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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Oct 06 2020 - The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show

The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show

PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1:                                        

Mark Steyn sits in for Rush. Mark talks about Rush’s “No Plan B” monologue from yesterday. CNN poll. Left keeps shutdowns going. Media complains about Trump’s return to WH. Trump’s tweets and videos. COVID turns us into a risk-averse society. COVID provides cover for left to steal election. Trump must win big. Rush loves his audience. Sweden and herd immunity. Lockdowns vs. quarantines. Blaming Pelosi.                                 

PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2:                               

Mark loves full-strength Rush. Remembering the 2000 election. The left’s desire for Election Day chaos. Media frames news to suit Dems. Leftist Hollywood wants bailouts for theater chains. Caller: Trump saves the middle class. Mark talks about his cruise with Conrad Black. Lockdowns vs. quarantines II. Lockdowns prevent the pursuit of happiness. COVID not overwhelming hospitals. More on Sweden’s COVID fight. China and origin of COVID. Lockdowns don’t work. Caller wants specific messaging from Trump regarding China. COVID is an Afghan war-type health crisis.                                   

PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3:                                        

No scientific consensus on lockdowns. Mark attacks liberal Twitter mob. Avoiding long-term COVID health consequences with Vitamin D. Lockdowns were about controlling us. Questioning COVID death total numbers. Seven months of dealing with COVID is enough. Irish court says Subway does not serve actual bread. Widespread permanent closing of small businesses. Richard Dreyfuss reads Mark Steyn books. We all need to turn our moderate liberal friends. The insanity of the Left is now in its third quarter.

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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Oct 06 2020 - The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show