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A message from Rush on Pence’s debate performance and Trump’s Radio Rally tomorrow here on the EIB Network. Mark Steyn guest hosts for Rush on Thursday. Pence flourished while Harris had nothing. GOP needs to say: “enough with all this.” Susan Page’s dumb China question. Jane Fonda: COVID is God’s gift to the left. Get your non-insane lefty friends to vote Trump. Pelosi: Dems to hold hearing on 25th Amendment. Democrats will be nervous to go full Kavanaugh on ACB.


Pelosi: Trump is in an altered state. COVID is the Afghanistan War of public health crises. The Deep State plot failed and now they won’t take any chances. China’s censorship of Mike Pence during the VP debate. All Beijing, all the time companies. NJ mail carrier arrested for dumping over 1,800 pieces of mail, 99 ballots. Chaos is a conscious Democrat policy choice. Pence was lethal, Harris was a big nothing. The endless game of adding justice seats and states. Why do we need to have a Zoom debate?


Rush announces Trump will be here tomorrow for a virtual rally. Pelosi to hold a conference on 25th Amendment. Brain-Dead Bureaucracy: Billed for pedophile doctor visit. Dems never have to accept scientific consensus. No interest in returning to the old-form Republican Party. The Democrats are the party of chaos. Pelosi’s altered state comments are an insult to chemo patients. COVID is harming sperm count. Stephen Nolan of BBC chases people for not wearing a mask. Absurd forest management. Spectacular one-off Trump radio rally tomorrow.

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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show