker 3 (09:15):
Well you're not having a cookout and they're coming.

Speaker 7 (09:17):
Over right because you wouldn't even consider it.

Speaker 2 (09:20):
You can't even benefit from living in the neighborhood here.

Speaker 3 (09:24):
But you know less, you're a big deal. They're a
big deal. You know.

Speaker 2 (09:27):
Sandler talks about this that he'll lives in an area,
and then that guy lives over here, and that guy
lives over here, and then you have a Christmas party
and you're going to Conan O'Brien's house.

Speaker 4 (09:37):
Yeah, see the move there when you're the normal neighbor
is complaining about the celebrities living nearby because one you're
cool enough and two then everybody knows that you live
in an incredibly rich area. It's like the move where
like you don't talk about how expensive you are, you
just talk about how rich your neighbor is. This guy
over here, you know what he does, he's super wealthy,

my neighbor. Anyways, so we're at the end of the
cul de sac. He's the guy who invented whatever. Yeah,
that's the move. He invented this gadget and he's made
billions of dollars. So anyway, he's my neighbor because that's
the neighborhood I live in.

Speaker 3 (10:13):
Good morning.

Speaker 2 (10:13):
If you're watching on Peacock, thank you for downloading the aunt.
That's the Move eight seven seven to three DP show. Yeah,
but j Lo and Ben looks like Splitsville. And then
Ben spent time at Jennifer Garner's house, his ex wife,
for Father's Day. Apparently, Ben, I don't know. Jenn Garner
to me is awesome.

Speaker 9 (10:37):
We talk about this a lot off air US guys
like not like breaking up with Jennifer Garner.

Speaker 3 (10:43):
Yes, I can't.

Speaker 2 (10:44):
I just Jennifer Garner is awesome, sweet funny had her
on the show.

Speaker 3 (10:50):

Speaker 2 (10:53):
I'm just saying if I wasn't married, I'd put the
vibe out there.

Speaker 7 (10:58):
When Ben said it's not you, it's me, he was
being seriously because it can't be her.

Speaker 3 (11:01):
No, no, no, yes.

Speaker 10 (11:03):
It has garn her capital one seed.

Speaker 7 (11:05):
Is that what we're saying?

Speaker 3 (11:05):
Okay, she whoa, it's not a wall.

Speaker 4 (11:11):
Turns out she snores a lot, though, That's okay, that's okay,
that's okay. What if she like had like a really
annoying habit though, like.

Speaker 3 (11:20):
A bad laugh.

Speaker 2 (11:23):
I can't, man, a bad laugh is tough. And then
I and you know how funny I am. So she's
gonna be laughing all the time, and I'd be like, oh,
I did a.

Speaker 9 (11:36):
Girl who's missing a leg, and I'd rather have that
than a bad laugh. Yeah, there was no problem for me,
the bad leg. Then her name was Eileen.

Speaker 7 (11:45):

Speaker 3 (11:47):
Is the joke better that her name was Peg?

Speaker 7 (11:50):
Or I think it's a little funnier fritzy, right Eileen?

Speaker 11 (11:54):

Speaker 3 (11:55):
And then come on, Eileen, you'll be singing thank you, Tod. Yes, Marvin,
you were going to say something.

Speaker 4 (12:06):
She's still faster than me, that's better athletes? Yeah, yeah,
I couldn't take You know, I tell this.

Speaker 2 (12:14):
I've told this story before, but I used to work
with Rob Dibble, who was one of the great relievers
in baseball, and he dated a girl who had bad teeth,
bad teeth, you know, like summer teeth, summer here and
some are there.

Speaker 3 (12:32):
And he set he met.

Speaker 2 (12:34):
Her at an Applebee's and I think she might have
been a host, and so he went out to dinner
with her and then he said something funny and then
she smiled, and I think he said, you know, he
was going to bring up the movie Shindler's List because
he doesn't didn't want her to laugh. He had to
talk about something serious. Here, a terrible story I had

to bring up because because she was very pretty until
she smiled. I have been around somebody who has a
bad laugh and it it is a I mean, it's
it's annoy and I really really like her, but it's
just tough sometimes when it's one of those laughs that's

seven tables away you can hear it.

Speaker 7 (13:21):
I hate those people.

Speaker 2 (13:25):
Yeah, but I like your laugh on the air. I
don't know if I would like it if we went
out to dinner.

Speaker 9 (13:31):
And you have fake you have an energetic laugh, you
don't have a bad laugh.

Speaker 7 (13:34):
There's a difference.

Speaker 3 (13:35):
Here's a fun laugh a contagious laugh.

Speaker 10 (13:38):
Yeah, yes, Tom, would it be better to have someone
that has a bad laugh or someone that just said
that was funny?

Speaker 3 (13:44):
Well, like an NPR Horst or other I so you
did that, that was funny.

Speaker 2 (13:49):
It is one of my pet peeves when somebody says, oh,
that's funny, and then you're like, well laugh, oh yeah,
that's funny. Then what you see You need setan in
the audience when you do stand up. Well, you need
to say something funny too. But but but Setan would
be like a sitcom, like you put him out there

in the audience. Yes, you would hire him. All right,
let me take a break. Mad Dog Russo is going
to join us.

Speaker 3 (14:19):

Speaker 4 (14:20):
I was stingy with my laugh at Todd's stand up
appearances too.

Speaker 3 (14:23):
No, I think you were being honest. We are you
gonna say some funny joke?

Speaker 8 (14:26):

Speaker 3 (14:26):
All right, relist me.

Speaker 4 (14:28):
I was the guy calling you joke boy. Well, you
didn't want to force the laugh.

Speaker 2 (14:34):
But I will say when we went to Caroline's in
New York City before Todd closed it down, legendary, legendary.

Speaker 6 (14:43):
A few weeks after, I was all of a sudden,
we get a note that.

Speaker 7 (14:47):
Changed your name from comedy club to just club.

Speaker 2 (14:50):
Uh, Todd's up there, and when you can hear ice melt.

Speaker 4 (14:56):
You know, you know it's a rough set. There was
almost immediately. We're sitting at the table and Todd got
up there, and about ten seconds in we all looked
at each other one oh no, oh no.

Speaker 10 (15:09):
I could hear the waitress whispering, you got to buy
one more drink before it's two drink minimal that.

Speaker 3 (15:14):
You could hear the ice melt. It was that quiet.

Speaker 2 (15:17):
And then the funniest thing that happened the entire night
at Caroline's Comedy Club was McLevin tucked the tablecloth into
his pants by accident, and he stood.

Speaker 3 (15:32):
Up and all of the glasses all over laugh about it.

Speaker 2 (15:38):
It was funny, but McLevin is tucking the tablecloth accident
into his pants, and then he gets up and it's like,
it was amazing. Hey, you've been a great audience. Good
night everybody. All right, let me take a break. We'll
talk to Mad Dog. We'll get phone calls as well.
We're back after this.

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Hey, it's me Rob Parker.

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Speaker 2 (16:41):
He's a busy man. Chris mad Dog Russo, host of
mad Dog Unleashed on Sirius XM channel eighty two, host
a High Heat on MLB Network and occasionally making cameos
with Steven A. Smith on ESPN's First Tick. I listened
to the show yesterday, great job in the afternoon and
with your tributes to Willie Mays, some great stories there.

I was kind of surprised, and you even said this
that this wasn't a bigger deal with other shows other networks.

Speaker 3 (17:08):
Why do you think that is, Chris, Yeah, Danny.

Speaker 11 (17:11):
I was a little surprised because I think in a
lot of ways you and I are the two who
do more baseball than anybody else.

Speaker 8 (17:18):
You love baseball. You know, you and I about the
same age. You might be a little older, Dan, but
we do love the baseball. Now, we do talk.

Speaker 11 (17:28):
You and I love to talk, you know, we follow
it and everything else. So I was a little surprised
that it wasn't to get more now.

Speaker 8 (17:34):
I got a lot of attention today. New York Times
had a big old bit on it.

Speaker 11 (17:38):
You know, it's right up my alley, as you know,
because you know I'm a giant fan anyway, you know,
they got this Rickwood game the night. But I was
a little surprised. I know, none of our guys did
it at our show.

Speaker 8 (17:49):
I mean, you know, the younger hosts.

Speaker 11 (17:51):
Yeah, you know, you know they're not gonna go out
there and they're gonna break that and see what he play.

Speaker 8 (17:55):
You know.

Speaker 11 (17:56):
So from Matt standpoint, and I was, I know, I
have a child two years old who just got a
job in West Palm Beach ESPN E West Palm and
he's not on the air yet.

Speaker 8 (18:06):
He's in Europe.

Speaker 11 (18:07):
And I told myself, geez, if he was on the
air tomorrow and will he dine?

Speaker 8 (18:11):
And he wouldn't know what to say. I've heard of him.

Speaker 11 (18:15):
But I mean, so I just think it's probably an
age thing. I think you and I are probably the
only ones radio wise nationally who could do it and
do it properly. You know, if you're gonna do it,
you gotta do it proper, you know, And you and
I can do that. And so I figured, what the hell,
it's a it's a and I would do it anyway.
But it's a Wednesday, the NBA season's over. Nobody's gonna

call me any Yankees Orioles. You know.

Speaker 8 (18:40):
The NHL. There's a couple of days off and I'm
gonna go crazy on Edmonton.

Speaker 11 (18:43):
And no matter how good McDavid is with Florida, it's
a perfect time to do it.

Speaker 8 (18:47):
And if you can get the right guys, you know
they're gonna add something to it. So there you go.
I think I think probably the age, probably the age.

Speaker 2 (18:53):
I think having seen these these players that really helps
because when Jerry West died, having you know, first seen
him in person when I was twelve years of age
getting his autograph in Cincinnati.

Speaker 13 (19:05):

Speaker 2 (19:06):
Yeah, I went to Cincinnati Royals versus the Lakers, and
I just remember my dad told me, that's that's how
you played basketball. But my dad took me to a
spring training game in Arizona in Scottsdale to see Willie
Mays and the Giants, and he said, that's you know,
watch him because nobody plays baseball like him. So I had,

like my dad gave me a good heads up to
follow certain players and I didn't realize it at the
time until then. You have that kind of Epiphany and
you go, oh, okay. And Willie Mays was different than
anybody who'd ever played the game, and I think there's.

Speaker 11 (19:42):
A lot of similarities there, the fundamentally the way they
played it between West and Willy. I do think there's
a lot of it. But Willy had so much flair,
alfro vessence. You know, my father was a Demaggio fan
and he's a Yankee fan, so I didn't get that,
you know, grow up with the giants who go up
with the Yankees, So he probably didn't appreciate Mayze as

much as.

Speaker 8 (20:05):
He probably should have.

Speaker 11 (20:07):
I'm Mike, Mike Francessa, my radio partner loved Mane, so
he probably didn't appreciate Mays as much as you should have.

Speaker 8 (20:15):
I remember Dan, I became a huge Giant fan in
the late sixties sixty eight, and Mays was not Mays.

Speaker 11 (20:21):
You know, he was thirty seven years old, so I
did not see Mays necessarily in his prime. I did
see McCovey, who I loved, and I love Bobby and
I love Bobby Bonds. But Mayze is the reason why
I was a Giant fan. And I've read everything in
the last three days I've read the two books on him.

Speaker 8 (20:37):
We've seen all the highlights.

Speaker 11 (20:38):
You and I can break down that catch in fifty
four against Vic Wurtz into the couch to home, the
catch that he made against the Reds. You saw it
on YouTube out in right center field, Bobby Tolan fashion
the wall.

Speaker 8 (20:49):
I mean, you know those plays.

Speaker 11 (20:50):
I mean those are iconic, iconic plays with what he
and again, I didn't really think about it too much until.

Speaker 8 (20:57):
The last few years.

Speaker 11 (20:59):
He probably pound for pounds. I think you'd agree you're
a good historian. Pound for pounds, let's leave Ruth out
of it. Pounds for pound, maybe he is. Maybe he
is the best player.

Speaker 8 (21:12):
Of all time.

Speaker 11 (21:12):
I think the MAJO is close because he played center
field too. Willie isn't the best hitter Williams, Joe d
Aaron Musual. I don't think he's the best hitter. But
if you combine the speed running the bases, defense in
the outfield, all those other ingredients that Williams didn't do well,

Musier didn't do well. I mean, you know, let's face it,
I mean, Ruth was in right field.

Speaker 8 (21:40):
Garrick was a lumbering first baseman. If you put that
out of the equation pound for pound, maybe you say
he's the best of all time.

Speaker 2 (21:48):
The Celtics win the title, and I'm trying to figure out,
we'd love to do this, Like where do they rank
in history? Like they had an incredible season start to
finish and they're run through the playoffs. But do you
look at them and say, this is a like an
all time great team that we saw this year in Boston?

Speaker 11 (22:07):
And No, I don't look at that yet right now.
I didn't look that way last year with Denver either.
You know, perzingis definitely adds something. They have two bona fide,
no question about it, Hall of famers of course, and
Brown and Tatum, perzingis Horford Quilladay.

Speaker 8 (22:23):
I mean, they got a lot of good players. I
think you gotta do it more. I mean, is this
team as good as the six the eighty two, eighty
three six ers? Not my eyes? Is this team as
good as the eighty six Celtics? Not my eyes? Is
this team as good as those Laker teams with magic?
You know? Not in my eyes?

Speaker 11 (22:39):
Is this team as good as the sixty six sixty
seven six ers with chat Walker and Luke Jackson and
Billy c and.

Speaker 8 (22:46):
And and Wilt Howe Greer not in my eyes.

Speaker 11 (22:49):
So I don't know if I'm gonna put up and
now as good as the ninety six Bulls so or
even the Warriors with Durant Curry, Thompson and Jaymon Green
the two they won, So I want to put them
on that level.

Speaker 8 (23:01):
But it's a hell of a team.

Speaker 11 (23:03):
I mean, let's face it, Danny, and they mean they
at prezingis what two games. I mean in the postseason,
they can be a little quirky. They should have lost
Game one in Indiana. We all know that lost a
couple of home games, the Cleveland and Miami.

Speaker 8 (23:16):
A couple of teams are banged up, not that it
would have.

Speaker 11 (23:18):
Made any difference in you know, the Cavaliers and no
Butler for Miami.

Speaker 8 (23:23):
But I mean, they play excellent defense. And here's what
they do well, Dan, you know, you you're the basketball
you you played it, you love it. They can score
at every position. Tatum scores, they make threes, Derek White scores,
Horford makes a three, Persinga scores every place on the court.
You gotta defend.

Speaker 11 (23:44):
That's hard sometimes to find teams that have those five guys.

Speaker 8 (23:47):
It's a hell of a team that seem to do
it again, maybe they will.

Speaker 2 (23:50):
He's a mad Dog Russo, host of Mad Dog Unleashed
on Serious XM High Heat on MLB Network and contributes
to ESPN's for Take. We've spent a little while in
the first how we're talking about Bronnie James and he's
the only interesting part of the draft. And the fact
that Rich Paul said, Hey, I if I thought it

meant that Lebron was going to stay with the Lakers,
I would force the Lakers to draft Bronnie at seventeen,
which I found a strange comment that who is running
the Lakers, that Rich Paul is going to say, you
draft Bronni and then Lebron's going to stay here. And
then I started to wonder, could Bronni be drafted by

Dallas and then Lebron maybe reunite with Kyrie, Like if
he's a free agent, could you see maybe a scenario
where and the GM of the MAVs, according to Rich Paul,
is like an uncle to Bronnie James. So that team
just played for a title. The Lakers aren't going to
be playing for a title probably, and you know, the

rest of Lebron's career and what's this come down to
play with your son and maybe win another title.

Speaker 8 (25:00):
Listen, I don't think Barnie James is that good.

Speaker 3 (25:02):
I mean he's not. He's not. But if you get
down he.

Speaker 11 (25:06):
Scored four points a game at USC, I mean, she's
I mean, he'd be on the bank, he would even
play it. You got so he needs another year of
college basketball, that's the first thing. And then if you
bring him in and you use the first round pick
on him, you know you're gonna hurt your team that way.
And then they gonna deal with you're gonna play him,
you know, you sit him on the bench, and then

you bring Lebron in and then who's running the team
either he gets a mess.

Speaker 2 (25:31):
But you're gonna have that with the Lakers, Chris, you're
gonna use a second round pick on him.

Speaker 8 (25:36):
They're gonna use the second round pick. Yes, they're gonna
use the second round pick.

Speaker 11 (25:40):
And let's be honest, Danny on the Lakers, the Lakers
haven't exactly distinguished themselves here in the last couple of weeks.

Speaker 8 (25:47):
They were very kurt with the West thing.

Speaker 11 (25:50):
That's because Genie Buss doesn't like the idea that Jerry
left the team because Jerry would the owner, Jerry Buss
wouldn't pay him.

Speaker 8 (25:57):
He wanted to be paid more than the top ten
and that wouldn't occur.

Speaker 11 (26:01):
So then two years ago she does a podcast and
Jerry West is not the top five.

Speaker 8 (26:05):
In hissy the Lakers? What are you kidding me?

Speaker 11 (26:08):
He brought basketball to LA and then they handled Hurley
and then they only opened him six years seventy million.
You want Danny hunting that badly and you're gonna make
him the sixth highest paid coach in the league.

Speaker 8 (26:20):
That's not gonna get his attention. That was puzzling.

Speaker 11 (26:24):
Now you want to bring Reddick JJ in and Jay
J's doing podcast with Lebron.

Speaker 8 (26:30):
That's odd. I mean, the Lakers have not exactly had
a they have not had a stellar stretch here, but
you're right.

Speaker 11 (26:38):
You think they're gonna draft him with the second round
and then he stays and then all of a sudden,
you're gonna put the coach in an impossible spot because
Lebron's gonna want the kid on the floor times you
gotta play Kate Lebron kid's not ready to play in
the NBA.

Speaker 8 (26:51):
That whole thing's a mess.

Speaker 2 (26:53):
Danny but you're gonna put him probably on a G
League team, and then you're gonna yo yo him, You're
gonna bring him up nationally televised game Lebron gets. It
just feels like he's going to be like a guest
who comes over for dinner and then leaves. And maybe
maybe that's how you play Kate Lebron and you know,
he's able to be around his son and maybe there's development.

I'm with you, he should be staying in college one
more year, but you know dad, and the clock is
ticking on his dad's career.

Speaker 8 (27:22):
Yeah, it's a very dicey situation.

Speaker 11 (27:25):
I think that if I was running a team and
I knew Bronnie wasn't going to be a great NBA player,
which is not going to be, I wouldn't want to
have to deal with this where I got to worry
about the father being one of the old timers and
you know, a great player, we need him and I
got Bronnie. Do I annoy the father by how about
the father says I want Buddy in the team right now.

Speaker 8 (27:44):
I want him playing fifteen minutes a night. Well, you're
supposed to do. It's Lebron.

Speaker 11 (27:47):
It's it's a very it's not healthy for your franchise.
I think it's very messy, and I think you're right.
I think the Lakers are probably going to be the
team that has to deal with it because they want
to play. They you know, it's the Lakers. Lebron's on
the team as it is, he runs the ball club,
and then you're bringing a coach in and JJ is
gonna be a good coach, but he's got no experience

dealing with this nonsense plus name and Lebron and tight,
so you got to deal with that.

Speaker 8 (28:13):
If he didn't get Hurley.

Speaker 11 (28:15):
I mean, it's very mess and the Lakers are an
older team knocked out in the first round.

Speaker 8 (28:20):
It's a very dicey situation with the Lakers. It really
is nice.

Speaker 2 (28:24):
How do you know when you've gotten under Steven A's
skin on first take?

Speaker 11 (28:31):
If I get into something with the NBA. Historically, that's
what gets him annoyed. You know, he threw a bone
at me yesterday with the top five two o's of
all time when he brought in a force Coouzy and
Sam Jones, and I think he did that for me,
But he left Weston Goodrich out the year that was.
You know, they went thirty nine in a row. They

were sixty nine wins and they killed the teams in
the postseason.

Speaker 8 (28:54):
Both were unbelievable. And I think he got a little annoyed.
See see wait, Western Good real hot you what's in that?

Speaker 11 (29:01):
Because it indicates that he didn't realize how good West
and Good which were. He loves it, though he loves it,
you know, I yesterday I had some fun with him
when he's walking into the gym with these beautiful suits
on and you know, like he's about to be a
player and scoring thirty five a ball game.

Speaker 8 (29:17):
He loves it when you have fun with that. But
I think when I have.

Speaker 11 (29:21):
Fun playing the historian and I go to the old
NBA days, I think that's when he might get a
little ticket.

Speaker 2 (29:28):
Yes, but on the NBA guy, you upset JJ Reddick
when you would do that oh.

Speaker 8 (29:34):
Terribly, terribly terribly, And I think that ball of Stevie
a a little bit. But it's fun.

Speaker 11 (29:39):
I have fun in there, and I don't try to
take it too seriously. I have some laughs. I try
to stay away from you, and I try to stay
away from those topics that might catch in a little
trouble and I try to just basically do it from.

Speaker 8 (29:51):
My sports standpoint.

Speaker 3 (29:54):
Great to talk to you.

Speaker 8 (29:55):
Oh we love you, Danny, You're the best kide thanks.

Speaker 3 (29:57):
To having me. All right.

Speaker 2 (29:58):
That's Christopher Matt Dog Russo mad Dog Unleash on Serious
XM Afternoons on Channel eighty two and so High Heat
on MLB and uh first take you know this is
mad Dog from Wire to Wire.

Speaker 3 (30:11):
I mean, this is who he is.

Speaker 2 (30:13):
He loves talking history, well, read a lot of sports books.

Speaker 3 (30:18):
You know, he's unique. Just called him Stevia. Yeah, I
think that's oh Stevie A.

Speaker 4 (30:24):
You got a little upset with me that Stevia Steva.

Speaker 3 (30:29):
What a legend.

Speaker 4 (30:30):
God, I love that guy.

Speaker 2 (30:32):
Yeah yeah, fascinating character there, nobody like him.

Speaker 3 (30:36):
Fascinating character.

Speaker 9 (30:37):
Yes, Paul, I love having it on. It's one of
our favorites. Sitting here watch you guys talk because so refreshing,
a hotist. But like, I'm kind of glad he's having
this national career resurgence. Chris Russou because in the eighties,
if you didn't live in New York, you wouldn't know
who he was. And he was a monster and it
is a monster of sports figure in New York sports
media in the eighties, nineties, two thousands, and it's like
the country's learning about him if you didn't.

Speaker 7 (30:58):
Know about it.

Speaker 2 (30:59):
Yeah, he's like an overnight sensation after twenty five years.
But you know, he's got opinions and he's fiery. Different voice.
They're not, you know, it's probably not your Hey, follow
this blueprint to be successful. He's unique and that's but

you know, that's what this entire business is about. Uniqueness.
When you think about success. You know, Dick Vin Town,
John Madden, Charles Barklay, steven A, Chris Berman, they're all unique.
There's nobody like them, and there won't be. You know,
there's not another Berman. Because what Chris meant to ESPN,

what he was doing when he was doing it, steven A,
Howard Cosell Madden, what John Madden did, how he did it,
when he did it, we had not heard that before.
And that's what is unique and great about this business
is it's supplying de man. If people like you, you
can become a star. If they don't, you get kicked

to the curb.

Speaker 6 (32:02):
Yes, Marph, Mike and the Mad Dog are they the
blueprint for local radio? And how to be successful. You
kind of got the you know, wild loudmouth and the
guy that's kind of reserved.

Speaker 2 (32:13):
Well, I think they probably ushered in hot takes. We
just didn't call it that. I mean, they gave you debate,
you know, Mike and Tony on part of the interruption
gave you hot takes because they had to. Because you
only have you know, three minutes or two minutes on
a topic, maybe sixty seconds. You better say something. Therefore,

it was a hot take. Now that's what people call
it back then. You know, it's just your opinion. Now
I have a time crunch. I got to give you.
I got twenty five seconds, and then Tony's going to
give you twenty five seconds.

Speaker 3 (32:48):
You better say something that has some value to it,
some umph to it. Yes see, folks, Yeah, where are
the first? Huh? Where are the first? Mike, Mike fran Cesser,
Uh huh yeah. Uh.

Speaker 2 (33:07):
Let me take a break, get some phone calls here.
Coming up, update the poll results as well, and we
talk about the beauty of wiffle ball.

Speaker 3 (33:16):
Coming up.

Speaker 1 (33:17):
Be sure to catch the live edition of The Dan
Patrick Show weekdays at nine am Eastern six am Pacific
on Fox Sports Radio and the iHeartRadio.

Speaker 2 (33:26):
WAP Paully was just showing me a kid out of
Canada who's going to Florida for basketball, and he is
seven feet nine, tallest player, one of the tallest people
probably on the planet. I don't know if there's anybody
who's eight feet tall, but he's seven feet nine going

to Florida and look like he has had some talent there,
not just tall. Got a little you know, the jumper
looks okay, we can handle the ball a little bit.
But if you let's say you're going to be seven
nine and I'm going to give you a ten year
NBA career and you're gonna make eighty million dollars, but

then after that you're still seven nine the rest of
your life. And before that too, you're seven foot nine, Todd.

Speaker 10 (34:19):
I am going to take a pass on that particular height.

Speaker 2 (34:21):
Okay, So you don't want to be seven nine and
play ten years in the NBA eighty million dollars, even if.

Speaker 10 (34:27):
You told me I also won like five rings. I
just think that's incredibly tall, way too.

Speaker 3 (34:31):
Much, Okay.

Speaker 2 (34:32):
I remember Chuck Nevitt was seven five, uh, and he
might have gotten a couple of titles, but they're you know,
minute Bowl. I mean there have been George Mirason. There
are a lot of guys who like seven six seven
seven seven nine seatan.

Speaker 3 (34:49):
Would you want to be seven to nine with an
NBA career? I don't think so, Marvin, No, Paulie.

Speaker 4 (35:00):

Speaker 9 (35:01):
Daily lifestyle would just be brutal between I mean, even
though you have one hundred million in the bank and
all the things that gets you, everything has to be customized,
and I know you can afford it, but just it
seems like the daily lifestyle would be brutal.

Speaker 3 (35:13):
Yes, time and.

Speaker 10 (35:14):
Money sounds great, but all the accomplishments that you would
have in the NBA, everyone would talking up to your
seven foot nine. Of course you've got to score fifty
points and block twelve shots, and they'll all be like,
pooh pooed because you're that tall. You should be doing that.

Speaker 3 (35:26):
Poo pooh poo pooed. Yeah, would be pooh poohed. All right.
I don't want to be seven nine.

Speaker 7 (35:32):
Any amount of money, Like if I tech take.

Speaker 3 (35:34):
No triple that noah, I don't want to be seven
to nine.

Speaker 7 (35:37):

Speaker 9 (35:38):
What would be the max height and you get a
max yeah, like where you're like, oh, Okay, this is
more serviceable seven foot even.

Speaker 2 (35:45):
No six ' nine. Yeah, if I'm six nine, i'd
be playing still if I'm six nine.

Speaker 9 (35:52):
But if you're seven foot you play in the NBA.
It's not shocking. It's not shockingly tall. It's tall for
like walking around.

Speaker 2 (35:58):
It would be the next Larry Bird. I'd be six ' nine,
white guy and can shoot. No dph Oh no, why
exert energy when you play? I'm like Luca or Luca's
like me, well, can't play defense? Maybe have too many
beers and you can score on anybody kind of my
m o.

Speaker 3 (36:18):
Yes, Marv, I'm gonna go with six five six five
a right, Seaton.

Speaker 4 (36:22):
You know what's tough about being seven nine to two.
I'm not sure what my maximum height would be. But
like even dunking's not fun. It's probably like the coolest
thing you could do in basketball is dunk and that
it's like you sort of like just jump and like
put it in.

Speaker 3 (36:39):
That's it.

Speaker 2 (36:39):
Would you rather be six foot like Iverson or six '
six like Jordan so people would look at you like
Iverson were like, ahy, that guy was able to do that.
With Jordan, you just go okay, I mean still it's incredible.
But to be that height, yes, Mark.

Speaker 6 (37:01):
Most of us are six feet like Iverson.

Speaker 3 (37:04):
You're right, No, but you have his talent.

Speaker 2 (37:08):
Like six foot you have that talent as opposed to
six six and you have Mike's talent.

Speaker 7 (37:16):
Yeah, Paul, I'll do this one.

Speaker 9 (37:18):
Would you rather be seven nine and have a ten
year NBA career where you make lots of dough or
be five foot one and you just live your life?

Speaker 3 (37:26):
Would I rather be.

Speaker 9 (37:29):
Danny DeVito could take away any success or just a
civilian with a nice, normal life. You're the size of
Kevin Hart without his talent and success or you're seven nine.

Speaker 3 (37:40):
I would rather be Kevin Hart than seven.

Speaker 7 (37:42):
Nine, but not Kevin Hart's success.

Speaker 4 (37:43):
I'd rather be Kevin Hart's size. I'd rather be five
four because you're also seven to nine and don't play anything. No,
just a seven nine accountant.

Speaker 7 (37:50):
No, you're a seven nine NBA player.

Speaker 2 (37:52):
Oh so okay, But I'm or I'm five to four
and I'm just a regular five to one citizens.

Speaker 7 (37:59):
I give you five for five.

Speaker 3 (38:00):
Why can't you be five to one?

Speaker 9 (38:01):
Enrich too, just like you can on your own volition
for this conversation.

Speaker 2 (38:05):
So if I'm five to one and I got eighty million,
or I'm seven to nine and got eighty million.

Speaker 3 (38:10):
Okay, I'm going five to one. I think I'm going
you're going seven to nine. I think. Wow.

Speaker 7 (38:17):
Dang, I don't know.

Speaker 3 (38:19):
No, your your life style with h boy, Yeah, I
don't know. That's tough.

Speaker 2 (38:24):
You'd be banging into you know, banging your head all
the time. Can't get in a car like it's a mess.

Speaker 3 (38:31):
That'd be tough. Five to one? All right, yes, ton,
What if you're five to one and.

Speaker 10 (38:37):
You're living at home and there's just no job prospects? Okay,
all right, all right, but you have a huge personality,
so that's good.

Speaker 3 (38:43):

Speaker 2 (38:45):
Jeremy in Texas, Hey, Jeremy, what's on your minds?

Speaker 13 (38:48):
A couple of things, Thanks for taking my calls. As
far as we're sitting uh in a park old Arlington Stadium,
no one ran warming up in the bullpen feet three
feet from the catcher. They all it was right down
the third base line. Absolutely one of the best things
in my life hearing it and watching it. It's it

was absolutely amazing. And then going to Italy for my
twenty fifth anniversary here in a couple of months. What
do I need to do or what can I not miss?
I'm staying in Sorrento. My wife wanted to go to
the am Offy coast that area, So I'll hang up
and listen to your expert Italy.

Speaker 11 (39:32):

Speaker 2 (39:34):
Well, if you could go to Siena and see the
horse race, the Polio, that would be.

Speaker 3 (39:43):
Top of the top of the list.

Speaker 2 (39:45):
And they have this this this horse race twice a
year and it's in the town square of Siena. It's crazy,
crazy crazy.

Speaker 4 (39:55):
That's about five hours north. Okay, Florence you have to see.
I'm not big on Rome. Uh, Tuscany is great. Venice
you have to see it. Well, it's still here, and
and you know, I think they're charging people to go
into what is that Saint Mark's Square. They're charging admission,

I think now. But yeah, Venitzia. If you can get
on a train and go up to Venice, it's great. Uh,
there's there's so many you know, a multi coast crazy Uh.

Speaker 3 (40:29):
Yeah, in fact, j Lo is there right now. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (40:33):
Yes, solo trip with the girls clear clear.

Speaker 3 (40:37):
Ahead of it.

Speaker 6 (40:38):
I just want to dance with my girls.

Speaker 4 (40:40):
What a lovely woman like you doing on the.

Speaker 7 (40:42):
Beat the island Dexter.

Speaker 9 (40:46):
On the island of Capri, there's like the Caprice side,
which is exactly it's like elegant and hot shots and everything.
Then there's the other side called on a Capri, the
other side of Capri that's a little more like meat
and potatoes and good, good spot.

Speaker 2 (41:00):
Make sure you have your passport updated. I would start
with that. Let's start with that, all right. I'm gonna
get to whiffle ball coming up, because we've been playing
wiffle ball here in the man Cave and we started
to think about the simplicity of whiffle ball.

Speaker 3 (41:14):
Final hour in the way
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