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Mark Steyn guest hosts for Rush on Tuesday. Democrat leaders wear Ghana garb, kneel in condescending photo-op. Blackface is bad unless you are a Virginia governor or Justin Trudeau. Is there a big enough market for wimps to win in November? George Floyd’s final funeral this week is three hours. UberEats waives delivery charge if you order from black-owned restaurants. U.S. military going the way of the Boy Scouts. It’s not a good faith revolution and nothing good will come of it. Corporations should pay to rebuild the cities, not the taxpayer. Stupid gesture politics.


We’re shrinking freedom of speech. The hypocritical state of redemption. Stupid gestures help no one. BLM Monopoly. White African American caller wonders if he needs to write a check or will receive one. Quoting Martin Luther King Jr. can get you in trouble on college campuses. Generals are a big reason Republicans became big losers. Mattis is being used and he should know better. Dems’ response to the mob could swing suburban voters to Trump. It’s V-NJ Day.


Who knew the cure for COVID-19 was race riots? Blue Lives Matter site to be shut down. All over the world everything is being viewed through the George Floyd lens. Social media and human resources-like complaints have ushered in a dark era. The greatest thing we can do is live in truth. We went from the silent majority to the silenced majority. “Silence is violence” threatens speech and employment. D.C. National Guardsmen test positive for COVID-19 after deployment for protests.

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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show