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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - May 18 2020

The Rush Limbaugh Show

PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1:                                     Mark Steyn fills in for Rush on Monday while he has scheduled treatment and makes one good point every six feet. Victoria Day in Canada. Global protests over shutdown. Obama has to drag Biden across the finish line. NJ gym opens in defiance. Boris Johnson: Easier to take people’s freedoms away than give them back. Jay Inslee backs down on restaurant log requirements. Public policy beyond our reach with rule by expert. Face masks pose risks to healthy. Caller questions the extended lockdown measures. Virus hasn’t afflicted nations, it’s afflicted cities. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2 :                                        Will more people work from home after this? Will people be afraid to go out to dinner or the theater? We’re adopting Sharia-lite Taliban policies on music and masks. Two diseases: coronavirus and alcoholism. South Korea fills empty soccer stadium with sex dolls. U.S. vs. Flynn. Judge Sullivan shouldn’t be on the bench. New Yorker calls the show.                            PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3 :   Mark plays Rush clip on his favorite conspiracy theory about the virus. We are living the Green New Deal right now. The solution of the left is always the same: ram their agenda through. Airline industry collapse; pilot calls the show. We need herd “think” immunity. The new authoritarianism: freedom of religion, movement and speech are all under assault by woke billionaires. Antitrust lawsuit against Google. Gov’t run medical care does not work. Trans people in the U.K. worried about being buried under the wrong gender. 
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