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June 20, 2024 48 mins

On today's Dan Patrick Show, DP proposes the deal of the Mavericks drafting Bronny James, with LeBron and Kyrie teaming up again. MLB Network's Chris Russo shares his memories of Willie Mays. And wiffle ball takes over the final hour of the show. Is Fritzy the best in the building?

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
You are listening to the Dan Patrick Show on Fox
Sports Radio.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
It's our one on this Thursday, Dan and the dan
Ets Dan Patrick Show. No hockey, no basketball, no problem,
we got a lot of things to talk about. Mad
Dog Russo will join us a little bit later on
your phone calls. Always welcome, Tyler the Operators sitting by eight,
seven to seven to three. DP Show email address Dpatdanpatrick
dot Com, Twitter handle at DP show. Good morning. If

you're watching on Peacock, thank you for downloading the app.
We say good morning to our radio affiliates around the country,
including Fox Sports Radio, iHeartRadio, ESPN Radio as well. So
the Celtics parade is still set for Friday, and the
Panthers at the Oilers Game six. Now there's not really
a headline today, but I did notice this and I

read this courtesy of ESPN. Rich Paul is the agent
to Lebron James. He's the agent to many people. He's
also dating Adele. Big deal. So he tells ESPN that
Lebron is off the idea of playing with his son.
That was a big deal. He was, you know, wanted

him to be drafted by the Lakers or was he
going to go someplace else to play with Bronnie. Now,
there's no excitement with the draft. The most exciting part
of the draft is Bronnie James. Where he goes, which
team and is he going to be a first round pick.
That's about it, because there's no consensus number one overall pick.
Nobody's going to come in, at least nobody is reportedly

going to come in and change a franchise. But with
Bronnie James. This, according to Rich Paul, Lebron is off
the idea of playing with Bronnie. If he does, he does.
But if he does and he does it, okay, there's
no deal that's guaranteed that if the Lakers draft Bronnie

at fifty five, that Lebron's going to resign. If that
was the case, I would force them to take him
at seventeen. We don't need leverage. Once again, the agent
is saying, I would force the Lakers to take Bronnie
at seventeen. Who's running the Lakers? Sounds like Rich Paul

is or Lebron. But once again, if that was the case,
and Lebron was going to stay and he needed his
son there, I would force them to draft them at
him at seventeen, the Lakers can draft Bronni and Lebron
doesn't re sign. Lebron is also not going to Phoenix
for a minimum deal. We can squash that now.

Speaker 3 (02:36):

Speaker 2 (02:36):
I did say there are other teams interested. Now he
is limiting the number of teams that Bronnie James is
going to work out for right now, Phoenix in LA.
That's it. Now, there are other teams that are interested.
According to Rich Paul, Minnesota, Dallas, and Toronto. If it's
someone else, Minnesota would love to get Bronnie, but I

don't know who their owner is going to be. Also,
the MAVs GM. His name is Nico Harrison. He's like
an uncle to Bronni, according to Rich Paul. So let
me just throw this out there, and I don't know
if it's going to stick. I don't know if it matters.

I don't have any inside news sources with this or
sources close to sources. Lebron wants to play with Kyrie again,
and probably Kyrie wants to play with Lebron again. Let's
say Dallas drafted Bronnie James once again, you got the GM. Okay,
the GM is like an uncle to Bronni. Lebron Kyrie,

so they draft him. Lebron opts out, becomes a free agent,
and then says to the Dallas Mavericks, what do you
want to pay me? I'll come in. I know sounds crazy, right,
but it's not crazy because if you're the Mavericks, and
once again Mark Cuban is involved, not the way he

was before he sold off a good portion of the Mavericks.
But if you're looking to create a reality show, and
Mark has been in the Shark Tank business for quite
some time, you're creating a show. Here. You got father,
and you got Son, you got Luca, you got Kyrie,
you got a guy who has been labeled as his uncle,

sort of an uncle to Brownie James. Okay, I mean
you got my attention with it, and I just thought,
you know, I'll spin that here and see if anybody
you know bites on it. Yes, Paul, let's.

Speaker 4 (04:43):
Make it an actual show. In the next episode of
Shark Tank, Lebron James Senior Lebron James ter they walk
out with the music playing, the doors open up. We
have an idea for you. How about a family package
deal to come to Dallas. I did read some quotes
from Rich Paul. You know, in the the past few months,
I think the coverage of Bronnie James has been a
little unfair. The stories are he won't visit this place,

he won't visit this place, and it makes it sound
like he's too good for these places or no.

Speaker 2 (05:12):
But this is Rich Paul, right, is telling these teams
Ronnie's just doing with his agent is telling him.

Speaker 4 (05:18):
Yeah, but Bronnie is getting the criticism from the average
sports fan who reads this story. I read a little background.
Rich Paul has been doing this for years, especially with
second round draft picks. You know, he's taken players like
Taylor Horton Tucker and he finds certain places that are
interested them and pre works the draft, the contract, the
elements of it. And he says he's done this for
about six or seven other players, just not famous players.

Speaker 2 (05:40):
Well, he did it to Darius Garland and he was
the number five pick in twenty nineteen. So he's had players,
a couple of first round players that he's done this too.
But he's basically saying these are the teams he's going
to work out for now. He did go to the
pre draft combine. Everybody got to see him. You want
to be able to talk to him. I think that's
really the key. And he seems like a level headed kid.

It seems like, you know, he was well raised, seems humble,
It doesn't say much, doesn't do many interviews. But I
think this is a situation where if you're going to
look at the entire picture, Lebron his role he could
play with Kyrie. I don't know what they could offer him.
First of all, i'd have to get you know, Windy

or Woe John or Sham's to be able to say
Dallas could offer this. But if he's a free agent,
what could you pay him? And if Dallas would pick him?
Dallas has his second round pick. I don't think they
have a first round pick. Do they marv.

Speaker 5 (06:39):
Second? Right now?

Speaker 6 (06:40):
Okay, yeah, I think it's I think it's like late
second round they have.

Speaker 2 (06:43):
Well, that'd be odd if the Lakers passed on him
at what fifty five and then the MAVs took him
soon after that. But okay, I know it sounds crazy,
but it's just more of the It could be based
in reality because Rich Paul is saying that these are
teams that are interested. You have Minnesota, Dallas in Toronto.

So if it's not the Lakers, it will be somebody else.
Minnesota would love to get Bronny, but right now their
ownership is in a state of flux. And then he
says the mAbs GM Nico Harrison is like an uncle
to Bronni. If the Lakers don't take him at fifty five,
Dallas would take him at fifty eight and give him

a guaranteed deal. Well, now it gets interesting there, because
if you're Lebron, you're not going to win a title
with the Lakers. This team just went to the Western Conference.
They went to the NBA Finals. I should say they
went to the NBA Finals. You want to play with Kyrie?

Sound like Kyrie was trying to play with Lebron.

Speaker 7 (07:52):
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (07:55):
Maybe it's far fetched. Maybe somebody's going to go that's
not base in reality because of this, Yes, Mars.

Speaker 8 (08:01):
From a basketball standpoint, I hate to be realistic, but
from a basketball standpoint, it's another guy that needs the
ball a lot.

Speaker 2 (08:09):
Why are you a buzzkill? Couldn't you let me run
with this for more than nine minutes?

Speaker 5 (08:15):
You know what? Lebron's the Mavericks.

Speaker 2 (08:17):
Let's go, let's go. Yeah, this is where Lebron becomes
the ultimate team player. What do you need me to do?
End of his career? Oh my gosh, did you see
Lebron sacrifice?

Speaker 5 (08:31):
Who's the biggest star in Dallas?

Speaker 2 (08:33):
Yeah, Dak or Lebron? Oh my god? Can you imagine
social media? If Lebron ended up in Dallas and then
he goes to the Cowboys games.

Speaker 4 (08:41):
They'd shut down the company in Bristol, move everything down
to down.

Speaker 2 (08:44):
ESPN, ESPN Dallas. Yeah, they would just have to relocate everybody.

Speaker 8 (08:49):
Yeah, that's funny, but it's pretty true.

Speaker 5 (08:52):
Yes, look ahead the heat index at HISPN.

Speaker 2 (08:55):
All I know is Greenie and Steve and A are probably going,
why didn't we come up with that? Why didn't we
get that angle today? On Get Up or First Take?
You know, Skip's not on the air for another twenty minutes,
so he might run with this Lebron going to the
MAVs and Bronny going to the Maps. But if the
Lakers would pass on him, and and you know, once again,

we don't know who's going to be the coach. I'm
assuming it's JJ Reddick. But and can you imagine if
you know the Lakers say to Jj Reddick, We're not
taking Bronnie. What that does to the podcast then? But
you know, stranger things, crazier things, and you know, the
I guess the big question mark is Lebron's future. I

know he wants to stay in LA. But if you
get this opportunity to play on a better team and
your son is going to be there, and they give
him a guaranteed contract and you play for two more years,
is that crazy? And once again, the reality part of
this is the amount of money, because the Lakers are

going to give Lebron what he wants whatever, fifty million,
sixty million, who knows. I don't know if Dallas can
do anything that is kind of in the ballpark, and
maybe they can. But as Rich Paul, Lebron's agent says, hey,
he's not going to take the league minimum to go
play for Phoenix, but league minimum to play for Phoenix.

If they draft your son and you have a quality
team already in place, there what's left for Lebron? Two things,
play with his son and win another championship. Those are
the two things that are left. Legacy is cemented. Okay,
you know where you are on the list of all
time grades. That might change a little bit if you

want another title in some people's eyes, but statistically speaking,
nothing is going to change. He's the greatest, statistically the greatest.
But you get one more title there, and in the
process you get to play with your son. Yeah, Paul, I.

Speaker 4 (11:02):
Have an awkward curve ball. Lebron James has another son
who's currently in high school?

Speaker 9 (11:06):

Speaker 4 (11:06):
Yes, is he a pretty good basketball player? I haven't
really checked it out.

Speaker 2 (11:10):
I think he has well. Size wise, he's more like Lebron.
I think he's about six eight Bryce.

Speaker 4 (11:15):
Yeah, Okay, Bryce, What if Lebron maneuvers it? So he
plays a season with his Bronnie James and the other
son goes, hey, what about me?

Speaker 2 (11:25):
I don't know if Lebron he'd have to Well, Bryce
I think is a junior.

Speaker 4 (11:31):
Yeah, not that long. Let's start it now. Let's be
way ahead of this.

Speaker 6 (11:36):
Okay, So Bryce and Bronni to the Mavericks. Do you
have to be nineteen, Chris, Paul can find a way
around here. Yeah, somehow rich ball find a loophole here
just less than two years.

Speaker 2 (11:47):
Yeah, let's get on that one.

Speaker 4 (11:49):
Let's move past Bronnie James and get on Bryce James.
Lebron sticking around to play with him.

Speaker 2 (11:54):
By the way, our stat of the day is brought
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poll question today this is going to be.

Speaker 6 (12:40):
I got great news for you. We've got a bunch
of suggestions from the too.

Speaker 2 (12:46):
Double d um.

Speaker 6 (12:48):
Yes, it's one of those days. It's a Thursday. Okay,
should we save them for all right?

Speaker 2 (12:54):
We can save it.

Speaker 6 (12:55):
I want to come back.

Speaker 2 (12:56):
Yes. By the way, sources close to me, tell me
big wiffle ball game yesterday in the field house. It
was Seaton and Fritzy versus V. A couple of backroom guys, Dylan,
Dylan and Ray Picture Day. Ray you mean show hey

o TOADI Oh, I'm sorry. Well, bat's left handed.

Speaker 6 (13:25):
Not only is a bat left handed, he cleans up,
absolutely crushes. He's a dominant picture best fielder in the OTADI. Yeah,
it's a real thing.

Speaker 2 (13:34):
Okay, do we have video of this because nobody's gonna
believe Okay, so can we get video? Do we have video?
I have I have cameras all over the plays here
with somebody videotaping you guys playing whiffleball yesterday. Because I
hear that Todd was incredible.

Speaker 6 (13:54):
Todd nearly called a walk off home Oh my god,
he went, Babe Brewers at least ay and well there's
a rule then if you hit it through the open door,
it's an inside the park home run. And he nearly
nearly called that shot.

Speaker 2 (14:07):
Okay, when we come back, I need to find out
if we have video. Nobody's gonna believe this. Although remember
when Todd against Mitch Williams and he had a base
hit off Mitch Williams, and Mitch came into the studio
through a fastball Todd and he took it right over
his noggin. So I've seen it once and I know

about the Little League legacy, so I need to see
video here and we'll come up with our poll question
as well. Phone calls always welcome eight seven to seven
to three DP show, We're back after this and the
Dan Patrick Show.

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Speaker 2 (15:24):
He's a busy man. Chris mad Dog Russo, host of
mad Dog Unleashed on Sirius XM Channel eighty two, host
a high Heat on MLB Network and occasionally making cameos
with Steven A. Smith on the ESPN's First Tick. I
listened to the show yesterday, great job in the afternoon
and with your tributes to Willie Mays, some great stories there.

I was kind of surprised, and you even said this,
that this wasn't a bigger deal with other shows, other networks.
Why do you think that is, Chris.

Speaker 3 (15:53):
Yeah, Danny, I was a little surprising because I think
in a lot of ways you and I are the
two who do more baseball than anybody else. You love baseball.
You know, you and I about the same age. You
might be a little older, Dan, but we do love
the baseball.

Speaker 11 (16:10):

Speaker 7 (16:10):
We do talk.

Speaker 3 (16:12):
You and I love to talk, you know, we follow
it and everything else. So I was a little surprised
that it wasn't need to get more. No, I got
a lot of attention today. New York Times had a
big old bit on it. You know, it's right up
my alley, as you know, because you know I'm a
Giant fan anyway, you know, they got this Rickwood game
the night. But I was a little surprised. I know,
none of our guys did it at our show? I mean,

you know, the younger hosts.

Speaker 7 (16:34):
Yeah, you know, you know they're not gonna go out
there and they're gonna break it. Didn't see will he play?

Speaker 9 (16:39):
You know?

Speaker 3 (16:39):
So from match standpoint, and I was, I know, I
have a child twenty two years old who just got
a job in West Palm Beach ESPN E West Palm
and he's not on the AAR yet.

Speaker 7 (16:50):
He's in Europe.

Speaker 3 (16:51):
And I told myself, geez, if he was on the
air tomorrow and will he dine, then he wouldn't know
what to say.

Speaker 7 (16:57):
I've heard of him.

Speaker 3 (16:58):
But I mean, so, I I just think it probably
an age thing. I think you and I are probably
the only ones radio wise nationally who could do it
and do it properly.

Speaker 2 (17:10):

Speaker 3 (17:10):
You know, if you're gonna do it, you gotta do
it properly, you know. And you and I can do that.
And so I figured, what the hell, it's a. It's
a and I would do it anyway. But it's a Wednesday.
The NBA season's over. Nobody's gonna call me any Yankees Orioles.

Speaker 7 (17:23):
You know.

Speaker 3 (17:23):
The NHL, there's a couple of days off and I'm
gonna go crazy on Edmonton, and no matter how good
McDavid is with Florida, it's a perfect time to do it.
And if you can get the right guys, you know
they're gonna add something to it.

Speaker 7 (17:34):
So there you go. I think I think probably the age,
probably the age.

Speaker 2 (17:37):
I think having seen these these players that really helps.
Because when Jerry West died, having you know, first seen
him in person when I was twelve years of age
getting his autograph in Cincinnati, Uh wow.

Speaker 7 (17:50):

Speaker 2 (17:50):
I went to Cincinnati Royals versus the Lakers, and I
just remember my dad told me, that's that's how you
play basketball. But my dad took me to a spring
training game in Arizona in Scottsdale to see Willie Mays
and the Giants, and he said, that's you know, watch
him because nobody plays baseball like him. So I had,
like my dad gave me a good heads up to

follow certain players. And I didn't realize it at the
time until then you have that kind of epiphany and
you go, oh, okay, and Willie Mays was different than
anybody who'd ever played the game.

Speaker 7 (18:25):
And I think there's a lot of similarities there.

Speaker 3 (18:27):
The fundamentally the way they played it between West and Willie.
I do think there's a lot of it, but Willy
had so much flair, alpha vessence. You know, my father
was a Demaggio fan and he's a Yankee fan.

Speaker 7 (18:40):
So I didn't get that.

Speaker 3 (18:42):
You know, he grew up with the Giants, whorew up
with the Yankees, so he probably didn't appreciate Mays as much.

Speaker 7 (18:49):
As he probably should have.

Speaker 3 (18:51):
I'm Mike, Mike Francessam my radio partner loved Mane, so
he probably didn't appreciate Mays as much as you should have.
I remember Dan, I became a huge giant fan in
the late sixties sixty eight, and Mays was not Mays.
You he was thirty seven years old, so I did
not see Mays necessarily in his prime. I did see McCovey,

who I loved, and I love Bobby and I love
Bobby Bond's but Mays is the reason why I was
a giant fan. And I've read everything. In the last
three days, I've read the two books on him. We've
seen all the highlights. You and I can break down
that catch in fifty four against Vic Wurtz into the couch,
come Home, the catch that he made against the Reds.
You saw it on YouTube. Out in right center field,
Bobby Dolan fash the wall. I mean, you know those plays.

I mean those are iconic, iconic plays with what he
and again I didn't really think about it too much
into the last few years. He probably pound for pounds,
I think you'd agree you're a good historian.

Speaker 7 (19:48):
Pound for pounds, let's leave Ruth out of it. Pounds
for pound, maybe he is. Maybe he is the best
player of all time.

Speaker 3 (19:56):
I think Demajo is close because he played center field too.

Speaker 7 (20:00):
Willie isn't the best hitter.

Speaker 3 (20:02):
Williams, Joe d Aaron Musual. I don't think he's the
best hitter. But if you combine the speed running the bases,
defense in the outfield, all those other ingredients that Williams
didn't do well, Musier didn't do well. I mean, you know,
let's face it, I mean, Ruth was in right field,

Garrick was a lumbering first baseman. If you put that
out of the equation pound for pound, maybe you say
he's the best of all time.

Speaker 2 (20:31):
The Celtics win the title, and I'm trying to figure
out we'd love to do this like where do they
rank in history? Like they had an incredible season start
to finish and they're run through the playoffs. But do
you look at them and say, this is a like
an all time great team that we saw this year
in Boston?

Speaker 3 (20:51):
And now, I don't look at that yet right now.
I didn't look that way last year with Denver either.
You know, Perzingi's definitely adds something. They have two bona fide,
no question about a Hall of famers, of course, I
Brown and Tatum, Perzingis, Horford, Quilladay.

Speaker 7 (21:07):
I mean, they got a lot of good players. I
think you gotta do it more. I mean, is this
team as good as the six the eighty two, eighty
three six Ers? Not my eyes?

Speaker 3 (21:14):
Is this team as good as the eighty six Celtics?

Speaker 7 (21:17):
Not my eyes. Is this team as good as those
Laker teams with magic, you know? Not in my eyes?

Speaker 12 (21:22):
Is this team as good as the sixty six sixty
seven sixers with chat Walker and Luke Jackson and Billy
c and and and Wilt Howe Greer, Not in my eyes.

Speaker 3 (21:33):
So I don't know if I'm gonna put them and
now as good as the ninety six Bulls so or
even the Warriors with Durant Curry, Thompson and Jaymon Green
the two they won, So I want to put them
on that level. But it's a hell of a team.
I mean, let's face it, Danny and they mean they
had prezingis what two games. I mean in the postseason,
they can be a little quirky.

Speaker 7 (21:53):
They should have lost Game one in Indiana.

Speaker 3 (21:55):
We all know that lost a couple of home games,
the Cleveland and Miami.

Speaker 7 (22:00):
All the teams are banged up.

Speaker 3 (22:01):
Not that it would have made any difference in you know,
the Cavaliers and no Butler from Miami.

Speaker 7 (22:07):
But I mean they play excellent defense.

Speaker 3 (22:09):
And here's what they do well, Dan, you know you
you're the basketball, you played it, you love it.

Speaker 7 (22:14):
They can score at every position.

Speaker 3 (22:18):
Tatum scores, they make threes, Derek White scores, Horford makes
a three.

Speaker 7 (22:23):
Persinger scores every place on the court. You gotta defend.

Speaker 3 (22:27):
That's hard sometimes to find teams that have those five guys.
It's a hell of a team that seem to do
it again. Maybe they will.

Speaker 2 (22:33):
He's a mad Dog Russo, host of mad Dog Unleashed
on Serious XM High Heat on MLB Network and contributes
to ESPN's first take. We've spent a little while in
the first hour talking about Ronnie James, and he's the
only interesting part of the draft. And the fact that
Rich Paul said, Hey, I if I thought it meant

that Lebron was going to stay with the Lakers, I
would force the Lakers to draft at seventeen, which I
found a strange comment that who is running the Lakers,
that Rich Paul is going to say, you draft Bronnie
and then Lebron's going to stay here. And then I
started to wonder, could Bronni be drafted by Dallas and

then Lebron maybe reunite with Kyrie, Like if he's a
free agent, could you see maybe a scenario where and
the GM of the MAVs, according to Rich Paul is
like an uncle to Bronnie James. So that team just
played for a title. The Lakers aren't going to be
playing for a title probably, and you know the rest
of Lebron's career, And what's this guy down to play

with your son and maybe win another title.

Speaker 7 (23:43):
Listen, I don't think Barnnie and James is that good.

Speaker 2 (23:46):
I mean, he's not. He's not. But if you get Dad.

Speaker 7 (23:50):
He's scored four points a game at USC.

Speaker 3 (23:53):
I mean, geez, I mean, he'd be on the bank,
he would even play it. You got so, I het
he needs another year coech basketball. That's the first And
then if you bring him in and you use the
first round pick on him, you know you're gonna hurt
your team that way, and then they gotta deal with
you're gonna play them. You know, you sit him on
the bench, and then you bring Lebron in and then
who's running the team.

Speaker 7 (24:13):
Either it's a mess.

Speaker 2 (24:15):
But you're gonna have that with the Lakers, Chris, you're
gonna use a second round pick on him.

Speaker 7 (24:20):
They're gonna use the second round pick. Yes, they're gonna
use the second round pick. And let's be honest, Danny
on the Lakers.

Speaker 3 (24:26):
The Lakers haven't exactly distinguished themselves here in the last
couple of weeks.

Speaker 7 (24:31):
They were very kurt with the West thing.

Speaker 3 (24:33):
That's because Genie Buss doesn't like the idea that Jerry
left the team. Because Jerry would the owner, Jerry Buss
wouldn't pay him. He wanted to be paid more than
the top ten GMS and that wouldn't occur.

Speaker 7 (24:45):
So then two years ago.

Speaker 3 (24:46):
She does a podcast and Jerry West is not the
top five in hissy the Lakers, But are you kidding me?
He brought basketball to LA and then they handled hurly
and then they only opened him six years seventy million?

Speaker 7 (24:59):
You want Dan? Are you holding that badly?

Speaker 3 (25:01):
And you're gonna make him the sixth highest paid coach
in the league.

Speaker 7 (25:04):
That's not gonna get his attention. That was puzzling. Now
you want to.

Speaker 3 (25:09):
Bring Reddick JJ in and JJ's doing podcasts with Lebron.

Speaker 7 (25:14):
That's odd. I mean, the Lakers have not exactly had
a they have not had.

Speaker 3 (25:19):
A stellar stretch here, but you're right. You think they're
gonna draft him with the second round and then he
stays and then all of a sudden, you're gonna put
the coach in an impossible spot because Lebron's gonna want
the kid on the floor times you gotta play Kate Lebron.

Speaker 7 (25:33):
Kid's not ready to play in the NBA.

Speaker 2 (25:35):
That whole thing's a mess, Danny, But you're gonna put
him probably on a G League team, and then you're
gonna yo yo him. You're gonna bring him up nationally
televised game. Lebron gets it just feels like he's gonna
be like a guest who comes over for dinner and
then leaves, and maybe maybe that's how you play Kate
Lebron and you know, he's able to be around his
son and maybe there's development. I'm with you. He should

be staying in college one more year, but you know dad,
and the clock is ticking on his dad's career.

Speaker 7 (26:06):
Yeah, it's a very dicey situation.

Speaker 3 (26:08):
I think that if I was running a team and
I knew Brownie wasn't going to be a great NBA player,
which he's not gonna be, I wouldn't want to have
to deal with this where I got to worry about
the father being one of the old timers and you know,
great player. We need them and I got Bronnie. Do
I annoy the father by aw about the father? Says
I want Buddy in the team right now. I want
him playing fifteen minutes a night. What a you're supposed

to do? It's Lebron. It's it's a very it's not
healthy for your franchise. I think it's very messy, and
I think you're right. I think the Lakers are probably
going to be the team that has to deal with
it because you know they want to play. They you know,
it's the Lakers. Lebron's on the team as it is,
he runs the ball club. And then you're bringing a
coach in and JJ is gonna be a good coach,

but he's got no experience dealing with this nonsense. Plus
him and Lebron are tight, So you got to deal
with that if you adn't get hurling. I mean, it's
very messy, and the Lakers are an older team knocked
down in the first round. It's a very dicey situation
with the Lakers. It really is nice.

Speaker 2 (27:08):
How do you know when you've gotten under steven A's
skin on first take?

Speaker 7 (27:14):
If I get into something with the NBA. Historically, that's
what gets him annoyed.

Speaker 3 (27:21):
You know, he threw a bone at me yesterday with
the top five two o's of all time when he
brought in a Force Cruzy and Sam Jones, and I
think he did that for me, But he left Weston
Goodrich out the year that was. You know, they went
thirty nine in a row. They were sixty nine wins
and they killed the teams in the postseason. Both were unbelievable,
and I think he got a little annoyed. See see wait,

Western good real how do you what's in that? Because
it indicates that he didn't realize how good Western Goodrich were.

Speaker 7 (27:49):
He loves it, though he loves it.

Speaker 3 (27:52):
You know, yesterday I had some fun with him when
he's walking into the gym with these beautiful suits on
and you know, like he's about to be a player
and scoring thirty five of bom game. He loves it
when you have fun with that. But I think when
I have fun playing the Historian and I go to
the old NBA days, I think that's when he might
get a little tickt.

Speaker 2 (28:11):
Yeah, but on the NBA guy, you upset JJ Reddick
when you would do that.

Speaker 7 (28:17):
Oh terribly, terribly terribly. And I think that ball of
Stevia a little bit. But it's fun. I have fun
in there, and I don't try to take it too seriously.
I have some laughs.

Speaker 3 (28:27):
I try to stay away from you, and I try
to stay away from those topics that might catch a
little trouble, and I try to.

Speaker 7 (28:33):
Just basically do it from my sports standpoint.

Speaker 2 (28:37):
Great to talk to you.

Speaker 7 (28:38):
Oh we love you, Danny. You're the best. Thanks to
having me.

Speaker 2 (28:41):
All right, that's Christopher mad Dog russ So mad Dog
Unleash on Serious XM afternoons on Channel eighty two. Also
High Heat on MLB and uh, first take you know
this is mad Dog from Wire to wire. I mean,
this is who he is. He loves talking history, well,
read a lot of sports books. You know, he's unique.

Just called him Stevia. Yeah, I think that's what.

Speaker 6 (29:07):
Oh Stevie A you got a little upset with me there,
Stevia Stevia. What a legend. God, I love that guy.

Speaker 2 (29:15):
Yeah, yeah, fascinating character. There're nobody like him. Fascinating character. Yes, Paul,
I love having it on. It's one of our favorites.
Sitting here watch you guys talk. It's so refreshing and honest.
But like, I'm kind of glad he's having this national
career resurgence Chris Russo because in the eighties, if you
didn't live in New York, you wouldn't know who he was.
And he was a monster and it is a monster

of sports figure in New York sports media in the eighties, nineties,
two thousands, And it's like the country's learning about him
if you didn't know about it. Yeah, he's like an
overnight sensation after twenty five years. But you know he's
got opinions and uh, he's fiery. Different voice. They're not
you know, it's probably not your Hey, follow this blueprint

to be successful. He's unique and that's but you know,
that's what this entire business is about. Uniqueness. When you
think about success, you know, Dick Vin Town, John Madden,
Charles Barklay, steven A, Chris Berman, they're all unique. There's
nobody like them, and there won't be. You know, there's

not another Berman. Because what Chris meant to ESPN, what
he was doing when he was doing it, steven A
Howard Cosell Madden, what John Madden did, how he did it,
when he did it. We had not heard that before.
And that's what is unique and great about this business
is it's supplying de man. If people like you, you

can become a star. If they don't, you get kicked
to the curb. Yes, Marph, Mike and the Mad Dog.

Speaker 8 (30:47):
Are they the blueprint for local radio and how to
be successful? You kind of got the you know, wild
loudmouth and the guy that's kind of reserved.

Speaker 2 (30:57):
Well, I think they probably ushered in hot takes. We
just didn't call it that. I mean, they gave you debate.
You know, Mike and Tony on part of the interruption
gave you hot takes because they had to. Because you
only have you know, three minutes or two minutes on
a topic, maybe sixty seconds. You better say something. Therefore,

it was a hot take. Now that's what people call it.
Back then, you know, it's just your opinion. Now I
have a time crunch. I got to give you. I
got twenty five seconds, and then Tony's gonna give you
twenty five seconds. You better say something that has some
value to it, some omph to it. Yes, folks, Yeah,
where are the first?

Speaker 6 (31:38):

Speaker 2 (31:40):
Wee are the first? Mike Mike Francesser. Oh yeah, uh,
Let me take a break, get some phone calls here
coming up. Update the poll results is well and we
talk about the beauty of wiffle ball. Coming on.

Speaker 1 (32:01):
Be sure to catch the live edition of The Dan
Patrick Show weekdays at nine am Eastern six am Pacific
on Fox Sports Radio and the iHeartRadio.

Speaker 2 (32:10):
WAPP Final Hour. In this Thursday, morale is high. I
don't know why. Maybe it's the whiffle ball that the
Dan eds and the back room guys have been playing
the last couple of days.

Speaker 1 (32:21):
Who knew?

Speaker 2 (32:22):
Who knew something as simple as whiffle ball could bring
us all together again. By the way, Gambling Podcast Today
Bad Larry Shayan, Irving Dylan the graphics guy, and Dylan
wants to be in the competitive hot dog eating contest
at Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest, and he's been training so

he can't get in this year, but maybe next year.
We are going to have a hot dog eating contest
during the Gambling Podcast Today to see how many hot
dogs he can eat over the course of a podcast.

Speaker 4 (32:56):
Oh, not the ten minute rule.

Speaker 2 (32:58):
We're gonna Oh yeah, I'm just gonna let him go
see how many he can eat. He's been fasting. If
you've seen how large Dylan is, he can't be fasting.
He's slowing and he will be there ready to go
with the hot dogs. Yes, yes, Marv.

Speaker 8 (33:14):
So he's got to eat a certain amount of hot
dogs in our podcast is maybe twenty to twenty five minutes.

Speaker 2 (33:18):
Yeah yeah, And I don't know what the over under is.
We'll establish that, but we will have the Gambling Podcast
later today at dan Patrick dot com. But he does
want to be a competitive eater and he's serious about it.
So I said, let me see how many, And I thought,
maybe those little pigs in a blanket, Maybe see how
many you could eat during the course of the podcast,

or maybe we just put you on the clock for
five minutes. How long does Joey Chestnut get does.

Speaker 4 (33:46):
In the hot eating contest at Nathan's. It's ten minutes, okay,
and then you get your number.

Speaker 5 (33:50):
I checked.

Speaker 4 (33:51):
They don't have sponsor exemptions in case you wanted to
use your weight to get our no pun to get
our guy in there. But if you want to be
in the Nathan's Hot Dog eating content, there are regional
competitions that you have to win, almost like the US
Open too.

Speaker 2 (34:05):
No, so that's later today as we spice up the
gambling podcast. Lord knows you're not tuning in to get
gambling advice from these goofballs. Yes see, I would love
nothing more than to get an update on how Dylan
placed at regionals at some point in the near future.

Speaker 6 (34:20):
Yeah, you know, play third at regionals for oysters?

Speaker 9 (34:23):

Speaker 2 (34:24):
Okay, let's say I give him ten minutes to eat
as many hot dogs as possible. Now you gotta have
the butt as well, you do, yes, Yeah, yeah. I mean,
do you want to be Joey Chestnut or Kobayanshi, then
you gotta do what the big boys do. Let's go
over under how many hmm? Maybe check with Vegasy if

they have a line of all people up. Yeah, see
if you get something.

Speaker 4 (34:51):
How about how about eleven and the half.

Speaker 2 (34:53):
Eleven and a half in ten minutes.

Speaker 4 (34:56):
You get water, you get This is his first time,
right doing.

Speaker 2 (34:59):
This, well, first time in front of us. I don't
know if he's done. I mean, he does that all
morning long, just so people know. I got a hot
hot dog machine and he will have two or three
before we even start the show.

Speaker 4 (35:12):
I'm hearing some rumblings out of the back roll your
stomach the back row. But when I said eleven and
a half, okay, yes, Tom, I.

Speaker 5 (35:18):
Don't know why that seems low to me. Like Sedon
was just we were just kind of whispering like can
you see it? Was like can you eat it? Like
could you do? I think I could eat it at
least a dozen. It's not a great idea. My gastartroagers
wouldn't appreciate it, but I think I could eat at
least twelve hot dogs in ten minutes. Okay, I think
I could.

Speaker 2 (35:33):
Would you like to challenge Dylan?

Speaker 5 (35:34):
I probably should not do that just for health reasons.

Speaker 2 (35:38):
Yeah, but it's about content. It's about you care about
show or you're.

Speaker 5 (35:41):
Hell about the show. But I don't have to do
the show for my hospital for a month.

Speaker 2 (35:44):
Well you've done that before and it wasn't a good time, Toad.

Speaker 6 (35:47):
If you cared about your health, you would have left
the show a long time ago.

Speaker 5 (35:54):
I think Dylan could easily eat at least twelve hot
dogs in ten minutes. Okay, I think he could eat
two hot dogs per minute. Oh they they might get
closer to twenty.

Speaker 6 (36:02):
Plus, but it's at some point around minute I don't know,
six seven.

Speaker 2 (36:07):
It's got to slow down a little. Oh yeah, yeah,
I mean okay, let's all right. Do we jack it
up a little bit higher? Do we put it at
fifteen and a half?

Speaker 4 (36:16):
Going with the under dogs?

Speaker 2 (36:17):
Yeah, it's gotta be under under. I'll take the under
all day. Okay. Same, What if I do eleven and
a half hot dogs for Dylan in ten minutes? How
about okay? Eleven and a half over under? Todd, you're
going that he'll go over. I think he can do
it all right, Seaton.

Speaker 6 (36:34):
Eleven and a half and ten minutes. Yes, I'm gonna
say over as well, Marvin, let's say over Polly under.
I'm gonna go under two.

Speaker 2 (36:49):
Is that why? Sorry?

Speaker 6 (36:51):
I walked into a conversation earlier this morning before the show,
and there was a very serious conversation I thought, overly
serious about hot dog buntons and why we needed them.

Speaker 9 (37:00):
Is that why?

Speaker 6 (37:01):
Because he's doing a hot dog eating Yes?

Speaker 2 (37:03):
God, that's hilarious.

Speaker 6 (37:05):
I was just like, all right, what's the big deal,
We'll just get hot dog buns.

Speaker 2 (37:07):
Who cares like, no, I've already ordered them. Okay, Well
I door dashed them.

Speaker 1 (37:11):
So what I got?

Speaker 6 (37:13):
I got a shipment this morning, twenty hot dogs right now.
So we're gonna need bunsky, Okay, So you guys don't worry.

Speaker 2 (37:19):
I have I got a shipment last hour, door dash
boxes of hot dog buns.

Speaker 4 (37:26):
That's producing.

Speaker 2 (37:26):
Yes, it is all right.

Speaker 4 (37:28):
I'd like to throw this out there before you move on.
I'd like to I've seen Fritzy eat every Friday here,
and he eats fast. When there's not a contest going on,
there's just a show going on. I'll take Fritzy over
Dylan head head up head, you know, head to head
today I'll put uh yeah, but he's not doing it.
Oh I thought we could know, he said he can.

Speaker 5 (37:47):
I don't think I did that once before. We did
that man versus food thing, and I paid the price
for that for a while.

Speaker 9 (37:52):

Speaker 5 (37:53):
Yeah, it kind of got me not to the place
where I had to be rushed to some emergency.

Speaker 6 (37:57):
R chese in there. I'll tell you who I I
would taken as McLevin. I'd take McLevin over Dylan. World
class eater, yes, but yeah, I got it. I can't
have Todd do that.

Speaker 5 (38:07):
But mc andrew didn't like being looked at while he
was eating, so I don't know if he would participate
in such a conscious if there's cameras and people's staring him.

Speaker 2 (38:15):
Well, he's not here, you're not doing it. So it's
just Dylan Dylan versus the clock. That'll be the podcast
that'll be coming up after the show. Wiffle Ball has
taken over the man cave. Here guy's all excited here
and the back room guy started it. Then all of
a sudden they asked Setan if he would like to
play wiffleball. He said, yeah, they go, who's your partner?

And Seaton says, Fritzy and they laughed, and Seaton was like, nay, no,
this guy can play. He's from Brooklyn. He knows how
to hit a wiffle ball and certainly did show. Hey,
oh Toddy is what they're calling him. He was unbelievable.
I'm looking at the highlights here. You're bringing cheese when

you're pitching, and you're you know, slapping shots all over
the field. His glove too, was impeccable.

Speaker 5 (39:06):
Yeah, what did the guy say to you when you
suggested that you want to me as a teammate.

Speaker 9 (39:09):
What was the reaction?

Speaker 2 (39:10):
I think they said, why mm hmm, now they know,
don't think Yeah, they're not saying that now.

Speaker 6 (39:15):
All of a sudden, Marios like he did that sort
of like dismissive.

Speaker 2 (39:19):
But nervous laugh like, yeah, that was against those guys. Well,
they're they are making up the rules as they go along.
But it seemed like it got a little competitive yesterday.
But it was a blowout seating and Fritzy eight one
winners over the back room guys.

Speaker 5 (39:35):
Not only did we win eight to one in the
first inning, we had a runner on third that I
hit a single, and for some reason they said, oh,
the runner stays on third, so it's first and third now,
which I've never heard of such a thing in automatics.
That how a runner from third wouldn't come home on
a seat.

Speaker 6 (39:47):
Hod's being difficult about this, but he they did say,
you're the runner has to be forced in, So like
that rule was established, it had been thought out. So yes,
if a runner was on third and you hit a single,
the runner's not forced in. In normal baseball life, the
runner would have scored. And when you think about whiffle ball,
you play it when you're young. You can also play

it when you're older.

Speaker 2 (40:09):
Guys build their own baseball field, whiffle ball fields, tournaments
there every year and it doesn't cost you much. Could
wiffle ball be in the Baseball Hall of Fame Contribution contributor.

Speaker 6 (40:25):
Like Jim Whiffle and family.

Speaker 2 (40:27):
Whoever, Yeah, whoever the Whiffle family is. Could they be
in the Baseball Hall of Fame? And it really hasn't
changed much. The bat has stayed the same. I mean,
you've you've had different brands, companies they have like the
larger that big, like fred Flintstone type baseball bat. Yeah,

not the same. And then the baseball sometimes that you'll
have the holes in it, and then they'll be whiffleball's
without that, it's still it's the original og. You go
into the department store and it'd be the bat and
then the ball would be on top of it, and
you're like, mom, it'd be ten bucks. I'll stay out
in the backyard for hours there going deep.

Speaker 5 (41:10):
Yes to him, Then what do you do about stickball
and nerf sports and some of these things we you know,
some of us grew up with that was a big
deal to us. Where do they rank in the Maybe
there's more of a toy like nerf sports. But if
whiffle ball goes in the Hall of Fame, stickball's right there. No,
no the wooden sticks with the spawl Dean ball.

Speaker 2 (41:26):
That was men's East Coast stuff. Whiffleball is universal.

Speaker 5 (41:30):
There's whiffletball in nationale. Maybe it is. Wait, you wonder
if you take kids are putting down the surfboards in
Newport Beach to hit the whiffleball around the old school yard.
But I could be wrong.

Speaker 2 (41:41):
You are wrong. Do you think that's all they do
is surf like, nobody plays baseball. Some of the greatest
baseball players are from the West coast. If they were
in Brooklyn and then they moved, Tyler, Oh god, see
this is where you know you're wrong, and then you're
gonna hold on to it. Then you sound dumber.

Speaker 5 (42:02):
Volleyball yeah, occasional the other sport.

Speaker 2 (42:03):
Yes, okay, yes.

Speaker 4 (42:05):
Wiffleball was invented in Fairfield, Connecticut nineteen fifty three. A
gentleman named David Mulaney invented for his twelve year old
son and when they started playing with it with his
plastic ball with the holes, the sound of it when
they threw it made a whiffing sound, and they called
it the whiff as you know, and they it became wiffleball.
The company is in Shelton, Connecticut, in the same building

for decades. They don't really add a lot of new products.
They've been doing the same. The grandsons still run the company,
stay in the family. That's cool.

Speaker 2 (42:35):
Can you make wiffleball better? Like, what would you do?
Would you change the ball?

Speaker 11 (42:42):

Speaker 2 (42:42):
Change the bad No? Yeah, perfect? So you don't have
to have research and development at the Whiffleball Company it's
basically now.

Speaker 4 (42:52):
This is what we do, like on the Monday morning
ideas meeting.

Speaker 2 (42:54):
Yeah you're sitting around any ideas. Nope, all right, see
it lunch. But uh yeah, wiffleball is really when you
think about the simplicity of it, and but it's still
fun for all ages. I mean, it's not like a slinky,
which I don't know if people are still uh you know,
buying slinkies.

Speaker 6 (43:15):
Yes, one of the best things about wolfleball is too
hula hoop ye have perfect can't improve that?

Speaker 9 (43:20):

Speaker 6 (43:21):
Is that no matter where you played, you made up
your own rules. So like we played out in front
of my house, my brother and I, and it was like, oh,
up on the hill is a double. In this bush
is a triple. If you hit it over the house,
it's an automatic game winner.

Speaker 9 (43:35):

Speaker 6 (43:36):
Uh you know, on top of this roof, it's a single.
If you hit the chimney it's a grand slam whatever.
But you could play it off of the roof. So
if it hits the roof, it's a home run, but
you catch it off the roof, it's still an out.

Speaker 2 (43:46):
Good stuff.

Speaker 6 (43:47):
Yeah, I love that part of him just making up
the rules, like yesterday we were playing and somebody hit
a grounder and it wasn't out, And they're like, okay,
but how do you turn too wherever? You're like, oh wait, no,
you turn two by If you throw it back into
this chair, that's the strike zone. If you hit that
chair when you turn too cleanly, that's a double play. Like,
all right, there you go, new rule perfect.

Speaker 2 (44:06):
We would also have well, if you hit it to
left field or hit it to right field, then it's
an automatic out unless you were left handed. Then if
you hit it to left field, if you didn't have
enough players in the outfield, you would do that. But
it's good, it's fun, fun for all ages.

Speaker 4 (44:22):
Yes, Paul, there's a league called MLW Major League Whiffle
It's the national league with Wow. They play all over
the country. There's different leagues and age groups.

Speaker 2 (44:32):
Okay, is there a velocity that you're allowed to throw
checking because if I'm bringing cheese, you're not gonna hit
my wiffle ball. But it feels like like there's a
is there a gentleman's speed that you throw the wiffle ball?
Is that what you guys were doing yesterday?

Speaker 3 (44:52):

Speaker 5 (44:53):
I know I was not I was trying to throw
it as hard as I could. And if it's happened
to wiggle or move, I wasn't really trying to throw
the curveballs, right, but I was trying to throw it fast.

Speaker 2 (45:00):
Okay, all that you were trying to throw fast.

Speaker 5 (45:02):
I was trying to s oh, okay, to kind of
wiz it by them.

Speaker 4 (45:04):
Okay, Yeah, Paul, A great question by you about is
there a max speed for whiffleball. MLW A couple of
years ago introduced, Ah, you can't throw it over seventy
three miles per hour. It's illegal. I don't know if
there's a radar clock or they just eyeball on it.
But two warnings is the same inning, or it's automatic ball.

Speaker 2 (45:22):
People are getting up to the seventies at this I
was gonna say, it's very hard to throw a ball
that light.

Speaker 5 (45:26):
It's seventy five eighty miles an hour. It's made of
like nothing.

Speaker 4 (45:30):
World record is ninety seven miles an hour for wiffleball.

Speaker 2 (45:33):
Yeah, but also you're closer, like you're not sixty feet
six inches, You're not you know, pitching from Major League
Baseball range there, it's a little bit closer. It's like
Little League and maybe we can get them in the
Hall of Fame. Stan in Virginia high stand, what's on
your mind today?

Speaker 9 (45:51):
Hey, thanks for taking my call.

Speaker 11 (45:52):
I appreciate it. Yep, first time, long time? Five to eleven?

Speaker 2 (45:56):
How hard?

Speaker 11 (46:00):
So you guys were talking earlier in the show about
the difference between watching a baseball game on TV and
actually sitting behind home plate, witnessing, feeling and hearing a
fastball come in and just realizing in person how difficult
it truly is to hit a fastball. And I have
a bit of a poll question for the group. Amongst
the four sports, the Big four, what do you guys

think the most difficult single task to perform in sports? Is?
Is it hitting a fastball? And baseball? For basketball? Is
it hitting a high pressure three? In football? Is it,
you know, the quarterback throwing a long fifty to sixty
yard pass with pinpoint accuracy? Or hockey itself just being
on skates is insane? But is it skating and hitting

a slap shot with accuracy?

Speaker 5 (46:45):
And hockey?

Speaker 2 (46:46):
I would say anything with hockey, anything where you're on
the ice, you're on skates and there's somebody there who
wants to slash you. Or knock you off your skates.
Hitting a baseball still you just and you're in the
box and you realize they can tell you what's coming,
and guys still can't hit it. But when you are

successful thirty percent of the time and that can make
you a Hall of Famer, that'll give you an idea
just how difficult that sport is and why it's the
toughest thing in all the sports to do. Uh, Chemo
in Virginia Beach, I, Chemo, what's on your mind?

Speaker 9 (47:23):
Hey, Danny, I hate to regrasp, but calling about the
high thing, the seven footer, I was kind of re seating,
you know, seven foot unless you're an all star becumbersome,
But I was. I was interested in what Marmon said.
He wanted to be six five Marvion, is that or
is that not your actual hand size? Wow?

Speaker 2 (47:45):
Chimo over your friends? Yeah, yeah, what's up with the hands?
We moved on from that, we did. Yeah, we talked
about Doctor J yesterday. I said nothing very when this
guy sent in the actual outline of Doctor J's hand
And it's almost like, you know, when you're buying a
Halloween costume and you can buy those those big hands

there you could be some kind of monster. That's what
it looks like with doctor j.
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