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March 10, 2023 36 mins

Alex Stone comes on the show to talk about the upcoming storm. More on the Americans that were kidnapped by the cartel in Mexico. Huntington Beach City Attorney Michael Gates comes on the show to talk about the proposal for low income housing developments. How many people have left California.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Cam I Am six forty. You're listening to the John
and Ken Show on demand on the iHeartRadio app Kenn's
Away Today. Debra Mark is here and we have been
watching for over an hour now. Well, it started out
as a chase. Now to standoff. It's a guy in
a white pickup truck. We're still in the same at

the same standoff situation. Yes, yeah, And so one of
the things that I was hearing is they may be
bringing in a police dog. They are trying to negotiate
with him, so they may be bringing him things that
he wants to try and get him to come out.
Do you on another balloon maybe and then you can
see that. So he's really close to homes and right

now Channel seven is zoning in on this one house
in a front yard with a couple of dogs just
hanging out watching the scene. Now, what else to do?
I mean, but it's so close, I mean, hopefully, hopefully
nobody's going to be hurt. Yeah, he's done a dead
end street, Poplar Street near North Wilmington Avenue in Compton.

He was on a chase, reckless driving and they did
the pit maneuver twice and spun around. But he was
able to get away, jumping over the median both times.
And then he went to the end of this block
and just a few feet away as a chain link fence.
It overlooks a cement river, and he's all boxed and
he can't go anywhere. He's tried to throw his car
in reverse and push the police cars out of the

way behind him, but that didn't work. Yeah, he tried
that again. Oh, he tried that. This guy is a
dumb clock. In the flat bed of the white pickup
truck is about a half a dozen tree stumps. They
looked like tree stumps. We saw him sucking out of
a balloon. We saw him sucking on maybe a vait
pen or a bob And now for an hour where

their arms must be tired. The police have weapons trained
on him. They've tried to spray pepper balls at him
and tear gas, and they rushed him a couple of
times with shields and threw spike strips under his car. Well,
now you see they're leading a woman away, So maybe
she lives in one of these nearby houses. The cats
were kind of showing her out that out of a

gated I guess it's a home. Yeah, it's the end
home on the block and uh had a had a
gate around it, and you know, when he was throwing
things out the window, we were trying to guess what
it was. I think it was the can ad the pepper,
some of those canisters. It was small and black, so
I thought it might be a gun and maybe he
was given up. But not to be all right, let's

get to alex Stone because we got more bad weather
coming in. Now the case is better. Let's yeah, you
better be as exciting as this chase. Yeah. I think
one of those was a canister they threw out of there.
Whatever whatever they put in there, he immediately picked it
up and then just tossed out the window. I was like, look,
that didn't work. But yeah, well what do we got
with the weather coming? Yeah? So, uh, these atmospheric rivers

and this is the next one. Um, this one's gonna
mainly pound northern and central Howlifornia. Santa Barbara County is
really going to get it. But the issue with this
one both what they're going to get in northern California,
what the pounding Central California is going to get, and
even what the La area is gonna get is this
gonna be pretty warm, and the concern out of this

is the snow that is at lower elevations that's gonna
melt with the warm rain coming in, and then it's
going to become a flooding situation when all the rain
and the snow merge. Yosemite has been shut down now
for about a week because of all the snow in
Yosemite and unable to clear all of it. Most of
the Yosemite Valley that area is at a low enough

elevation that the belief is this is gonna be rain
and melt all of that, and then Yosemite could see flooding.
Along the Merced River, Central California, they're kind of in
the bull's eye of this thing. They're they're worried there.
Chris Krissanitch got evacuated last time the river rose. He
expects it's going to go on again. This time. They
learn their lesson last time that they know they're going

to be in flood water on again again. I don't
want to go through this again. After being rescued at
one thirty in the morning on a flatbed trailer with
a backhoe pushing cars out of the way, and yeah,
we're not going through that again, so we'll be leaving
early if it is going to look bad. And so
he says they're doing everything they can do. They're doing

sandbags today. They're getting it all ready. Now we're gonna
go fill sandbags and pray that it doesn't come through
the doors again. So the flood warnings are mainly from
Bay Area down to Santa Barbara Kings River in Fresno County.
This guy puts it pretty well. We anticipate getting wet
and hopefully not having to swim. Hopefully we don't have
to swim in the end of this. The National Weather
Service and Noah, they put out an advisory about an

hour ago for excessive rainfall through central California with the
real potential for severe flooding. So this is going to
be less about snow. There will be some. Tahoe will
get more, Mammoth will get more, but most areas this
is going to be rain. And then you mix that
with all the snow and then you get you get
flooding that hopefully we won't see, but they're worried we

will get. How much is gonna come down here, Well,
the Bay Area is looking about five inches la maybe
a couple of inches depending on the areas that the valleys,
but it won't be anything as extreme in La as
what other areas of the state are going to get.
But the new drought numbers came out today from the
drought monitor that the government does. It's pretty incredible. I mean,

the numbers from two months ago to now. How the
drought in the Central Valley, which that was the area
that was like this dark purple color in their readings,
the worst of the worst, you know, monumental drought. It's
been obliterated. It is gone now and they're releasing water
out of the dams, out of fulsome dam and others
to get ready for this that I had. These last

couple of weeks have been incredible. I mean, just look
at the mountains of San Bernardino. It's been nuts. Yeah,
every few years this happens. You get, you know, three
five years of drought and all the officials starts screaming,
says it's the end of the world, and it's suddenly
down here. When we get twenty to thirty rain, it's like,
I never mind, they've got enough for a while. Looks
like Ireland out there. What are they getting up in

the mountains, like from Crest Line up to Big Bear. Yeah,
so they may get a little bit of snow out
of this, but the bigger issue right now is still
trying to clear people out. And the San Bernardino County
Shares Department, they just updated us within the last hour.
Thirteen now who are dead, who have been found dead.
They still only know one of the deaths being directly

connected to the snowstorm. That was a traffic accident. The
others were found in their homes, but they don't know
for sure. A lot of them somewhere in hospice. Some
had health conditions, others did not, and they're investigating it.
But so many people have been stuck for so many
days now. Team Rubicon the group of volunteers normally they
go into global disaster areas. They're up they're trying to

help people clear the snow. This is a CEO of
Team Rubicon. It's been an incredible challenge for the citizens
of Crest Line. This is a absolutely amazing snow storm,
not just in the amount but the duration of the storm.
So some of these people have been homebound for eleven days.
They've run out of food, They in some cases don't

have power. They don't have their own generators. Some of
these homes, John, I mean they've got snow ten feet high.
Talk to the family of a ninety three year old
Eleanor Abanatti. She is among the dead, and they say
they talked to her on February twenty eighth. She picked
up the phone saying welcome to winter Wonderland, and then
they could never get her on the phone again. They
say they tried every welfare check line that they could

find in San Bernardino County to no avail. Nobody could
go and check on her. Finally this week and neighbor
bashed open her front door and she was dead inside.
She didn't have any power, and so they think that
it was related to the storm. The Sheriff's department saying, yeah,
but you know, so many of these people had health conditions.
The youngest though, was thirty three year old guy. Another

person in their thirties, all the way up to their
early nineties, a lot of ages in between. So they're
investigating ying in their thirties. Yeah, some of them may
end up being connected, but right now they don't know
if they are that. Yeah, they say, the ones that
were in hospice. You could say, well, that may not
be connected. They say most of them, they didn't look
like they froze to death, didn't look like they ran

out of food. But they got to figure out the
thirteen who were dead. But the friends villain or Abanadi
thinks she froze. Yeah, you know, they say they don't
know that her power did come back on at one
point where she was able to get phone calls, and
then they think it went off again, and that the snow.
She couldn't see out of her home. The snow completely
covered her home. She couldn't see how the windows, so

she was there all alone. And you know, if it
was a weather they don't know. All right, Alex, very good,
thank you. You got it next, John, almost as exciting
as the standoff, pretty close. This cracked me up. Now,
if you've been listening to the show, we have been
making fun of the weather predictions for a long time

because it's incredible how often they're wrong, and how all
the hacks in the news media keep going to the
same sources for the same wrong predictions. Before the start
of this winter, I would say October, all the newspapers,
all media outlets, rather we're reporting that the government said

Lunina is still here. Lenina is that large weather system
that controls where the precipitation goes, what the temperature is
going to be for the Pacific coast, and the Lawnina
means cooler, dryer winters in California, Alniino a brother means wetter,

warmer winters. So they said Lanninia's coming this year. It's
supposed to be the third straight year, and the Lannina
there was a ninety one percent chance that we were
going to have a dryer the normal winter, and so
all the drought mongers started beating their tom tom's to
send out the warning that we have to stop living
the way we're living and control our water use. While

they were wrong, ninety one percent chance of dry winter,
obviously you couldn't be more wrong. And now they have
announced that the Lannina is over. It has decayed, rotted.
I don't know what leninas do, but it's died. And
now we're in a neutral situation, probably headed towards an

elnno in late summer or fall. Now, the elninos are
supposed to bring you the wet weather, although you could
have a dry Elnino. Are you following this. Lanninia is
supposed to be dry, but they could be wet like
this year, and Elnino's are supposed to be wet, but
they could be dry ninety one percent chance and they
wipped because we're at twenty inches of rain in downtown
LA and probably got at least two more inches of

rain this weekend. But hey, that doesn't stop that doesn't
stop all these wise journalists from calling up these loser experts.
They've got the latest wrong prediction and more coming up.
You're listening to John and Ken on demand from kf
I Am sixty. The standoff in Compton continues. A guy

in a white pickup truck at a dead end in
on Poplar Street in Compton, and there's a lot of
police with guns trained on him. It was a reckless
driving case and he started to with aid police. There
were a couple of pit maneuvers that he escaped from
and then he took him to this dead end and

he's been inhaling all kinds of substances and leaning out
the window and shouting, and they fired all kinds of
sprays and gases at him. But right now the standoff continues.
This is this story really turned strange. You remember how
there was a woman named LaTavia McGhee who wanted to

go to Mexico for a tummy tuck. Tummy tucks are
big with the West Side mommies, aren't there. Oh well,
I would imagine and the West Bally mommies. Yeah, well,
you know, tummy tucks and butt lifts and all that
kind of stuff. I mean, yes, a lot of people
do go to Mexico because it's a lot cheaper. Yeah.
Actually those cosmetic surgery. Yeah, I heard what these surgeries are.

It's it's it's unbelievable. It's six figures. Oh yes, well
I don't know because I've never looked into it, but
I've heard it's very expensive. You've had nothing tucked or lifted?
I have not. No, you're still in your original r.
I'm organic, of course you were well, all right, LaTavia.
LaTavia went to Mexico with with several of her friends

and they ended up getting kidnapped and two of them
got killed by the golf cartel. They had crossed the
border from Brownsville into That's in Texas, and they ended
up in Matta Morris in Mexico. And today this this

is the big twist. Five members of the Golf Cartel
were left abandoned on a street, all tied up so
that so that they could be taken away by authorities.
The Golf Cartel dumped these guys in the street, claiming

they were the ones who kidnapped the four Americans and
killed two of them. They say that these guys went rogue,
that they operated outside of cartel rules, and they condemned
the attack, claiming that the cartel has always respected the
life and integrity of the innocent. Now, this is comes
from a group that traffics enormous amounts of the fentonel

and heroin and these Mexican products. Well, the fentanyl alone
has killed seventy thousand people, mostly young people. Fentonel is
now the leading cause of death between the ages of
fifteen and forty five in this country. They've they've killed
seventy thousand people. I heard a politician today try to
put that into a statistical perspective. It's like having a

nine to eleven attack every two weeks. It's it's more
than the entire death toll in the Vietnam War for
the US. So it's a lot of dead bodies. And
while it's getting some media attention. It's not like the
country is gripped with horror to do something about it.

So anyway, these five guys, there's a photo of them
sitting on the pavement with their hands tied behind their backs.
Left behind. There was a note from the Golf Cartel,
apparently there with a splinter group, the Scorpions and the
Golf Cartels. Scorpion Group strongly condemns the events of last Friday,

when an innocent working mother died and four American citizens
were kidnapped. Now, LaTavia McGhee, who was who was Who's
trying to trying to get the tummy tuck surgery. She's
a mother of five in South Carolina. You imagine leaving

your five kids behind so you can drive to Mexico
to get your tummy tuck. And the Daily Mail says
there is lengthy rap sheets for the four kidnapped US citizens.
An authorities said that drug trafficking can't be ruled out
among the Americans. McGhee and one of her friends were

rescued from the cartel stash house six and a half
miles away, and inside two of the friends were found dead.
There was a document that the Daily Mail got got
a look at with biographical information which had their names, birthdays, addresses,

and details of criminal records, and among them were convictions
for drug related offenses for two of the four, and
that would be her friends Brown and Woodward. In view
of the prior convictions, according to the document, it can't
be ruled out that the attack against the Americans could

be directly linked to drug trafficking operations. Their full names
are Zindel Brown and Shaded Woodard. So this story has
gotten gotten a lot more interesting. Have you ever heard
of the cartel apologizing no? This is the first time.
Did you see the apology? Note the handwritten apology considering

the savage murders that they commit. I mean, have you
seen some of the stuff the cartels do? What of
our one of our one of the most bizarre things,
Kennan I ever saw. We're photos. They would they would
scout victims like colle Just watch the Netflix show Narcos
all about Pablo Escobar, cut their faces and scalps off,

and they would hang them on lamp posts. Yeah. Crazy,
So you'd see the and it doesn't seem like the
kind of crowd that would apologize no. But that's that's
what happened. All right, we got well, I have an
update on this this crazy standoff. Well, the guy is
still in the white pickup pickup truck. But I guess
neighbors and people are coming around and the police officers

are getting a little annoyed, and they're shooting people away,
and they're some people are trying they're taking pictures and
the cops are getting a little annoyed. Gotta get their likes. Yeah,
I know, right, I guess they want to take selfies
with the cops. I'm not I'm not exactly sure I
should start firing pepper balls at the neighbors. And one
guy was walking his dog. Cops trying to shoot them away,

get away, get away. Everything's a party in the neighborhood,
all right. When we come back. You may have heard
that Huntington Beach is getting suited by the state of California.
Huntington Beach does not want to build low income housing,
at least not the way California is ordering him to.
Because the citizens of Huntington Beach don't want to deal

with it. Then they don't understand why they're being forced to.
Newsom and the Attorney General Rob Bonta insists that they're
gonna have to bend to the state's will. And we're
gonna talk with Huntington Beach City Attorney Michael Gates because
he's always up for a fight. You're listening to John
and Ken on demand from KFI AM sixty coming up

after three o'clock. You know, there's only one journalist in
the state of California who has covered the high speed
rail story accurately for fifteen years, has told the truth consistently,
and it's Ralph Vartibidion. And he started by working for
the La Times, and then as the La Times transitioned

away from journalism, cal Matters picked up Ralph Vartibidion and
he's got another whopper of a story that we're going
to talk about next hour. And we're also going to
talk with Jim Patterson, the Assemblyman. Because Governor Newsome wants
to spend another half a billion dollars on this high

speed rail disaster next year. This is with a twenty
two billion dollar deficit, another half billion for high speed rail.
The new cost estimate, according to Vartibidion, puts high speed
rail one hundred billion dollars in the red that they're
one hundred billion dollars short and funding. So we'll get

to all that coming up after three o'clock. Ken is
away today. Ryan talk now with somebody who've had in
a number of times, Michael Gates. He's the Huntington Beach
the attorney, as you know, the Governor Newsome and the
legislature has been constantly sticking their nose into the private
zoning rules of the towns and cities in California, insisting

that they have to build a certain amount of affordable housing.
And in fact, in Huntington Beach, the state is demanding
that they construct thirteen thousand plus new homes in the
next seven years thirteen thousand, and there's a number of laws,
including their insistence that you know, people can build accessory

dwelling units the ADUs. Those are those small homes that
you could build on your property adjacent to your main home.
Let's get Michael Gates on because the state is suing
Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach is suing the state. Michael, how
are you good, John, Thanks for having me on again. Sure,

all right, so everything's coming to a head now. Explain
in simple terms, so everybody can can follow this because
zoning and housing can get way off in the weeds.
But what is the state asking you to do that
you're that the city's resisting. Well, right now, the state's
just trying to slap the city council around, slap the

city around for some of the decisions it's made recently, UM,
including the City council, decided it wanted to take a
look at whether the city should mount a challenge, a
legal challenge to the state laws on ADUs and SB
nine and other things. And I won't I won't get
too wonky on you, but basically the city council a

few weeks ago, a couple of weeks ago, said hey,
let's let's kind of pause everything and let's look to
see if we should be challenging UM. And so one
of the things that came out of that direction from
council was to UM to not process ADU permit applications
under state law, but to continue the process process the

ones that we're already in the pipeline, and to process
the one process any new ones coming in if they
do under our local zoning. And so that got caught
the attention to the state. They're they're throwing a fit
about it up there, claiming that we're violating all kinds
of state laws. They sent us a notice that we
may be violating state laws on February twenty second. Yet

I heard from a media outlet, although I haven't seen it,
but I heard that they actually filo the lawsuit today
and then had a press conference today. You know, by
our read of the housing law, we have thirty days
to respond to that February twenty second letters. So they're
way too early in my view, depending on I guess,
depending on how they foil the lawsuit, but they're way
too early on pulling the trigger. I don't think the

conflict is ripe for a judication to support a lawsuit,
in large part because the city council has already Our
city council has already looked at these potential housing challenges,
and they're going to come back on the twenty first
of March just here in about a week and a
half or so, to decide what to do with the
ADU and SP nine application processing. Well, I mean the

central debate here, and I'm assuming that many of the
residents in Huntington Beach are on your side here, is
that most people want their local town to decide that
they themselves decide what kind of town they want, and
if they want to town a single family homes, then
they've got every right to have a town of single

family homes. And it's not anybody else's business from Sacramento
to come and tell them what to build. Yeah. Well,
and that's why, Frankly, John, the City of Huntington Beach
just filed a massive lawsuit today against the State of
California and the States Housing Department and Governor Newsom, basically
challenging their authority over the city who has, as you

had said in your intro charter, city authority to have
control over our local zoning. The States base they're trying
to step in and take all of that away, and
our lawsuit is basically saying, you're not going to take
all of that away. We have California constitutional rights, but
we also have federal rights under the US Constitution. Because
the state is also saying, hey, city council members, you

have to say basically that your city needs more housing,
and they it forces the city through the process to
adopt a statement of overriding consideration, that is to say, specifically,
join that high density housing is so important in such
a benefit that it outweighs the negative impacts to the environment.

And that's forced speech and a violation of the First Amendment.
The city council members should be able to speak as
they wish and vote as they wish and not be
told by Newsom or anybody else from Sacramento how they
need to be voting on how the proposed zoning should
be or shouldn't be, and or impacts our environment. So

that's really the key. They want you to build a
thirteen thousand homes, right well, thirteen thousand, three hundred and
sixty eight units of high density and so that usually
ends up being apartments. Okay, that brings a lot of cars,
a lot of traffic, a lot more people, you know,
which which you know, beach towns really can't can't absorb

all that much more you've got You've got an hour
and more demand, more demand on water, more demand on electricity,
all these things that you know, the state's basically rationing
at this point, and that really impacts the quality of life.
I mean, there's no room for parking necessarily there, they're listeners,
much more traffic, that much more pollution from all that

what your listeners might be interested to know too in
this context of Huntington Beach. Huntington beachum is a pretty
big city. It's the twenty fourth largest in the state.
But but the important thing is we don't have any
undeveloped land. We are ninety five percent or greater than
ninety five percent already developed. So what the state's basically
saying is not that, you know, Huntington Beach has to

develop housing. It has to. It's asking us to redevelop,
take already developed properties and zone them and redeveloped. Yet
the governor and the state is leaving all of the
undeveloped territory of the city of California untouched. Well, this
has been going on for years, uh, you know, going back,
you know, into the early two thousands. I remember when

Jerry Brown is the Attorney general. They're putting severe restrictions
on developing the open land going east out of LA
But they want to turn like a beach community into
a series of high rise apartments because exactly they want
everybody to There's an article the other day about this
idea of a fifteen minute city where you live and
work and shop and everything is within fifteen minutes so

that nobody drives anymore. Yep, you're you're you're reading the
situation right, and that's what Huntington Beach. That's all we're
trying to do is push back on that um. And
we do have constitutional rights that we're trying to assert
and make sure that you know, the state doesn't violate.
And you know, as elected officials here and you know,
I've been in office here as the elected attorney since fourteen.

It's been my duty ever since I took office. And
it's the duty of the current council to defend our
city and not count out to the state. Because at
the end of the day, we didn't get elected to
Huntington Beach leadership to be agents of the state to
do the state's bidding. We got elected to Huntington Beach
leadership to defend the city, to do the citizens bidding.
So we have a duty and obligation to the residents

of Huntington Beach and we're not going to relinquish that
or have it commandeered and taken away by the state
of California. Yeah. Well, you really fight hard for the
people of Huntington Beach and they're lucky to have you,
so we will keep track of this along with you.
Good luck, all right, I appreciate that, Johnny. I would
ask any other city interested to join us to contact
our office, would be happy to help. All right. It's
Michael Gates, Huntington Beach City Attorney. Because if you live

in a primarily a single family home neighborhood or town,
you're going to be dealing with this because Newsom and
the fanatics and the Democratic legislature hate single family homes
more than anything. Because your your They hate your your driveway.
They hate your Your driveway is usually asphalt and that

radiates heat and that causes global warming. They hate the
car parked in your driveway for obvious reasons. You burn
fossil fuels. They hate your green lawn because you're using water.
They hate your swimming pool because that uses water as well.
Um and and they hate your single family home because
it's not an efficient use of space in their mind.
You know, people should be living stacked up on top

of each other twenty stories into the air. And you
shouldn't be driving long distances to work and to shop.
You should live life the way they say that These
fifteen minutes cities that's that's a real thing out there,
a real phenomenon. It's the latest nut job, wacko progressive
left wing nonsense that they're latching onto and they're trying

to force it into a town like Huntington Beach. It's
just it's just incredibly intrusive. I mean, these guys are such,
they really are Soviets, they really are communists. They want
everybody living in the same little box. More coming up
on the Johnny Ken Show. You're listening to John and
Ken on demand from KFI. Three o'clock is gonna be

the time when Jim Patterson comes on. Um. Jim is
Um a Republican assemblyman, and he often comes on to
talk about the insanity and Sacramento. And here's another another
juicy one. Governor Knewsom, who knows who knows that that

high speed rail as a complete waste. He's wanted to
pull the plug on this, but he gets bullied by
the unions and they pay him off, so he's he's
a bought off governor. He bends over for the unions.
So he decided, even though we have a huge budget deficit,
twenty two billion dollars at least in deficit, he wants

to throw another half billion on this complete failure the
high speed rail. And there's another story. Ralph Vartabedion wrote
it in cal Matters about high speed rail is going
to cost. Well, they're one hundred billion dollars short. In funny,
one hundred billion dollars short. It is truly a disaster,

a financial disaster. And the only thing stopping the Democrats
from pauling the plug on this is because of all
the campaign bribes that they take from the unions, the
construction unions legalized bribes, of course most of them anyway,
So we'll get into that after three o'clock. We're just
talking with the city Attorney Huntington Beach, Michael Gates, because

Newsome and the legislature have stuck their beaks into Huntington
Beaches business. A local town should decide how it's going
to be zoned. If you want to build apartment buildings,
then do that. You want to build an industrial area,
and then do that. You want single family homes, go away,
leave us alone. And they want to force thirteen thousand
plus units to be built in Huntington Beach, mostly of

the apartment variety, for more affordable housing. And one of
the one of the weird things is that these stupid
dopes have cordoned off large areas of the state where
no developer can build homes. Um because of I didn't

know they want empty land to remain empty. Its global warming.
It's like, I don't know whatever the cause of the
day is for these weirdo progressives and their weirdo religion. Um.
Even though a lot of people want to live away
from the coast because it's cheaper and because they can
do remote work now. And there was a story today

in the La Times. It focused on a particular couple,
the Harrington's, who moved to Menifee, about fifty four miles
from Anaheim. And he was looking for homes in the
low six hundreds in southern California and found that that
rare species is located along Interstate fifteen and two fifteen

way out in Riverside County. And while San Francisco and
LA are emptying out, a lot of residents not moving
out of the state. I mean, it's certainly playing moving
out of the state, but they're moving to Menifee because
they don't have to worry about to drive so much anymore.
They can work from home. In fact, between twenty nineteen

and twenty twenty two, one million more people moved out
of homes and businesses in California then moved into them.
And the day shows that the five zip codes with
the most move ins were suburbs or what they call excerbs.

And these are the type of towns like Menifee that
are maybe fifty miles away the outer ring of development
around a metropolitan area. And the top five are around
Sacramento in southern California and its cities like Irvine, Menifee,
and Walnut because they have a lot of suburban new
housing being built and you get bigger homes and more

outdoor space for the money and with the remote work,
life is better and this is what people want. And
they've looked at the statistic every possible way. I mean,
the postal service has change of address data. There's there's
also various universities that do this kind of research. The

IRS keeps track of things and they find out it's true.
Among the five zip codes with the most net moveouts,
three we're in San Francisco and is in Los Angeles.
But the thing is this is all obvious, isn't it.
You don't want to live with people running around shooting guns, robbing,

smash and grabbing, shoplifting. You don't want to live where
people are dying in the street of Fentinel overdoses or
whacked out on meth. You don't want to live with
the violence, the unpredictability, the garbage, the filth of the
homeless people. So of course they're moving to clean, peaceful suburbs.

There's there's there's no there's no upside to living in
a big city anymore in California. In fact, most of
the Western cities are emptying out. Portland is, Seattle is certainly,
certainly Los Angeles and San Francisco. And that's what people want.
They don't want to live in apartment housing. This this
couple here in Harrington. They're not looking for affordable housing

in some twenty story apartment building. They don't want a
fifteen minute city. People should have the freedom to live
in the open space and enjoy their their lawn and
their swimming pool and their cars and their larger house
given the three thousand square feet they want, you know,
they don't have to live like these little wieners and

weasels that like in the California legislature. It just makes
me great. And in most states you can do this
and it's not controversial. It is not controversial to wy
to live at a single family home and have some
open space and a front yard in the backyard. Only
in California do they intentionally make it as difficult as
possible and then scold you for it. All right, We

come back, boy, another half a billion newson wants to
spend on high speed rail. Which is this baby. This
is probably the king of the boondoggles. This is number
one on the list. And we're gonna talk with Jim
Patterson and he's going to discuss high speed rail, which

is now needs another one hundred billion dollars minimum, and
everyone knows it's not going to be built. So why
are we why why are we budgeting another half billion
for next year? Talk about it. We come back. Johnny
Ken Show, Debrah Mark has the news. Kf I AM
six forty. Hey, you've been listening to the John and
Ken Show. You can always hear us live on kf

I AM sixty one pm to four pm every Monday
through Friday, and of course anytime on demand on the
iHeart Radio app.

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