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August 7, 2023 41 mins

Welcome back to our show! We're missing the very cute and SO strong Lamorne this week. But Hannah and Zooey are here to break down an episode that swings widely between broad tub humor and a tender tale of failed love. They draw sides on the tub or shower debate, discuss how Hannah felt about Cece's arranged marriage storyline, and marvel at what kind of person purchases citrus flavored condoms. Plus, how pretty is Olivia Munn?! Follow us on Instagram @welcometoourshowpod.

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Ring, Ring, Ring Ring, May I please speak with Zoe.

Speaker 2 (00:07):
Oh, hello, Lamurn, Let's patch in Hannah.

Speaker 3 (00:10):
God, I forgot what it was like working with you.

Speaker 4 (00:12):

Speaker 3 (00:28):
Hi, Hi, So happy to see you, So happy to
see you too.

Speaker 5 (00:36):
I know you are in a land far far away.

Speaker 3 (00:39):
I am. I'm in Greece right now. I'm very jealous.
So it's ten o'clock at night. You're getting the after dark,
very tired version of me. So we've got a fantastic show.
Today we are recapping episode ten of season two, Bathtube, Bathtub,

Let's deep Dive. I love the fact that I can
say deep dive and bathtub together. Y'all live for that
kind of stuff. Let's a deep dive into a recap
of what this episode is about. La Morne, Let's go.

Speaker 1 (01:15):
Jess wants a bathtub and tries to persuade the guys
that bubbles and rose would be a great gift for
everyone in the loft. And she might be right. I mean,
what a combination. Nick and Schmidt are completely against simmering
in human soup to get clean. I mean it could
be looked at as disgusting, but Winston took majestic baths
in a field of goats while playing basketball in Latvia,

and he wants that magic man just so long as
none of his male roommates. No, he wants a tub.
Schmidt sleeping with his boss has finally paid off. He's
given the coveted double V vodka and vitamins account at work.
Now he meets everyone at the bar to celebrate and
learns CC broke up with Robbie. You see, Robbie's brain

short circuited when CEC revealed she wants to get serious
about marriage and children. Have a big commitment right there,
and Schmid's brain melts because he can't believe the woman
of his dreams is available. Just as his career is
taking off. He's ready to get serious. Young, He's ready
to get serious. Nick thinks seriously about whether the new

hot patron, who he calls Thirsty, is worth breaking his
number one rule, never cross the bar. Say it with me,
never cross the bar. But here's the thing about Thirsty.
She drinks like Nick, and just like Nick, she is
effortlessly cool, and when she fights with her boyfriend, Nick
breaks his rule. A heavy round of day drinking later,

Nick encourages Angie to end her relationship for good. Justin Winston.
Find a rusty astab, put it on the roof, and
fill it with water. This sounds like a fantastic idea
so far, but here's the thing of the tub cracks,
the roof open, and gallons of water spill into the
loft and all over Schmidt's suits. Not the suits. Now

here's the deal. They don't have enough cash to replace
a three hundred dollars pocket square, which is weird because
they have a big ass loft that they can't afford
to anyway. So instead of owning their mistake, they fake
a robbery. Yeah, brilliant idea, but they're terrible fake robbers.
Big ticket items like TV, the douchebag jar, and virtually
everything in Jess's room are left behind. When they learn

Schmid has security cameras aha, they realize they'll be caught
unless they can convince Schmidt stop searching through years of
the video, so they stay a second robbery right where
they then return all the suits dry clean. I love
it when the robber brings all your stuff back. CEC
decides to give Schmidt a second chance.

Speaker 6 (03:51):

Speaker 1 (03:51):
I love what this is going. Unfortunately, timing is not
on their side. You see Schmidt finds himself in a
difficult position. Does he stay at work, get drunk and
prove to his boss that he's serious about the account,
or leave and make his date with Ceci. He stays
at work, and while Ceci understands she's unwilling to wait
for Schmid to grow the f up, she calls her

mom and asks her to arrange a marriage. We've all
been there, maybe not at all. Angie's boyfriend shows up
at the bar to rearrange Nick's face. In other words,
he wants to fight him with his fist on his face,
but he winds up needing stitches himself. Angie says someone
at her job can patch him together. Nick thinks she's

a nurse and is shocked to learned she's a stripper.
It disturbs him a bit and he leaves Nick, well,
you don't know what you're missing. But Angie comes back
to the bar the next day. She likes Nick as
much as he likes her, but she doesn't have any rules.
Thus begins a very very messy relationship. And that's what

happened on season two, episode ten, Bathtub.

Speaker 3 (04:59):
There are so many things that happened in this episode
where I was like, what we did this on our show.
It was a real delight to watch. I'm very excited
to unpack it.

Speaker 7 (05:08):
It was there's a lot going on. I actually complete,
I remember the kind of general idea of the episode.
I think I remember the a story, but I forgot.
I didn't realize this was the episode where Olivia.

Speaker 2 (05:21):
Munn Is introduced.

Speaker 3 (05:22):
Mm hmm, no idea. I just remember the cabin episode
with her, so I was like, Oh.

Speaker 7 (05:28):
That's the one I remembered the most too, And then
I think I didn't. I remember like the mainly the
parts I work on, Like, so, I remember my experience.
So I just remember being with like Lamour in this
whole episode, but not like you know, I, I didn't
know the stuff that you shot with Max. I didn't
know the stuff that Max shot with Carla. I didn't

know the stuff that Olivia shot with Jake. I just
I was like, Oh, that episode is just me and
Lamour in a bathtub.

Speaker 2 (05:59):
I even we pretended to rob. Wait.

Speaker 5 (06:02):
Also, there's so much ridiculous stuff.

Speaker 3 (06:08):
There's so many weird things that happen here that also,
by the way, feel like are like huge things in
later seasons. And I'm like oh my gosh, like they
manifested so many cool things. We should also just tell
our listeners. By the way, Lamourn is not here in
this episode.

Speaker 2 (06:27):
He's not here.

Speaker 3 (06:28):
It's a girl hangs.

Speaker 7 (06:29):
This is a girl hanging episode. And I know you're thinking, like,
does Zoey only like to hang out with Hannah or something.

Speaker 6 (06:36):

Speaker 7 (06:36):
I love Lamaran. I don't like somehow it hasn't worked out.
Our schedules have it worked out.

Speaker 2 (06:42):
He was supposed to.

Speaker 7 (06:42):
Go come to my son's birthday yesterday, but like I was,
he was packing for like a long trip, so he
missed up. I was like, very sad, but he's okay.
One thing about Lamouran he is he First of all,
he asked us to say nice stuff about him, specifically
this morning. He said, say nice stuff, So I'm gonna say.
Lamarn is like a very good gift giver. Very He

sent over these like amazing like lego, like all these
amazing like legos, and my son was like, so it
was super sweet for the for for Charlie.

Speaker 2 (07:16):
So anyway, he gives great gifts.

Speaker 3 (07:18):
He also always, I guess unless he's going on a
long play, but always shows up, which I really appreciate
in a friend.

Speaker 7 (07:23):
Yeah, except for yesterday, but other than that, Yeah, no,
he he is.

Speaker 2 (07:29):
He is really Like I remember when.

Speaker 7 (07:32):
I I had my first kid and he didn't have
any kids. So I'm like, how did he even know?
He got me like a baby food maker.

Speaker 2 (07:40):
It was so it.

Speaker 7 (07:41):
Was like such a thoughtful gift, and I was like, like,
how does he know he doesn't have children. He's just
like just a sweet guy who gets it. He gets
the struggle of a mom.

Speaker 3 (07:53):
He does, he really does. He also gets the struggle
of a tub in this episode because he's the only
one that has jess as bad in the loft.

Speaker 2 (08:02):
Yeah, like listen.

Speaker 6 (08:04):

Speaker 7 (08:04):
He also he specifically said he wanted what he wanted
us to say about him. One thing about Lamaren is
he's very cute and he's very strong.

Speaker 2 (08:14):
He's so strong. He's so cute.

Speaker 3 (08:17):
Yeah, he's so cute and so strong.

Speaker 2 (08:20):
He's so cute and so strong.

Speaker 3 (08:24):
We did it. We checked the box. You're welcome, Lamuren.

Speaker 7 (08:26):
We did.

Speaker 2 (08:27):
You're welcome.

Speaker 7 (08:28):
You're cute strong, he's so good at branding. Yeah, So
this episode so much going on. There's like there's this
episode really spans the gamut because there's some very tender
moments with c C and Schmidt, and there's some absolutely

ridiculous broad moments with Jess and Winston.

Speaker 3 (08:57):
Right, and it's like a very device issue on a bathtub.
I will agree that people do you don't usually like
waffle like people are like I love to get in
the bath and it relaxes me so much, and other
people do find it highly disgusting.

Speaker 7 (09:14):
I I feel like I like about but I never
have time to take one. So is that another like
stance on the issue.

Speaker 2 (09:23):
I'm like, no, you like that? That sounds great.

Speaker 7 (09:26):
I feel like I only like take a bath, and like,
you know, it's like if I'm like at a hotel
or something, you know what I mean, like where you're
not at home. I just like I have a nice bath,
but never take one.

Speaker 3 (09:37):
Yeah, I love a bath. I love a bath, but
I also have a very British mom who Yeah, it's
very off getting into the off all the time. Yeah,
so I'm a fan. I was on team jessin Winston
in this episode. I was like, catch your bath. I
don't think you need to. I think just made a
good point. He's like, She's like, we could just buy
it and have a bath. I don't think you needed

this whole nefarious scheme around on it.

Speaker 5 (10:01):
Yeah, yeah, it was, it is.

Speaker 7 (10:05):
It is crazy, and it's crazy that no one figure
figures out the crackheads.

Speaker 2 (10:12):
No one calls the.

Speaker 3 (10:13):
Police, no one calls the policem It.

Speaker 2 (10:17):
Just gets mad and.

Speaker 3 (10:19):
Reported when he walks in and you guys are like
tied up and gagged, and he's like, not this again.
And then I was like, so very very small reaction.

Speaker 7 (10:29):
And the crackheads brought back your suits all in right
dry cleaning, dry clean your suits and brought them back.

Speaker 3 (10:40):
Donic Carrie wrote this episode and it's very funny. So
it goes into absurdist, the bizarro humor of what people
do when they panic.

Speaker 2 (10:51):
Which I enjoy watching.

Speaker 5 (10:55):
I enjoy watch I enjoy watching it.

Speaker 3 (10:58):
Can I say when you guys come up with this
ski it's at the jukebox in the bar, and I
don't know if you.

Speaker 5 (11:03):
Caught this the Prince, but Jess says yes.

Speaker 7 (11:08):
Prince had written to me via his manager already at
this point.

Speaker 3 (11:11):
In season two.

Speaker 7 (11:13):
Yeah, they started dropping hints about Prince because it took
a year to get Prince on. I read an email
from his manager saying hello, legendary artist Prince is a
fan of New Girl, and so it could have been
a coincidence, but I'm pretty sure at this point I
was like, hey, guys, I was like, let me put
you in touch with Liz, our showrunner, and at that

point they knew that Prince maybe had been watching.

Speaker 3 (11:39):
So so it wasn't a manifesting, weird bizarre thing that
I saw because I was like, this.

Speaker 7 (11:44):
Is I mean, I don't think so, because it was.
It was quite a it took quite a time. I
mean I still am like, I can't believe Prince was
on the show. I can't believe Prince was on the show.

Speaker 3 (11:56):
I cannot believe it either. I can't like one of
those really bizarre moments in life where you're like, yeah,
really happened, which is how we end that episode. We're
like it. I still feel that way.

Speaker 2 (12:11):
Yeah, I don't understand.

Speaker 3 (12:13):
That felt like a big manifest moment. I was like what,
But I guess not. Maybe they were just like laying
the groundwork to be like these are some Prince fans,
these characters. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (12:22):

Speaker 3 (12:23):
Also the meth storyline. That was the other one, because
one of my favorite episodes in the later season is
when we did that box episode where Jess finds the
meth and it's one of my favorite episodes that we Yeah,
who knew there was another math episode?

Speaker 5 (12:42):
Yeah, girl, I forgot. I didn't know Methan stills fearing.

Speaker 2 (12:47):
People, so you know, I guess.

Speaker 3 (12:50):
I guess New Girls like, we'll just go there a
few times episode.

Speaker 7 (12:54):
Times you guys can't see, but look, I mean, Hannah
can see your dream.

Speaker 2 (13:00):
Welcome to our show.

Speaker 3 (13:01):
Mug what my mug?

Speaker 7 (13:04):
By the way, I just randomly grabbed this, just not
even thinking this morning. It's one of my favorite mugs.
It's just I like that it's big, and it's really
cool because it has a beer floating in lava, the
true American lava.

Speaker 2 (13:20):
Guys, this is great.

Speaker 7 (13:22):
We got some great merch on our store, so anyway,
great merch. Check it out, great merch. I'm enjoying it. Okay,
Wolco shoes.

Speaker 3 (13:41):
One of my other favorite things, okay about this episode
tell Me Everything is the reaction that Schmidt has when
he finds out that CC is single, and it just
made me think of those moments in life, usually when
you're younger than what Schmid is, but someone you've been
waiting for so long, that's always been in a relationship,
finally single. And I love the fact that he just

can't control his inside voice and it just becomes the
outside voice because like, you're single. You hear that officially
she's single, she's single. I shouldn't have received this information
in front of her because then maybe I could have
processed this better and been cooler, which I think is
a very relatable feeling.

Speaker 7 (14:16):
One thing about Schmidt, he says so many bad problematics.

Speaker 3 (14:22):
Yeah he does this episode. I'm like, slow.

Speaker 2 (14:25):
Down, but whoa slow down? You just you broke your
record with the.

Speaker 7 (14:31):
I actually at the end when Schmidt says quote she's
decided to marry a brown person, I was like, why
didn't Whinston and Jess like demand a jar donation at
that point? Like they feel so bad rooim that they don't.
But that's a definite jar. That's like one thousand dollars

in the jar.

Speaker 3 (14:54):
It's so this whole episode. I do remember shooting it,
just that that that part, because it felt like such
a huge thing. You know that she's now deciding to
see she's deciding to embrace having an arranged marriage because
it worked for her parents MMM, but it was something
for me personally that kind of scared me a little

bit when they introduced, like I read that in the
script because my dad was the first in his whole family,
all the way back that we know of, to have
a love marriage. None of his brothers and sister did.
When my dad did, it was very, very, very very controversial,

and so it's not like I was raised with that.
A lot of my friends who are Indian, their parents
had arranged marriages and it was their kids that they
are now allowing to pick and choose whomever they would like.
But I didn't have that experience. I've always been really
outside the culture. So to see that this character was
going to go through it, I just remember being like,

I mean, might as well have been your storyline. I
was like, I have no point, you know, yeah, thing
to pull on it. So it felt very That was
when I was just like, wow, this is like, it's
just so separate from anything that I could pull on.
And I do remember people on the show sweetly asking

me for like information to kind of fill in this
kind of storyline as we did more and more episodes
and went deeper into it that season and I was like, yo,
I got nothing right, Like I find of the thing
to share about it, just because I was really proud
of my dad for taking this huge risk and being
completely estranged from his family because of it.

Speaker 7 (16:43):
Well, now there's a show called Indian Matchmaking, Girl.

Speaker 2 (16:46):
I've watched that whole show.

Speaker 3 (16:48):
It's amazing.

Speaker 7 (16:50):
Yeah, so if you want like a lot of information
about modern Indian match donic.

Speaker 3 (16:55):
I wish this show was around for you.

Speaker 7 (16:58):
We have sent you there answered some questions for us.
Yeah no, but this sets up like what happens at
the end of the season too, the marriage.

Speaker 3 (17:09):
Yeah yeah, I mean all of that. To the Bollywood dance.
I can't well as we know, I can't dance, never
mind Bollywood dance. But I was like, Hannah, you did.

Speaker 2 (17:18):
I thought you did great.

Speaker 3 (17:20):
That's only because Jake was dancing near me so comparatively,
I was half a step above him.

Speaker 7 (17:29):
Like, no one takes more delight I think in dancing
badly than Jake Johnson. I know he he loves it.
I'm actually he's my favorite dancer me too. I'm actually
filled with joy watching him dance because he hates it
so much.

Speaker 3 (17:48):
I'm going to send you a video. I have a video.
I'll see if I can share it. I'll ask Jake
if he feels comfortable. But I have a video of
they brought. They didn't know I was going to be
part of that dance or not that happens in that
seas in finale, and so they made me come to
the dance rehearsals where Max and Jake and Lamore and
had to learn the dance with the Bollywood dancers on

like a Saturday or something, and they ended up not
putting me in the dance. So I just got to
sit there and I recorded the dance rehearsal because there's
no footage of it anywhere, and it is. It's it's perfect.
It's the most it's the most perfect thing you could
ever hope you could ever want to see in your life,

the best behind the scenes of the boys learning to
dance one of my favorite things in the world.

Speaker 7 (18:36):
Well, I've got an amazing video active of us all
doing that dance. Remember we had the interactive dance thing
at the first season. I have a rehearsal video shake
with all but like, oh, it's amazing, and him like
doing the call, like there's like a little move where

we're all supposed to like pop our collar.

Speaker 2 (18:59):
But remember like Glee was on at the same time
as Thats and it was like they were like, hey,
looks like you know.

Speaker 7 (19:05):
Like I grew up doing musical theaters, so I'm like
totally comfortable with it. But well, what's funny is I
think maybe Liz was like on purpose, was like I'm
never gonna give Zoe a dance, but I'm gonna give.

Speaker 2 (19:18):
Jake every day.

Speaker 7 (19:20):
On purpose just some mess not like mess with us,
but like she she almost like I think, was probably
taking advantage of us feeling like I'm too comfortable with it,
so don't give me that. Give me something I'm very
uncomfortable with. Sure, give Jake something he's very uncomfortable with,
like to heighten the comedy. But it was so funny.

I was like, how is it that Jake got to
dance way more than I?

Speaker 3 (19:47):
Well, I'll say this, she was onto something because I
could watch it all day.

Speaker 2 (19:50):
Oh I could. Yeah, Jake, No, Jake's my favorite dance favorite.

Speaker 3 (19:55):
I'm gonna send a video and I'll see if Jake
feels comfortable, I'll put it up online.

Speaker 2 (19:59):
Yeah, and then I'll put up my video. We should just.

Speaker 7 (20:04):
Put up any video we have of Jake dancing. It's incredible, incredible. Okay,
So Olivia Mann made her debut in this episode.

Speaker 2 (20:15):
How pretty is she?

Speaker 3 (20:16):
She looks amazing.

Speaker 2 (20:17):
She's so pretty.

Speaker 3 (20:18):
I mean, she always looks amazing.

Speaker 2 (20:20):
Yeah, she's just so cute.

Speaker 3 (20:21):
It's like time capsule this show. You get to go
back to see what people look like ten years ago,
and I'm like, you're stunning now.

Speaker 2 (20:27):
I know.

Speaker 7 (20:27):
I mean, you know, she always looks great, but she's
just so she's she's so cute, and she's got the
little raspy voice and I'm like, I'm like, I just
like her vibe is so cute.

Speaker 3 (20:37):
It has one of my favorite now that I've rewatched it,
I'll put it in the favorite box. Favorite. Actually, Nick
Miller lines now now that I who knew what it
is from between Olivia and Jake, where he says, I
wrote this down because it just made me laugh. He says, after,
you're a whiskey girl like me and his face and

it reminds me of oh yeah, and she goes, you're
a whiskey girl. It reminded me of like one of
my favorite movies back in the day. Moonstruck, true Moonstrek,
but dirty dancing. Oh yeah, remember the I carried a
watermelon like that, Like she's just like I heard a
watermelon And then he's like Patrick Swayzey's like all right,

and she's like I carried a watermelon, Like what am
I saying?

Speaker 4 (21:25):
Oh God?

Speaker 3 (21:26):
And that way You're just like I'm a whiskey girl
like you. And I was like, this is exactly that vibe.
I loved it so much.

Speaker 2 (21:33):
Yeah, it was a great vibe.

Speaker 3 (21:34):
I loved when people say things and they're like, what
came out of my mouth? What am I doing? Why
am I still talking?

Speaker 2 (21:39):
Yeah? I love it too. I love it too.

Speaker 7 (21:42):
I do remember we also shot a lot of this
episode at the MacArthur Park.

Speaker 3 (21:48):
Oh, because the rooftop.

Speaker 7 (21:50):
Yeah, I mean my parts. I feel like I was
there a lot of this episode. I was at that place,
and I remember a little more and shooting the pop
with the goat. The goat, Yeah, downstairs, they like set
it all up, just a little tableau.

Speaker 3 (22:06):
Oh my gosh, the goat. That's one of the funniest.
Also feels like such a long callback because I don't
think by season two you're thinking Winston Latvia.

Speaker 2 (22:15):
We forgot about Lafia, like.

Speaker 3 (22:17):
We forgot about there's the goat.

Speaker 2 (22:20):
Also, wait, why did they take that?

Speaker 7 (22:24):
Just like there's so many things that made me laugh
in this episode. But they take the bath to the
roof and then fill it with cold hose water, which
immediately collapses the roof.

Speaker 3 (22:36):
Yeah, like when they can take a bath in the
cold water and what looks like a very dirty.

Speaker 8 (22:41):
Tub, They're like, all right, we filled it with cold
hose water. Yeah, look gross, is somebody getting in? They're like,
are you guys gonna like heat it up?

Speaker 2 (22:53):
Like, how is it going? How's it gonna be warm?

Speaker 3 (22:58):
In the MacArthur Park thing, I remember that in the
building across from it that was slightly higher, some paparazzi there,
which now makes me think of Lamar and having to
lay there in his under lay.

Speaker 7 (23:13):
Yeah, in the Orange Indies, he probably lay pretty low
that day.

Speaker 2 (23:17):
Yeah, he's like.

Speaker 3 (23:19):
I get flat enough, maybe they won't get a photo,
but you have been cute.

Speaker 7 (23:23):
It's strong, so I don't I don't think it strong.
He's so cute, so strong, it doesn't matter if they
take his picture because he's proud. He's proud. Yeah, I
remember actually kind of dreading being on that roof. There
was just and then the only place to hang was
like dusty remember the like dusty top floor.

Speaker 3 (23:42):
Yeah, it was like a construction site inside it was me.

Speaker 7 (23:46):
Yeah, inside everything inside was was a construction site basically.

Speaker 2 (23:51):
And then and then.

Speaker 7 (23:53):
It was nice up just if you just stayed up
on the roof. Sometimes there wasn't room.

Speaker 3 (23:59):
Yeah, it felt very exposed. Once we realized that people
were watching too, it just felt.

Speaker 7 (24:03):
Yeah, Neil said, really unflattering lenses. I think I'm sure
I've told the story before, but like one time they
took a picture of me and I was like, oh
my god, I look so bad in the outfit.

Speaker 2 (24:14):
Why did I wear it? And then I watched the.

Speaker 7 (24:16):
Episode and I was like, I looked totally fine, Like
I looked totally fine.

Speaker 2 (24:20):
Why did I?

Speaker 7 (24:21):
And then I was like, because they had like some
terrible lens.

Speaker 3 (24:25):
Yeah, well it wasn't that close. They guess a big
zoom that they had to do to get our face
clearly have to run it in a magazine.

Speaker 2 (24:33):
Yes, yeah, they got some telephoto stuff.

Speaker 3 (24:37):
Speaking of strange, another thing that really made me laugh.
Tell me, like, is that a thing is when Schmid
talks about his citrus flavored condoms refreshing summer experience, and
I thought, oh my gosh, okay, yes this is a comedy.
Someone wrote that as a joke. But there must be

people out there that choose like a flavor, going like
this will be this is wonderful.

Speaker 7 (25:08):
Yeah, it's it's mocking of those people.

Speaker 3 (25:14):
But in my brain there was I never knew a
person like that would exist, like in my experience, you
know what I mean, Like.

Speaker 7 (25:19):
I nevern like person, but I'm sure I've passed by
that in a store.

Speaker 5 (25:26):
Sure, sure, oh weird. Okay, to each his own, I
love that.

Speaker 3 (25:32):
That is Schmidt's like being a considerate lover. He's just like, yeah,
but it's summertime, you've had your apparol sprits, let's just
stay in the same vibe. I was like, oh my.

Speaker 7 (25:45):
Gosh, wait, they were like some there was like a
funny thing.

Speaker 2 (25:50):
Oh yeah. There was like a pop back.

Speaker 7 (25:57):
Of Nick trying to stop to people from fighting, but
it was really quick and they looked like they were
really not like they both looked like they were like
following asleep. And I was like, are these supposed to
be two people so drunk that they're like sleep fighting.

Speaker 3 (26:12):
That's the one where he's like, you both are wearing
their wrong bar.

Speaker 2 (26:15):
Yeah, he's like never crossed the bar.

Speaker 7 (26:17):
Yeah, and he's trying to stop two women from fighting
each other, but they're all like they just look like
like extremely not committed to the fight, but like almost
in a drunk, like super kind of way.

Speaker 3 (26:32):
Now I have to go back and watch it.

Speaker 2 (26:34):
I'm like, I feel like this is accurate, you know, I.

Speaker 3 (26:38):
Feel like that I was distracted because he says like
you're both wearing the wrong bras for this, and it
just that line just made me laugh.

Speaker 7 (26:47):
Oh that is funny. I didn't even hear that one.

Speaker 3 (26:50):
I was like, what it is, by the way, because
I used to work in a bar way back in
the day, and I was like, it's a very good
piece of advice actually to try to keep things profession
allah in an environment where people trying to lure you
into their little story for the night, to like never
cross the bar. I was like, that's actually like, if
you're going to work in a bar, just like remember

that as a nice little guideline for yourself so it
doesn't get messy. He was very smart.

Speaker 7 (27:15):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, it's a good it's a good
good rule of thumb. I'm uh not tended bar. But
it seems smart. Yeah, it seems like people like. It's
just it's so much interaction with people, because it's like
more than if if you're a server, you have like,
however many tables, but if you're a bartender, it's like

there's just like a stack of people just like you know.

Speaker 5 (27:42):
You can't move fast enough, you can't go fast to
get your attention.

Speaker 7 (27:46):
Never when I was trying to serve pie to five
and six year olds yesterday and they were all yelling
the kind of pie they wanted at the same time.

Speaker 2 (27:59):
And I was like, situary pie.

Speaker 7 (28:02):
Yeah, he likes pie myself, that's so nice.

Speaker 2 (28:07):
Not cake.

Speaker 7 (28:08):
And he also kind of almost he was like he's like,
no cake, only pie, and I'm like, I'm gonna have
a few cupcakes, like some kids don't like pie. But
he was like, but it was actually really cute because
a lot of other kids were the same they don't
like cake, they like pie, and he like had to,
So we had five kinds of pie.

Speaker 3 (28:28):
You have to cross the bar to serve the kids.

Speaker 7 (28:30):
I'll tell you the kinds do you want? To hear
the kinds cherry blueberry apple chocolate and yeah, yeah, it
was good. And then strawberry rhubarb.

Speaker 3 (28:45):
I think, oh, that would be my jam right there.

Speaker 2 (28:47):
Yeah, I was waiting.

Speaker 7 (28:48):
I was like, is there a You're like, is there
a an ad a crumble that one at a crumble top.

Speaker 3 (28:54):
That's if we're going to go to pieland for a minute,
just pop in for a second. Let's go, let's pop
My favorite type of pie.

Speaker 5 (29:02):
Tell me is huckleberry pie. Yes, young, so goodberry pie.

Speaker 3 (29:09):
It's so huckleberries are so delicious. And I would go
into the like interior of British Columbia's a little town.

Speaker 2 (29:17):
I was gonna say.

Speaker 7 (29:18):
I was like, you said huckleberry and I was like,
this has to be like a Vancouver thing, because like
huckleberry is very Pacific northwest, right.

Speaker 3 (29:27):
That's right, And you'd have to go. And it's really
strange because the huckleberries come out at the same time
that all the bears are waking up from hibernation. They
hungry and they love the huckleberries. So you go huckleberry
picking for your pies, but you have to be very
careful and get for your right. They just woke up.
They're very hungry. It's a thrilling pie experience.

Speaker 2 (29:51):
It is.

Speaker 7 (29:52):
Now, do you like a streustle toop or you like
a plane like a classic pastry shop.

Speaker 3 (29:59):
I'll take it either way.

Speaker 2 (30:00):
I love pie.

Speaker 3 (30:02):
I'll take it.

Speaker 2 (30:03):
Yeah, it's good.

Speaker 7 (30:04):
Pie is great. Pie is great. Uh you know what's
even better? Pie with ice cream on top.

Speaker 3 (30:10):
I love it.

Speaker 2 (30:11):
I love it.

Speaker 3 (30:12):
I was horrified when I moved to America and I
learned about like slice of cheddar cheese or something goes.

Speaker 2 (30:19):
On a weird thing.

Speaker 3 (30:20):

Speaker 5 (30:21):
It's a weird thing.

Speaker 2 (30:23):
That's an old fashioned thing.

Speaker 3 (30:24):
I think like mel Steiner, I think, does it mel
Steiner will like cheese.

Speaker 7 (30:30):
Yeah, it feels like very like mid early twentieth century
kind of weird stuff. I do think apple like on
a cheese plate. I enjoy just like an apple delicious
or a pair you know, delicious. It just threw me
off to the other thing I enjoy, you know what

I mean in addition to a pie.

Speaker 3 (30:57):
Listen to you, guys, this is a episode.

Speaker 7 (31:00):
Into should we talk about pie and said bathtubs and
we're done pie tired.

Speaker 3 (31:04):
But when we come back from the episode, we're gonna
get back from the episode that's all distracted my brain
is by the thought, well, you're.

Speaker 7 (31:12):
Tired, so hungry, I'm tired, has a birthday party, and
let's listen, like, we're allowed.

Speaker 3 (31:22):
We're allowed to come back. We're going to get back
into the episode deep dive into the bathtub.

Speaker 2 (31:27):
If deep dive, welcome.

Speaker 7 (31:41):
And we're back, and we're diving deep into that bathtub.

Speaker 2 (31:45):
That is this episode swimming around.

Speaker 3 (31:49):
Okay, Schmidt's love proposal I forgot this happened too is
so sweet and then he gets put in this very
difficult position with his boss. Yeah, and she says it's
anything more important, and man, I know, I just like
I really felt for him as a character in that moment.

It's really hard if you've got a huge opportunity at
work and you've also just gotten this like it feels
like a once in a lifetime past with this person. Yeah,
it's so so so hard. I just I don't know
A new girl does that sometimes where it's such a
funny show. I mean, you guys are pretending to be

meth heads and robbing your own apartment. Also one of
my favorite scenes when Jess is just sort of like,
I don't think they'd be interested in anything in my room.
Such a female response to be like, it's not like
the big going here.

Speaker 2 (32:48):
I don't know. It felt like a little kid.

Speaker 7 (32:49):
It was just like, no, we wouldn't want to see
anything from that's room.

Speaker 3 (32:55):
I love what we're doing, this imaginative play, but what
in my step?

Speaker 2 (33:01):
Not my choice? No, No, It.

Speaker 3 (33:04):
Was a really funny moment in the frenzy. It was
so funny and relatable. So you have those like crazy
absurdist mayhem going on, but then you have this real
Sophie's choice that I think a lot of people that
are trying of building their career and also trying to
find their partner have or have families, have been young.
Sometimes where you're boss.

Speaker 2 (33:25):
I'm like, g.

Speaker 5 (33:28):
Have a little respect and text the woman you love.

Speaker 3 (33:31):
I thought about that, But then I also know, like,
if you get care saying you got like this one
chance with this girl, if you're like sorry, work thing
came up, that's also in a weird way, just as bad.

Speaker 7 (33:44):
Yeah, maybe he's thinking like no, but you could say like, hey,
I had this really important proposal.

Speaker 2 (33:52):
It's a very long story. I want to tell you
all about it.

Speaker 7 (33:56):
Would it be possible to move RTI two tomorrow or
the next day, right for you.

Speaker 3 (34:04):
Right, anything you want, breakfast six a m will be there.
But the fact that he shows up drunk after being
with his ex and then has like the drunk truth serum,
Like I only thought about our boobs once and I
had no emotional connection to them. You're just like, please stop, like,
stop stop talking. What are you doing?

Speaker 2 (34:21):
Don't stop talking? Stop talk. But we're both, we're all
you know.

Speaker 7 (34:27):
Schmid's a flawed guy, and that's what we enjoy watching
about him.

Speaker 3 (34:31):
I love it.

Speaker 5 (34:32):
It just breaks your Like I saw Max yesterday.

Speaker 7 (34:36):
Oh it was so nice. Yeah, he came to Charlie's birthday.

Speaker 2 (34:42):
Oh that's so nice.

Speaker 3 (34:44):
When I get back, we have to do a big.

Speaker 2 (34:46):
Old a pie let's party. Yeah, let's do pie party
with the old crew.

Speaker 3 (34:53):
I'd love it.

Speaker 2 (34:54):
We can do it at my house.

Speaker 3 (34:56):
We really figured some things out on this podcast today.

Speaker 2 (34:58):
Yeah, pie party. Uh, anything else, cheese plate pie party.

Speaker 3 (35:03):
Jeez plait pie party.

Speaker 2 (35:04):
Except I do want to text.

Speaker 3 (35:06):
I'm going to text Donic maybe and ask him about
the Raspberry Beret drop because now I'm really curious because
if for just to be like, that's my favorite print song.

Speaker 7 (35:19):
I can look up when print when that email came in?
If you want, when did.

Speaker 3 (35:23):
An email come in? And what was the aera?

Speaker 2 (35:25):
Did we shoot this episode?

Speaker 7 (35:27):

Speaker 3 (35:27):
Shoot the episode?

Speaker 6 (35:28):

Speaker 3 (35:30):
We will get this information and in next week's episode
we will share and then we will know. Look, this
is like forensic.

Speaker 7 (35:36):
Or the week after dependent or the week after and
how fast we are finding this information.

Speaker 3 (35:42):
But there will be an update that will come to
you Law and Order, New Girl in order. Yeah, see yes,
I maybe is that better more?

Speaker 7 (35:55):
Yeah, Marishka Hargate is coming on to look at the evidence.

Speaker 2 (36:01):
That's not true. I can't offer that.

Speaker 3 (36:04):
That'd be kind of great to be, like. We have
a lot of unsolved mysteries here.

Speaker 2 (36:07):
On can you solve them?

Speaker 3 (36:09):
I do solve them here all of the scripts.

Speaker 7 (36:13):
You play a detective on television. Can you please see
the television show. This is a television show.

Speaker 2 (36:20):
It feels like it makes. It feels like it does.

Speaker 7 (36:24):
Okay, so we're gonna throw to our dear friend, cute
and strong and handsome Lamormalus, who's gonna give us a
little favorite memory from the episode. Can't wait to hear it.
Nick's Box is brought to you by Hyundai. When it
comes to your journey, Hyundai is thinking of every mile.

Speaker 6 (36:48):
So I think my favorite memory from this episode from
Bathtub was we were filming at Park Plaza, I believe,
and they set up that was supposed to be Latvia
and they put me in a bathtub, and I think
there was a goat and all kinds of stuff that
was there. That's got to be my favorite part of

that episode, or my favorite memory from that episode. I mean,
there was a lot of funny, cool stuff that I
got to do in that episode, and but this one
in particular was pretty silly. I thought it was. As
I was filming, I thought, what are we doing? This
is so stupid. But I would say that had to
be my favorite.

Speaker 2 (37:30):
Thanks for bringing out Nick's box. Hyundai.

Speaker 7 (37:32):
Remember from shopping to buying to owning, Hyundai has your back.
Like our favorite memories, taking a Hyundai on your journey
will keep you feeling safe and more. Learn more at
HYUNDAIUSA dot com. Okay, so, Hannah, you often or not often,
every episode you look at if there's a bear in

it to see if our fans are correct that there's
a bear in every episode. Did you find a bear
in this episode Bears Still Bear.

Speaker 3 (38:02):
Long story short, I did not find a bear in
this episode, which I will say is the first time
in a very long time in this season so farward
episode ten, I've found all the bears, and so what
I will say and I will do it. I think
it begs a rewatch where I'm so focused. This episode

kind of distracted me a Barry watch the pies. We
got pie in the brain.

Speaker 7 (38:32):
Well yeah, well, I was gonna say, there's a If
there's not a bear in the episode of the show,
there is a bear in the episode of this podcast,
and that is the bear that you had to fight
for those huckleberries.

Speaker 2 (38:43):
They thank you old pies.

Speaker 3 (38:48):
You know, just talked about British bear attack for the pie.

Speaker 7 (38:53):
We talked about it. It was discussed. You guys heard
it here first.

Speaker 3 (39:00):
That's true without intention. Wow, what if that's the thing.

Speaker 7 (39:04):
Yeah, if now that becomes a thing revisionist bear history.

Speaker 3 (39:09):
Yeah, if it's between now it's a new fan theory.
I'm just gonna drop this in here, new fan theory
of there's a bear in every episode of New Girl
and the podcast.

Speaker 2 (39:19):
Then we can make that happen.

Speaker 3 (39:22):
Yeah, but I didn't even mean to so I have
to like be here detired to what organically happens out
of me. It did, but now that I know, it's
a bit it could you know.

Speaker 7 (39:30):
Now I'm gonna well, it happened organically this time, and
you know, we listen, we won't keep our hopes up.

Speaker 2 (39:37):
But maybe it'll happen again. If there's no.

Speaker 3 (39:40):
Bear, it'll be like those game shows, you know, when
they bring on hosts and our guests, sorry, and then
they don't tell them the secret word. And if they
say the secret words somehow, like everybody like drinks and
it's a great thing. If we have a guest, Oh,
if we have a guest, I hope they're not listening
right now.

Speaker 2 (39:57):
Yeah, don't.

Speaker 7 (39:58):
Yeah, we go, we go like necessities, necessities.

Speaker 2 (40:04):
Brinn and.

Speaker 3 (40:08):
Say the words we need it. We need it for
the theory care.

Speaker 5 (40:11):
Of it's b E A R or b A R
E all of the other.

Speaker 2 (40:16):
We don't care. I don't care.

Speaker 3 (40:19):
I appreciate your support. We really solve some problems here today.

Speaker 2 (40:22):
We have I'm you know, it was such a delight disease.
It was restorative to me. All right.

Speaker 7 (40:28):
We I love you, Hannah, We love you fans uh
and listeners and even the people who hate listen.

Speaker 2 (40:37):
I don't care.

Speaker 7 (40:38):
I still love you.

Speaker 3 (40:42):
We will.

Speaker 7 (40:43):
We'll be talking to you next week about another episode
of Uh You Girl on Peacock and Hulu. Now, uh,
let's uh let's say uh okay.

Speaker 2 (40:57):
Good night.

Speaker 7 (41:05):
You've been listening to Welcome to Our Show, a New
Girl recap podcast. Welcome to Our Show is a production
of iHeartRadio, hosted by Zoey Deschanel, Lamurne Morris, and Hannah Simone.
Our executive producer is Joel Monique. Our engineer and editor
is Daniel Goodman. But Welcome to Our Show theme song
was written by Zoey Deschanel, performed and produced by zoe
da Chanel and Pierre de Reader. Follow us on Instagram

at Welcome to Our Show Pod. If you have a
question you'd like us to answer, you can email us
at Welcome to Our Show Podcast at gmail dot com.
Don't forget to rate, subscribe, and share far and wide.

Speaker 2 (41:38):
Thanks for listening. We'll hear you next week.
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